Saturday, June 30, 2007

new use for blog.

I'm at Bukit Merah Library now.. their internet is so much faster than my house one!!!

Had to print new price list for someone, and my printer doesn't have any ink left. -.-
thus here I am at the library using thei computer and printer. but alas. they dun have microsoft office! >.<

so how?
hee. the smart uglyfatchick wouldn't leave without a printout!
thus. she decide to make use of her blog!

She typed the whole price list out on her blog and then print from her blog! so smart right? hee hee. *self praise = no praise*

alright. I got to go.. It's expensive to use the Internet here... see yah..
blog again when I get home. =)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Stop showing off!!!

I should stop blogging about the good stuffs.
or maybe I should stop blogging all together.

but why should I stop doing something I love because people are "envy-ing" me?

Sometime ago, Miss XYZ tried to ruin my life.
My blog posts seemed to have somehow lead her to think that I lead a sweet, peaceful, wonderful pampered life. She feels that my boyfriend and I don't deserve to enjoy whatever we're enjoying now. our lives.

I know she's unhappy..
I can't teach anyone how to make themselves happy but I can tell you how I made myself happy. =)

To be happy, I work hard, really hard.

I have no money, so I went to find jobs. even if they pay me lesser than what I wanted, as long as they don't mistreat me, I would still work.

Those who remembered, 10th June was my last day as a sales associate and I worked until at night. The next morning, 11th June, I woke up super early and start work at an office in Bugis. I only had a few hours of rest.

Some people commented asked, why am I working so hard? why do I make myself suffer?
To me, it's call putting in the effort to make myself happy.

I scrim and save on lunch so that I can afford to pamper myself once in a while, on better food like salmon fish. For lunch, I normally bring my own cup noddles, sometimes even bring leftovers from dinner the day before. Leftover food, would you eat? Most of the kids my age would probably have never tasted leftovers before.

When I manage to live with only 80cents in my wallet for 4days straight, I'm very happy.
I know it makes me happy, so I don't mind eating cheap cakes and cup noodles.

see. how hard it is right?
I save the money and spend most of them on weekends when I go out with my boyfriend.
Yes you heardread it right. Sometimes I pay for my own meals but I always pay for my own shopping. I know my boyfriend doesn't earn a lot, so I use my own cash when I feel like buying anything. Almost everyone I know, thinks that I'm the kind of girl who spends parents and boyfriend money. I'm hurt. really hurt.

Whenever I say I'm broke, everyone will ask me to ask my boyfriend to get whatever I want for me. but HELLO. if I tell you I'm richer than him, would you believe? STOP thinking all girls are gold diggers. or every cute girl(me!), lives off other people!

argh. I don't care anymore. Think whatever you wanna think lah.
If you think I'm lying.. I also cannot do anything right?

Whatever it is, having money makes me happy, so does shopping. So you really got to find out what makes you happy, and start working towards it.

Nothing beats getting results for the effort you put in.

and hor.. to Miss XYZ: all couples fight lah. My boyfriend and I nearly broke up more than 5 times in the pass 35months we've been together. I didn't blog about it or never mention it doesn't mean we're all lovely dopey and always agree with each other. In fact we disagree with each other's opinion VERY often one loh..

People says 家丑不可外延.
I think it's something like that bah.
I believe that complaining to third parties whenever my relationship is on the rocks will not only not help, it'll make matters worse. So throughout the 35 months, any unhappiness I normally wait till we're alone, then trash it out with my boyfriend.

No third party involved = less problems.

oops. I got carried away. :P

Wednesday, June 27, 2007



I can't believe this. While transferring photos from my phone to my comp, I manage to delete all of them instead!

heart broken
*glass breaking sound*

At least 20 photos. all gone.
why am I so silly? why am I so stupid??? =(

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How will we celebrate our 3rd anniversary?

I've talked about it to my boyfriend. and we both agreed that our camera would be put to good use, next month.

Because a part of our expenses on that day would be paid for with the money we've earned through our blogs, we're going to take lots of photos of places/things/food and post them on our blogs.

How will we spend the money we "earn" online?
Will it be fun? Will it be colourful?
Will there be love or will it be just another outing?
Aren't you all interested to know? =)

Monday, June 25, 2007

TV not clear?

