Tuesday, August 30, 2005

This is so not a wonderful day. grrr..

Who is very very very pro with computers?
I am such an idiot.

I dun even know what is input/output device leh.
and now I have to do this PROJECT.

Why I have so many projects?
okay.. fine.. not many.. but why 2 projects? :(
Both also got ALOT of marks one leh..
OA 25%, BZF 30%!!!

haiz.. the only joy I had was the fact that I do not have to take any AL just to go back to STC to do my O levels. My O levels is in my 3weeks vacation. lalala..

Mon 29 Aug to Sat 15 Oct 2005 :7 weeks

Mon 17 Oct to Sat 29 Oct 2005 :2 weeks

Mon 31 Oct to Sat 19 Nov 2005 :3 weeks

I just bought INITIAL D VCD.

4th time watching Initial D.
and I still love Jay as much.

Urge everyone to go buy now. cause they are having promotion! heh.
Free magnets! & cost only $14.90 wor.. :)
But I really want to watch the canto version leh.. :(

I just cannot wait for Thursday. I want to see darling!!!

I'm such a weakling.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Don't we all love our Teachers? *grins*

Yipee yipee yeah yeah! :)

This Thursday, I have my whole day for Mike! :)
It's Teachers Day!
Woo hoo! I'm loving it. heh.

Today, on my way to school, I found an anklet on the floor.
I have no idea whose is it. If you are the owner, please leave me a comment/tag.
I'll prob email you.
Tell me the correct "design" and I'll let you have it back.
I know how important some things are to certain people.

I have experienced many times losing important things and I cannot find it back.
It might not worth much in monertary value. but the sentimental value is priceless.
So if you know anyone who just dropped his/her anklet let him/her check with me okay?

I got to see my OA CA1 paper today.
I find it rather silly. A small tiny mistake and (neg 3 marks!)
I'm usualy FULL of typo errors.
See? I have to be really careful from now on.

Remember I went for my O Level English Orals?
and the Teachers commented that I don't look like me in the photo?
tada~ Don't look like me meh?
Am I supposed to look uglier? hurmp.. :(

I recieved my first "love letter" from my classmate.
I was so touched.
Then I realised it is NOT a love letter.

My class BBQ, I took 2 photos with Belinda.
She actually printed the photo out and pass to me today!
WAH!! That's even better than LOVE LETTERS! heh.
Thanks Belinda!


Not sure if anyone would mine me putting up their photos, I have decided to just put the ugly me up first. heh.
If don't mind, let me know, den next time got pic, I can dare dare put liao.. :)

Okay lah..
To end of today's post,
Let you see my "artwork" wahahaha...

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Kenny killed me! (nearly)

Regular readers of Kenny's blog would have gotten a huge scare.

He manage to make all of us go crazy with his "new" blogskin.
Just to prove his point that a bad layout is BAD.
half a day & his blog has 100 comments!

Well, so for everyone's sake, I've thrown away almost all those scripts. Yipee?

Okay, update when I'm free again bah. :)

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Holidays ending, Exams again, Mike is comming back!

I'm feeling a little sad.
Why does holidays have to end so fast?
I want somemore REST!!! :(

Return to school and mroe EXAMS!
CA1 for BZF.
CA2 for OA & AGF.
Monday have NAFA!!! (I'm not prepared!)

Mike should be back by Wednesday. So I'll see him most prob. on Thursday!
Excited sia. Haha.
I really hope he would come to school to pick me up.
cause, I cannot wait le. heh.

What kind of post is this?

I want to do random thoughts. I'm too tired.
I don't want to sleep. Time passes far too fast when I'm asleep. *yawn*
Now fighting the ZZZ monster!
It is so damn strong! *yawn* X2
Grrr... *wave white paper* I admit defeat. *yawn*
I'm logging off with the ZZZ monster. See yah. tata~

Friday, August 26, 2005

mum's birthday

Have you install this new blogger thingy that lets you (publish/edit/save) post from Ms Words?

I just did it. They "forced" me to! Wahaha. They took away all the stuffs I usually use to "edit" my post, so I have no choice but download this thingy to ensure that My entries would be not be that plain!!! :P

Today is my Mum's birthday! I forgot how young she is now, thus I only put 1 candle on her cake. Oh. It's a chocolate cake! Sorry, lazy to take any photos, hence zero photos for mum's this year birthday loh. :p

Alright, last meeting with Sharon, her friend and
her ex
was fun! Wonder if there will be another meeting not. ( Its damn fun I would say. :) Also the first time mum didn't scold when I'm out till so late. (I even had to catch the last bus!) Bah~ It's so cool that I can actually find people to crap with. I've always been very out of place regardless the place/time/people.

What's so nice about the people I've met that night?

Let me start from the one I knew for the longest time, Sharon.

She was my best friend in STC. We were in the same class for 3¼ years? She is pretty with desirable huge nehs! :p and she even has brains to match her looks. It's a pity that she quitted school. :(

Her ex,

Mr. Luke

, I've chat with him online many times; haven met him since

days. So that night was the first time we got to chill together?

