Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Career fair at Simei ITE

I'm kinda happy to have gone there.

Nope I didn't' get a job, and..
I didn't' hit the height requirement for me to join Police.
I cannot swim well enough to join the Navy.
I also can't join Army.
I didn't have enough money to go study uni right after I graduate from ite.
I didn't' see any cute guys.
and nope my "friends" didn't give a damn about me.


I find it fun asking questions.
I always find it hard to ask questions like "any height limit" or "how much is the pay".
but I did it. hahas.

I'm now at home and I'm gonna need some rest.

Was feeling very upset over something stupid just now.. Now a lot better le, cause I had chocolate. :P
Now gonna ask maid cook me some Maggie porridge while I erm.. play Neopets. lols.

I want to introduce a very pretty site to all you nice people..


What is so nice about this site?
It's cute!

once you click the "ENTER" sign..
You're greated by a very pretty cat!*meow*
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Some of the stuffs I like. =)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

& my Favourite?
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Monday, October 30, 2006



go catch The Guardian.. =)
ASHTON KUTCHER is damn hot! :P

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I'm a stingy cow~

I cut my own hair.
okok, I exaggerated, I only cut my own fringe lah.. :P

Can you spot my reflection? =)
*My parents' stall the spoon so clean hor? hahahas~

Birds, nice sunset~

I just receive my ACUVUE card.
I'll have 15% discount when I want to get contact lens! yeah~~
If you want to have 15% discount on your next acuvue contact lens too, go check out acuvue's website for more details on the card. =)

Anyway, I've just watched The Guardian with hubby.
Cried as usual.
Must remind darling to remind me to bring tissues whenever we go watch movie lah. I always cry cry cry. -.-

Friday, October 27, 2006

very tired.

whole day kept visiting the toilet. don't know what's wrong lah..

Then at night talk about my "plans" with my hubby.
Talk until he fall asleep. hahas.
My sillyboy..
We talk until 3.30am
Now it's 11am and I just woke up. =)

For those blur people, I've "update" new items to this site!
Check out the links at the right site --->

Thursday, October 26, 2006

What my face says to you..

What Your Face Says

At first glance, people see you as warm and well-balanced.

Overall, your true self is moody and dynamic.

With friends, you seem dramatic, lively, and quick to react.

In love, you seem mysterious and interesting.

In stressful situations, you seem sad and helpless.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I fall sick liao.

today is mad day for me.

I must be down with some weird cold or something.
I woke up pretty late today. The weirdest stuffs happens when I'm all stressed up I guess. I could feel weird stuffs happening and it's very werid. duh. -.-

It's okie..
I've since felt better. My headache and fever has gone away for now..
I'm going to take one more panadol before I sleep. Got to make sure I go school to get my 3hrs of CIP.

something intersting..

enuff said.

Monday, October 23, 2006

23rd October Makeover by [ESTEE LAUDER] & [CRYSTAL JADE] Rant

It all started 1 week ago..
When I receive a mailer on a special makeover package by ESTEE LAUDER. I "begged" hubby to get it for me. Okie okie.. It wasn't that much of a beg lah. but I think I did say "please".. (did I baby?) Alright.. So he took me to vivocity, and he bought the package with the deal with me that I will be happy no matter how it turns out.. (cause I'm rather fussy with people touching my face/hair mah..)

Fast forward 1 week..
(23rd October 2006)
We went there an hour earlier afraid that the late queen (which is me), would be.. late lah. -.-
They "pushed" my appointment forward cause other people are late. hahas. Lucky. Cause I didn't know doing makeup and hair styling take almost 2hours! Which is pretty scary!

As the voucher ($150) is fully redeemable for all Estee Lauder products, the makeover, professional hairstyling & photography is almost FREE! and I'm kinda skeptical about getting Free stuffs. Because I always end up looking a little erm.. "weird".

Hubby went to walk around. I just sat there and let people touch my face and hair.. lols. The ladies there are all quite nice. The girl putting my foundation is pretty good. I look almost flawless! Those pimples & scars I had all "disappeared" leh! Another girl, "colour" my face. I don't touch my eyebrows often, so it's very (okie, make it super) messy loh.. So she shaved, plucked, trimmed and drew them.. lols. Spend about a good 20mins on them I think. Now I look angry when I don't smile cause my eyebrows looks "mean". :p The rest of my face looks alright except that my eye lash refuse to curl. *sigh*

After doing my face, I had my hair done up by a very lady from Shunji Matsuo. She ask me a very difficult question. "You want your hair curled or straight?".
I just say I don't know then she decide to give me curls at the ends of my hair.. And she used 9 pins to pin up my hair!! I was telling darling when he came back to "fetch" me, that my head is so heavy. :p

Taking photograph was the hardest part, because I had problem tilting my face to the light and smiling at the same time. lols. I looked unnatural in all the 3 shots he took. :p

okie.. I know you guys girls can't wait to see those funny photos..