Good picture quality is always very important. If you bought a huge expensive TV, you would want to enjoy watching all your favorite shows without any interruptions right? I personally would prefer a clearer TV, the TV at my house is at least >12years old!!!

As much as I want to get a new huge expesnive TV, I don't have the cash. And I've heard of so many expensive TV screen cleaner that doesn't work! Do I really have to stuck to watching poor quality TV all my life?

I really hate those screen burn on my old TV, spolits my mood everytime. Do you feel that your TV is not clear enough?

Well, what if I tell you that there is a DVD that can help us solve the poor quality problem?

Yes, I said a DVD!

Check out this webbie: to find out how a DVD could change our lifes!

If you have any questions at all, you can contact them through the website at

I remembering when I was really young, my dad told me that he bought the big screen "12years back it's counted as big" television as an investment. For good quality pictures, a good TV is important.
Poor set-up can degrade your tv's picture quality. Whether your screen is new or more than 3 years old, PixelProtector is the best tool for removing screen burn, allowing best performance from the screen and giving you the bestest possible picture your TV can offer!

To understand more about the product, go to the website to watch the demo.
You can even try to google pixelprotector and you'll find some good details from users about the DVD! =)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm so lousy.

I plan to do a lot of things today but what have I done?

Blogged 4times (not including this post)
Bought tomorrow's lunch for me to bring to office.
Paint my own nails.
Sit around and watch TV.

Those stuffs I wanna do but didn't:
Settle my selling auctions stuffs.
Add new stuffs and delete stuffs I don't want from my watch-list.
Put face mask. It's been months since I last had one, and my face looks quite bad now..
Read the magazine (the one I bought to get the free silver bag..)
Do some finance planing! Like how to save enough to get a new laptop and pay for my school fees new year. >.<


I've heard so many people talking/blogging/playing secondlife. I'm really curious what's the whole deal about.

Then, I even heard that playing secondlife can give me real money!
So on Friday night, the money-faced, greedy me downloaded the game, and even created an account named Uglyfatchick Yoshikawa. (Such a cool name right?)

Yesterday was Saturday, so I thought I should take a break (after vacuuming my room and changing my bedsheets and pillow case).

I click on the game..
and you know what?

When I tried to play the game, my computer crashed 2 times! :(

First time it crashed, my computer restarted itself.
The second time, I restarted my computer and then deleted the game.

Guess I'm better off earning money thru Payperpost, Blogsvertise, Adbux & EmailCashPro.
(By the way, my advertlets account has RM$0.30! hahas.)

At least they won't crash my lousy computer. :(

Need to reserve hotel for a vacation with your friends and/or family?

In Singapore, with internet in most of the household, paying for stuffs online becomes a common thing. Currently there are even sites that allows us to make hotel reservation online!

Let me introduce to you a efficient and cool Hotel Reservation site. allows their users to make Hotel Reservation at up to 70% off!

What's makes it better than most reservation sites is that includes car rental, flight rental, vacation reservations and vacation package reservation too! This makes it a 1 stop reservation center for everyone to explore and they also promises their users of many perks and huge discount!

Before that money problem came into our life, my boyfriend and I were actually planning to travel to Taiwan at the end of the year. However, now with the problem HOT on our heels I can only hope that we'll get a chance to visit Taiwan 2 years later. Anyway, my darling went through the Taiwan hotels listed in and find that its really cheaper than most of the sites we've seen!
So for Cheap Hotels, you may try!

How about bookings for vacation packages? has 4 different free-n-easy packages for people who wanted to arrange for their own tour in places like Hawaii, Major US cities and London!

These 4 package are:
(1) Flight + Hotel,
(2) Flight + Hotel + Car,
(3) Hotel + Car,
(4) Flight + Car.

What does these mean?
It simply meant that it caters for all tourists!
Whether you are going on a backpack travel, or on an after duty tour, or even a normal tour.

If you are to travel to London, how would all 4 mode caters to your needs?
If you want to explore London on London’s public transport, Flight + hotel would be enough for you.
If you want to drive on your own, Flight + Hotel + car would have fitted your needs.
If you are staying in Europe or within London, Hotel + car caters specially to you.
And if you intend to stay with your friends or relative in London, you can easily pick up a Flight + Car package!