Sharon's bf's campmate, Yiming, is total new to me. He come across as rather straight-forward (call me auntie!!) and comical to me. There are some things we agree on and I guess he's quite a pleasant person to speak to.

Oh! I remembered! We were at this
"perfume" shop (lucky plaza, I think.) Can you guess what happened?




I FOUND the perfume, my ex used (Whether is he still using it, I'm not sure and neither am I interested to know.)

Alas it's a pity that I could not recite the brand name from the bottle!!!

So while listening to "Days Like These" by THE CAT EMPIRE just now. I actually went to a cologne website to look for it, alphabet by alphabet. Just when I felt like giving up hope, I FOUND it! It's Jesus Del Pozo, Quasar (Adventure) cologne. There are 2 types. One type is with adventure, the other without?

I was thinking just now if I should go out and get it for darling as a Christmas present. I like the Gio Armani too. Actually now I do not know which cologne I prefer. I can’t possibly buy both? Opps! Now darling is going to have an idea what I'm buying this Christmas for him.


Maybe I buy one for him the other for myself? It's a confusing thing. I'll leave it to December then worry bah. Till then, I would just try not to spend too much.



Thursday, August 25, 2005

yipee.. now everyone can see THIS!

I finally manage to put up the title & comments thingy... (woot~)
Wasted 2hrs just trying to figure out something even 12 years old could solve in 2mins.. :p
Don't you feel like slapping me? :p

mini post..

So I was teaching myself to be more positive..
hoping to restore some self confidence..
and yeah.. lets just hope.. it'll do me good. yeah?

years back...

more recent..

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

because of kenny.. :p

Because of Kenny, I've stop playing Jay's PiaoYi.. :p
kidding.. I still love Jay lot lah.. just that I cannot be playing this song over and over again.. den irritate those who prefer to have peace mah..

anyway.. I think
XX is damn great..
She manage to stay so cool.. and her post-note was fantastic.. :)
She was angry but yet can remain so calm..

I thought I was too serious.. yet I found many others more serious that I.. :p

Btw, the class outing was one of the best.. too bad, I couldn't stay overnight..
oh.. and my crush was really there.. but with his friends sia.. wahaha.. and somemore I got insider news, he might be attached... (he is just a crush.. & I'm not sad.. no worries)
Belinda for willing to help this super blind/blur girl at downtown east.. :)

I've finnished my english orals.. and am very sure that I'm so going to fail?
I stumbled and fall flat on my face.
bah~ (the examiners tried hard to help me.. but I just.. have a blank mind.. :()

Dental treatment changed to next month..

I met Sharon and her friend today.. oh and her ex,
Mr Luke.. wahaha.. :p
Mr Luke has been nice to be that clown.. even treated me to a nice cup of drink!
but then somehow I kind of neglated the main character's feelings..

I'm here to say sorry to Miss Sharon Tan.
If you're here, reading this.. I'm saying sorry.
I have failed to regconised that you're not feeling very well too.. and might have been too blunt... Your friend and I might have forgotten that we are supposed to make you happy. Sorry we didn't and even made you felt left out..
But I would say, we did tried our best.. at some point of time.. we did mentioned that we really DO NOT know what to do..
So I hope you'll understand..
Thanks for the day really.. *love you*
take care lots. and we'll meet up again.. but hope you'll be happier then.. :)

JO: If you're reading this.. I can see you on tuesday afternoons.. sorry that almost all nights are out (mum scolds). but I'll call you soon.. I promise.. next month to ask you when you're free.. this month.. my phone bill is so gonna kill me.. so yups.. See yah soo! :) *muackz*

in any case, If I've did anyone wrong, pls tell me.. but dun scold arh.. if not I'll get defensive one.. den use tears as weapons.. wahaha.. okok.. buaiz ppl.. :)

poor XX & hate thoes weird people..

XiaXue's recent post: KL pretty much sucked

Got so many comments from very funny people..
Mainly Malaysians who attacked her & even us, SINGAPOREANS!!!
Haiz.. that's why I say XX so poor thing..
but then again.. she might not feel the way I think she might be feeling..

After reading some of the comments.. I felt like slapping the next person that repeats the same stuffs... Esp those asking Us not to complain so much.. Gah..

Maybe you guys can read and leave comments here if you dun wanna leave it there? haha..

I have so much to "say"..
but I don't see the point anymore..

Btw, I do not hate Malaysians as a general group. As I'm also half Malaysian!
and of coz.. not to mention.. I have lots of relatives there and also.. my favorite blogger (KENNY!!) is there too! buahahaha..
He's just so cute dun you all think?
If we both ain't attached..
If no one wants him.. I want arh.. wahaha.. He's so cute.. so humourous and all..
haha.. :p

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

English O level Orals>>

I must be mad..
I SHOULD NOT have registered for O levels at all..
Look at my face this morning and you'll understand why..
My heart is pumping like siao now...
I still have 1h15mins before I leave my house..
to take my O level English Orals..

