Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wanna win 1 Year's Supply of Makeup?

Click Here!

I know. this post is like so random and stupid when I just write click here. -.-
But I really don't know what else to write leh? :p
Maybe I should add in some random stuffs?

Some random stuffs I bought online & received them 2 weeks ago.

Package A

Package B

Doesn't this looks familiar?? (Here)

Ta-da~ I finally found and bought Kate Gel Eyeliner in BK1!!!
Couple of days later, I realise there's this counter (in Singapore) carrying Kate Gel Eyeliner.
At SGD23 per poppot, it's not dirt cheap but honestly I think it's really worth it. :p.

Hubby says I look damn nice with jeans, makeup and this jacket. :p

Remember in my previous post where I include a couple of random camwhore pics?
Yes, this is the Jacket! Cost me SGD9.50 (including normal postage).
Don't you love it when you buy things at not very high price and yet it looks fab on you?
I love love love love love online shopping!

I also love offline shopping lah. :p
That random shopping stuffs in another post.
Bleah. I'm tired.
I should go orh-orh (means sleep) le.
Nights beautiful but yet not so beautiful world..

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

uglyfatchick is happy happy happy.

Random camwhore photo of yours truly.

The past 2 days, did 2 things I've not done in my entire life (up to now I mean). :p

On Sunday, I went all the way to Pasir Ris to find a female blogger, just to experience something new. She's really nice and since it's my first time, I'm going to blog an entry about it. But that will only happen when I get the photos from her and also that the photos look see-able. ok? :p

The other thing happened on Monday.
I was woken up early in the morning at what 7.30am? To wash up, change and travel all the way to Bishan!!! This also would be an separate entry, after I resized the photos and maybe post a short video.

Anyway I'm also suppose to update 2 entries on my 3rd and 4th pack of free samples but I'm feeling so bloody lazy. :(

Yes, the mole is real. Not drawn on one lah! -.-

Smiley eyes.

Look I've got present in the mail! :)

From my beloved ShaXiaoMei! Thanks Mei! I love it! *muackz*

I was telling hubby that the keychain looks like me loh.
A bit like my old hairstyle. So cute de.
Then he said: "yah the peace handsign look like you." -.-''
How come I got this kind of boyfriend ah???

Happy 4th Anniversary!

Celebrated last week.
Because today (the actual day) both of us are really really busy... :p
Felt that I should write something meaningful to mark this day.
But I don't really know what to say leh. *scratch head* hahas.

4 years.
Say long not long.
Say short not short.
But smelly smelly also 1/5 (one fifth) of my life liao loh.
They say silly people got silly blessings, I guess it's true bah. :)

Met him in the weirdest way ever and felt loved from day one.
At last count, it's been 1460.5 days.

Of cause, not all's rainbows and beautiful sunsets.
Sometimes there were storms and earthquakes.
Like any other normal relationship, we had our fair share of pain and frustrations.
And there were times that things got so bad that we almost threw in the towel.

Anyway, back to the 4th Anniversary topic.
I didn't buy present for Mike. :p
I ran out of things to buy for him.
He didn't come up with anything creative/surprising but at least he gave me a present.
I gave him a rather lousy "surprise" which he act like it's not surprising at all leh. :(
Now I'm cracking my head on what to buy then wouldn't waste money and yet it'll be a meaningful gift...


Friday, July 25, 2008

I should be the Nivea girl loh!!!

The other day while looking for something in my pig sty packing my room, I decided to place some items together so that I can find them easier later and ta-da, I realised I have so many NIVEA stuffs!!!

All products brought on separate occasions except for the toner and moisturiser.

All these bought "sub-consciously".
Like if I run out of face cleanser, I go to places like NTUCs and Watsons to look for something to use and I normally don't have an idea what I want until I see it at the shop. :p

And sometimes, when I'm out shopping, I know I want to look for maybe a body lotion or something and I end up buying something from Nivea.

I'm so crazy? I know!! Hahas.

*This photo taken a few months back.*

Should I join the 10km run again?

Last year, I ran till my 2 big toenails came off. :(

Have to make up my mind by 30 July, cause I'll have the 30% loyal runners discount if I register before 31 July 2008.

$100 Red Packet is not enough!!!

As reported on 23rd July's Wan Bao (Chinese Newspaper).

The Pricelist.

Someone please bring me some medical oil I think I'm going to ....

ITE came in top.

Remember a year ago, I blogged about hoping ITE to break Mindef's Record?
Don't remember? click here.

Then I ran my first 10KM Marathon? Here.

I got this sometime ago.. Forgot to post it up.


ITE came in first!!! Beating number 2 by almost 9,000 KM!!!
Results take from here.

Uglyfatchick kena Diarrhea again..

