Monday, October 31, 2005

31st Oct 2005

Thanks everyone who told me not to give up.
I'm quite alright :) just very a little demoralised..
I can't concentrate at all.
Though I will still go for the Exams.
I know I will do quite badly.
Passing would be good enough for me.
Wish me all the best ya?

Today, I went out with darling.
He dyed my hair.
So now, my hair has a touch of red. :)
and I love it.
Only can see under strong sunlight.
(so teacher cannot anyhow catch me arh.. heh heh)

Mooz from Kmooz send me a message through sms to let me know...
I can get Jay Chou's new album tml!
I'm so so so so happy! :)

Going town tomorrow.
To buy the album.
Will pay FEP a visit.
Wanna get someones bday present. :)
& maybe go check out localbrand Tee-shirt.
I think I like the samsui women design shirt. hee.

So if you miss me,
You know where to find me tomorrow.
(nah, no need to hide.. I know you're stalking me... wahahaha. *grins*)

Walk a lot today. tired now.
Going to sleep soon. ciaos!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

damn. period.

Cramps was terrible today.
And my fu*king house have zero panadol again!!!

When I have enough money, I'll buy 10 boxes and put them in my room!
Duno who ate all of them. siao one.

Btw, if anyone even interested to know,
I decided to give up on O level already.
Curse my lazybones. just refused to start on anything.

oh, you already knew it?

yeah. That's' me. Lazy like hell.

1 more hours or so....
& darling will be back in Singapore!

I cannot wait!
He'll "visit" me later..
probably afternoon.
I need the huggies..

recently, I found an "old" book.
I bought it about 2 years ago?
and I never read it until 2days ago?

I finished the book yesterday.
470 pages.
Quite a feat for me, as I seldom read.

Something Borrowed by Tina Reilly.

Didn't know why I bought the book in the first place.
I just left the book to rot like that for 2 years.
Though I'm surprised there was hardly any dust or signs of "ageing"...
In fact it looks so new, it could have been put back onto the popular bookstore's shelve, and maybe there will be people willing to buy it.


The summary at the back (I FORGOT WHAT IT"S CALL LAH), doesn't really justify the whole story. really.

Just like watching a movie. I laughed when it's funny and cried really badly when it's sad. In fact, I'm surprised that I can actually relate to the main character.

How she felt. How she behave. How she acted all "weird".

There are so many conversations in the book, I felt like I was reading a play instead at some point of time... :p
Or it is all other books are like that too?
(I haven touch a novel for too long already. :p)

I feel that I missed some nitty gritty details of the book because of my lack of vocabs...
But, still....
I find the book quite alright.

I'll understand the whole story better if I read it the sec time, but I guess I'm too lazy lah.
& I dun wanna cry again leh...
Very tiring one. haha..
& waste tissues paper..

Alright, that's all for now, update again soon. :)

Saturday, October 29, 2005

a reminder.

29Oct is Mike & Me's 15th Monthiversary.

Full 15months of torture from me.
Somehow I wondered how he stand it.

or maybe,
that's the reason why he's always oversea.

Malaysia, Japan, Brunei... and now? Taiwan.

I thought he could have been a pilot.
Flying almost every other month.

I worry a lot you know.
Esp on his pocket.
when he need to crack his head just to find the perfect present for me.
(I'm easy to please what... no?)

This is a reminder...
of how sweet he has been for the past 15months.
How adorable when he laughs at me.
How cute when he hugs teddy "butt-facing" him.
How smart when he's in uniform.
How he makes me laugh.
How badly he sings & I ain't any better.
How he'll tickle me with his moztouchie.
How I'll giggle at all the small things.
How he'll hug me when I cry.
How much he loves me.
("that's this [open hands wide] much")

I wouldn't say 15months is long.
but it's 5x the length of my previous relationship.
15x the length of the previous previous relationship.
& 30-60x longer than all the other nitty gritty relationships.

Anyway, who says duration determine how good is the relationship?
I thought it's the quality sex that counts? *grins*

I miss my baby.
He's cumming home tomorrow.
to me!

*pops chimpanzee*
I can't afford it yet.
maybe Pepsi will do huh?