Gah.. I think I'm just gonna fail.. plus I have Dentist at 3.40pm.. wonders if I can make it in time..

I tried to read XX post to calm myself down.. but I... GAh.. I cannot even pronouce simple simple words.. think I'm just gonna die.. haiz.. Dun do well also never mind right?


Monday, August 22, 2005

why should I go & don't want to go?

I'm not sure if I should go to the class outing..
I've found the route to downtown east.

Why I should go...

-I've paid.
-I don't want to miss this chance to bond with my classmates..
-My crush might be there too..
-Mike says I should. & have fun.

Why I don't want to go..

-It's far?
-I'll still feel lonely there...
-The next day, I have English Oral + Dentist appointment..
-Duno what time go back home alone...

Gah.. I'm very lost leh.. how?

YES, I've decided to go.. :)
I'm now painting my nails.. erm.. think I'm just gonna wear a simple tee with some shorts.. that's it. :)
Gah... I can't wait to see my classmates..
1+ more hours till I go out.. think I'm going to fix my hair too.. :)
I'm excited... hee..

here comes the big bomb..

As promised in previous post.. this is going to be an ultra long post..
(may contain pictures not suitable for children under 80 yo)

Sunday afternoon:

My brunch was a huge mega packet of...

Carrot cake! and it's the most oily type ard.. Gah... My slimming programe is so ruined.. :(
(wait.. I dun even rmb starting a slimming programe..)
Guess I can always start after the holidays.. *he-he*

Eating sothing so oily.. how can i do without my favorite GREEN TEA???

I can't believe that's all it's left.. man.. who's the pig who drank all my tea? hmm.. :(
Anyone want to buy some for me? I dun mind it as a.. erm..
Yes.. belated birthday gift.. muahaha.. :p

Nothing beats a nice cup of tea while brunching.. esp if it's OILY & FATtening food..

**The following photo contains an unidentified object that is not suitable for the eyes of anyone from any gender. Side effect: Nausea, headache, bloating & fainting for no reason.

Forgot to takeout the clips after washing face..
yes.. I know.. I'll try not to include too many revolting pics in my entries next time..

TaTa~ All gone in 2mins!

Okie.. so after the heavy brunch..
I decide to start "packing" my clothes nicely in the cupboard.. and guess what?
when I opened the door..
The freaking BOSS intense perfume bottle dropped onto my nicely painted big toe. Gah..
Now I have to redo my nails.. :( and not to mention.. I have a bruise on my toe the part above my nail.. grrr...

Well.. I threw all the clothes on my bed.. and slowly started to pack.. yeah.. and model for my camera at the same time..

I'm happy to say.. no photos as I've delete all ugly photos which also means ( I have no more photos of me from my lousy camera to upload.) isn't that the best news?

I thought I should just leave packing my clothes to when I'm very tired.. so that I wouldn't spend too much time on it.. So I decide to clear my room of any "rubbish" that I can find.. :)
I manage to find A LOT of memories..


I found THIS in my old old wallet..
Taken 1year back.. unbelieveable right?
Yes.. I'm the uglier one. The boyish one with lots of zits and damn tiny eyes..

Anyone know who's the other girl? erm.. referring to my previous post: im-confused-pig
might give you a little clue.. :)
I was quite happy seeing this trading card (or-whatever-you-call-it).. But can't really tell why I'm feeling that way..

so anyway.. I moved onto clearing my stuffs in a slighty happier mood...
and I found lots of other stuffs!!!
(Something wrong with the scanner.. some pictures may look slanted..)


This is given by my pri 6 crush.. just to make me happy only lah...
Just need to see my pri sch photo you'll know why I said that ^^..

Someone gave me tix for the preview.. but I forgot who was it.. :p
Isit uncle Bryan? or Kenson? man.. I really have very poor memory...

I went with one of my classmate.. Her really young mother sent us there.. and something absolute NOT-funny happened.. (I jumped & fell on the ground while trying to pick something up.. Gah..)
She did not made fun of me with that.. but during some lesson oneday.. she wrote/say something like.. pls grow up & stop wearing barbie shirt.. (psss.. we are really not that close..) though she did not say out my name.. I totally hated myself..

[I think I've mentioned before..]
My mum buys all my clothings for me.. until very very recently that I started to buy stuffs for myself..
My mum sees me as a fat kid.. and naturally, I have to wear FAT kids clothes..
Till now I still hate 99% of the clothes she buys for me.. :(
I can't throw them away, or sell them away.. she will be sad..
It's taking up too much space in my cupboard.. :(
How? Anyone can help? help me?

In KL for Hockey.

I HATE myself for losing my WALLET!!! Gah. I-hate-me-I-hate-myself-I-hate-I-I-hate-Christina... grrrr...
BTW: I lost it after training.. not during the game.. :(

I had a mini crush over this guy who was my penpal..
We never met till 1yr later.. and he is really cute.. but I guess we were too similar bah..
den he totally hates me for liking him so much.. :(
When I had a crush on him, he fell for my friend.. so funny..

