Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Uglyfatchick and Defector hereby wishes all viewers/readers, a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year! :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Anyone heard of vitamins that give you good skin?

I was shopping with hubby yesterday (28 December 2008) and I came across this product that's supposedly for people who desire baby-smooth skin. Hmm. sounds like me eh? :p

Hubby bought a bottle of this for me to try. (DMG: SGD39.00)

I've just started taking them and hopefully by CNY, I'll have baby-smooth skin just like the winner of Sato Hakubi Gorgeous Skin Search Contest. She's pretty leh!

I know. I have really bad skin lah. haiz..

For more info you can go to Watson or Guardian to get their tiny booklet or you can also visit. There's also tablets for whitening. :)

Happy 53rd Monthinversary Hubby.

Friday, December 26, 2008

vPOST Nuffnang Christmas Party Rocks!

Some will give you 1 to 3 reasons, those more hard cores ones maybe has tons of very pretty photos.. Uglyfatchick shall give you 7 reasons + 30 Photos!!!

Why vPOST Nuffnang Christmas Party Rocks?
Reason 1: Free food on Pool Table!
Reason 2: Free drinks!
Reason 3: The Host/Emcee/"Whatever-you-call-the-guy-who's-talking-on-stage" is cute.
Reason 4: My guest and I got free personalised stamps!
Reason 5: Loads of Famous Bloggers hanging around waiting for you to catch them!
Reason 6: I won a big (it's bigger size than my body) prize in the Lucky Draw!
Reason 7: Heavy goodie bags for all of us!

20th December 2008

I am allowed to bring one guest in, I decide to bring hubby.
My dress-up code is "S", so I'm there as Schoolgirl or Someone's girlfriend.
Hubby is Schoolgirl's boyfriend or Someone. I know we're so boring.. But I'm staying over at my hopefully future-in-law place that night, so I really don't want to look like some party animal. :p

Cabbed down because he's afraid that we'll be too late and cannot go in. -.-

We weren't too late, I've got lucky draw number 035, so we're in fact quite early loh..

Event timeline flashed so fast, I had problem trying to capture it. :p

Our tickets with 2 complimentary drinks each.

When you're too early and no one else knows you, you snap lots of random photos..

Free bracelet. lalala~

Reason 1: Free food on Pool Table! (Paiseh, this is my first time seeing this. lols)

Reason 2: Free drinks! (1 had one coke, hubby had 3 beers and he bought me a baileys which I finish in 2 slips. -.-)

I know this is very random.. I just want to show off my shoes which I bought like 1 year ago and didn't wear it till now. :p

Waiting for food. :p

Reason 3: The Host/Emcee/"Whatever-you-call-the-guy-who's-talking-on-stage" is cute.
I first met Randall? in person was in March 2006, that's like more than 2 years ago!

Look I even got photo to prove okay! hahas.

Queuing for food, supposed to be ladies first, which is why hubby waited till I got my food before he queued up far far away behind.. poor thing. :(

3/4 of my food. :)

Four Seasons...

Reason 4: My guest and I got free personalised stamps!
We didn't know that our photo would be made into free stamps when they take photo of us. I know we look really weird in the photo. :p By the way, these stamps are usable de loh! :)

Feather on floor! Ah!!! Oh it's white, so it's not mine.. phew..

Random stupid shot.

Reason 5: Loads of Famous Bloggers hanging around waiting for you to catch them!
The first one I grabbed to take photo with is (Old Man) Mr Kenny Sia. He's so cute! :p

Then I took photo with Santarina Esther also known as Ice-angel. :)

I also manage to take photo with Tooth fairy Sheylara. :)

Didn't manage to find anyone else that I know.
Oh I saw Nadnut, but she disappeared somewhere and I couldn't find her to take photo. :(

Old man's mask, stick and expensive camera!!!

After all the games, which I decide not to take photos of cause I'm a lousy photographer anyway, was lucky draw time!

I won the 19th Prize! wootz!!!

Irritating hubby, take such a unglam photo me. I wasn't even ready for the shot loh! :(

Reason 6: I won a big (it's bigger size than my body) prize in the Lucky Draw!
My prize is very big loh, those top few prize de, only got one small envelope leh! Hee..

The last game of the night. :)

My prize. :) I decide to give my brothers as their Birthday present for 2009.
Lols. I'm such a stingy sister right? :p

Special Edition of Monoploy, one of my favourite games. :)

Reason 7: Heavy goodie bags for all of us!

In 2 goodie bags there's a total of 12 packets of Coffee!!! lols.
I gave my maid since she like coffee and I'm not a fan of coffee really..

