Saturday, March 31, 2007

White Dog Cafe

My house fish(es). More photos on

Finally met up with Darling.. (Doesn't he looks cute in this photo??? :P)
We went Vivocity for dinner again.. =)

This time, we went to WHITE DOG CAFE.

The interesting "milk" bottle is from IKEA. :P (pardon then blur photo, I forgot to use the marco function.) :P

Yummy yum yum. =)

Food: 7/10
Deco/View: 9/10
Service: 6/10
Cost: 7/10
Total: 29/40
The food's pretty good, the deco are alright, the sea view is great, but the waiting time could be shorter though. They did take sometime to take our orders, good for those who takes a long time deciding what they want to eat. Not good for hungry people like me. :P


After dinner, we went to coffee club at Harbour Front to enjoy our deserts. =)

The super cold ice-water.

I notice there were water droplets on Mr Salt & Mrs Pepper.

Looking up... What can you see?

eeek... so that's where the water comes from???

Little chicky freaked out~

Friday, March 30, 2007

245 photos of me.

Update on my previous post: I just learnt something new. Whether she acknowledge me as an acquaintance or a close sister, it doesn't matter. I don't have to treat someone one way just because she treats me that way. I still can treat her as a good friend.

Not a need for people to reciprocate feelings/actions. Thats true sisterly or any other love.


Today I went crazy with my old digital camera and took 245 photos of myself in the same few poses that I know of.
Now I'm deleting those WEIRD ones, BLURRY ones and UGLY ones. I'm expecting at most 25 photos left after I'm done.

Will update again after I finish deleting.
-It's 3.30pm now.

hahas. I just finish deleting and editing the photos. so happy with some of the results. =)
Left 28 photos.
Wanna see the originals or edited ones?

The original mes. (28)

The edited mes. (26)

I'm a happy little chick. =)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

mixed feelings

cause I feel lonely.
or rather, empty.

The empty feeling, and the fact that I have nothing much to do, is making me feel like shit lately.

Have you heard of a story.. about a girl whom treats another girl like her own sister but her feelings weren't really reprociated reciprocated. and in the end, she kills the girl? and/or suicides?

sometimes I feel like that. I mean the feel to kill another person. Good that I've not thought of suicides since loving Mike.

I feel that I cannot live without him. Not literally per sae. More like, not a day in my life past by without me thinking of him. I don't' call him that often. somedays only send him 1 sms in the whole day, but I do think of him often. Like before I sleep , or while blogging, or out with friends, even while playing online games.. Miss him, but I do know it's only time (and money & some other nifty gritties) that's keeping us busy apart. Can't wait for the day that I can finally call him my husband, the father of my children, my man.

Honestly. what's boyfriends and girlfriends. Just a 5 letter, B word and it's gone. Husbands and wives at least need to go through a longer D word.. bah~ I don't' know what I'm talking about already.. It's 4.50am, I'm typing away at my old comp cause I can't sleep!

anyway, that's not my main topic lah. I was saying.. I feel that my feelings aren't really reprociated reciprocate. and I am feeling shitty because of that.

We can be friends, but we'll never be as close as I thought we could be, sister. I understand that I might have disappoint her a couple of times, but today, I'll have to say it out loud, I CANNOT STAND BEING JUST A SMALL FLY OR SUSITUDE.

Of coz, you can say I cannot expect her to reprociate reciprocate my feelings as sisters (because feelings are not like physical things that can be given to anyone), but I honestly cannot cannot cannot stand being a SUSITUDE! Same with everything else. I hate to be substitutes for anyone. I hate being reserve. I hate being the one who's back up. but then again.. Who am I ague? I am not good enough to be in anyone's "BEST FRIENDS" list. I'm always too "serious" or not fun to be with or too crazy and I HAVE AP (Attitude Problem). GAH~ at 5.13am I really must control myself. I still have to take a nap before going out later... so.. I must end here already before I get too "high" and cannot fall asleep..

Who understands.
whatever.. Ciaos~

My favourite stall.

Yoke Kuai Roasted..

They used to operate at Bukit Merah Central (opposite the multistory carpark, near the bus interchange) many years back.. If you want to know why they moved, ask the owners when they are free (eg. not lunch time/dinner time).

