Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Singapore beat Thailand in Asean championship first-leg final

News here:

I watch until blur. Don't understand why got penalty. haiz..
and then the goal from Thailand not off side meh? I thought off side also.. hmm.. don't know lah. Everytime watch also blur blur one..
The power 98 radio DJ guess right leh. 2-1 Singapore win lols.

I go rest le..

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Muscle pain, CNY Card, & princess.

Didn't exercise for so long.. Now every muscle in my body is aching lah. =(

I forget to bring my keys out just now and got stuck outside. Had to call my maid and mum for help... Maid went to fetch brothers, mum was busy.. so I try to sit at the doorstep while waiting. (This is when I really hate my big butt lah.) So silly lah. duno how come I will forget to bring my keys out. don't tell me I so fast “老人痴呆”?

oh.. I just got a Chinese New Year card from Sharon..

So sweet lah.. but she kinda like send a little too early right? :P

Princess of messy hair has finally found her mini "tiara".

Looks greenish cause of the "curtains"..

Very act cute pose.. hahas.. but I like leh.. :pPp

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Happy 2.5 Anniversary darling..

30th Monthiversary.

Thank you.
For giving in.
For taking care.
For Loving.
For Hugging.
For Kisses.
For crapping.
For laughter.
For believing.
For helping.
For pampering.
For understanding.
For treats.
For all the bickering and sayangs.
For so much more.

-I Love You baby.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bugis to PS to Cathay

Yesterday was really tiring.
but I'm happy lah.

Went to Bugis with darling.. but there really nothing much lah.. got the Superstar there, so a lot of people go there loh.. nothing much to see so go find food at Sunshine plaza? Wanted to go NAFA's open house.. but in the end see like so little people, then I just take the free newspaper(my paper) and go off.. :p

Walked to PS to play video games.. then decide to watch movie.. =)

Watched Happy Birthday. hahas. Already know the plot still go watch to cry.. silly right? lols.
I want to watch the Will Smith movie.. like very touching lah.. cause I cried (watching the trailer) -.-

After movie, went to Cathay to eat.
I think I saw my first "bf". The one who disappeared (Sharon used to like him a lot) and the one who's damn "hum ji" cause he ask his friend to ask for my number. -.-
So weird lah..

So after eating. The fried rice's a little too oily so I couldn't finish. but the Mango Smoothie is really really scary!!! I couldn't finish even 1/4 of it. -.-

Look so small glass but actually A LOT and it's also very very COLD!!! diaoz.. I cold until my nose also cold.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday is Fun-day


Had fun today. Ber and Me like 2 siao kia.. Supposed to shop..
but didn't buy anything instead went to play maple in lan shop..
4hrs straight! so fun lah!!! Plus got cute guys to see. lols. First time so siao.. Pay money to play..
But the good thing is.. NO LAG!!! Big screen and the mouse is soooo sensitive! hee.. Plus we got discount. and the music is not that bad. :P

Now I can't wait for next week.. so that I can finally level my lousy char.
But this time I must remember not to eat the very expensive Mac for breakfast and drink Starbucks. too expensive lah. hahas. =)

Cute Chinese New Year decoration..

Pineapple.. “旺来”

Mandrain Orange.

All these bought from Leng. So cute right.. =)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

hair hair hair hair...

Finally got my fringe cut by Ben kor kor..
I cut my own hair until “不长不短” now finally back to normal le.. :P
Today realise that there's a change in school rule. We, girls can don't tie our hair in school le.. hee.. When I know this news, wanted to go rebond my hair de.. then realise one very important thing.. (other than money) I suddenly remember I still have Napfa lah... Napfa run, I think tie hair better.. if not sure very hot one..
Oh yah.. today the weather siao siao one.. yesterday I just say the sky so nice so blue cause no rain.. today rain for me to see. -.-

blue skies, smelly food and me.

No rain = clear blue skies..

After school, Ber, Shan and I went to Yoshinoya to have our lunch.
and I totally don't like this potato thingy. it smells of MILK! yuck. I just don't like lah..