In the end, I went out with his close friend, Patrick.
lasted ard 1 mth.. was a little sad lah.. coz Pat is a damn fantastic cook.. and a damn great kisser too.. :p

I was single for quite sometime.. A few months till I met.. a 115kg 1.89m tall PolarBear. wahaha... that lasted only 3mths.. but I was damn freaking Sad lah.. coz I had too much memories with him bah.. anyway.. that's old story le..

So between the 2 guys.. I had a hair cut..
My hair was near shoulder length..
I was active in bbal then..
and my hair was so irritating..
So one day (ard July/Aug) out of the blue, I went with a friend whom I was playing bbal with to cut off almost all my hair..
When I went back home, my whole family damn shocked.. coz I did not show any intend to cut my hair for quite sometime.. even went to "rebond" my hair half a year back.. (ard the time after I broke up with Patrick.)

Photo taken by my previous maid to show me how ugly I looked..
Since I'm alrady so ugly and boyish.. I didn't thought it would matter.. but I was shocked she really took the photo of me lah..
oh.. BTW, I could even spike my hair then.. :)
but I too lazy.. and my hair grew too fast..

When I was in Primary school... I looked like the ugliest girl you'll ever find on earth..
it's so ez to spot me. short & ugly.

Yups Yups.. I'm not known for being the Ugly Fat Chick for no reasons k..
I'll end here bah.. need to rest already.. took 12hours writting this you know..
(includes dinner, bathing and watching TV programes..)


Sunday, August 21, 2005

short post today..

okay.. anyway.. I decided to move some of the "furnitures" in my room.. so i still have not finnish packing my room lah... dun even think about studying.. :p

so.. erm.. last friday.. I had CCA..

The old old seniors came back to "help" us.. :)
thought the seniors were rather nice.. :)

den erm.. Chairperson took alot of photos of us to put on notice board lah..
I'm like die le loh.. sure look like shit again.. haiz..
used to it liao.. everytime take photo also always look like shit one..

somemore I very extra.. wear jacket... (the room damn cold lah..)
hope nobody looks at the board.. grrr... so obvious that I look the weirdest there..
I notice that those girls in CO alot of them very pretty & slim slim one.. so yah lah.. I'm miss UglyFatChick leh.. Totally dun fit in loh.. Grrr....

k lah.. this is the end of today's short entry lah.. update again soon..
I promise with a few pics and a much longer entry..

good nitez ppl..

Saturday, August 20, 2005

so much to do.. so little time..

I have tons of things to do.. but so little time...
*edited* - *updated*

Saturdays & Sunday's programe:
paint nails.. (done!)
clear a small part of my room..
some packing..
study Geography & BZF [they are related in some way..]

oh.. I've decide after talking it out with darling on msn! (he could go online for an hour $1)..
mayb i might not do English.. since my C6 is the best I can do le.. I might still go.. but if i have to wait too long, i might just leave without taking.. coz i have dental on the same day an hour later le...

kk.. i'll update more about what happened on friday on a later date.. after i've done everything for SAT & SUN.. :) *see yah*

I've linked another blog I'm recently addicted to.. it's kennysia :) find him kind of cute..

Friday, August 19, 2005

My favourite things: sound of music

Lyrics taken from: here.

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels
Door bells and sleigh bells
And schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
Silver white winter that melts into spring
These are a few of my favorite things

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel...so bad

Thursday, August 18, 2005

missing my previous maid..

My mum called thru to my previous maid... finally...
You know how happy was my parents and me?
It's kind of sad my brothers have almost forgotten her le...
But they were already asleep.. so it's not a problem.. heh..

Had a quick chat with her.. and so much have happened in this couple of years...
She's married to a soldier. pregnent and giving birth in Dec! gosh...
She even finnish her studies le..
She rmb that my parents birthday are comming also..

I'm like so so so happy to hear her voice?
She's so touch that my mum rmb her birthday and decide to call her...

Know that she's well and happy. is good enough le...
Daddy ask her if she want to come back here to work.. mayb in a couple of years time..
haha.. If she is, I would be very happy den...

oops.. I was supposed to give luke a call.. but then got so many things happened at the same time.. so i very busy.. :p sorry luke.. mayb see yah tml if sharon's going too? kz.. talk again when i go msn bah.. see yah.. :)

I've got my maid's address.. so I'll be busy writting letter and send her lots of photos.. :) will make her sent photos too.. :)

I miss her totally...

& I miss darling also.. duno how is he doing now...

crush? dream? death?

Thank God school ended early today.. I took my break earlier..

Anyway.. I was supposed to blog on my latest crush.. haha..
Normal crush lah.. so toot... but since it's normal crush.. it's no big deal.. heh heh..
(thou, it will be a huge deal if anyone at all knows who is my latest crush.. woohoo...)

