Monday, January 31, 2005


I miss Shopping!!!!!! and Swimming & bball & vball & most importantly, i miss moi friends.. it's been quite some time since i have time to play any real sports at all.. oh.. and i totally miss the freedom i used to have.. and amazing west!!! hmm.. anything else? hmm.. i think i miss studying.. and going to that school.. and i miss the stress i felt in games.. haha.. i think i miss everything.. bleah :p

nike:I can do anything and i'm BEAUTIFUL doing it!

gotta bounced, darling's waiting for mi on the phone.. ;) *winkz

Sunday, January 30, 2005

new bloggie..

i kinda dislike my previous blog.. so i deleted it, got a new blog, with a new skin.. & a tag-board.. haha.. I'm now a happy little princess.. *yawn.. I started doing this at 4am, now it's almost 9am in the morning.. gotta bounced.. need the bed real bad.. will update soon.. :)