*pops Pepsi instead*


Love ya so much.
Can't wait to let you see my nails. woot~


Thursday, October 27, 2005

A letter for adults by teenager.

Because the contents are far too factual, the post has been moved by me (uglyfatchick) to another blog.

Ask me nicely if you want to read the post.
& I might give you the link.

Give me 250SGD so that I can eat salmon fish at the Japanese fresh fish market (great world), I will tell you the link plus let you know who wrote it. wahaha.


IF only IF only IF only.

If only I'm rich.
If only I'm pretty.
If only I have friends.
If only he has more time for me.

If only everyone need not suffer anymore.
If only time will stand till.
If only I can grow up faster.
If only there's world peace.

If only the poor can be rich.
If only lies become the truth.
If only there's understanding.
If only If only If only.

Foul mood for the pass few days.

Today, is better.
Receive my nail polish. :)

Original price for each bottle is about 5.90SGD or 6.90SGD.
I bought the orange one at about 2.50SGD (include postage to my house.)
The other four bottles, cost me 14.50SGD (includes reg postage to my house.)

If I bought them at the stores it'll cost me roughly 30+SGD.
I paid 17SGD for them to be sent to my house. :)

I bought many other things too lah.
This holidays, I've spend so much money, I feel like killing myself ya know?
I have to sell away some stuffs which I bought on impulse.
Esp the Capri pants. :( [doesn't fit me lah..]
Now I'm waiting for darling to come back.

Period coming..
& I'm starting to feel lost again.

Hates it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

This is the Last time I'm doing this.

I've thought about it.
This is the last time I'm replying to some ppl's request, NOT to talk about XX.
Esp on this "case".

Kimage just dropped XX too.

My initial reaction?: Wat? I salute them and they do this?

It's just plain wrong timing.
It's so near holidays!
Once holidays starts, tons of ppl will dye their hair, rebond, cut funky hairstyles, whatever.
It's just not worth it.

(Yes, I'm repeating myself.)

In kimage "forum",
got ppl mention that drug-taking rock singers are popular, why aren't they ambassadors?

why relating xx to Drug-taking rock singers?
XX got take drugs meth? How you know? You work as paparazzi also arh?

XX = a normal girl.
people who reads her blog = normal people.
normal people = kimage potential customers.
Unless everyone working for kimage prefers challengers to work on "un" normal people.
I don't see what's the problem?

Drug taking rock singers also will have ppl hire one.
If I'm selling drugs, I will hire drug addict rock singers too!
If I'm working as some paparazzi, I also will "hire" them!
If I'm selling some medication for ppl to stop taking drugs, I will hire them too.
not meh?
but most drug taking rock singer's popularity drops after a while.
More readers each day!


Hopefully this will be my last time.

I'm going to concentrate on my puzzle pirates now. My mates need me! :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I slept for 3hours at 7am in the morning.

I need sleep.

Went to bed in the morning at 7am.
My brothers were preparing to go to school.

woke up at ard 10am.
Now it's the next day's 1.20am.

I'm dying soon.

My body is freaking weak now.
No energy.
I'm so hungry. :(

Why today's entry so "boring"?

Because a little bird told me to keep low profile.
Write as little as I can.
So as not to make so many mistakes.


I'm going to bed.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Xia Xue kena attacked.

this is so unfair.
Xia Xue's most recent post: Before we take credibility for his words, we must first question his motives.

I pity voxy.
They will lose many many potential customers.
(me included.)
Stopping the endorsement because of a couple of emails does not make them look good at all.
In fact, I'm pretty sure, many teenagers who are hoping to have their nails done at voxy during the school holidays, would have changed their minds.

I say it's a bad move.

It's not like Xia Xue changed into another person suddenly.
Xia Xue is still Xia Xue.
& I like her pretty hair, nails and sense of humour.

From day 1, when they got her to endorse their service, they knew how she is.
and they do know of those many proclaimed XX-haters.
(some of these "proclaimed xx-haters", are secret fans of hers.)
[They are too shy to admit that they like Xiaxue.. :)]

If another company steps in now to hire Xia Xue.
That company would have instant good image.

Voxy created the image that they are very image conscious.
As a potential customer, I see them as a company who would choose to serve only the better well-off. If I were to wear my old clothes there, they might even ask me to away.