Bought this pair of contact lens very long time ago.. think like one year? Decide to wear them to school cause I wanna get used to it before I wear for CNY.. =) I wanna look pretty. cheese. V

I went to Vivocity's Watson to check out the concealers and realise Za having 30% off (normally 20% off nia), so I got it straight without thinking too much. But after getting it, I quickly walk out of the place... because I don't want to let myself be tempted by all the other stuffs on sale. *drools*

I was playing with my makeup again.. this time with a tiny bit of concealer, =)

I wanted to have my fringe trimmed, but Ben korkor not working today.
Mummy just told me after I made a wasted trip looking for him in the crowed shop. -.-

Might be meeting darling at night. Now patching maple.. should be done soon.. =)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Singapore 1 : Malaysia 1

All the action in 2nd half.
and I like Lionel Lewis. He's the best! =P

Halfway through the first half, mum says Malaysia will win, but I'm positive Singapore has a chance and I personally supports team Singapore. Though I may have to add that I don't think they're really good or what, in fact I thought they look like they lack chemistry and sometimes look like little girls running aimlessly hiding behind opponents.. :P

I don't know much about soccer.. or do I?? hmm.. maybe not. hahas. I don't even understand the rules. Like why our Captain kena send out for no reason? or like why the referee suddenly stop the game, and go and confuse all the players (and us watching). hee...

BUT!!! I must comment that the goal scored by the bald scary looking guy is supered. the way it curves.. wee weets~ kakakaka~

I'm interested in going to watch the Saturday match leh..
but at night wor... furthermore so far.. :P

the power/magic of makeup..
She looks so different with/without makeup. I wonder if it's the case of photoshop or real hard work with makeup or maybe both combined.

I wanna do all these stuffs that she does but always end up looking like so weird and my eye gets irritated everytime I try to line them. :'(

What to do..

I'll just stick to being plain uglyfatchick this CNY.

Monday, January 22, 2007

many cards.. *name edited*

CaiXing, created a card game call Many Cards..

(ZhangLang, XieYao, JieChuan, WuLai, ChengRen and Me) are like addicted to it. Play after school until we forget the time. :P

In a few more hours I'm gonna beat myself up. because that's when I get my Accounts CA result. -.-
Hope teacher wouldn't be so angry.. If not... I'll be very guilty one...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Saturday, January 20, 2007

I'm so blessed..

Darling brought me out of supper at Macs on Friday night and he stay over till yesterday morning, we had breakfast before going to Jurong. We went shopping at John Little for some New Year stuffs. By the time I finish buying the stuffs and reach his house, I'm hungry again. So his mum cooked 面线 for me.. awww.. So sweet right? specially for me.. :p

Anyway, I went to run at the stadium near darling's house.. Ran 2KM only. Very "失败" lah.. Timing so lousy. Run le, my toe pain, maybe due to the wrong kind of shoe.. So darling ask me get a new pair that's right for running.

After dinner at his place, we went FEP to shop.

I bought 2pairs of earring and 1pair of bra strap for $5. (3 for $5 at Ice Lemon Tee)

Wanted to go fix my hair, like straightening or something, then decide against it cause I still have so many days in school.. Went Wisma to look at stuffs in Topshop Petite but so little stuffs and they don't look really petite to me leh.. look quite big. (even darling agrees)

After that, walk around and went to World Of Sports to find a pair of running shoes.
It didn't take me long to find a pair of shoes that I like..

I'm so broke and yet I went to buy the most expensive shoes in my life.. *sweats*

Darling laughs at my shoe because at size 4, it's the kinda small (like baby's shoes -.-).

With most of my socks "holed", I have to get a new pair of shoes..
Guess how much it cost? $12.60!!! lols. My mum gonna kill me if she found out the cost of my new shoe and socks.

Now, I don't dare to wear that pair of shoe in case I dirty it or something. :(

Oh.. I bought magazine to read.. =)

This week alone spent about $200 le. If mummy know, she'll sure get angry one lah. :(

Friday, January 19, 2007

Over means over le..

Didn't have a good day...

1) I was suddenly scared that the MRT door will close on me. (which caused me to look at the door to close and then miss that train and then late)
2) Kena mozzie 3 bites in the same area. (Behind the knees)
3) Screw my Accounts CA!!!!
4) Play maple until fell asleep, then kena defamed for no reason.
5)Period coming soon, skin condition worsen nor..

hai...sianz sia..