This is a "collection" of makeovers I have had done by..

SLASH: http://uglyfatchick.blogspot.com/2006/03/singapore-seventeen-card-celebrated.html
ZA: http://uglyfatchick.blogspot.com/2005/05/za-trip-hellish-day.html

I machiam look like "forced" to take photo hor? hahas.

The chio bu with the best hubby on earth..

It's almost 11pm and we're both damn tired.

tired~ [by bunnyboy]

but very happy! =) [by bunnyboy]

Okie okie..
Enough of my pretty photos for now..

You all want to know what I go to bring home and what I've bought? =)

This 7-pc gift set is FREE and it's already worth $150.

Pretty box.

$188. ($150 voucher and $38 cash all paid by my sweet sweet hubby)
The stuffs "recommended" by Ms Kelly Leng not to be confused with Leng, my sis. She wrote down the steps of what to use first for me and even gave me her hp number so that I can call to ask her whenever I need. :p

This is also free! =)

The collage of 23rd October. =)

Both of us so tired. He had work, I had school. I had Sports and Wellness, he had to rush over from his place to mine to accompany me to vivo. By 10pm we're washed out. lols.

I want to RANT about 1 place!!!

The Vivocity branch has poor customer service! My hubby made bookings. We were to share tables with lots of other people in a very small space. They thought we're with this uncle who came slightly after us. When he asked for menu, they only gave him and never give us. So we asked for menu, then they took very long to get us menu . Some more give us attitude can.. -.-''

After ordering our food, lots of other customers arrived.. We know it's quite normal for the place to be fully filled every moment, so that's okay.. We had some tea.. those who came after us were ordering food. We finish almost 2 pots of tea, no food yet. Those who ordered 30mins after us, got their food le! (we only ordered 1 noddle and 1 plate of prawns). Darling very angry, he left to help me get the photographs from the photographer. Then the food arrived. lols. I thought they wait for him to go off then serve us. :p

They didn't give us servlets/napkin (- the thing put on lap one leh.. whatever you call that) when they gave everybody else 1. After have our 2rd prawn using the chopsticks and spoon to "peel" the prawn's shell, they give us the lemon thingy to wash finger. -.- I'm like got this one didn't bring out earlier.. make me struggle with the prawn for so long. :p and NO, the prawns didn't fly lah! Just that I dun feel comfortable using chopsticks and spoon to "strip" the prawn..

When we called for the bill, it didn't come. We waited and waited. They clear the whole table le, still no sign of bill. I had to get the attention of another person to get our bill to us. -.- Then the bill finally came, darling pay le, then we wait and wait again for the change. Meanwhile, we just sit there staring at each other and the empty part of the table. lols. so angry yet so funny. Anyway, I went out feeling super happy cause finally can get out of that place! Phew..

(I took a whole 2hours to "compose" this entry loh.. must leave comment k..)

I'm very tired..

Will post more photos and blog about them tomorrow..

I'm tired.
But happy tired. =)

Muacks my baby bunnyboy for giving me the best gift..
Happy Happy Happy~~~
No matter what other says..
woo hoo~~~

Nights everyone..

Sunday, October 22, 2006

What in now..

Red belts and off shoulder tops/dress.

everywhere, these 2 are usually either out of stocks or don't have my size one..
Ask my hubby. I'm so sad lah. Why I so petite. Those bigger size one always mange to find clothes that fit them leh.. Actually I not skinny loh.. but cause of my height, I find it super hard to find clothes for myself.. :'(

Those freesize clothes most of the time too big for me...
Haiz.. Sleves too long lah, if not the shoulder there too wide lah.. Lots of problems.. :'(

Not long ago, I bought this very pretty babydoll that can be worn as dress, halter top, tube top and even skirt.. but I can't wear it cause it doesn't fit me lah. :'(

When's my pimples gonna go away?

Saturday, October 21, 2006

aiya. I have no fate with work lah.

I was preparing myself (mentally) for the interview le leh.. Then at 10+ my mum ask me to go down to help them. I'm so pissed loh. Didn't tell me earlier that they have to pack for factory.. make me go down some more scold me when it's my maid who told me I've to go down late. -.- Change clothes then went down to "help" them le. On the way down I ask hubby to come look for me at the shop instead. He came down at around 12 to help us nor.