The new company who shows XiaXue that they support her even in this time of "difficulties" for her. Is actually telling the world that they,
provide services/products to normal people with flaws.
They, provide great understanding to their "customers".
Doesn't care about if you are from middle-class family, if you're a ah lian or just another teenage schoolgirl.

2 different image.
If I have the money, I would go do my hair at Kimage & buy the tees from Loacalbrand.
They are the ones who didn't fringe when ppl starts questioning their choice of ambassadors.

I salute them. :)

And to those who attacked Wendy's income.
I feel so ashamed to be called a human being.
If aliens can see our every move, they would be laughing till their antennas drop off now. :P

(it's freaking 4.20am now.)

bad mood? pms?

The paragraph below is in small print because it's not for mummy and daddy to see.
by the time darling comes back, my bloody period should be around the corner.
period=no good sex.
It'll be too messy to be good.

How do I feel now: Troubled. Mad at myself.

Have you ever made a promise to meet someone and when it nears, you suddenly didn't' feel like stepping out of your house? Or seeing that person for instance?

I always do.
and I'm wondering why.
Does it happens to you too?
Be it close friends or family members or clients, anyone at all.
At the point of time when you fixed the date, you're quite positive about it.
Suddenly, because you or in this case, ME.
had this stupid feeling/urge to be selfish.
And do what your heart/mind is telling you.
Spend that precious time doing what you would want to do.

I just hate it when I feel that way.
It's just so "wrong".

But I really didn't feel like going out.
Esp when I know I'm in deep shit now.
I've emptied my wallet & my bank account will soon have no more balance.

I have to curb my spending.
It's now, or I'll regret for the rest of my life.

Somehow, I wanna stop being a nice person.
I want to think for myself only can?

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Bad hair day on a Sunday?

I've been spending most of my time going out with friends.

I have wasted spent too much time.
and not to mention... MONEY!
This holiday, I feel a little suffocated.

Time is running out.
I have done nothing.

Zero accomplishment.
Zero work done.
Zero satisfaction.

I dare to predict.
I foresees,
I ask my imaginary friend,
and confirmed that

I'm going to fail O levels this time round.


Was supposed to play badminton with Ting & Yim today.
She couldn't get the court and we end up meeting at 2.30 for lunch buffet.
Jap food. Suki at cine there. the level 4 one.
I thought the food was quite bad.
Or maybe I didn't have appetite after seeing how lovely dopey they are.

I didn't enjoy the fish & I suffered tummy aches.
While eating..
We chatted.
until we felt like leaving the place as it's fucking rather cold.
I was glad sad to leave that place.

We went to walk around town.
Mainly "combed" FEP.
I'm broke. Didn't buy much accept for a bottle of mineral water & this clip on hair extension.
The seventeen card allows me to get 10% off total bill at NEW ZEALAND NATURAL (the ice cream?). Cool. haha.

Went to This Fashion.
My affair with THIS FASHION has been a tough ride.
I once loved it. Den started to loof it. and now, suddenly.
I start to like a couple of stuffs I see there. Yippee. :)
And I think I can give my friend a new look as her birthday present.

Ting, like most women, has a problem.
She wants a change in her "look",
to appear more fresh and full of energy (youth.)
However, She is afraid that the "outcome" would turn out disastrous.

After knowing Ting for so long, I knew what is needed to achieve the result she wants.
However, I also know how stubborn she is.
For today.
I choose many outfits that will bring out the best in her.
yet she refused to try them.
Yim is a straightforward guy. He notices my effort in trying. He agrees with the clothes I've picked for her. And I decide to probably get a set that will change her life.
Maybe armed with self designed accessories to match.

If possible.
Let her either throw away that jerk boyfriend or let the jerk boyfriend realise she's a keeper.
and he MUST treat her well.

Ting believes in herself a lot. Seldom believes what others tell her. I hope she would make the first step by trusting me & Yim. I'm not even sure if she'll get to read this.

BTW, I am afraid of creating the wrong look for myself.
I was as stubborn as Ting and like any other women, I fear.
I'm short. VERY short. Ting is taller. That's her advantage.

