Tuesday, January 31, 2006

rush here rush there..

Just realised I have not wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year yet... :p

Happy Chinese New Year! :p

Yesterday morning,
went to the east side to visit my great grand mother.

yupz.. on a van... & the view is great from the back! :)

My easily car sick brother acting cool with my shades..

Model material right? :)

den we proceed to the northwest Bukit Panjang to visit my aunt.

My pretty cousin's pretty dog. (Loi Loi) [abt 9years old]

Decide to go Malaysia to visit my relatives there.. :)

My smart ass brother thought they were for cable cars at first.. lolz..

They have "counters" for drivers..

The flats NEAR to Singapore..

After feedign all the mozzies, I finally get to go home!!!

Pictures in Malaysia taken on moving vehicle... :)

Will update tml on today evening k..
*tired & sick*

Sunday, January 29, 2006

moo-dy (blame it all on the zits)

Mike & Me have been together for 1 & a half year.
So fast right? lolz..

Photos I Don't Want YOU to See...

SUPER Crazy Day.
(Shall not elebrate further.)
First day of CNY (Chinese New Year) and all the "inauspicious" words all come out of my stinky mouth.

First thing in the morning,
My brother. (the oldest one who is 7 years younger then me)
was playing with marbles.
actually it's more of dropping marbles.
He enjoys dropping marbles on the floor while watching TV programme.
On the "wooden" floor he drops those marbles, creating the most annoying noise you'll hear in the morning. (either than the construction works, people fighting/arguing & babies crying...)

So my first words for CNY were used to scold my brother. I had too many nuts & potato chip and now I have tons of ugly looking things on my already uglified face. & Instant Noddles for dinner..

My only "condolence"..
I receive a letter informing me that I've won a Witch hamper for taking part in the Witch Promotion in Seventeen Singapore November 2005 issue.
I rmb the question on the contest form was to tell them why I wanna win the hamper. & guess what I say..
I want to be as pretty as Denise Keller (something along that line). lolz..
And I won.. how sweet.
Thanks Seventeen!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

a few more hours to CNY...

and I'm here daydreaming.

I wished I didn't have to go out.
I wished I didn't have to meet anyone.
I wished I can sleep for 3Days 3 Nights.
I wished I can do anything that can make me happy.
I wished I wished I wished..

Another boring CNY..
anyone going to brighten it up for me?

SECERT ADMIRER would be great..

Friday, January 27, 2006

losing voice

dun feel like talking.

head pain.

i hate sick days.

Monday, January 23, 2006

sorry lah..

I've been quite vex recently.
(tired & stress many many times a month = vex)
Projects' deadlines are around the corner and I still have no idea what I should really be doing.

Biz Communication - "group" Individual project. Having trouble thinking of how to involve all the skills in the role play which has to be part of presentation???
Due a few days before Valentines day.

Banking & Financial Services - considered done. However will have to update whenever the humongous big big big boss changes the CPF Medishield or Medishield plus stuffs.
Due date: unknown.
BFS CA2 tomorrow morning and I have yet to revise/understand that 2 chapters. *horror*

Accounting - No project. Teacher teaching lots of "difficult to handle" chapters. :(

Thinking Skill/PIE - A weird project that screws me upside down and I still do not understand how I can start. Good thing it's going to be a group project. hee...

MIC Studio (CCA) - "looking for keep-able students" & "NE Skit"
My current CCA is my life. I have a small problem here. I have to act as a sweet and cute character in a award winning skit which we will have to perform in another campus. :(

these all pretty much sums up all the "school" work that needs to be done soon.


The other vex thing is..

My guy friends.
A couple of them ask me to intro girls to them..
But I just couldn't find the right candidate to intro mah.. They are quite picky yet not really up to my single female friends standard. how could I? lolz. :p
BTW, it's not ez matchmaking when either side is VERY picky.
In any case you're wondering why the 2 guys ask me to intro guys. it's because I have many girl friends. -.-''' (U know why I have "many" girl friends? Coz I have very little guy friends lah.)

I'm super sorry. I think girls rule over guys and guys are all suckers. yesh it's true. I still think 99.99% of guys should just die now.
(can't blame me.. I've been rejected before. Dumped so many times that I lost count and well, been made to feel stupid/inferior before.)

yup yup. so before you ask me to intro a girl or a few girls to you. think about what all the bad stuffs I'll say to the girls before you ask me k. lolz.. no I'm not kidding. I still think most guys do not deserve my pretty kind sweet girl friend's hearts/concern.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I am so excited that I woke up this morning at 5plus.

Went to school in plain black tee and jeans.
Ran around school to get things done for my cca. Even had a small mini role of escorting VIP to "cut ribbon" with the key... (that's for another time)
So paiseh..