Work work work all the way non-stop from 10+ until 2+pm, then ate 2 slice of bread. I didn't even have a single mouth of water the whole morning, so I'm like so hungry loh.. Yet I cannot eat cause I have to keep packing and asking customers what they want.. I don't even have time to drink water. Worst of all, I have to face food the whole time and cannot taste them when I'm starving. :'( Almost want to cry liao. I know it doesn't sound that bad to you, but for a food-lover like me, facing food and not eating them is like so torturous. *sobsob* Oh, and I kept hurting myself. I knock my index finger's knuckle, till now it's still very painful. I have lots of blue-blacks here and there, burnt my fingers a couple of times and I kena accidentally stepped by my dad on my ankle there. -.- Sianz..

Anyway, the interview time is 3pm-6pm so at around 2plus I wanna go le, but parents insist that I shouldn't work. Say I wouldn't earn much arh.. "work for them better. I say at least there got air-con and not so tiring, they shut up but still don't allow me to go. :'(

Totally ruined my mood lah.

I hate hate hate hate hate it lah.

Good thing darling has been a nice hubby, listen to me fret and grumble. Even brought me to vivocity to buy the Adidas Nike bag I saw last Wednesday.


Actually only bought small pouch. hahas. But not cheap leh.. $50 leh. Will take me super long time to save one loh.. I'm in love with it, cause it's so pretty and plain just like me. heh heh heh. Thanks darling! =)

I'm starting to have tons of pimples coming back.. I wonder if it's teh haze or isit the period coming? hmmm...

Friday, October 20, 2006

Should students with average results work part-time?

It's only the first week of school leh...
and I'm feeling tired le.

Everyday wake up so early.. you know what time I woke up just now? 8am!!!
I must be mad.. During schooldays, I kept having nightmares (every night leh) and didn't sleep well. Today, it's Saturday, I finally slept well, but still wake up so early. -.- I am mad liao...

Anyway, today's topic.. Should students with average results work part-time?
When I say average results, I mean like GPA 3.2-3.6.

I never thought of it that much because I've never had the opportunity to work (got pay one arh, not free labour at parents shop) part-time. So the good news arrived, in form of an advertisement in the newspaper. I found a part-time job that I really wanna take up! okie.. So what's the problem now? Referring to my grumbling about tiredness (read the first line of this post again), I wonder if I'm suitable to go work.

So here's the pros and cons list..
Pro: I'll have income!
Con: I'll be more tired.

Pro: I'll be busy and have no time to think of stupidly depressing stuffs.
Con: I've have no time for anyone.

Pro: I'll be able to experience something call working where I actually would get paid.
Con: I'll experience tiredness like never before.

Pro: I might get to meet new friends at workplace.
Con: My friends in school might get neglected.

Pro: Working seems fun to me. (think about the money baby. lols)
Con: It might get boring after a couple of weeks or months.

Pro: I wouldn't be so bored and go nap in the afternoon, so I'll sleep earlier at night.
Con: It's my last semester, what if I can't concentrate in class?

I think I know what I want. =)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Today's the new paper..

Shamed for hogging mrt seats

The story in short is: there are people who are hogging the mrt seats and some people out there who were unhappy, took photos of them and circulate, shaming them. Want to know more, read The New Paper.

So the reporter ask people to take a closer look at the photos. The highlights were, the boy's right arm in sling, "parents" look exhausted and those plastic bags next to the guy looks like they contains clothes.
He suggests that what could have been the situation that the parents have just left a hospital with their son, who may have fractured his arm.

That could have happened. But so what if that's the case? 3 person hogging 5 seats, is a little too much especially when there are many other commuters without seats and one of the seat's been taken up by plastic bags!!!

If being tired cause I'm injured means I'm allowed to occupy more seats, then being super hungry allows me to eat on the MRT doesn't it? Well, for your info, we're NOT allowed to eat on public transport nor at the stations no matter what.. so if no one pity's those who have to take up a few jobs to keep themselves alive and has no time to eat, why should one injured kid be taking up 3 spaces. I don't think they deserves the "pity". What if a pregnant women fell down cause she has no seat? or an elderly falls down?

As much as I hate their inconsiderate actions, I do think there's a better way to "educate" these inconsiderate people. Shamming is kinda like humiliating and it's one of the worst "punishment". Fine-ing them or at least talking to them would help a little at least they'll be reminded that their acts may cause others to be in danger of being hurt. If after asking a MRT staff to talk to them doesn't help then, then extra fee for the extra space should be collected right?

okie.. I've crapped enough. what's your say?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

heh heh..

yesterday's yesterday's morning..

Yesterday morning.. stop staring at my eye leh.

At DG MRT station..

Yesterday after school, I went home to bathe and got ready to go out to meet Kyla. Both of us wanted to explore VIVO, so meet there loh. But I'm late, she's even later, so she ask me go have my lunch first..

The first 10-15mins, I got lost in ...

Vivomart.. It's so fucking big can??? Cannot see the ends one.. argh.. this photo is just one small part lah. so go imagine..