I fear allowing others to touch my hair.
I fear making the wrong purchase.
I fear becoming a fashion victim.
I fear looking too sloppy.
I fear looking too up tight.
I fear looking too loose.
and so many more..

I took my first step by believing in myself and accepting others opinion/criticism.
I read magazines to get ideas of what works best for people of different shapes/size.
I get inspiration from other people's style of dressing.

I look for clothes that fits well.
(I hate those shops that "cheat" ppl by clipping or pining the clothes. :()

Today, I have bad hair day.
and I hate it!

Tomorrow will be a better day. :)

My blog is worth?

It's on the left side.

My blog is worth $3,951.78.
How much is your blog worth?

I doubt my blog is worth that price.
Even if I pay someone to take over my blog, also no one will want arh..

Friday, October 21, 2005

I need the panadol!

The dentist did everything for 2 treatments cut short into one hellish treatment for me.

I'm going to take panadol.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Have had enough?

The poor gets poorer.
The rich gets richer.

Poor naive people get bullied by cunning people.
yet no justice is done.

This is when I start scolding all the vulgarities.

I've said it many times before.
Untill now, I still dun really trust police.

As in, I dun understand how they work.

A friend (lets call her S), told me she tried to call the police (triple 9)
and the phone number was not in use.

About 1-2 years back, someone I knew got "touched" by some idiot in the swimming pool.
They found that guy, and report to police.
They were in the police post for many hours.
In the end? that guy was let off.
(??? huh??? but why?)

Someone told me, there was a case, a girl was raped and the rapist was not charged.
I didn't see that report myself. So I have no comments lah.

Many many years back, a very distant relative of mine, got robbed by some teenagers.
They were NOT charged.
My very distant relative whom I have no idea of it's sexualitiy, was told to charge the kids, itself through a lawyer?
Furthermore. somehow this case was reported on the newspaper. And the facts were twisted!!!
My relative's name was tarnised lah. It, nearly lost it's job.
That's all I know lah.

So angry right?
But police cannot charge people one meh?
I duno got this thingy leh..
Anyone can explain these?

Now, I'm quite dissapointed with those men in blue lah.

I've only reported once about my donation tix going missing. that's all.

There was once, I wana be a policewomen. Because I want to know how they work lah.

Okay lah. enough of grumbling,
I'm going to see the dentist later. :(

As promised.. heh.. :)

Mommy Lynn did my nails yesterday.. But as usual lah.. I move here move there.. didn't sit properly.. den accidentally touch the polish.. :p

Silver nails... :)

I thought my nails look short.
& my fingers like very ugly leh.. :(

and my toes...
coz my sleeping bag touch my toes even before the polish dry leh.. :p
Dun mention the plaster.. I know it's "super cute"...

things I bought...

now I've officially overspent. :(
(Dentist tomorrow & I'm still meeting mommy Lynn on Sat!)

The money supposed to go into my bank..
so that I can get a surprise for my bao bei..

but coz no money. den someone else buy the last one liao.
also eyeing a few other items..
but all left one nia...
anytime, anyone will buy one. :(

back to the happier stuffs. :)

My 2 youngest babies. :)

aren't they hot?

Moi interesting radio from Tiger beer..

and surprise surprise!!!

I've seen many girls doing this pose.
thought I'll try it too.. wahahaha

That's the end for today. I'm tired.
Gonna sleep soon.

*nights* :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Guess what? Kenny calls me by my name.

can see?

maybe he's talking to another Christina.
But if he's really really talking to me...

cover my mouth with both hands...
In state of shock for about 3secs.
takes away my hands and...
screams: Kenny knows my name!


more updates later tonight. :)

A quote from I duno who.

If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is a part of yourself.

I totally agree! :)

*raise up both hands, feet & nodding my head. To show approval! :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

one lazy day past. another busy day coming.

I'm such a pig. sleep & eat only.
Oh.. cannot say that I'm a pig.. cause disgrace them...
Aiya, typical uglyfatchick lah.. forever so lazy one..

Tomorrow is AGF (Accounting) exam. 60%.
Major leh... haiz...

