Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tax CA1 & something that I really dun like.

Tax CA was alright lah..
Not as bad as I thought it would be. :P
So the main topic for this post is : thing that I dun like.
Weak girls.
or so I call them.

I know 2 girls.
Who are partially blinded by "love".

Why partially?
Forever complaining that guy doesn't treat her right..
or whining about how he is a bast*rd that make her life living hell..
& For some stupid reason, refuse to leave that bloody assh*le.
Even when she's always saying how she can't stand him anymore or whatever crap.
Whatever I says, she's deaf to it.
When the guy talks to her only, she treats him like "treasure".

I think it's utterly stupid.

I'm a if-we-can't-get-along-or-I don't feel-the-love-let's-breakup kind of girl.
& yes, I do mean it when I say it.
No matter how much I love that person, I just cannot stand it when I know that there's a huge hole in our relationship.


Are there friends in your life who are behaving like my "weak friends"?

Monday, May 29, 2006


Hui Shan's cake. No, we really didn't drink martell.

Neoprint. :)

Sisters Sky.

I spotted 2 person wearing the same shoe!!! I would freak out if i see ppl wearing same shoe as me. :p

Yes, I was the first person in pri sch to fail art...

4 out f 4 stars for 2006. hahahas.

My silly baobei.

I like it without that sour sour thing.

The place you'll often spot us. Our dating place. :)

I like the short dress. (I was on the bus when I took this.. :P)

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Happy 18th Birthday Hui Shan!!!

My dear sister Shan celebrates her sweet 18 birthday today.
went K-boxing again.
& I forgot to bring my recorder again. -.-'''

Upload photos later k.
Neoprints.. :p

Paiseh.. short post for now cause I'm having a headache.

Anyway, I saw this kitty guitar...

at a shop located on the 2nd floor of Harbour Front Centre.
Cute huh?
They have another one in pink. (:

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wed & Thurs (24/25)

By now, my sisters & my baobei should know why I'm so pissed lah..
so I think I'll just cut the crap.

I'm happy that I have Leng with me just now. I was blabbering and blabbering away. Her ears must have suffered lots. :p
Thank Leng.. (:

I always think that I'm strong but actually I'm super weak one.
Just like something small happen very recently that got me super pissed.
Also dunno why. I always cannot control my emotions. -.-


Those bloody idiots, I'll try not to let myself be affected by your silly actions.
I know I'm better than that.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

to make myself feel less ugly..

I look at old photos of myself.
When I look more scarry than now.

And this is now..

Monday, May 22, 2006

So Do I Deserve Him?

He is my guardian angel.
He is my teddy bear.
He is my soul mate.
He is my ATM.

Sets my alarm when I fall asleep.
Makes me breakfast when I am hungry.
Brings me out when I’m angry.
and buys me lots and lots of goodies.

So do I deserve him?

I am his ugly fat chick.
I am his cute baby.
I am his playmate.
I am his wife-to-be.

Pay my bills when we dine outside.
Sends me home when it's late at night.
Kiss my forehead and hugs me tight.
Put me to sleep and off all my lights.

So do I deserve him?

He is my guardian angel.
I am his ugly fat chick.
He is my teddy bear.
I am his cubby baby.
He is my ATM.
I am his playmate.
He is my soulmate.
I am his wife-to-be.


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Big Walk~

People everywhere...

The only dogs I caught on camera. Many other cute ones that I missed. :p


Now the whole bunch of boys know that I'm Mike's girlfriend lols.
*muacky my baby monkey*

Look who I spotted?

tml den post big walk pics k.. :)

Wanted to show how huge the glass is.

Darling is so funny. (:

$1.90, $2.90 & $3.90. I have more than enough now. (:

So not funny. haha.

I cute a not. :p

Too tired tonight.
Updates on Bigwalk tml. :)

Saturday, May 20, 2006

I love changes. sometimes.

Check out the left side now! lols.
Let me know how ya feel about the minor change?

My first time with fake lash. lols. looks so silly.

My collection of hairbands from secondary school. Seldom wear cause head too fat.
BTW, I bought a new hairband today. A pink one. Show it to you another time. ;)

I spot this notice somewhere around my house area.
Is there something wrong with the language or is it just me?

My hearts for him. but he dun appreciate. humph
Just cause he can do better, doesn't mean I didn't try my best.

More photos later. :)

Friday, May 19, 2006

hairband craze~

So chio cute right?
I like it leh..
But hor.. I have 1 major problem..
Wear specs how to wear hairbands huh?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I have a small bruise on my left cheek & a tiny mini blood dot on my nose.

Coz I stupid stupid stand at the gate after playing netball, to adjust my watch.. -.-'
then the ball hit me. Everyone was like shocked lah.
but then I'm really fine.. coz since young the ball always hit me one. (which is why I was the goal-keeper mah..) hees.

anyway, today, I get to go home early coz mamayou go meeting.. then I went to toilet before meeting my sisters at the foryer..

I was at the foryer earlier so I waited. While waiting, I decide to take out my mirror to check on my bruise. Then ber and Shan suddenly appear. lols. tell me to look to my right. bah~~~~
That cute cute Alvin seating there. *paiseh*
I screamed and ran away.... -.-''

crap. now he knows I admire him lah. grrr...

Went to town with Ber to get her new phone. looks good. I'm tempted. but nah.. Just a little while more.. ;p I need to save.. save.. save...

photos again. ;)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

brroke.. & pms

I'm feeling really broke this month.
I've just started preparing presents. Finally decide to proceed with my order from HK.
No choice. not much time left. I'll find someway to cover that hole. My friend better like the stuffs I prepare coz I must catch bus catch train everyday for it one leh. lols.

I'm having short fits of anger every now and then. over anything.

eg. This morning I was late by 10 seconds? I was going to cross the bloody road and all the cars just have to passby at that moment. So I'm like stucked there looking at those cow sellers draging the door/gate close. Freaking pissed I tell you. I got to do my 1hr of detention tml. :(

Darling says I'm having pms, but I guess it's just that it's GSS (Great Singapore Sale) period and I'm BRROKE.. -.-''

Tomorrow should be Mike's younger brother, Malcolm's (did I spell correctly?) birthday.
nah.. I didn't buy anything for him. No money. and we aren't even close. -.-'']
Don't think he ever reads my blog. but well, just for the sake..

I'll go do my hair mask & face mask. haven touch those for a while...
P.S: I've got a new tagboard coz the old one cannot use le. :(

Monday, May 15, 2006

Sunday, May 14, 2006

I know you miss my photos..

bleah~ Xp
Gecko earring ($12) from perlini. (:

darling at the Korean Restaurant.
My fav for the moment. (Anchovies with peanut.)
The past week I've been surviving on the sample tube of face wash.
Thought it's pretty nice, so went to get the retail size. ;) It's $7.90 I think.
Photos from my printer. ;) -My Lovely sisters.
I don't know if I should get both of them a not leh.. I only have $20. lols.
I like my left profile.

Chubby me.