Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Some past issues wasn't resolved thus allowing it to naturally come back and haunt me.

I've always been easily affected. This matter wasn't started by me nor was I the cause of it, so when I'm dragged in, I feel really helpless. The worst part being, it's not my business, thus I'm not allow to comment nor tell anybody. All I am to both parties is a "chu qi tong" and a "must-be-understanding-person".

I'm just a ordinary girl who has feelings too.
What gives the both of you rights to scream and shout at me?

I'm loosing it and I don't want to lose it.

I'm very tired and I really want to stop feeling this bloody tired everytime.
So tired am I that I'm scared I'll make myself sleep forever.
Whatever it is, I hope I still have control over me.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Do I look like I print money?

I'm sorry, I feel like ranting and letting off some steam. Please bare with me k? :P
Thank you.

Somehow I think I gave people the idea that my money drop from the sky or my boyfriend pays for anything I want.

Did anyone thought about how hard I worked?
I work and get a miserable pay (minus CPF it's really peanuts.). But I decide to work even harder, doing all the work that comes in. I even work when no one's around (alright, only today lah. But when work comes in, I just keep working.) I save about 40% of my pay. The rest goes into food, transport and medical (Yes I pay for my own medical bills which sometimes makes me feel damn sad because I hate my weak body. Every trip to the doctor makes my wallet bleed.)

When I feel like buying things, I use from the 40% that I saved. It's easy to say you want to save, it's another thing when you try to do it. I'm proud to say that I manage to save at least 10% of my monthly pay (even while pampering myself quite often). I know I need to save more when I eventually have to stop work and start studying. At 20 I feel kinda lousy.

I know some people who spend everything they earn. I also know people who doesn't work and keep asking for money or "borrow and not return" from parents/friends. I find the latter most pathetic. It's bad enough that you don't save up whenever you have money. You even resort to borrowing money from friends and spend them on super expensive stuffs like DIOR, Guess, Gucci, LV... I'm not targeting anyone here. Just my 2 cents worth.

What do you say if I think BabyG and Swatch are super branded "luxury" items?
Okay I know that's not a very good example. But honestly. I wear the same Swatch for 3+ years. I changed the straps and battery once and I will still be wearing it. =)
Darling. I'll never forget it. My first Swatch. My first birthday present from you.

I sometimes wear my $2 plastic watch from Bangkok. I have like 2 $2 plastic watches and 3 $3 watches from Bangkok. Cheapo you may say, but I'm not born with any spoon in my mouth you know.. But... I'm really not complaining mind you..

Guardian sales sometime ago, selling mask at only $1. I bought like 10 pieces. I know I wished I bought like 20. but buying 10 pieces already have people staring at me. :p

There are so many things I want to do, so many things I want to learn, so many things I want to buy, so many things I only dreamt of getting. No matter how materialistic I am I know I'll never be happy if I know it's something I don't deserve.

Then there are people whose parents don't even have money to see doctor, yet they decide to get expensive pets (pure breeds). The worse part it's they don't work and have no savings, so when their pets fall sick, they go around telling people that his pet is so poor thing. Yes the doggies has really poor life to have met that kind of owner.

So, I feel so much better after ranting out here.
What about you? Anything you feel I've said wrongly or you think it's okay for people to borrow money to buy the chio Coach bag?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

New year - new stuffs.

Never have I spent so much of my hard earned money in a week.

Throughout the week (19.01.2008 to 26.01.2008)...

I coloured and treated my hair for SGD110.00 and bought...

A simple brown wallet from the wallet shop (SGD23.40 after 10% discount).

2 pairs of plain wooden chopsticks and a huge bowl from MUJI as my V'day present for Defector. (SGD24.70)

2 (same monkey design different colour) T-shirts from Puremilk as Mike's super early Bday present, so that he can wear them on CNY. :) (SGD46.00)

Some candies, biscuits and notebooks to "bribe" his little cousins and friend's children during CNY. (SGD11.40)

I lost my first Swatch watch (my 17th Birthday present) that has been with me for more than 2 and a half years. So boy boy got me my first Baby-G watch (actually I had choosen and he had no choice but to come up with the money) as my Vday present. It's Limited Edition (auntie didn't tell me got cheaper same design without HEBE's authograph in it. -.-) Without him knowing, I bought a Casio G-Shock watch as our 3 and a half anniversary present for him. Auntie sold to me at trade-in price of SGD98.00.

ACER X193w monitor. My old one decide to break down and give me super funny coloured screen. Walked round and round, up and down SimLim just to find something not too expensive yet not too small. :p (SGD295.00)

Dental Treatment to clean my teeth. (SGD60.00)

These are the stuffs that I can remember..

I'm like so tired now. Cleaned up my room a little. :p
Small boss not around the whole of this coming week. I'm so going to die. argh.. Pray that I don't make too much mistakes k? :P better still. don't make any mistakes.
Pay coming in this Friday I think. It's not alot, so I better control myself.
BBQ Ba Gua this coming Saturday.
Jay Chou near my workplace this coming Sunday.
Need to take time off before CNY to spring clean.

alright. I got to go sleep le. tired..