After exams, got to rush home to meet Mommy Lynn.
She's going to pamper me with manicure or is it pedi? or both?
oh.. whatever.. even if it's just seeing her, I'm happy already lah.

She's going to come over.. I better wash my hands and feet with lots of soap. scrub them really hard so they are sparkling clean & smell nice.. :)

After that, maybe go out to shop...
She wanna get some nail stuffs I think.
Me? I wanna check out A LOT of things..
Every-time I'm with her I have the tendency to spend spend spend.
Time is bad.. I need to spend wisely.

Ting never reply my message.. Hope she's okay..

I guess that's all for today.

(I had a weird dream yesterday... I dreamt I was good friends with XiaXue.. hahaha.. weird? yeah..)

Monday, October 17, 2005

Look into my eyes...

I cannot be more bored.

anyone wanna teach me make up?

I realise one thing...
This looks really scary...

Go, try staring at it...

Defending myself would only make things worst.

I didn't have the mood to study.
So I went into the class "arm" with whatever my brain collected from unit one this morning.

To my surprise, the paper was rather easy.
However, I kena mental block.
All I was thinking of was what happened yesterday.
Den I saw my crush handing up his paper.
I like his new hairstyle. Suits him. ;)

I tried my best to finnish up the last bits by pulling out all my hair.. wahaha...
I was the last person to finnish the paper lah. Coz I duno how to do a few questions mah...

Bought sushi again. ate on my way home.
Played a few games online and sort out my thoughts also lah...
Manage to find my way out.

Actions is definatly louder than words.
I'll show it.

ITE doesn't lose to shatec in anyway.
and the person who looks down on us (ite students)
obviously still has her head up in the sky.

Well, so be it.
I'll do my best for the rest of the papers.
perhaps, go poly.
Do my best there.
If possible. I'll get that degree too.

That's not just a dream.
I'll prove it.

ITE students are winners.


IQ0504F rules! :)

BTW, I duno if XX is joking when she says her boots are bought in shen zhen.
but, since darling is in Taiwan.. I'm getting him to buy my boots there... If it's cheaper lah.
If not, I guess I'll just have to wait till I get the chance to go overseas myself.


Happy mood..
Listening to: Macarena.
wahaha.. ;)

Sunday, October 16, 2005

perhaps, I should just shut up already.

I think I'm just so stupid.

Now, I'm feeling hurt.
damn hurt.

I don't think I can do my paper tml.
I'm emotionally not fit enough for it.

It's sad I can't even find a single person to talk about this.

Maybe when I feel better,
den I update.

I need some rest.

Friday, October 14, 2005

200th post.

This is my 200th post.

For 2 whole hours, I did little changes to my blog.
Go ahead and guess what I've done?

Please do not compare my blog to any other blogs.
1. I'm a computer idiot. (rmb?)
2. I failed arts in Primary school. (but I also got A before lah...)
3. I just woke up lah!
4. I did this thing ALONE. ok?


I go eat brazkfast le.
yeah.. it's 12.20pm & I haven eat yet!
Make that the 5th reason why my no one should complain that my blog is ugly!

stupid paul says I look like...

Wesley (Wei Si Li) from Awakening (Yuan Wei Jue Xing).


If I see him now, I'll punch him arh..
(by him, I mean stupid pual).

let's see...

Pretty me.

(yah yah.. whatever.. I'm damn sleepy k.)


The one with longer hair is Wesley.
Cannot see clearly?

Turn to page 72 of Teens's NOV05 issue.

I look like him meh? :(

I'm so freaking tired lah

The air-con man is here to fix the bloody weak air-con. (duh~ of coz air-con lah..)

Talking about bloody weak. I think my air-con behaves like me..
I'm Bloody lazy. :p

Anyway, I can't start any real work until tomorrow..
& I have to meet some buyer tomorrow ard 5pm. Selling those bead bracelets I've made.
$1 each set of bracelet + earrings. :)
Selling only 5sets. I dun make money of out it really.
I've made 2 necklace.. wonders if anyone would buy.. hmm..