Now they operate at Telok Blangah Drive Blk 65 (off on Mondays).

They have the cheapest food (of all the stalls I've been to, not including ite/sec school canteens), and even though their standards did dropped a tiny bit, they easily still serve the best roasted pork and duck rice! You know the type of roasted pork with skin that makes crunchy sounds when you chew on it? Totally awesome! next time I'll record the sound. oh and those yummy sweet-&-spicy BBQ chicken wings! Literally finger licking good!

That's all for now folks~

Ps: Anyone know when will Zhong Ji Yi Jia be released in VCD? I can't wait to watch all the funny scenes lah..

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

interesting photo

I saw this somewhere and decide it's funny enough to be posted here. =)
Pity, I forgot where I got it from..

Will be gone for a few hours~
got to help out downstairs..
dad's having a rather bad cough..

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

more food..

Yesterday's breakfast. Carrot Cake.

Yesterday's green tea.

Today's lunch. Fried Rice.

What's new?

Added at 5am in the morning...

Monday, March 26, 2007

too free ah.

Taxi stands for 2 empty taxis. Where ares the driver?

So I just realised I'm super free.
I've been playing so much maplestory that I'm almost sick of it. or maybe I already am.
I update my blog everyday because I've nothing better to do! OMG..
now I can't sleep because I kept couging. It sucks to be ill.

Maybe I should add something to my blog...

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Went PS to catch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle just now.. or rather, yesterday morning.

The Funny one.

The Smart one.

The Leader.

The one who needs anger management class. :P

Maybe I've "grown up", or maybe it's the overused storyline. I actually prefer Mr Bean's Holiday! =)

Saturday dinner at Vivocity.

After watching Mr Bean at Cathay, Mike and I went to Vivocity to have our dinner.

We decide to settle for this mini-cafe-like stall with a florist inside???

We ordered 2 sets dinner which were supposed to come with a drink, a soup-of-the-day and a desert. After ordering, they say that we'll have to pay an extra $2plus for the soup and drinks, we were okay with it, since it's only $2++ and I was too hungry to move. It was 8pm and the shop was quite empty.

When we enter the shop, the menu showing outside was "SET LUNCH", inside I saw this "SET DINNER" board. diaoz..

Waited for 11mins before our soups came.. I hate this soup! After an hour or so, I had indigestion, tummy ache, and had to run for toilet. stupid soup.

We saw them serving those who came later than us, gave them their soups and drinks and yet no drinks for me. Yes. no drinks!!! I'm like so thirsty and hungry lah.. So after waiting and watching them serve others first for like 19mins, we decide to eat else where. Darling doesn't mind paying for the set meal we never saw, it's not like we can't afford it. But I just couldn't sit and wait any longer! I hate being made to wait and see others coming later, yet being served like they are Kings & Queens. In the end, the lady whom I assumed is the boss, didn't dare to charge us anything.

I walked around in vivo with darling with my tummy-full-of-fire “一肚子的火”. Then suddenly I had a really bad tummy ache which caused me to run for toilet. -.-

At 9plus, we decide to have our dinner at this Thai nude nudle cafe.

The paper menu..

Hospitality with a heart. -Something rare in Singapore.

Drinks came first, Thai Tea for both of us (I didn't' know that Tea = tea with milk.) I don't like tea with milk..
can u see a sad face in the drink? (look at the ice.)

Darling's rice was served within 5mins of our orders. =)

My noodles came right after darling's food.

I'm a happy little chick. chippy chip.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Essential Brew

I know many restaurants and eating places have their own websites.. but having a blog???

Essential Brew is definitely the first I've heard.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

MIA (18th-21st) March 2007.

On 18th March:
After having breakfast with darling, I went back home to pack my stuffs for Ber's Chalet. In a rush, I ate 1 and a half, fried chicken wings at home before meeting Ber at Orchard Mrt.

Doesn't look like her hor?

We went down to Ang Mo Kio to meet Shan Qi & Franz to buy the BBQ stuffs. Then go back to her place to have steamboat as dinner! woots~ =)

At Ber's place.. after marinating the chicken wings [to save cost, we marinated them our-self. & I didn't even tasted 1. =( ] , Ber heard babies crying.. she looked out of the window, and saw...