With all these packages, you don't pay extra for things you might not need!

This post has been sponsored by presents..

The girl who failed terribly to act cute..

Yes. that's me!
Who else could it be?
and yes I know I look constipated or something.
I just wish I could lose some weight. I hate my chubby face! :(
They say office ladies grow fat really fast. I think it's true! It's happening to me already!
Jogging or badminton anyone?

How to save money when shopping online.

I've always wanted to buy some items from other countries.
but since I don't have the money to go oversea, I normally would look for their online shop and hope that they do international shipping.

but you know how expensive international shipping is right?
So I learn to use coupon codes!

My favorite shopping spot for deals with online coupons codes is

And what's my favorite online store to shop at with coupon codes?
It's benefit cosmetics! Using the coupons I found at, I can get Free shipping on non-US orders over $85.

Shipping rates for benefit cosmetics to Europe & Asia (International shipping) is $4.99 plus $2.49 per item

Let's say I share 5 items with a friend, so the shipping charges would be
US[$4.99 + (5X2.49)]= US$17.44 / SG$26.16
The amount I save on shipping would be $26.16!

So remember, next time you wanna buy stuffs online, check out online coupons for coupons to save your hard earned money. =)

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Please vote for defector!

Most Controversial Post Most Insightful Post

My sillyboy got nominated (dunno he ownself nominate or other ppl nominate) but anyway if you think his post is award-worthy, please please please vote for him okay? =)

Random photos (other)

Taken outside my workplace, at the lift lobby. =)

I like blue skys skies..

but I don't like the window lah. block my view.. :(

When I told mummy I'm finally under 40kg! She tell me that weighting machine is spoilt. I have to add 5kg to whatever weight it shows. -.-
Which means I've actually gained weight! OMG!!!

On my feet are 7 blisters. When I took out the plaster, the skin came off.
So if you look at my feet now, you'll see 2 patch of red meat. very yucky. didn't know blister could get that big. :(

My face-saver. hahas.

But it's finishing soon...

so I bought another box for standby. Same brand, different product I think.
I thought it's $8.90 but it's actually $10.90 :(

US$70 in my paypal already!

Checked my account yesterday morning, I had US$62.
Out of which, US$58 is from Payperpost.

When I checked again, last night, I had another US$8 from Blogsvertise!

Cuurently, I have US$70 in my paypal already! yipee!!!

Payperpost: $119.35 (58.00)
Blogsvertise: $47.50 (12.00)
Adbux: $2.68
Total: $169.53 (70.00)

EmailCashPro: S$0.54

Anyone going to party?
I'm still contemplating..

as in like you know how shy I am..
plus I know no one there. and no one knows me there.
like totally werid lah!!!

but then again.. it'll be great. I mean I can say the meanist thing and no one will know who I am. :P

food post.

photos of food ahead..
don't want to be tempted? come again later..

I bought at Bugis the cold storage I think... it's not really nice. :(

I was trying to save money so I bough my own food to eat during lunch at my workplace..
Can you guess what I had for lunch on 19th, 20th and 21st June 2007?

Yes, it's cup noddles!
19th June: Cup noodles.

& FREE Milo from the office drink vending machine.
The one on the left is cold, the one on the right is warm.
and it's free! =)

20th June: Cup noodles and dumpling.

I scared I would be hungry like day 1, so I bought along 1 dumpling.

21st June: I am really stubborn. I know. but I'm really not as rich as some people think I am.

Some auntie (saw me eating the same cup noodles 3 days in a row, told me not to eat too much cup noodles, it's not good for health..

So I bought all these on Thursday..

I bought the magazine because I like the silver bag. I bought it to work today! =)

This is what I had on Friday 22nd (also known as Jeans day) *happy*

So why did I try to scrim when I just got my first pay (pathetic after CPF deduction), not long ago?
1) I treated someone to something nice last week.
2) I'm paying for my own transport and lunch now..

and what's that something nice???
I'll let the photos do the talking...

brown rice green tea, which took away my headache. =)

Special crane..

The lucky fella. :P

Fish salad. A cat's dream.

argh.. I'm so so so hungry. :(

What's this cute little thing?



He's spread..