Why got so many things???
How to hit my target for O levels? :(

Monday out.
(cause I have ITE exam & it's family day.)
Wendesday out.
(ITE exam & meeting Lynn to do my nails! :) and mayb go shopping too?)
Friday also out.
(dentist!!!! :()

Blah Blah Blah.
Why the air-con man take so long?
clean the air-con need so long meh? :(
I'm so sian arh!!! :(

Thursday, October 13, 2005

7months to my bday.

& I'm thinking of having a simple mini celebration lah..

coz after my bday, I'll totaly stop growing taller le leh. :(

Place: Mac? Sentosa?
(Aiya, will think about this again later..)

$$$: I start saving now, shouldn't be a big problem lah..
($500 enough? :p)

People to invite: die.. No one will turn up..
(Blogger died of heart attack.)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I just wanna see a simple message. :(

I just came online, check my email.. and I saw her!
She sent me a message a few hours back..

I badly wanted to know what she wrote..
So I tried to log on to friendster.

& they show me the cannot find server page. :(
why? What's wrong man. :(

Singapore's weather is BAD BAD BAD...

It's so hot that I thought I would turn brown once I step out of any shelter.

Wonder if the weather is affected by this...

XiaXue!!! So chio hor?
& she look really nice with any hairstyle loh..
Think she's too hot, so weather got affected, that's why so hot also.

(Alright,I know I'm lame.. Throw snowballs at me...)

I have not been sleep well, all beacuse...

Mummy changed my bed sheet. :(

NEW one somemore.. :(
I hate new bed sheets. They are like school uniforms!

& they come with matching covers for Pillows!

Since I am already on bed,
I decide to take something special...
So that when I see darling, I can show him..



My wonderful babies. :)
hahaha.. what were you thinking?

Yes, I decide to show the world, I just got this. :)

Papamike am supposed to dye my hair again when he comes back.
He should be back on 31st Oct.

I'm waiting leh...

Oh! Did anyone told you I'm sucker for raw Salmon fish?

I just love the way it melts in my mouth.
It's sad that it's rather expensive. :(

I wanna save a lot of money..
So that when Darling comes back, We can go eat! :)
At the fish market!!!


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Why I delete previous post..

I used to be able to study in class.
but the stupid weather plus all the noise pollution is making me very irritated.
Want to scream liao..
Very the stress leh.. :(

Whenever I get stucked at 1 question, I just cannot move on to the next..
how? :(

Miss my darling...

I'm happy it rained! :) Yipee!! :)

A little birdy flew to my window & tell me to delete my previous post. :p
I'm in a great mood now!

Update soon with pics! :)
Happy happy happy happy happy.. *grins*

current mood: sleepy. irritated. at the same time, blessed. :P

I have zero idea why I'm feeling sleepy/tired & moody.

Why shouldn't I be?
Thank God for every breathe.
So many ppl suffered & died.
& I'm still alive.

Of coz, I pray that darling will be safe.

BTW, this is how the VCD box looks like..

Notice the not for sale thingy?
haiz.. duno what's so special about it leh..
mayb when I'm free den watch.
den tell you all k..

Initial D special Edition VCD.

I just went to collect it.

Doesn't look like it's that special.

Will watch it soon.

Stated on the box, not for sale.. hahaha..

Update later. :)

Sunday, October 9, 2005

Mike is going away, I need to get a calculator!

I'm kind of pissed.
Can't do my homework coz I dun have a calculator. :(
I need to get one by 9am. Where can I buy?
A scientific calculator.
& I cannot rmb what's the calculator model that I always use, how???


Mike is going away le. :(
I'm so so so so sad.

But he say I cannot cry.
But I'm still sad mah. :(

Should I write about my classmates?

Because they are already part of my life.
& they will still be for the next 1+year,

I wonder if I should write about them..
ITE college central Bishan IQ0504F.

Darling's flying off pretty soon.
Boo-cha & I will miss papa Mike. He's going to Taiwan.

Saturday, October 8, 2005

2 hrs talk with an old friend.

She gave me a miss call at ard 1.30am.
I called her back.

& we talked for 2 whole hours.
abt relationship, to a trip to genting, to parents.
We just keep on talking..

It's a wonderful feeling.
:) *grins*

Donch know if it's the tea or the red wine's keeping me awake. :(
Darling slept at 2am.