Friday, January 25, 2008

what's life without internet. :(

uglyfatchick suddenly misses her old hair.

Acts cute in her new shades.

Just won some goodies. Lippie and hair spray for mum. The rest belongs to me!!! muahahaha.. :p

Super sad news.
My monitor spolit, thus I'm at defector's place.
I overspend this month again. But it's worth it. :)
Will blog about what I overspend on as soon as I get a working monitor for my comp at home. bleah. :p

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


From black to brown, from brown to gold, from gold to brown again.
Reddish kind of brown. Kinda ugly. I don't know why I chose this colour in the first place. I prefer something more gold but I don't really like the orangy colour they have. argh. now I'm stuck with this reddish brown hair for the next many months, until I saved up enough courage and money to buy 3bottles of diy kits.

Want to look pretty pretty during CNY, now I look funny.
Let's hope everything fits and I don't look too funny k?
2 more weeks to CNY! woo hoo! :P

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I am yebber-ing. What??

Yebber [pronounced as \ˈye-bər\] noun : talk, jabber

Yebber is an online review site with opinions left by real people in real situations. You can find information on where to shop, eat, catch a movie, relax, revitalize and get the honest opinions of people who have been there, done it and have something good or not so good to say about the place.

Whatever, it is, I Heart Yebber. muahahaha.

So if you're wondering why am I not blogging. Yebber is the reason.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

argh, whatever.

some mood spoiler spoilt my mood, thus the above.

Anyway, I'm still looking for a good hairstyle/colour.
Thinking of grey or black or ash brown or pink. I know I'm going crazy.

Mummy says perming my hair makes me look older and fatter, not that I don't already know. I don't know if I still want to stick to this hair. I don't know if I should go for a hair cut.

I'm trying not to touch coke. I'm trying not to eat deep fried food. All I want is to lose that few pounds. is it that hard? :(

I know this post is "oh-so-random".
but I'm seriously going crazy soon. Work's a little torture. The regional head or something is coming down and I've got to like work hard or at least look like I'm working really very hard, so not to look "overpaid". duh.
*cross my fingers*

argh. I got to go sleep le. nights people.

Friday, January 11, 2008


This is me in Primary School.

This is me in Secondary 1.

This is me when arh? (3 or 4 arh?)

This is the year when I could wear anything! 2005

This is now! I hate that 6-7 extra kilos. :(
I want to be able to wear anything. :(

Thursday, January 10, 2008

27days to CNY

Have you started shopping?

I've got a plain pair of heels, 2 red tops, red earrings and 1 Revlon nail enamel ready.
Now I'm down to the inner wears, and my hair. I've no idea what to do with my hair! :(

This year, I'm going for the cute girl image. It's probably the last time I'll get to do it, so this time I'm "going-all-out" to act cute. muahahaha... Okay, maybe not "going-all-out" like "showhand" like that lah. but I'll do my best, shouldn't be too hard since I'm already this cute. :p

I'm trying to loose weight but I keep having cravings for fried, oily, fattening, unhealthy foods. How??? And all the sweet stuffs. -.-''

Must control Must control..

Monday, January 7, 2008

Christina looks like freak now!

Looks all set for halloween party. But I'm actually preparing to go to a friend's wedding.

Congrats again to Mr and Mrs Adrian Low!
Hope you all fast fast have many many beautiful babies okay? I want to play play with them. :p

*If you look carefully, you'll see I've this red blood-like thing on one side of my mouth.. IT IS blood! The dentist overstretched my mouth. :( I can't wait to see her, hopefully for the last time (cross-my-fingers), fix my crown so I can be freed.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

New posts at lazyfatchick's

Singapore Police Force Recruitment Campaign 2008 at Vivocity
Christmas Tree at Vivocity
Christmas Display at Parkway
Soup Restaurant at Jurong Point

Mouth so sore. :(

First I went vivo and had my first virgin eyebrow threading session.
Eyebrow + upperlip threading (SGD15 + SGD10 = SGD25.00)

It's so bloody expensive and kinda painful.
If uglyfatchick can go through it, I guess most people can too. =)

But I really like neat eyebrows. They are like so unlike me.

You may note that I'm wearing funny colour contact lens.
They are FreshKon Colors Fusion Misty Grey -4.25 & -3.00.
Bought both boxes from Jurong Point at SGD50.00.

They make me look so weird, now I miss my G&C contact lens. :(

First photo of 2008.

I know I know.. I love those fake blue lashes too. Bought from Thailand at 39Baht (SGD1.7 only!)
Wish I've bought more. :P

oops, kinda out of topic.
So anyway, after the painful eyebrow treading, next comes the mother of all tortures.
Dental treatment.

The pain caused by the injection (anesthetic to numb my gum) is actually less painful than what I'm going through now. My dentist had overstretched the left side of my mouth, so much that it's very very sore now.

My mouth's a little swollen, I cannot eat or brush my teeth or floss my teeth or drink water properly. heck I cannot even smile properly now. :(

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

First Post for 2008.

Super collage. hahas. =)

19 X 19 = 361

361 photos from the trip. (can't wait to go back again. :p)