Totally Irrelevant Note: Recently updated (Wonders of Makeup)

Was down with diarrhea and fever. Pooed 5 times on Wednesday. Had charco pills and panadol ard 8plus. Ard 10plus, Hubby forced me to see doctor because the high fever got so bad that my head hurts, body aches and I felt really weak. Medical Leave yesterday, but people at work kept calling me. I was almost working from home. -.-

Today, I'm back at work. Still feeling a bit groggy from all those medication, but I figured, if I were to stay away from my office for one more day. I'll never complete all those urgent work.

Does anyone know what causes Diarrhea?
I keep getting it and it gets worse each time. :'(

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

2nd pack of Free Samples received!

Last week, I just blogged about this super cool website which gives out Free Samples.
After I reviewed my first pack free samples, I immediately redeemed another 3 free samples.

And I got them in 2-3 few days!

This time I got really useful samples. :p

Carefree Super Dry Pantyliners
Rated: 4/5
Like: Quite comfy
Dislike: No twin piece?
Main Review: I like this. It's quite comfy, sometimes I don't even remember I'm wearing it. Maybe I'm too pampered by the double piece (another brand). I like that it's like a mini pad, not too big that it sticks out and irritate my skin and also not too small that it doesn't provide coverage.
Will I Buy It: Maybe

Lioele Beyond solution BB cream
Rated: 2/5
Like: Quite easy to blend?
Dislike: Weird colour? Oily?
Main Review: This is my first BB Cream. Heard so much about the wonders of BB Cream, so wanted to try out.. Tried it yesterday. Quite oily and hard to wash it off my fingers. :( The colour is kinda weird too, like too dark or something.. The oily feeling and dark colour kind of puts me off. Scared to put on my skin. But I do find that it's quite easy to blend into my skin. Coverage wise, maybe I'm not so good with makeup yet, I don't seem to be able to cover much. hmm...
Will I Buy It: Maybe

Sensodyne PRONAMEL Toothpaste
Rated: 3/5
Like: Not too "spicy".
Dislike: A bit weird?
Main Review: It's different from the normal toothpaste that I've used. Most of them gives me the "spicy" feeling which I don't really like. Without the toothpaste "feeling", it tend to make me feel like I'm not cleaning my teeth enough. It's not too bad. I expect it to taste really yucky, so it's quite a surprise when I first used it and it's not yucky like I thought. :p
Will I Buy It: Maybe

I've just checked out another 4 free samples!
Can't wait to try them out. :)

What are you waiting for?
Join now! :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Come slap me!!!

only if you're famous like DY, XX...

The other day when I wrote an entry on Uglyfatchick applying for model free photoshoot, I was half afraid that Ice-Angel would be offended. Because there are people who can be a tard too sensitive and I'm not sure if she is the type.

I told Defector my concerns and then our discussion lead to me hoping for ice-angel to slap me (virtually/physically). No no. I end up hoping that XX, DY and ice-angel, slapping me together.
muahaha.. Power of 3. :p

Yes, I'm retarded.
Why would anyone in the right frame of mind would want other people to slap them?
Of coz I'm not sadistic, or am I??

Anyway, 1 simple reason.

If me, an ordinary person, kena slap by someone famous..
I'll suddenly become semi famous too! :p
Alright. Maybe semi famous for a short while.

Is the pain worth it?
Honestly, seeing so many people doing funny things on TV, just to get 15 seconds to 1 min of fame, maybe getting 1 tiny slap by someone quite famous, it's more worthy than making a fool of yourself on national TV.

Of cause I'll not be stupid until I go and post un-truth stuffs about them lah.
Then again.. I've never met any of them leh! Not even once!!! Hrmp.
've never met a famous blogger. :(

PS: Maybe none of the bloggers ever come across my blog before lah.
Don't say slap ah. Maybe they don't even want to bat an eyelash for me.
*shows super sad face*

Uglyfatchick's secret "weapon".

Short note: Just back from mini shopping trip with a girl friend. Ate sinful MacDonald's, got a cute cup and bought undies. :p Just to share some joy. We've an age difference of about 18 years, yet we can talk about anything in the world. Alright, about 99% of anything in the world. :)

Okay, back to topic...
Yes, I admit I have pretty bad skin.
If any of my photos look like I've nice skin, it's fake.

Yes, it's FAKE!
It's either Makeup or Makeup plus a tiny bit of photo editing.

By tiny, I really do mean TINY.
Just a click. 1 mini tiny click. :)

Those using Picasa to edit their photos might be familiar with this wonderful feature called "glow".

Argh.. I just told the whole world my secret weapon! :(

Just one click and I instantly look like I've glowing skin!!!

The downside?
Some people thinks that the glow function makes me look fatter. :(

Friday, July 18, 2008

What defector and uglyfatchick does while waiting in the cinema..

Make a guess?

Still can't guess? Sure?

I like to take photos. (without flash -cause don't want to disturb other people)

While Defector prefers to pokes MY DS!!!

Geo Tri-Colour Blue Contact Lens. (I think I look kinda cute)

Photos post!!!