I'm sleeping soon.
meeting him tml.
going over.. :)

Wedding dinner again..

yes, it's another wedding dinner.

This time, I was quite reluctant to go.
The first couple of hours was so boring i wanted to leave even before they start.
But darling already give so much money le..

Didn't take pics even though i brought my camera along..

my mood did change for the better when the food came.
even better when there's wine.

I only drink a bit lah. less than half glass bah..
Darling drink a few glass. I think he is drunk!

I'm starting to feel full after a while.. didn't have the last dish & go off le..
coz have to go home wish daddy Happy Birthday. :)

Now darling in town with his bf Desmond. :p

Seeing him tml..

Friday, October 7, 2005

no more creative. use ipod loh.

My creative mp3 player spoilt le.
With sch exams in 1week
& the big O's in 1month , I need something to block out noise.

Darling is kind enough to lend his ipod shuffle to me.
Not many songs, but I dun need that many also. :P

Did I already mention darling's going away?
He's going to Taiwan!
about 3weeks.

By the time he's back, I just start my big O's. :'(
I wanna give up already.. it's my inner self keep pushing me..
Asking me to buck up... but then.. I really very the lazy leh...
need motivation?

Grrr... :(

Those who commented on my last week's post about adding someone on friendster..
After 1 week of checking emails every single waking hour,
the conclusion is....
She reject my request to be friends.

Well, I'm okay.
I think I should be.
At least I do have friends right?
XY? Mandee? anyone?

retail therapy? Happy mood now.

I went "shopping" today..

at harbour front... -.-''

Bought some bagua home to enjoy.. heh. $10 leh.. 200g.

Bought many things from Watsons..
Good thing they accept NETS. :)
wonder how they got their name...
Wat's Ons?
hmmm. ?

For nice smooth legs. :)

I bought this sheep to scrub my back.

Bah Bah Bah~ :)

Nearly ran out of facial wash le..
The DOVE one stinks. (In my opinion.)
This one doesn't smell that bad. It has this cooling feel after washing.

Arh.. yes!
How can I miss this?
Dental Floss.
Got to start flossing!

We went past this place...

I was in hyper mood.
Aiya.. because of my crush lah... wahahaha...

dun tell you who. Bleah :p

The only reason why it's call crush because I duno that person well. if i know him liao, den is not crush liao. understand? no?
i'm just crapping hor?
Darling? hahaha. :)

change skins again?

I wana change this blog skin.

But I'm too lazy to redesign it.
so, went to look for a skin..

In the end, I still decide to design my own..
I couldn't find anything that I fancy. :(


there will be less updates from now on..
esp, since I have to study for my O's.. :(

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Mr Luke pass to me one loh..

Mr Luke says I need to pass the five thingy baton to 5 pple.

Five colours and the first sexy/sex-related item that comes to mind
  1. Green- Army Uniform
  2. Black- Nail polish
  3. Pink- Heels
  4. Blue- Bikini
  5. Hazel- Eyes

Five celebrities of the same sex that you COULD have a crush on

  1. Ayumi Hamasaki
  2. Christina Aguilera
  3. Paris Hilton
  4. Gwen Stefani
  5. Xiaxue Hilary Duff

Five things you plan to do before this week ends

  1. Paint all my nails.
  2. Start studying for O's.
  3. Meet Mike.
  4. Have enough sleep.
  5. Study for final term exam.

Five singers/artistes/Djs whose song can make you dance/groove

  1. Britney?
  2. Destiny Child?
  3. Aqua?
  4. Pan Wei Bo?
  5. Linsay Lohan?

Five people you wish to pass this heel/baton to

  1. Mike W.
  2. Gary G.
  3. Whoever reads this
  4. Whoever reads this
  5. Whoever reads this

Man.. this is so hard loh. :(

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

someone sms me yesterday..

my so called "ex".


sms to remind me that it's his birthday soon.

well, I did rmb.. but I didn't get anything for him.. why should I?
He jilted me? Or was it the other way round??

Aiya, it's a long ago story..

He's with this girl who became my classmate.
now they've been together for 3+years already..

He always complains to me about her.. blah blah blah... den compare here and there.. but in the end always goes back to her..

treating her like princess!
It's a good thing I was just playing ard then.. If I was dead serious like when I'm with Matt or like now Mike, I could have been dead 3years ago loh..

