Friday, June 30, 2006

Hair woes~

I like this picture.. It's a different side of me.

Remember the recent social night thingy, I went just to get myself tortured?

My baobei told his (大老婆)First Wife, Desmond
that I was unhappy during the event.
The aftermath certainly killed me.

He says that my hair sucks. :(
I also know it sucks.
but I left my killer hair potion at darling's house what.. what to do..
What more, I really am a poor kid who doesn't have money to even pay for a nice hair cut, how to do up my hair like the rest of the girls...

Now it's holidays, I really wanna get my hair done up a little..

Any recommendations for cheap and nice colour job?
heh heh.

I'm thinking ash brown.
and I just took some photos of me in my sleeping attire.. lols. wanna see?
hee hee hee..

Nothing kinky. Just acting cute.

only 3 weeks..

I am happy cauze I can finally wake up anytime I want.
I am not happy cause I'll miss my classmates.
I am happy cause I can finally visit Bangkok again!!!
I am not happy cause I have no money.
I am happy cause I can play maple. woo woots~
I am not happy cause it's only 3 weeks break.

here are some photos for the last day before our 3 weeks break. (:
photogrpaher: Nisa

Shan, Ber, JS & Me.

Shan, Ber, Me, JS & silly kendrick with closed eyes! (no flash leh!)

One last photo..

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

2 more days to holidays~~~~~~~~~

Just that little while more then I can sleep till the sun burn my butt. hee hee..

Aren't you looking forword to your holidays too? :)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

tired as usual.

Now at home, super tired.
Was supposed to have a (badminton) game in school but kena walkover. The other team didn't turn up! lols. My next match is after school reopens. So I better spend time training with my friends..

Thanks to my sis & her mum. I got a place to nap & bathe and food to eat.. *yum yum*
hee. :p

Anyway this weekend I might just stay at home.
1) I'm tired.
2) I no money..
3) No (free) place to go...

Unless some kind soul want to sponsor me.. :p

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Cumming St : AFTER 5

Even though I was feeling unwell, I still went out with my boiboi..
Tangs just doesn't suits me. Had the $100 voucher but bought nothing... -.-''

& everytime we're in town, we'll see steven lim without fail.. lols.
find him a little pitiful at times.. but den again.. dotz dotz..

Decide to go After5 with my boiboi.
Wanted to drink. It's been quite a while since I feel like drinking..
First glass, coke. the rest I anyhow add..
Now my mouth dry dry one.. duno isit due to the drinks or that I'm not feeling well.

On my way there:

I imagine that sign being placed on the field.
informing players how high they should kick for the ball & with how much force. lols.
& how to bend it like *******, & avoid passing to the man in between the post.. -.-''
Back to main topic...

I think I'm gonna be a regular there soon..
Chio bus 10/10 --> not ur regular kind of girls.
Drinks ?/10 ---> how do I rate leh? I'm not the one paying. :p
Entertainment 8/10 ---> got pool table, ktv..
Smell 3/10 ---> a little smoky..
Toilet 4/10 ---> erm..

It's situated at...

Cumming street!!!!

look for me there? :)

Friday, June 23, 2006

uglyfatchick fall sick le!!!

I knew I was going to fall sick.. and I was waiting for it..
& it's finally here!

So sorry to ber ber.. I sick sick, can't accompany her, later she sick sick also how..

darling says he's coming over.
& I'm waiting for my breakfast. *tummy growls*
hear that?

My tummy growling!!!
ok lah.. you know when I fall sick, I always super crap one..
But I haven ate anything since yesterday's chicken nugget ber gave me.

This was what I did to my toe nails last week..

I thought they look nicer before I paint on the tips.

Guess what? I love the pop out effect from the tips. hee hee..

but I hate painting on the tips, coz my legs like so far away from my eyes, I cannot see leh. lols.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

how times have changed.

I wished I wish... for a chubby darling who dotes on me...

best if he drives a beautiful car!


15 years later...

I wished I wish.. that my darling would dote on me, buy me food, bring me shopping, massage my legs when their tired, look good in uniform, cook for me, wake me up, put me to sleep, kiss me, cuddle me, love me, make love to me, care for me, looks cute, never raise his voice at me, less troublesome, love me more, carry me when I'm tired, take all my beatings, listen to me whine everyday, allow me to go out with my friends, care for my friends, care for my feeling, love me a whole lot more, be my perfect man.