Bad mood so went shopping nor.. Didn't really buy much stuffs lah.
Just some clips.. but they make me happy. =)

Been drinking Yakult on a daily basis. Find it a little too sweet though..

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Accounts CA2 tomorrow.

NAPFA on 29th Jan.

CNY on 18th Feb.

& My Future. (after graduating)

Do you know where are the similarity between CA, NAPFA, CNY and my Future.
the STRESS!!!

I'm starting to feel stress, little by little as the dates gets closer. Maybe I should stop whining, ranting and start doing some revision?

maybe another time..

Quote of the Night from Nonnie:


Horribly translated,
There are only 2 situations when a couple remains as friends after breaking up:
They were together for fun, not really emotionally attached. Or one of them secretly give up everything (without grumble) for the other party.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm feeling sleepy.. hee..

I have so much to blog but very lazy leh.. then also some stuffs are more on a sensitive side, so I can't blog lah. so sianz.. so tired.. NAFPA confirm on 29th Jan!!! ='(
and Friday is Accounts CA2!

Time pass so fast lah..
*Just now I saw Minyi (from my CHIJ STC days) at Bishan MRT station. She went all the way to Bishan to have a haircut! but it's cool cause I haven't seen her since Kyla's Birthday. okie.. doesn't sound that long.. hahas.. but she's in this cat top and white skirt, I thought she looks totally like what she's doing.. Design. She looks so good can.. I wanna look that good too.

Anyway, we were saying time pass so fast.. It's like only yesterday that we graduated from STC. now? I'm going to graduating from ITE Bishan!

**OH yeah.. ITE Bishan Accounting Dept (Graduating students) Dinner and Dance Tics at $45. Deposit of $25 by this Friday if you wanna go... It's in a ballroom at Downtown East. =)
on 30-Jan-2007, from 6pm-11pm.

Co-op revamp!!!

Done by CaiXing, ZhangLang, XieYao, JieChuan & WuLai.

right side


right front.

left front.

right side. =)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

safra rat, maple and cafedelmar.

I was at Safra Mount Faber on Monday. This is what I saw in the toilet. =)
At first glance I really thought there are mouse in the toilet. -.-

Yesterday's Maplestory photos..

Ber, Shan, Me & JS. =)

Anyone going for Cafedelmar opening party?

They sent me an email and a postcard. lols. so sweet.
Anyways it's near my house.. I can consider going.. =)


Monday, January 15, 2007


in 2 weeks!!!!

but I haven't start running leh!!! how? how? how?
During S&W, we ran <1KM and I'm half-dead. okie.. maybe not half-dead yet lah.. but I'm sure tml when I wake up, my body sure pain like mad one loh...

I got nothing much to blog for today le then ber say:
"I love you, you love me, we are happy family.."

lols. yeah.. HAPPY. hahas.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Blogger "beta"

I've finally been given the chance to move to "beta" which is the "new" blogger. =)

and I've found my treatment gel from Great World City's Guardian. ($13.04 after discount)

Lynn and I visited Vivo late at night (in the rain!) and I took some Night photos of Vivo, you can see those pictures at..

My brothers and I all wear glasses. I'm the frequent wearer as I depend on my glasses A LOT. my brothers seldom wears them as they find them troublesome. Anyway, I thought it'll be cute if we take a photo together..

so take 1..

stupid blurry photo.

take 2...

Wrong lighting.

take 3...

My brother thought we should just ask my maid to take our photo.
-.- silly me. why I never thought of that? OMG.. I'm becoming stupid!!!
We all look very “斯文败类”right? kidding kidding. :P

Oh.. if anyone find my brothers cute, you can always donate gameboy/gameboy sp to them. The one and only one they've been sharing for a few years is breaking apart, the battery cover is forever dropping and the left button can hardly be used. hahas. That's all. =)

Friday, January 12, 2007

I personally find the ads rather disturbing and only primary school students like my brothers thinks that their giving away free stuffs. -.-
& well, they are also the ones with $1.50 for pocket money a day and has very limited Internet access.