That's all for the party. *happy happy*
Oh, I found a place with tons of photos of the event, you may view those photos there. :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

19th December 2008 (Fei Lun Hai's Concert)

I can finally understand why some people hate me so much..
A friend of hubby got us a pair of complimentary tickets to Fahrenheit's Fantasy World Tour.
Yes, I got to see my 大东 and Aaron. So CUTE!!!!

There are many people who got their tickets from signing new phone line plan or something but I got mine totally free lahs. No need to sign phone line/plan de.. hee..

I actually asked hubby not to buy the (SGD171 each) tickets and wait for news from his friend instead cause I love free tickets! :p His friend couldn't confirm if we have the tickets till a very late date, but I didn't care lah.. I believe if I don't get it, then I got no fate to see those boys loh. :( And our luck quite good cause after we reach stadium, our seats got upgraded! If not I can only see ants. :p FYI, that night I get to see giant ants! :p

Poor hubby haven slept for many nights.
I've got a Jiro fan and a Wu Zun fan, I'm looking for a Aaron fan. Anyone selling or giving away? :)

Collage-d the photos cause I'm lazy to edit them one by one.
Plus the quality sucks lah cause I am so far away and my camera + my skill not very good leh..
Both collages are click-able. :)

Before the concert starts.

During the concert.

No photos after the concert, cause I was a bit tired liao..
From Singapore Indoor Stadium we walked until some market to have a super late dinner.
Poor hubby have to bring me here, bring me there.. :p
*muackz hubby*

This is our second concert. :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

18th December 2008 (Changi Airport)

Merry Christmas!

Sorry ah, this post is almost 1 week late! :p I'm also waiting for Daddy Phua's photos but since I really don't know when he can give us (Sis & Me) our photos, I decide to blog with my set of photos first bah.. To apologise, I'm posting 25 photos all in this post! :)

That day Daddy Phua was a bit late, so Ber and I went to walk around Changi Airport.
Looking for anything that's nice to take photo of..

We chance upon this big tree with Mickey and Pluto. :)

From right to left: Ber, Pluto and a small part of Mickey Mouse.

Ber and Pluto. My hand unsteady, all the photos a bit blur. -.-

Ber and Pluto upclose.

Gardens @ Changi Airport.

Ber with Mickey Mouse.

Me and Mickey Mouse.

Me and Mickey upclose.

I know same boring pose...

Ber and Mickey Mouse upclose. :)

The whole Christmas Tree. :)

Opps. used too much blur. :p

Out of the 3, I like this photo of the tree best. :)

After awhile we got bored of the tree and decide to go walk around to look for other nice things to take photo of.

Door from the inside.

Door from the outside. Pretty mah? :)

I spotted this guy watering plants with a stick thingy.
Tried to take photo cause it looks very interesting to me mah.. End up the photo look very "artistic" cause of the lighting it become black and white. -.-'''

We found something very cute to take photo of.
This time it's really a Garden loh!!
Very pretty and smell very very nice. :)

But hard to take photo with pretty stuffs lah. Cause of the lights and everything, the photos mostly turned out blur. It's too hard for the camera to focus bah.. :p

Or maybe it's my skill no good. :(

The best I can do. :p

There's this little girl walking around distracting us, so I was trying not to laugh while Ber try to take this photo..

Finally Daddy reach.. We went to look for the restaurant that he said serve pretty good Korean food. Went up the wrong escalator, so end up walk one big round. :p

Since we're all hungry, it didn't take long for us to order our food.. :)

Our drinks. :)

Chicky loves Kimchi. *yum yum*

3 types of sauce, I all also didn't try. :p

Beef. I like this photo. Looks temping right? :)

Didn't take that many photos after that, cause we were all busy eating ah..
Eat until we very very full!!! Didn't order rice, just eat meat, also can eat until full!!!

3 of us eat full until our tummy going to burst at less than $80 leh! I think it's not too bad loh. :)
Safra card, NTUC card and I can't remember what else card have 10% discount.
So if you're going there to eat, must check with them which cards have discount oh.

After dinner, we just walk around waiting for food to digest. :p

This photo is taken while Ber and Me wait for Daddy to finish his "做坏事"..

Then we decide to go to TCC to drink something.
Daddy ordered this Baileys frost drink, not too bad. I quite like it. :p
Ber and I share 1 Christmas drink & they make fun of me!! Cause I am very short mah, so when the glass is on the table my mouth can't reach the straw. So I have to actually bring the glass down, if not I can't drink... -.-

After that I go home home loh..
So that's about it. :)