The fruits are sweet. =)

We're so poor we had to take shuttle bus..

hmmm.. maybe I should get a weekend part-time job..
then at least I wouldn't have to try to scrim until everyday eat cup noodles. :(

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Celebrity Gossip

guess what? There's a brand new celebrity gossip aggregate site!

They aggregate all the gossip and allow their users to vote on it and leave comments!
How cool!!

I mean we all read/hear about celebrity gossip everywhere.
On news, on newspaper, on magazines, in the office, on the train, in the bus, and now on a website! =)
For the latest celebrity gossip, do visit

I went there and found many new gossip which I can share with my friends. =)
The best part? I get to vote on the gossip and rate them!!!

There's even a gossip search widget thingy that you can use to search for gossip!
They even have some HongKong/Taiwan/Japan/Korea artiste in there! I'm sure this is gonna be so much more fun then talking about what we see in magazine only.

Hip-hip-hooray for Hottest and latest celebrity news! ;)

This post has been sponsored by

Michelle looks werid..

Have you ever notice how she looks like on magazines, nowadays?

check this out!

I just found an awesome website that features unsigned chart with free music downloads!

New Music Charts at tourdates.Co.UK.

tourdates.Co.UK, Britains fastest growing new music website, has launched a chart for unsigned bands.

The site allows new bands to upload promotional tracks, announce gig dates and create profiles to promote themselves alongside major artists such as the Artic Monkeys and The Twang.

Tourdates Jarrod Robinson says, there are some fantastic unsigned bands in the UK and we wanted them to know how much our community likes their music, an unsigned chart seemed the perfect answer.

Chart results are announced on the site at 19:00 every sunday, the sametime as the No1 single of the week is announced on BBC's radio 1.

Now unsigned bands has a place to get noticed!
Why don't we have these kinda stuffs in Singapore?
It's definitely way better than going thru some contest that make people waste money on voting and then within a few months, people forget about them.. All those money are better off for charity!

This post has been sponsored by tourdates.Co.UK. :)

Office work = boring?

I don't know about everyone else, but I seem to be the least busy person at my workplace.
Which is not a good thing.

they always give me lots of work, 15mins before I'm due to go home, me being someone who would prefer to finish up my work before I leave my workplace, I always do "no-pay OT" loh..
thus everyday I reach home rather late, and hor, I'm very tired!!!

I haven had a good night sleep for a long time..
tonight I really need to take a break from blogging and go sleep le...
I've uploaded some photos into my computer, I'll post them on Friday k? =)

*muacks* I know my readers loves me. =)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In Singapore, our mailboxes looks just like our flats.

In other countries, like America, their mailboxes look like this:

Photo taken from

There's even a website selling mailboxes! sells high quality mailboxes. Not only do they sell residential mailboxes, they also sell commercial mailboxes!

They have more than 1500 mailbox and curbside decor products for sale! so cool right?
In Singapore, my mailbox is the same as my neighbour's. so boring..

I looked thru the site and found many adorable ones.
Here are my top 3 choices..

1. Good Directions Steamer Trunk Copper Mailboxes
Don't you think it looks like a treasure chest?

2. Coronado Mailboxes with Polished Brass Accents and Locking Option
I think it's cute! and I like the locking option =)

3. HouseArt DaVinci Post Mount Mailboxes

Do you know how to be a spy?

On TV, spies are always portrayed as.. highly intelligent.
I want to be regarded as highly intelligent too.
So one of my dreams while growing up, is to be a spy.

What do you see when you think of spy? I'm sure special equipments and dangerous missions is in your list.

The other day, I was day-dreaming that I'm a spy and I receive a very dangerous mission. In order to successfully accomplish the mission without revealing my true identity, I had to think of the tools to use, and what to do to hide my identity.

I came up with 2 new identity.
One is to dress up as a cute little girl, the other is to disguise as an old lady.
I'll have earrings that could turn into mini "smoke-bomb", hairpin that could use to open locks, glasses with special magnifying glasses hidden somewhere and "wonder-bra", that can use to hide more devices inside. aren't I smart? :P

Anyway, if you rather watch real intelligent spy show, check out a USA Network's new TV series, Burn Notice.

Starting June 28th Michael Weston, a CIA Operative, will have to accomplish a similar task! To find out how he does it, please visit USA Network's Burn Notice website.