Mike knows me best... Crush is every girl also have one.. (think housewife going gogo over women-killer artists.. *grins*)
At the end of the day.. We still goes back to our husband/boyfriend. Love them as much.. Bear their children.. Look after the house for them.. and still as sweet to them... :) [We are the realistic ppl.. wahaha..] :)

For men.. hmmm.. I duno.. but if Mike ever does anything that will hurt me..
think.. I'll be damn sad loh.. cause I very de trust him de...
Mayb I should ask him if he got crush.. heh heh.. (I think most ppl should have lah..)
He got crush nvm.. as long as he know who to treat better can le.. den same theory.. at the end of day.. must come back to me lah... and of coz.. after that must love me even more lah.. heh.. :)

I don't know about other ppl.. but My crush very different from my bfs one lah..
crush = out of reach type (ppl I hardly know, good friend, etc..)
bf = husband material (loving, kind, sweet, mature, stable, etc...)

Being the supposed realistic (thou sometimes dreamy & immaginative) person I am..
My crush are short-lived. Cause I'll find them unsuitable to have babies with.. wahaha... nah.. rather..
My crush usually dun like me one loh.. so no need to talk lah.. haha...

I took a nap just now..
had a dream...
of darling!!!
I don't dream of Mike much you know..
and this time.. I dreamt of him dying.. and come back to life...
I was crying and crying and crying so mcuh loh.. can't believe I'm so weak.. :p
Previous time, I dreamt of him die le.. now die le, wake up... I so scared loh... esp his type of work hor.. haiz...
I'm very worried lah..

kz.. lah.. I gtg liao.. want to eat dinner loh.. *hungry*

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My17 card! :)

My 2nd time there.. and I finally bought my 17card..

I wanted to take some photos of the palce for you all to see one.. but den.. hee.. scared will kena scolding.. so didn't loh... it's called the news centre or what huh? I forgot liao..

But the inside is damn nice lah..
or so I thought.. I very pumpkin? :p
Once enter the buliding you come face to face with this very intimidating wall.. haha.. It has the very professional look lah..
Next.. the left side have some sofas.. and ALOT of photography stuffs.. mainly on birds.. If only darling was there sia... : )
The lift lobby is kind of hidden one..
The receptionist quite nice loh.. Must be very experinced.. Alot of people walk in and out of the office.. I felt so erm.. shy? :P haha..
Coz I was still in my school U leh..

Okay lah.. I stop here liao.. got to go sleep.. have been rotting here since I came home.. haven even take a look at my BZF & AGF... grrr...

tummy cramp somemore..


Nights.. :)

Holidays soon!!! :)

Yes.. it's holidays soon..
I can have 1 full week of rest... Yipeee...

Let's see...
Anyone wants to go out with me not?
heh heh...
I would prefer doin stuffs that dun require me to come up with much $$$...
My mum doesn't give me $$$ for holidays lah...

anyway.. Either than Tuesday night (Class-BBQ), & Wednesday (Oral+Dental treatment),
I'm pretty free the rest of the days..

Anyone want to train 2.4 together?

Today the Let's shoot is flimmed at harbour front.. but I'm too sick to stand there to watch... (period).

okok.. I'm tired le.. tml still have test!!! BZF somemore.. Think I'll rest more and hope tml no pain.. X.X

Monday, August 15, 2005

20% for poly/jc/sec students at J8's Samuel&Kevin

At Junction 8, Samuel & Kevin is having this promotion of 20% discount for poly/JC/Sec school students.. must bring your student pass..

Junction 8 is at Bishan.

I M indepandant

I am independant. or is it independent?
Yes, I Am.

I can live alone. Actually enjoied being single..
though some ppl thinks otherwise..

17 years back..
After I was born..
My parents decide to let me grow up "on my own"..

I was trained to go toilet on my own when i was very very young.. though I rmb I took very very very long time to do that..
hahaha... (cause last time the toilet is squat one mah...)

Nursery/Kindergarden: run ard BM blk 165 as if's it's my home.. heh.. :)

Primary1: Go school and go home on school bus..
I get out of my house on my own, go opposite the street using the long bridge early in the morning... when it's still quite dark...

Primary2: To & fro school on my own on SBS bus..
(I can go anywhere I want on my own.. like library, playground, ... ...)

Primary4: Take public transport (bus+train+bus+walking.dist) on my own early morning and go all the way to clementi (D's house) for tuition.. Den from there, go to school...

I guess any older than Primary4 should be old enough to do most stuffs on their own bah..

Sunday, August 14, 2005

leaving today.

He is leaving today.
and I'm on a mission...
to protect myself for the next 2+ weeks till he's back again..

I cried yesterday.
I can't believe I cried..
I wouldn't know how would it be like when he goes to Taiwan..

At least he promised sentosa, badminton...
We'll enjoy Sept... :)
I wouldn't think he would mind if anyone wants to bring food or games to join us.. (heh heh..)

So I wasn't actually looking forward to him leaving of coz...
I thought since I'll have so much free time...
I might as well try to lose the 5+2kg i just gained...
I'm so heavy now...

Anyone wanna join me in running, jogging??
If you want to play badminton, soccer, volleyball...
call me anytime..
I'm on standby mode..
heh.. :)

Here are some photos I took yesterday..

funny us on the cab... look so siao.. (left) I was tired liao... smile also so fake.. (right)

The Fan was blowing at me.. that's why my hair anyhow fly.. :p

My Favourite 2 pics of the day.... :)

Saturday, August 13, 2005

I'm a confused pig.