I don't like this mymall thingy because their "bargains" are limited, moreover I hate to waste ink to print them out. Plus their stuffs so totally do not interest me. except maybe for the maybelline one.. hahas.
alas, I have to be the first 20 each day at their limited few stores to be allowed to purchase and qualify for the deal . oh well...

that's all for today's short entry on mymall =)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Za Queen of Blog

I must say I'm in a very terrible mood now. Not sure if it's due to hygiene or their products that I'm having nasty breakouts. so don't come and irritate me, cause I don't know what I'll do. (maybe extreme stuffs like killing you.)

I went for this event with Lynn.

our table.

3 other girls sharing with us.

Most of the time the lights were off-ed, and the teacher teaching mah.. so I couldn't take photos. When the lights were on, I'm too busy trying to figure out how to do my own makeup. Honestly, I think you need to keep asking for help verbally if you want help. Cause I couldn't get much, even though it's obvious, compared to the girls who came in full makeup, I'm a makeup noob.

We're supposed to do our own makeup but somehow the "teachers" went around to help everyone draw their face. lols. Well everyone except Lynn and me that is..

Maybe I don't look as good as the other participants. The "teachers" look like they don't want to bother about me. I feel like I'm EM3 and the rest of the girls EM1. Get what I mean? Like I'm the rotten apple, the one who's not important because she's not worth it.
I'm still pissed lah.

Either that, or the guy above is making fun out of me.

My polaroid.

yes I blinked! am I lucky or what????
oh.. my hair wasn't that bad looking one meh.. it was the rain lah!
I ran in the rain. with my heels. -.- I feel very stupid. :(

me, in the toilet. with makeup I put on my own and photo taken using my Sony Ericsson K750i phone's camera.

I screwed my only chance to be featured on a magazine, I guess I'll never have what it takes to be a queen. Maybe a "装可爱的小格格".

Wednesday, January 10, 2007



"drunk people do not know what the fuck they are doing."
Totally agree.

uh huh. Which is why, I don't like my bf to drink. I'm not talking about being drunk. Just a bit is enough to make one act stupid. The highness alcohol gives.. I repeat. I don't mean drunk.

I remember one point of my life (many many years back), I put myself in situations, I wished I never did. I was kinda desperate and was acting stupid (because I was naive and not drunk lah).
[I normally drink only when I feel it's "safe to drink", like at home or when my boyfriend's around. at least I know I wouldn't be taken advantage of by someone I don't know...]
So back to the story...
I met really bad people and am scarred from those incidents, therefore, now I don't really trust people (generally guys) as much as I used to. I don't always mention it but it still hurts. I wished I wasn't that naive.

I know a girl who has been hurt umpteem times because she put herself in situations. (eg. go drinking with people she barely know) I kinda pity her, cause she doesn't seem to learn.

1) She's a bad drinker. but she doesn't admit and keep saying that she can drink a lot. Whatever. Everyone says that they can drink but honestly how many actually knows when to stop?

2) She complains that guys only want a piece of her and she has no choice but hang around them. Hanging with the "wrong people", is actually to a huge extend in our control. She got choice to hang with me and other friends what, but she doesn't want to, prefer guy's company. -.-

3) I feel that I'm ranting the same stuffs. Even I get bored of her stories, why can't she see her stories are always repeating? (same female lead, different male lead, maybe different drinking place, but there's always the presence of alcohol and something bad happen in the end.) why am I not surprised?

They say: If you drive, don't drink. If you drink, don't drive.
Why no one say stuffs like: If you drink (on your own accord), don't blame.

yesterday's post..

I'm looking for this..

Watsons sells Witch products but I just can't find Witch Doctor stuffs leh... I just want this treatment gel. I can't imagine my skin without it. :P

I find the branch sticking out kinda weird. hahas.

Monday, January 8, 2007

first of the last

u know lah.
It's the first day of my last term in school..

everything is okay. =)
I can finally see all my classmates after 3 weeks. Happy...

After school went for job interview with Shan. Good thing got ShaXiaoMei tag along to accompany me, if not I sure xian until I run away loh.. There were so many people that we had to wait for 1-2hours before our turn. You know why there were so many people?