2 cats communicating! (I tried to take some photos, none of them were clear. -.-)

Before I slept, I had a really bad sore throat, then followed by a slight flu. I remember telling myself, "Must be the fried Chicken Wings!!!" before falling asleep...

On 19th March:
Ber and I woke up quite late. We went to AMK central to buy some toiletries and breakfast/lunch. I was starving.. maybe due lack of sleep. We met Shan Qi & Franz at ard 1+ to cab down to Downtown East...

Even though I didn't feel well, I wanted to go play at Wild Wild Wet. I never got to play there the past few chalets because of periods. -.-

Ber & I, still dry..

It's really fun! Next time, I'll wear swimming costume.. Then can play more stuffs! =) It's a pity, we had to go back to start fire for BBQ.. I was having so much fun there...

The wet sisters forgot their towels. -.-


First, you'll need to start fire.. The bigger, the better of cause.

When it's ready, you can "pengz" marshmallows..
*I know I look super chunky*

The cooks at work.

I rushed into the room to catch 大东 on TV. Look, I'm so happy. =)

Class gathering, of cause must have photo!!! (1/3 of the class.)
*& I know I look sleepy-eyed.*

Me, Ber, Shan Qi & Serene.

Me, Ber, Franz, Shan Qi & Serene. (don't know why serene same pose^^)

Me on the cho-cho-train. lols. I looked like I'm a madwomen.

I learn one new game in the chalet. that is...

My first MJ win. =)

19th past rather quickly.
Instead of sleeping, we talked through the night and I totally enjoyed all of their company. Especially, how all of them took care of me when I was really very ill. Like how Mandy, Wilson, XinYing & PuiZhi went out in the middle of the night to buy me inhaler, tissues & medications & gave me warm water to make me feel better.

Normally when I'm running a fever, I take panadol and it'll go down, somehow, the panadols didn't work that night.. Really thank them a lot. I probably had to go to some hospital if there's no flu medications. My temperature was going up and down and I don't know why. 1 moment I feel super hot, next moment I feel like I'm freezing.


So 19th passed, come 20th morning, those who have not gone home, went to have breakfast at Macs. I was feeling crappy, so end up only had a few mouthful of ice milo. Some left and I went back to the room to rest. I finally slept with the help of the inhaler. Woke up once to find Ber, Huishan & JS to go off den I dose off and wake up again when ShanQi woke up. Ber came back in the noon with loads of BBQ stuffs, alone. Wished I was there to help her carry things back..

20th afternoon, Ber, ShanQi, Franz & I, went to play pool and arcade. Played awhile, then walked back cause we're tired. Bought lunch on our way. I had subway with Ber, ShanQi & Franz had KFC.

20th night, Ber's friends came over. They seem kinda unfriendly but I dun really want to say much lah, cause it's Ber's chalet mah... Later on, Ber says they are like that one. -.-

20th late night.
Because of the rain, Ber, Franz, ShanQi & I couldn't go anywhere else. We stayed in the room to eat cup noodles. (I was super hungry.) We played MJ all the way!!! and laugh non stop until 3am. Then we packed our stuffs before falling asleep at ard 5am.

21st Morning, we finally booked out! so happy man!!!

This is the caution sign that "talks".

All Shell Breaks Loose. lols.

BYE Downtown East~

We cabbed to AMK to sing K-Box. I was already voice-less, but I joined in the fun since they do serve food for K-lunch...

Super blur photo of us. lols.

I like this photo of us waiting outside X-Box K-Box.

Food and drinks...

My food!!! (It's the first time I had warm food & served early in K-Box! I can't tell you how happy I was.. =))

These lights in the room were changing non-stop. Don't they get tired???

On my way back, I bought these face powder!

It's a new product. I hope it'll be as good as the Ponds on I'm using now, since I can't find the Ponds on anywhere already. :'(

I spent 2+hrs updating this post just for you all, must love me k..

MSN nick:
生病但很快乐,谢谢你们的体谅,关心与照顾, (Mandy,Xinying,Wilson,PuiZhi,Ber,Shanqi,Franz,Serene ++++) 爱你们哦~