The make up artist was fantastic!!! BTW, those who saw our "performance", we did everything including planning for the skit, games, tents in 2days only. The whole script. Practising and stuffs. Oh man.. I thought we did rather well already..
about 60 people signed up! Yipee!! woo woot~
we were aiming for 40 only..

Though I'm still quite upset about the 6classes which didn't get to see our booth. and about 9 classes who went to either one of the tent only. :(

We had a little bit problem with the planing..
Had the mindset that no one is going to come see us. and we'll have to learn how to bring ppl up.. and guess what? we didn't need to...
Almost at any one time, there are 3classes packed in that small area (room + corridor)

& I haven even been in the tents myself. That place is really haunted. the glass door, had weird vibrations. Things kept losing in there.
oh yeah.. remember Kmooz? Flamezz is in my school now. Joining my CCA. I hope. :p
When I spotted him, i was like.. He must join us.. He must! lolz.. funny me.

over all: very high today. :)
came back straight away sleep till now. :p
tomorrow still have school! *boo*
and after school is Mic Studio again!!!
Heard we have lots of performances this coming month! woo woot~
I Love MIC Studio! :)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Part-time job wanted.

About me:
Turning 18 in May.
Singaporean citizen.
No experience.
A little forgetful and a bit blur.
Passed Os.. Now studying accounting in ITE.

Wouldn't mind doing sales but not F&B please.
Available to work on Saturdays only. (Discuss later..)

Thanks! :)

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Christina not CRISTINA

This is classic!!!
My first hater who doesn't know how to spell my name.
woo woot~

here's my reply to miss or is it Mr or Mrs?
oh whatever.

Dear sir (teacher ask us to use sir when we dunno it's sex type)


I am pleased to inform you that my tag-board loves to be tagged at. Unlike those snobbish celebrities, I actually do reply to tags on my tag-board. However, with my friends occasionally tagging, I am afraid that you might miss my replies. Therefore I'm writing this entry for your perusal. :)

I am ASSUMING (assume = making an ASS out of yoU & ME.) that you meant to type CHRISTINA and not CRISTINA. Well, if that tag is for me... I certainly will have to reply it, right?

So, I went to yourdictionary.com and it says that TWIT is a Slang for A foolishly annoying person. That's so cool. How did you know I love being annoying? :) oh yeah. Annoying human beings are usually very foolish. Thanks! :)

next. You mention that you want to FUCK me. yourdictionary.com says that FUCK is a Vulgar Slang for To have sexual intercourse with. I'm glad you are sexually attracted to me. However I already have a boyfriend who would sexually satisfy me whenever I want. Not to mention, you are the 349572653 living thing that wants to fuck me. You should just join the queue. BTW (By The Way) , no queue jumping please. Thanks! :)

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully

Christina (miss)

The fight where we both loses


in 3months time. maybe between his birthday and My birthday.
we'll see who loses more fats.. lolz..
He's using his own way.
Me? my own. heh heh.

last weigh in..
me: 44
him: 75

woo woot~

Thursday, January 12, 2006

buzy buzy stress stress

I so buzy this Wednesday & Thursday (today). Have to go to school early and stay pass 6plus for both days. I'm starting to feel tired eh..

Accounts CA2 tomorrow morning. I hope to do well. :)
Buying a few VCDs.. 1 of them is Diva Ah Hey (下一站天后)
heard it's quite nice.. hee. :)

VCD watching = stress relex.. lolz.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

not fun at all.

Those who loves to poke fun at my fats.. yes.
I finally saw those fats in the mirror today!
not only my top gain 2 size. my bottom gain 2 size also!!!

My V day gift from darling: (Item 4)

today at levis shop...
I pick a pair of jeans, my supposed size.
went to the fitting room.. and tada..
can you believe?
It's not like 1 size or what it's a FREAKING 2 sizes!

This it is. I'm going to work off that extra 2 size and get another pair as soon as I can. hurmp. before my birthday.
My target.
2 size down.
From 99Lbs to 88Lbs den finally to 77Lbs.
no more oliy food from now. :(

Monday, January 9, 2006

we date everywhere.. (PARTY!!!!!!)

envy? lolz...

oh yes..

DATE: 14th Jan (Sat)
TIME: 10pm till late
VENUE: ONE (One Fullerton)
MUSIC: Hip Hop RnB

Kick off 2006 in STYLE! We are gonna bring the
house down & you definitely wanna be part of it.
come down, feel the vibe and groove to your
favourite RnB with your best buddies. Its
gonna be Hip Hop RnB all nite with DMC Champ
DJ Rattle. Party with us & be in for a SURPRISE
at midnite...