He is my man.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

yesterday's social night..

it's so so so so boring. :p

I've never been to prom night, so i didn't know how it's like to see so many people all dressed up before.

I was dressed like some pumkin kid and wanted so badly to go home k.. 150 tall slim chio pretty females in the same room. I feel so ugly!!!!!!!! :( But I did manage to see some stars though..

I was walking up this stair and Jeff Wang was coming down the stairs. We stared at each other for like a very long time.. OMG he's damn cool k.. with those shades.. I regrat not taking photo with him or asking for his signature.. but den again I dun think I should do that since I'm in that high class place.. dun wanna get chased out.. :p

^^I think I also saw this SI female contestant.

She was at the social night.

me? The whole night I was trying to find place to hide..
damn it. When the next event comes, I'll just go get a dress from queensway.
bloody. & I dun like such events. :(
Felt so lonely.

Monday, June 19, 2006

in chinese

心情不好。。 不知道要跟谁说好。。。

Saturday, June 17, 2006

What did I do yesterday? 17/6/06

Went to amk's k-box with ber & her friends Eugene & Serene. Lots of laughter and tears..
For those who have been to k-box, you'll know that their room doors open inwards to the room. Till now, I'm still trying to push the door open whenever I wanna get out to go to the washroom.
silly right?

Whatever.. I always do silly things..

Then come the tears..
Every sad MTV I watch, I cry once.
I'm a water tap. bleah.

On the way back to ber's house, met her ex-classmate. shuai. ah beng.. lols.
At ber's house, I slept till ard 6pm.
I'm that tired ok..
Went down to play badminton at YCK CC with Shan, Jack & En.
So tiring.. and I hurt my leg.. cause I didn't bring my shoe. silly right? no.. coz I lazy. :P

Ber helped me to level my maple character le.
Finally 45.. hahahas.

On ship to ludi..

pretty ship..

look, I'm so happy. :)

if you're not born with it...

Some people are born with talents,
some born with looks,
some born with brains,
some born with all of them and
some who are like me: always asking why I'm not born with this or that.

Maybe it's just me or what..
but I really feel like slapping myself.
Everytime I fall, I sit on the track and cry.
or I grumble about life being unfair..
example: (why so-&-so have lots of money, why so-&-so looks so pretty, why so-&-so can sing so well, why so-&-so is so smart...)

Are you like me?
Always sitting on the couch/bed/floor with a tisues box, talking to whoever who still cares, asking whys?
Why do people not like me?
Why am I always getting Bs when I should get As.
Why am I the unlucky one.
Why am always in some trouble or another.
Why am I so stress.
Why this, why that.
why why why why why.


It's time to stand up and do something.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Disappointments~ & being optimistic six...

please vote for me..
TIA~ (Thanks in advance) hahas.

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Yesterday morning, at Bishan MRT station..
I "collected" a set of Today newspaper from the lady distributing it.
("Today" newspaper is free, given out daily at MRT stations.)
Happily, took the newspaper and began reading the last page's advertisement while walking towards school.

3-5 steps from the "collection station", I got stopped by some old aunty.
She pop out from behind the pillar, (scaring me in the process), snatch the newspaper from my hand and ask me to go collect another piece reasoning that the lady distributing it should not be able to recognize me. WTF???
How can she just snatch my newspaper? AND, I was still reading it!!!

Even though I'm unwilling, I still went to "collect" another set of newspaper.
The lady at the "collection station" obviously recognised me and refused to give me another set.
Stating that each person can only collect one set.
& when I try to tell her that the some aunty took my papers, she say that I cannot collect for other people. bloody. I didn't' collect for her, she snatch my papers ok. :(

I am so angry.
Out of nowhere someone robbed me of my papers and I couldn't get another free paper. -.-
What made it worst was that I got scolded by the lady in public.
Actually 2 ladies. Cause there were 2 ladies on duty yesterday.
It's so so so so embarrassing.
I had to hold back my tears cause so many people watching.

Bloody asshole aunty who robbed me, spoiling my precious day in the process.
We got to get some policeman to catch these bullies.
Am I making a big fuss over a free set of newspaper?