I'm a confused pig..
somehow someway.. I can't decide what I am.
I can list out so many of my bad qualities (those I can see).
& even darling can list out many many flaws... (those he can see)...

Mainly. I want touch on something I have kept inside of me for sometime..
I'm concerned about friends. or rather.. the lack of it...

I wonder if I'm one of those losers who doesn't have any close
friend at all..
(no offence to those who thinks they are losers) :p

I thought.. If everyone has at least 1 close friend... why can't I at least have one?
Am I too bitchy?

or make too many mountains out of molehills?
Grrrrr.... Am I really that bad?

That none wants to be more than just acquaintance?

I have lots of contacts that never contacts me.
That is how friendless I am.

I never thought myself as a freak.. geek.. or whatever..
I thought I was rather normal.. doing my own stuffs.. and have my own kind of sarcastic humour... sometimes overly lame..
And I know.. sometimes..
My sarcastic remark is totally NOT welcomed in this beautiful pathetic world..
(pathetic is to be used on bad people.. beautiful, on nature lah..)

Not everything I say it's with sarcasms
in it..

If everything sounds sarcastic to you. I don't mean it really..
It just comes out of my stinking mouth sometimes..
even darling missunderstood me..
(poor comunicating skills)

agree that I am stubborn..
and sometimes seemingly have big actions for small stuffs...
what is small anyway? Even a tiny needle can kill...
I do agree sometimes I exaggerates a little to get the point across..
but I've been trying hard to keep my mouth shut..

I have been crapping here for an hour.. and I'm doubting that anyone would care about this post..
too usual..

I just hope.. someday...
I can find that few special Closer friends..

At the meantime... maybe I should go ahead and get into some communicating course? or something?

oh.. one last thing..

I am missing Miss Sim K.
If you know who she is..
Please let her know I miss her lots..
and hopes to see her again..
Although she might have moved on long ago.. and have half the world beside her..

I still hope to meet up with her.. drink some tea, take some neos together.. and reminisce the friendship we once had...
I thought it was all beautiful, until I ruined it myself..

If you're her.
I would like to
apologise and say,
I'm really very sorry.
I was crazy. I was mad.
we were different. not the closest. but yet the worse kind of things happened to us..

Finally I see the problem was with me.
I was jealous. I was down.
even the clown can't pull a smile..

I'm going to write a short song just about us..
and hope one day.. when we do have to meet again.. you'll see..
just the two of us.
we can't be good again.. but mayb a hug would make me feel more in peace..

a sin to have done, all the bad I have done.

full of regrets

not in the best mood...

Ain't in the best mood today...
Mike's going off in abt1-2day's time..

Today is quite messed up..
Went all the way to genting lane to get the stupid seventeen card...
and guess what? They dun work on Sat & Sun!!!

and while walking...
my sandal/slipper broke... (yes i know it's the 3rd? or isit 4th time.. my shoe broke when i'm with darling..)
and as usual.... We went to buy another pair...

I saw 2 CO ppl at bugis... I thought one of them is damn hot & pretty + kawaii... :P
then went to a few shoes shop and finally got a pair of very simple slippers.. :)
oh.. and we saw Denise Keller!! the MTV Host? yesh.. that's the one...
She's so pretty... but her hair colour seems a little funny...
Mike says she's too angmo... haha... I thought she looks rather fine...
She glanced up at us once.. and I thought she looks fab.. even when she looks a little pissed.. :)

oh.. Bugis today have ALOT of ChioBus wor...
Everyone seems so dressed up... and I was the sore thumb in the crowd today again...
It's my bad hair day.. and I wasn't very happy with how I look...

For those who dun really know me very well..
I do not wear make up when I go out.. unless I feel like it.. or when darling's not at my house..
He totally dreads me taking my own sweet time doing useless stuffs..
cause no matter how hard I try.. I still look like crap.
someone teach me makeup please???

I'm feeling so tired after watching tv...
tml going to yewtee.. go see Mike's Grandma.. :)
Think I might consider bringing sugar to hug to sleep there.. :p

Thursday, August 11, 2005

CA1 (part2)

okie... this is an short update about how the CA would affect our final grade?

CA1 ----- 20% (Done, returned)
CA2 ----- 20% (Late Aug, very early Sept)
Final ---- 60%
Total=== 100%

PT1 ----- 25% (Done, not marked)
PT2 ----- 25% (Ard Sept)
PT3 ----- 25%
Proj ----- 25%
Total=== 100%

CA1 ----- 20% (After holidays)
RolePlay- 30%
Final ---- 50%
Total === 100%

CA1.. almost...

CA1 for OA & AGF was last week.
I got back my AGF paper.. got 49/50 [98%].. all because i was too scared i no time to do finish then panic.. in the end got more than enough time to slowly draw lines... haha..
OA haven got back.. teacher says she's taking longer time to mark.. most prob after our holidays den get back...