Well, the only reason I remembered his birthday it's because...
It's on the same day as my dad's!

8th Oct. :)

well, I did buy something for my dad though..

Happy Birthday! :)
It's meant to make him realise that smoking=stinky.

I bought this on Sunday with darling..

A little early I know.. but still...

I find it HARD to find presents for guys! :(

k lah.. I go take a rest le. Haven been sleeping well the past whole week.

Monday, October 3, 2005

start to worry

1month to my O levels.
1 week to ddarling going to Taiwan.

I'm starting to worry.

I did nothing for O levels.

all I did study is for my current studies in ITE...


I carried my backpack to school...

so that I can bring extra books to study if I want to.
I bought maths today.
hopefully can at least do somehting today. :(

Wish me all the best k..

Sunday 2nd Oct 2005.

Mike & I, went out to catch Jackie Chan's new movie (The Myth).
We were at PS.
He bought the tix.

I saw someone holding to some pooh bear.
and I wanted one too.

So we went into the arcade.
Changed 10, $1 coins and proceed to the machines.

First try & he got me a doggie.
He calls the doggie, the 2nd Sugar.
Sugar is our first son.
and we have 1 puppet dog as our 2nd son & 1 "made in China" Japanese Bear as our 3rd son.
[I just decided to name my doggie, boo-cha.]

We wasted the next 9 coins on other machines.
After that,
We went to eat at the food court.
The food wasn't to my liking and it's more expensive than Hans. :(

The sause for streak is so sweat, that I thought it should have been named Sweet & Spicy Steak instead of black pepper steak.

We walked ard a bit and went to catch the movie.
Movie had some interesting parts.
though the plot is kind of weird.
I should say, the ending is kind of weird.

Not a very good ending to a love story. :'(

The Korean actress is good.
very pretty.

After the movie,
I was already tired
& having stupid stomach cramps.

I was giving my bf a lot of crap.
we left PS and I was angry at him looking at some girl.
(He say he didn't. & wouldn't. cause his taste not that bad lah. or something along that line..)
Den we kind of did our usual quarral loh...

After a while, we're back to normal le.
but I still have tummy pain...

We went ard while waiting for time to pass. He was supposed to meet this stupid boy. :p

So, yes.

I went ard the whole day (PS, City hall, Tanjong Pagar) with a grey doggie toy. :)

Joeann said she saw me.
I'm embrassed. Must have looked silly with my Boo-cha. :p

alright. That's all for today I guess.
I'm tired...

Still waiting for the comformation...

Every Monday's same.

I'm sad.

I woke up very late today.
took cab and still reach school late.
waste $10. :(

and I failed my NAFA.because of shuttle run. :(
I hate shuttle run.
Now dun even get a bronze.

XX banned me from commenting on her blog's comments page.

A friend of mine, didn't want to update her blog anymore. :(

I'll update about what happen yesterday later on tonight k.


Sunday, October 2, 2005

Sorry seems to be the hardest words... no?

This afternoon, I spot an "old friend" on friendster.

We aren't really friends now.
I was very excited.
But at the same time lost.

I have so much to tell her. but yet, I dun really know how to say it out.. :(

It was my fault.
I knew it.
and I didn't know how to put it across.

So I copied the message that I wrote on one of my blog entries: confused pig.
& send it to her.

She viewed my profile.
and I think she also came to my blog.
but I dun think She knew how bad I felt.

I was thinking of her the whole of today. & I've dedicated today's blog entry to her only.
Even my bf, the latest movie I've just watched, & the cute toy I carried ard the whole of Singapore today, have to wait.

Now, I have one prob.
I duno if she have forgiven me.
I dun think she did.

But then again...

I can comfirm it.
But I duno if I should.

I can try to add her as a friend on friendster.
If she's cool abt it, she'll accept.
If she isn't, den at least I know she doesn't want to be friends.

It seems an ez task.
just add her! you might say.

This is an harder task than saying sorry.


I need some comments. some feedback.

I'll prob come to a conclusion tonight (ard 12am).
& update abt what happened on Sunday with Mike on Monday. :)