*Media & professional photographers will be there
to spot U*

Jugs @ $20 & Absolute Vodka bottles gg @$111
ALL NITE! Purchase a 2nd bottle for only $100...
Lets get tipsy!

Reserve yours now! Presale tix gals $15 guys $18
(inclusive of 1 free drink) Be seen at the BEST
RnB party!

VIP tables available for booking
Tix or enquiries contact Jolyn 90483582

people. i need all the support i can get.

please please help spread the word.

thanks a million.

Saturday, January 7, 2006

how many of u..

hates seeing your (not-so-close) relatives?

I so do.
Everytime make me feel I shouldn't haven gone over.
I feel isolated.

Spotlight is always on other people. and the only time the light's on me.. It's comment about my studies and my weight. Never once did I feel like I'm good. and I always feel so damn uncomfortable.

This comming Chinese New year, I hope it'll be different.
That's why I'm trying so hard to lose weight.
aAnyone knows how to lose weight fast?

how many of you are in the same "boat" as me?

Thursday, January 5, 2006

super band?

Here's the infor.. http://u.mediacorptv.com/superband.htm
More infor: http://u.mediacorptv.com/superband/application.pdf
Need : fill registration form, photograph and $20.

SuperBand Audition Info

Date: Jan 14 & 15, 2006
Time: 9am – 6pm
Venue: Orchard Youth Park


  • Each SuperBand applicant must consist of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 members and they must be aged between 15-35 years old.
  • It is NOT a prerequisite for the members to play musical instruments; they can choose to play (instruments) if they want to.
  • The vocal element must be present, be it in the form of singing or rapping. It must NOT be a purely instrumental or dance group.
  • The songs performed must be in Mandarin.

SuperBand is looking for

  1. Rock bands (Eg Wu Bai, May Day)
  2. Boybands (Eg F4, Energy, 5566)
  3. Girlbands (Eg S.H.E., Twins)
  4. Hip hop/rap groups (Eg Machi)
  5. Pop-rock groups (Eg F.I.R.)
  6. Acapella groups (Eg S.B.D.W.)
  7. Duets (Eg JJ's duet with Jin Sha)

Judging Criteria
A panel of professional judges made up of dance choreographers and image stylists will be invited to each show to play judge to the bands. The weakest band will be eliminated based on the scores awarded by the judges and public voting results (via SMS).

The bands will be judged on dance choreography, vocal harmonies, musicianship, vocal quality, image and overall mass appeal.

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

look what I'm getting tml..

I posted some items that I want in this 2006 on my Xanga blog.
and I've just decide to get this: (Item 1)
Someones offering me a brand new set at $20 lower than the original price.
woo~ woot~
Let's just cross our fingers and hope it works for me..

Bought new pens today. The prices of pens are going up eh? Scary.
got to update my auctions le..
no money = no shopping
no shopping = no happy
no happy = no mood
no mood = no pretty
no pretty = no mood again
no mood again = no do homework
no do homework = no future.
so must have money! den have future!

saddening news today.
while watching television programmes..
Daddy asked me if my boyfriend is saving up to get a condo.
NEWS FLASH: My dad can't wait to get me out of the house!
I'm 17 only you know.
A couple of days ago..
Mummy ask me when den marry.
now my dad ask me if boyfriend is saving money to buy a house.

For heaven's sake My boyfriend haven even start school.
and his school fees are already a huge burden for him.
and this burden wouldn't be gone until 7years later...
when both of us finally stop schooling and have stable nice jobs k..

and since when did I say I want to marry???
I thought living alone would be great you know..

Sunday, January 1, 2006

petition: ban aerosol foam sprays

For a cleaner and safer Singapore.

read: http://xiaxue.blogspot.com/
before u say I'm siao!

kissing pic *not for under 18*

yupz yupz.. took a pic of my baby boy and me kissing...
wanna see??

sure u want it??

No regrets?


super cute hor? lolz...
he's the horny one there.
I'm the one holding to a stick that resembles a lollipop..
so lovely..

1 day left before all the suffering starts again..

Just now, I was talking to my mum about my bf going to study.
which will take about 6+ years if he complete the whole thing.
and her first reaction was..
*like that when then marry?*
For the first time..
My mum actually wants to throw me out of house le!!!

den was talking talking halfway..
she wants me to move out for about 2weeks.
cause my house under upgrading...
and I have about 1month to find a place to stay.
siao right???

Now I need to find a place to stay for 2 weeks.
If u know of any place (better still if it's near to bishan) for me to rent or something. Let me know kz.. but, please hor.. I have a budget hor.. Thank You.

Rmb I'm supposed to make up a list of things I want to buy?
I've decided to post those items in my Xanga blog. lolz..
that's all for today. :)