BZF haven do the CA1 yet.. but did a lot of test already... mock exam next week... 7units..

After the holidays.. I'll be having CA1 BZF and a week later, CA2 AGF.
Really want to do very well.. Very stressed... darling says i'm stressing myself... haiz... but how can i not stress? if i dun do well now.. later on sure die one...
CO later.. scared scared...

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


yesterday's dental was the killer...

She told me how much it cost to fix 1 tooth..
I was kind of stunned.. no idea why.. but just stunned..
I knew it was expensive.. and since i was referred, i even got a discount already... but STILL...

Daddy complains his whole life of dental, he has never spend at more than the amount to fix one of my tooth.. oh.. btw, i have 2... and erm.. hopefully not (cross my fingers), the other 2 on top too...
I've checked my savings.. should be more than enough.. though i just hope i dun have to pay for more things either than the treatment? haiz...

Guess i wouldn't be going for class chalet (if it's still on..)
so erm.. for now.. just cross my fingers and pyscho myself into not eating far too much and erm.. dun overspend loh... (not more yahoo auctions!!) :'(

update again when i'm free ba.. now got to rush to eat.. heh... and still ahve to rush homework loh.. :P

pics i promised.. :)

These are used to tie up my hair.. :) cute a not? I like the pink one (not in this pic), but too bad it's kind of cannot be use le.. :(
My designed for national day.. haha.. :) I thought it's not that bad since it's my first attemp using normal nail polist brush..
These are my nail polish... there're all lined up and waiting for princess to use them...
The little toes were the same design as the big toes wan.. but i dun want all red/white.. so i change to brown loh.. not that ugly right? :p

When I was "rushing" to go school... I saw something shiny on the floor, caught my eye.. It was a pair of silver slippers.. But what took away all the attention were the very obvious stockings.. man.. i've been spotting lots of these on the MRT ALOT... i mean.. i dun undersatnd why peopel wear sandles, slippers, opentoes soes and still wear stocking... didn't they felt that it looks weird? esp mactched with realy nice shoes?

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

from Jo's

Got this quote from Jo's blog..
To avoid criticism do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.

heh heh..
So totally agrees..

oh yeah.. i'm going for dental later.. update when i reach home with pics that i promised from perious entry okay?

check back here tml for lots lots stuffs..

Monday, August 8, 2005

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory & little of my past..

Yesterday, I brought my brothers to watch Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.
the tickets were $9.50 each.. so ex loh... But my brothers really enjoyed it a lot.. :)

I've many friends who went to watch the movie already..
most of them think it's okay.. quite funny...
hmmm.. but i wondered how many of them have already read the the book before they went to watch the movie?
and how many of them read the book when they were younger and still remember every detail in the book..

I did. I read Roald Dahl books when every other kids where reading those thick cover short short stories in a book by E.B. (i duno how to spell the name lah.. :p)
I love reading books by Roald Dahl I could spend the whole day reading and imagining every single scene.. It's totaly so cool. and of coz.. All thanks to Aunty Diana.
My younger days tutor.. rmb she was paid $400 per month for 8periods of 1-2hours. quite a lot i would say.. but she's a great tutor..
She's the one who discovered my problem with reading words like dog, god. dad,bad. and helped me in remebering my time table.. teaching me mathes 2 year advanced.
I still rmb the times she would make me read out every word from those children book. because my communicating skill sucks she's afraid i wouldnt' do that well in Oral..
Rmb going shopping for food with her.. eating maggi in a mug (it's a tiny packet of noddle) at her house.. oh.. and I would eat like a princess (according to her), haha..
From her little library (in her house), She would allow me to borrow books.. Since i've stopped having lessons with her, my english got stucked at that level. That explains my poor english.
oh.. and she doesn't believe in watching those no sense tv programes.. she lets me watch tapes on History, charlie chaplin?, and stuffs.. I still rmb the stories of those married couples burrying their rings... the gas chambers, ppl literary digging their own graves.. all these when i was stll in pri school. at the age of 9?

The period of time when Roald Dahl books were my only comfort next to T.V, eating and sleeping.. haha..
People i knew never read R.D. books.. if they even read any, they would read E.B books..
so anyway..

Btw, if i'm not wrong, the witches & James and the giant peach was flimed many years back... many they'll start flimming the other books too? :p

first time i skipped sch... in ite

Today is Monday.. and i skipped school... & i've got lots of excuses for it...
(1)I didn't want to get in the rain..
(2)I duno what to wear..
(3)I'm not a socialable enough for these kind of stuffs..
(4)I don't want to make a fool outa myself..
(5)I dun htink there's anythign for me to do at all in school...
(6)I rather have a good sleep den to rush to school for nothing...
kk... wanna know the main reason?
I'm just plain lazy lah..
well.. i spent the whole afternoon clearing a little bit of my room... and also repainted my toe nails.. the red/white combi i had on yesterday was too national liao... so i painted some of my toes brown... update some pics later... :)
oh.. btw.. in case you guys nvr noticed.. it's playing: So yesterday in the background.. I just got it on.. Any suggestions of songs you wanna mi to put on? how about Techno? I've been going gaga over some nice club mix...