I'm on the escalator in vivomart..

Cause so many people in Vivo, so I went to harbour front to find food and to wait for Kyla loh..

I had yoshi.. caused me $6.90 :'( it's my lunch cum breakfast.

The person serving me has the same Chinese name as me!!!

After walking around for 4hrs?

This is the only thing I bought..

but I did find something I wanna get later on.. =)

All the shops are pretty small, so it's like I didn't find much stuffs I really really wanted that's the right price one.. I guess the rental must be damn ex.. cause all the shops seems small to me leh.. or maybe they stuff the shop with too much display? hmmm...

We walked everywhere.. and I really really hate the arcade. It's empty one loh.. and the pool place is so ex! $10 per hours?? siao. -.-

Anyway, I went home with 2 injured finger yesterday.. I'm too embarrassed to mention how I got hurt. -.-

aiya.. cannot post photos again..

now i also cannot type properly.. 2 fingers hurt.. very hard to type lah..

I blog again with photos when I can loh.. hahas..

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

these photos should have been updated ytd..


My hubby Chou on cover.

Vivocity in hubby's eyes.

I don't even rmb where I am le..

Thanks Mandy & Wilson! =) I love the figurine. looks like me hor? :pPp

Anyway, today's Kendrick's Birthday. Those who knows him, go great him now.. hahas.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

First day of school after 1 month's "rest"

I love to come back, even though I hate the haze...
It's the first time I actually feel this way. Normally I'll grumble about new schoolwork and teachers and everything. but this time.. I really really miss school leh. see arh..

I'm thankful for the spoilt computers in school, they reminded me that my S-L-O-W computer at home is still working fine.. and for ms Lam who still nags at us, cause shows that she cares. (although it does gets rather irritating :pPp)
I'm also thankful for my friends who gives me little gifts, it means that I'm being remembered. and I love to be remembered. :pPp

I miss Yu MaMa who is only going to see us 3 days a week. Today didn't get to see her leh!!! :'(

I'm thankful for my baby boy for getting me the "gift-of-the-year". I love it and cherish it. Maybe post it when I can.. but for now.. I wanna thank everyone for making my day.. cause I don't know if I'll remember to do that the next day.

I'll post a couple of photos tml bah.. today blogger dunch like me.. dunch allow me to upload photos. *Sobx-Sobx*

P.S: to my bunnyboy
I lub you. a lot a lot wor.. mayb I dun say it much. but I like to type it out. muahahahaha.. *muackz muack muackz muackz muackz* give you 5 kiss in public. hahahas. =)

sch "re-open" tml leh.

I very scared leh..

It's the last semester le. and I still don't really know what I'm doing. -.-
How? how? how?

Should I cut my hair?

I've been thinking about going for a hair cut, it's been 2 months since I last had a hair cut.

This is when, I feel grateful to have this blog. With this blog, I know when I cut my hair. lols. The past few days when I walk pass Ben kor kor's working place, I didn't see him. So last night I dreamt that he's gay and is going to marry another guy that's why he's not working there le.. -.- Sounds so stupid but I'm really worried mah.. where can I get hair fringe cut for $3 only. :pPp Either than that, I'm worried cause I'm afraid I might not get used to other people touching my hair leh..

but anyway, my main concern now is if I should cut my hair. or mayeb just trim trim the fringe?

Friday, October 13, 2006

How I wish I'm the princess in princess hour.

Marry a prince so I don't have to bother about money anymore.. some-more can solve family problem.

I'm feeling miserable now and my parents are the cause of it.
One keep complaining about the other and then says want to leave the family and never come back. The other like crybaby, scares the hell out of me. (Now I don't dare to go out of my room, and I lock my door every night.)

I know crying will not solve this stupid problem so I don't cry anymore le. But I cannot forget this problem cause I'm reminded every single day when I see their angry/sad faces. They made me cry when they first complain about each other, but now I find it super irritating. It's not helping with the fact that I'm the eldest child in the family and my brothers don't know shit.

Many times I wanna scold my parents let them know how I actually feel but I don't dare to. I'm afraid that things might become worse. I'm a scary cat I know. but what am I supposed to do.. Nothing seems to be the "right thing" for me. I hope someone could talk to my parents. Maybe a counsellor or something. But my parents are so stuborn, even if you beat them to death, they also wouldn't see a counsellor one. *sigh*

Someone help me~~~
-By reading my crappy blog, you're already helping me. Thanks! (=

My Top 25 most played

What's yours?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Why I keep gaining weight..

Fat food 1:

Fat food 2:

Fat food 3:

I just can't stop eating junks..

2 days ago, I made this..

simple yet so pretty. I love it. =)

This shampoo makes hair smoother. =)