I find the old aunty's action despicable.
If she can just pop out of nowhere to rob me in public, others will follow suit and maybe next time it wouldn't be just robbing of free newspaper. Imagine you're talking on your hp, out of nowhere someone pop out to scare you and snatch your phone. And he/she tells you that you can always buy another phone.

ASS doesn't it?

I'm so disappointed in these Aunties & Uncles of my home country. :(


I'm bloody disappointed in myself.
I made leng lose to the school team players.
really sorry..
I'm so easy to beat. All my opponent have to do is to stand in front of me, pose & I'm so scared.
haiz... I'm such an ass. can't even catch any cock ball shuttlecock.

I'm proud of my optimistic sisters.
always there to dry my tears.
how will I live without them...

We took lots of photos yesterday..

Print them out as stickers... oh how much I love them.. *muackz*

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

M1.. -.-"

So much to blog abt..

firstly hor.. I want to complain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Sunday, Darling and I went to this M1 service centre (I think).
Darling got a waiting number (or is it call a queue number?) and went inside to seat, I went watson to look at stuffs.
After a while, I went in to join darling.. Note that, at that point of time, there were many many empty seats. We waited for his number to *blink blink* on the screen. (:

waited and waited.
his queue number finally decide to *blink blink*. -someone at the counter press next.
Look at the counter number. It's 8. How lucky...
So we went to counter number 8.
Guess what? There were 2 customers sitting there talking to that counter guy.

*nothing against the couple just that I don't know how else to describe them..*

When we try to ask if they pressed the next button by accident or what, the guy at counter 9 told us to wait a while. So we stood behind counter 8 thinking it shouldn't be long since they already "call" our number...
A long while later, the guy at counter 9 ask us to take a seat (back to where we were sitting). But by that time, all the seats were already taken! I am so bloody pissed off loh. They make us wait and wait and wait. & not a single SORRY okay...
oh.. and then at the paying counter, the lady actually ask us to wait den ask some guy to serve this customer standing behide us. totally ignoring us at a point of time. I am so so so so so so so pissed. Grrrrr....

That's for the M1 thingy.
Now I'm angry. mayb I'll update later...

Monday, June 12, 2006

late post coz blogger kinda server down or something.

For Mooz & Kitey...

I miss you both so much...

Leng taught me how to make hearts :)

HAN KA RAM - my favourite Korean restaurant.


hehe.. (phone's portrait function)

absolutely shattered. hahahas..

Friday, June 9, 2006

Dont cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me
Dont cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me
Dont cha wish your girlfriend was raw like me
Dont cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

uglyfatchick with specs (glasses) or contact lens?

mood swings.
pms approaching.
grrr.. whatever.

today's topic: uglyfatchick look better with specs (glasses) or contact lens?

Let's compare...

This is me, with specs.

Me with contact lens..

Alright, I cheated.. That's the very famous & pretty Rainie Yang..


This is me.

So which one looks more presentable? =)

reply to comments..

"Charity? (Part 2)"

Anonymous said...

thats unique haha..

uglyfatchick said...

Thanks. :)

"where will i stay. who will i follow?"

Anonymous said...

well, at least they get to spend time as a family in the past. Some kids don't. they are born in a single parent family. isn't that sadder? With no taste of a complete family?

uglyfatchick said...

If you never had a complete family you might not know how it feels like and how sweet it is.

But when you're born into a "complete family" and then it's taken away from you, wouldn't you feel even more sad?

Complete family on the outside doesn't always means that the whole family get to spend time together as a family. Some parents work so much that they hardly see their children.

"People I want to date if I am single"

geovanni said...

why jay chou is not in your list instead you opt for a look-alike?

uglyfatchick said...

Because Jay is my husband already. lols. :p

"The sky is colourful today :)"

sonikbyte said...

Nice view, try to install a camera on a bird and do a bird eyeview in the future. Haha just joking! Anyway Singapore Next blog princess keep up the good job. tag mine too! :P said...