Saturday, August 6, 2005

101 post

this is my 101th post.

and I'm so glad i've made it. :) will post up a nice pic today.. my art.. wahaha.. :)

*update soon. :)
The white stuff is TIGER BALM Neck & Shoulder Rub.
and the fat old man is my boyfriend. oops..

anyway.. Saturday is a really nice & fun. Activities & slumber packed day.. heh.. all thanks to my trusty aircon & nice comfortable bed, sleepingbag & darling..

Badminton is great.. i like.. :)
Anyone wanna go play badminton? or go running? or basketball, volleyball, rounders? anything at all? I'm so bored..

Chinese Orchestra is a little stressful leh.. but still quite fun.. :) *grins* 2 classmates joined in.. :)

Thursday, August 4, 2005

SAVE TONIGHT: Eagle Eyed Cherry

darling! I found a song that you can sing everytime you go.. heh heh.. *grins*
Countdown to lonely dayz: 11

SAVE TONIGHT : Eagle Eyed Cherry

Go on and close the curtains
'Cause all we need is candlelight
You and me and the bottle of wine
And hold you tonight

Well, we know I'm going away
And how I wish, I wish it weren't so
So take this wine and drink with me
Let's delay our misery

[Chorus X2]
Save tonight
Fight the break of dawn
Come tomorrow
Tomorrow I'll be gone

There's a log on the fire
And it burns like me for you
Tomorrow comes with one desire
To take me away

It ain't easy to say goodbye
darling please don't start to cry
'Cause girl you know I've got to go
And Lord I wish it wasn't so

Save tonight
Fight the break of dawn
Come tomorrow
Tomorrow I'll be gone

Tomorrow comes to take me away
I wish that I, that I could stay
But girl you know I've got to go, oh
And Lord I wish it wasn't so

Save tonight
Fight the break of dawn
Come tomorrow
Tomorrow I'll be gone

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

write about personal stuffs? My own opinions/idea?

I have been thinking a little...
about what to write on my blog..
I have many topics in mind but afraid of people laughing at my idea/opinion..
some personal matters i cannot write here too.. it'll hurt the people directly or in-directly around me.

I guess I'll take a little while off... to think about this.. hopefully get some feedback from anyone at all in the meantime... so you guys leave me a comment or tag okay?
Am I always worrying too much?
or leaving too much detail here?

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

What should i write?

heh.. i was wondering what should i write.. i mean.. i blog almost 6times a week.. and normally i only have 4-5 readers.. that'll come and go off 1min... who really cares what i write here?
oh.. yeah.. i do... i cannot write too personal stuffs or even opinions... in case someone reads it and erm.. i get into trouble? i have had more than enough trouble right? there are too many too serious people on earth.. and i hate explaining myself everytime i get missunderstood.. lalala.. blah blah blah...

arh.. heck this crap post..

not feeling well..

after the little bit of rain yesterday.. + lack of sleep + coke. I had headache late yesterday night & this morning.. but after taking panadol extra.. i'm feeling a little better le.. :)

oh.. i got to rush homework.. update later in class again bah.. that's if i have enough time.. :)

Monday, August 1, 2005

popular sale extended & Jasmine's Bday today!

Sale extended..

okay.. anyway.. I'm going to start my accounts CA soon.. so gtg le.. update again tonight or tml bah.. :)

*muackz* to all 3 darlings... wahaha..

oh oh.. it's Jasmine's birthday today... so wanna wish her Happy Birthday! :)

another packed Monday

realised all my Mondays are packed... mayb sch ends kind of too late already yah?

Morning i was rushing for train.. den duno why leg cramp... but Thank God i didn't miss the train..

Today's OA exam was okay.. but no confidence of scoring full..

S&W is like really fun!!! :) [My class ppl, pls do not throw eggs at me.. :p]
Ran 1.4km in preparation for 2.4km in NAFA.
1+yr since i last ran for NAFA... anyway.. everyone wasn't really keen on hitting their best timming.. they were like strolling.. that explains why i was the first few...
Nisa is great runner.. her start is good.. if i'm not wrong.. she must be a sprinter... or rather short dist runner... cause she did slowed down once... always near midway... but nevertheless she's still good in my eyes.. :)
wakaka.. sweety darling hold my hand to show Fe that he dare to hold my hand (i think).. wah.. when did i become something to be "bet" on sia.. My small tiny hand not for everyone to hold one okay... only darling can.. sweety or not. *grins* u know what i mean.. wakaka...

The Biz Fundamental test was crazy sia.. i cannot finnish the paper leh... not enough time for me.. :( i so rush sia.. got so much to write but duno what i'm writtign also.. in the end i kind of missed out the last 2 questions.. haiz...

reach home so many things to do.. i no time to do my accounting homework also... tml got EXAM!!! i have look thru my work.. how??? i know i scored perfect for class test.. but tml it's CA!!! *ROAR*