I'm so so so excited about my new contact lens.

After opening and soaking them overnight..
They're ready to be worn! :)

At first they did look kind of weird on me..

Even with a bit of makeup, I still look weird with it.

Me @ Red Antz or something.

Tired me at home.

Alright, a very tired me.

I know the "peace" or "twise" or "2" or whatever sign looks kinda stupid.
But I can assure you, I look even more stupid without it. :P

Fake glasses. :p

My current favourite photo! :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

GEO Tri-colour Contact Lens (Brown & Blue)

Ordered on 11 June 2008.
Paid $46 for both lens.
Spree closed on 30 June 2008
Today, 15 July 2008 I received my lens!
Happy happy.

It's lying on my bed when I got home.
Excitedly opened it..

2 pairs.. 2 different colours.

I love the fact that I can choose different degrees for each pair, so I don't have to buy 2 pairs for 1 colour just because both my eyes are of different degrees.

Don't know to try the Brown one first or the Blue one first..

Argh.. They are so pretty lah!

Will give it a try tomorrow or something.
If it's nice, I might get other colours too, since the price for these lens keep dropping..
Thinking of Pink, Violet or something.
Any blogshop owners want to sponsor me? :p

Wah! Yesterday got 95 people visit me leh!

Gone were the days where uglyfatchick can easily hit 120 unique pageviews in a day.
Currently, I have an average of only 40-50 visitors/day.
Which make days like yesterday, special.
Because... 94 (95 minus me) people visited my blog! has 2 post yesterday.
1 on Free Samples, the other on photographers looking for models.
Wonder which one's the "viewer puller"..

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Free Samples! Uglyfatchick Tried it, have you?

In case you have yet to notice, there's this little blue banner at the side of my blog.

Recently registered on this website which claimed to be Singapore's 1st Online Sampling Platform!

They send you FREE SAMPLES right to your door step!
Yes, the samples are free! You can just sign up and ask for them right away!
And you'll only need to pay a small delivery fee (for postage, packaging and labour) like $0.80 - $2.40 (depanding on the item(s) weight.)

Most of the samples are from very well-known brands!
Currently, they have brands like Nugeno, Nuteen, Bio Essence, Ginvera, Vichy Normaderm, Logona, Nivea, Sansho, Eucerin, Clean & Clear, Fennel, Maybelline, AMO, Summer's Eve, WITCH, T Zone, Asience, Alcon, Sensodyne, Listerine, Gatsby, Carefree, Covermark and Lioele!
As of now, there are 48 different samples up for grabs! Damn cool!

Who will love this website?
People who want to try a new product without buying the item.
People who really hate to go to the store to get a sample and get look down upon by impolite sales assistant.
People who are generally shy in nature to ask sales assistant for samples (that's me!).
People who are lazy to go all the way down just to get samples of a new product at the store.
People who are too busy to go out to get those samples.

As usual, if I didn't try it, I wouldn't recommend it.
Checked out 3 items and I only paid $1.60 for delivery.

Recevied the items in less than a week.

Free Stuffs! *grins*

After getting the stuffs, I write reviews and also do a couple of suverys to earn points so that I can redeem more free samples!

COMPLETE® EASY RUB™ Multi Purpose Solution
Rated: 4/5
Like: Quite comfortable
Dislike: Rubbing my lens
Main Review: So far so good. I've tried a few contact lens solution and this one's not too bad. I don't really like rubbing my lens, cause I fear that they will tear or something.. and my lens stick to my hand/fingers making it hard to rub/clean. Using this solution, my eyes don't feel very very dry even though I'm in an air-conditioned room the whole day.
Will I Buy It: Yes

BIO ESSENCE Skin White Revitalizing Exfoliator w PP
Rated: 2/5
Like: Skin feels smooth after washing it off.
Dislike: Doesn't work for me.
Main Review: I don't like it. Maybe it's all the good reviews I read, thus giving me super high hopes. Or maybe my skin is really that troublesome. I'm not sure about dead skin, but my blackheads are still there, and it somehow seems like it's getting worse. I'm not sure why. Maybe I've lousy skills or I didn't rub it the right way or something. Not sure if it's due to this product, I've got a huge pimple the same day after I used it. It could be my skin. But to admit, when I wash it off, my skin did feel smooth for a while. Doesn't mind getting it for free, but wouldn't be buying it. :P
Will I Buy It: No

Summer's eve Feminine Wash
Rated: 4/5
Like: Smells not bad, fresh and makes me feel comfortable.
Dislike: It's new to me.
Main Review: All girls should know about feminine hygiene products! I regret not knowing about these products earlier. I used to think it's for sick people. I know.. I'm like really dumb lah and no one ever taught me about female hygiene stuffs. Anyway, I love the cleansing wipes! Makes me feel more comfortable thus, more confident! :)
Will I Buy It: Yes

What are you waiting for?
Join now! :)