Hi ...Very nice blog! Just chanced upon it recently. Keep rocking! :)

If you would like to setup a link partnership with our forum, pls feel free to contact us! It's a forum specially for Singaporeans!

uglyfatchick said...

sonikbyte, hahas. thats' cold lols. Thanks for that praise, you write good.. :), I'll visit ur forum as soon as I've got time in my hands. been rather bz lately. :)

"Only time I rmb admitting thru my blog..."
Zick said...

erm... excellence courage... thumbs up

uglyfatchick said...

thank you thank you..


Frank said...

hey you're such a cute girl=)

uglyfatchick said...

aww.. Thanks. :)

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

no shit.

I'm really sorry to those who have posted comments on my super old entries and got no reply.

I didn't know I have to click on moderate comments to look at comments. I thought no one ever leaves comments. oh well..

Thank all for your comments.
I will try to reply them with my new coming post k.

Monday, June 5, 2006

CAs approaching..

我就好像是被主人丢弃的流浪猫 躲在暗墙角 不停的喵 寂寞叫啊叫 飘啊飘 咆哮

-will update whenever I have the bloody energy, time & mood. :p
Thanks for reading. :)

Friday, June 2, 2006

SOLD!!!!!!!!!! ITE Uniform Size S shirt (guys) for sale (:

Brand new. Never wash or worn.
pls dun ask me why I bought it. I think I'm just plain stupid. -.-''
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
BID at :

^^If you know me personally dun have to bid lah. hahas.

MoonLight @ Madam Wong's

Nick & Darren Presents>
MoonLight @ Madam Wong's - Saturday, 10th June 2k6

Come down for the very first party of your JUNE holidays at Mdm Wongs.

With the best drink deals and best rewards.

Who can resist this shit.


That’s the theme you are gonna be dressed for.!

Mysterious sexy black and angelic pure white.

Dress either sexy hot. Or come in the oldies fashion.

It’s your call. It’s your party.

Wad’s more is that we have got talent scouts down!

I MODELS will be at out party.

Looking out for talents,

Do u possess em?

How bout just appearing on the website of NIGHTLIFE.SG?

Nightlife photographers will be there to take shots of you and yr frens.

Be there early so as to not miss em.

Anyone here for discounted tickets?

Well, now u can buy em legally at the door. :)

But your surname has got to be ‘WONG’

And this applies to only the first 50.

So be smart and come early.

Not a WONG?

Then come down and be spotted by us to get free tickets to our next party!

If u are at our party, then u are a party animal.

We have got the hottest games

5 guys and girls will be chosen to enter our beauty contest.

And a dance competition for 5 sexy peeps.

Winners will walk away with a $300 portfolio, 1 year contract with imodels and a ticket for our next party.

The top 4 are getting a ticket as well.

No one is walking off with nothing that night!


Shots at $5.

Happy Hour ONE for ONE from 11- 12 and 1-2

More coming up. =D

So now. Let me present to you our party info.

10 june 2006


9pm to 4am.

Tickets are at 18bucks for all. With a drink inclusive!

Remember! First 50 WONGS get to buy em at the door for 14bucks.

MoonLight @ Madam Wong's - Saturday, 10th June 2k6

Thursday, June 1, 2006

I dun really wanna meddle with other ppl's problem lah

01 June.

Reach home kind of late.
Found out that mum's not feeling well so didn't work.
bathe and ard 8pm received a call from a friend.
She asked me to follow her go "catch" her bf.. -.-''
She suspects that he has other girls behind her back.

so, I went to protect her lah.
I was feeling bloody tired and having tummy ache still pia down to bugis to meet her.
I gave up on them long ago liao.. but I just can't bear to see her get hurt (physically) by him.. So I was there to act as some form of witness.
While they were fighting & screaming at each other, every passerby stop to stare.
I feel so damn extra. I can't even settle my own problem and I still go "help" her.. haiz..
not like she'll appreciate my "help".
Am I stupid or what? T.T

Well, I reached home near midnight.
& talked to my mum a little.
She's still not feeling well. :(

I feel kinda down these feel days.
Bloody. sometimes I regret writing how I feel or what I think on my blog.
I think my blog only has 5% of what I really wanna write. :p
& yet I still get upset over other ppl's responds.
I feel really restricted having this blog sometimes. so many personal stuff I can't write.

BTW, do I sound funny when I scold vaguarities?
or isit I look too cute liao... lols.
bhb. :p