Part-time pay is $7.50 per hour nor!!! & that's not including the group commission.
If I know earlier, I'll dress up nice nice and print out resume before I go loh. hahahas.
But now. too late liao bah. Everyone got work experience, only me don't have. Then I'm also not very outspoken. hmm. Hope bah. hope bah. If get chosen, they will call by 15th. hahas.

oh btw, I think Vicky's hairstyle is pretty nice. Shan's one maybe too short then the curl didn't really show but still okay lah. SY(I dunno how to spell her name)'s make her face look kinda big leh then who else change hairstyle arh? oh XY's one not much difference lah still pretty pretty lah. hahas. Hair show for the first day of school. =)
Wonder if we're gonna have prom or something. *prays* lols.

Now I'm very tired. wake up so early... okay lah. NIGHTS~ everybody.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

tired and sick. Last term le!

"Short note: I'm no longer working at CCK selling newspaper le. Actually have not been working for quite long also. Cause I find it not cost effective. Travelling to and fro is taking up my molah~ and time. The food there is not cheap either. So yeah..."

Yesterday had headache the whole day. not sure if it's due to not enough sleep &/or water.

Today confirm not enough sleep lah. Slept late and wake up at so early at 6. -.-
Now super tired and sianz.. Still have a bit of headache and sore throat...

Today 8th Jan 2007 is the start of my last term in ITE College Central Bishan.
I have so many worries.

1) Auditing and Audit case.
2) Accounting.
3) Smart Ledger.
4) CDP.
5) NAPFA!!!! I'm so scared can..
6) Friends.
7) Teachers.
8) and some others.

1. Auditing being one that's theory based and have essay questions is my biggest worry. I don't know if I'll stubble and fall flat or barely pass. It's giving me sleepless nights.

2. Accounting, so far so good, but what if I mess it up somehow? It's like so scary lah.

3. Smart Ledger has been alright. Some minor mistakes that has already cost me a couple of marks.. but should be okay overall bah..

4. CDP. I still don't really understand what's going on in class. lols. I'm not very good with career kind of stuffs.

5. I really hope to do well for NAPFA. but oh well.. not running and growing fat doesn't seem like the best training.

6. Friends. I'll miss them all. My dearest classmates. Heartbreak sia.. :(

7. Teachers. Although it's been 2 short years, I still feel like I owe them big time. Maybe because we always make them angry by being so noisy. or maybe cause they answer all my queries without uttering "stupid" under their breath. But I'm sure I'll miss them. most of them that is..

8. and some others. lols. People like Mike's cousin who should be back in school soon. (she decide to drop out for a while, due to personal reasons, but with her GPA 4 in NITEC, I'm sure she'll do well.) and also my god-brother. and hahas. that irritating guy. I also don't know why suddenly think of him. and and all the memories. though not much but still.. they make me who I am.. =)

okay.. I'm preparing for school le.. ciaos~

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Saturday.. (6th Jan 2007)

If you want to see photos for my Saturday, go . =)

I spent the whole afternoon window shopping. lols.
can't find anything that fits. :'(

Places I went today.
1) Mustafa (took bus 100 for 12-stops then change to 130 for 8-stops)
2) walk to Farrer Park mrt
3) take train to Plaza Sing
4) walk from PS to Far East Plaza
5) on the way stop by OG to find Kate's memory curl mascara but it's out of stock.
6) after FEP walked to Orchard mrt to take train
7) back to Harbour Front to buy mineral water and look at shoes
8) take cab home.

I shopped everywhere and now I'm totally shagged. *roar*

Felicia Chin

I was wondering where did this newbie come from, how come I've never seen her before and yet she's suddenly like so-super-hot and somemore her name sounds so familiar...

Keep seeing her face popping up on TV and even on magazines!

So I did a mini search on the net. (bless Internet).

She is...

Winner of STAR SEARCH 2003!!!
(click on pic to enlarge)

Look quite different?
See. Hairstyling is very important. I actually remember her by her hairstyle. When she have side partings, she doesn't grab as much attention as her current doll-doll hair.
I call her the doll-doll hair trend-starter.

see Fann Wong, Zoe Tay.. All spotting the doll-doll hair. hahas.