Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I forgot what I wanna blog about lah..

after bathing, I forgot what I wanted to blog about liao. :(

Why am I feeling hungry again? :(

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

late for 2mins for 3days and I have to do "redemption" for 3hours. :(

Stayed after school for 3hours to redeem for my late-coming.
Went to Junction8 after the "redemption" with those in co-op.

Went to Yamaha? or whatever that place is call...
I saw them play the piano. Somehow I wished that I wasn't that much of a music idiot.
As much as I love music, I hate to admit that I'm really not muscially inclined.

Everyone there could sing!!
I would really wished that one day, I would be able to sing loud and nice for my friends too. wahaha...
Yes, for those who still doesn't know,
I love to sing. but I'm aware of how stupid I sound when I sing. (I tape myself sometimes you know..)

anyway, I'm happy just to hear ppl practise. :p

Monday, November 28, 2005

I know I know.

I know there will be people "gossipping"
why Christina like that one..
got bf le still got crush, got this got that.


Whatever you think lah.

Today it's Mike & me's 16th Monthniversary. :)

HAPPY 16th Monthniversary darling! :)

Love is in the air...

Saw one of my classmate's bf today. quite nice looking chap.
& my bf's cousin's neoprint of her & her bf on her msn display pic.

It's getting a little frustrating...
I want a new boyfriend also can? lolz...

Everything seems to be going fine for everyone else except me.
and this feels sucky.


someone remind. me.
How would you know if your partner is the "right-one".

I'm someone easily influenced.
and I hate that.

I miss my bf.. but he has lots of work to do.
Soon, he'll start studying le.
& I also dun really have a lot of time left for him.
(stupid time-table)

Alright. I have no mood to blog today lah. blog again soon loh. see yah.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

fwd: Palm Pilot and DVD Writer

Dear all,

A friend of mine is selling a Palm Pilot and DVD writer that are both in
really good condition if you know of anyone who is interested.

Palm Pilot (Warranty Unfilled) $ 50
DVD Writer (Warranty Unfilled) $ 50

Attached are a couple of photos to show what condition they're in, let me
know if you want more info or photos.
Please send it to anyone else who may be interested, thanks for the help!


Racial Harmony Amazing Race @ South East 2005

It sucks big time!

No joke.

The whole event is totally screwed up!

The only thing that tries to "redeem" it, it's the shirt.
I mean.. take a look at it...

The print is kind of nice... :)

First they gave us wrong timings.
Den they wasted many many many hours before the game starts.
& they got 2 MCs who were pretty much reading points from a piece of paper and totally not interacting well with the "participants".
Den didn't inform us earlier about the routes to take. & where can we eat.

We didn't eat until 4+!!! when all 8 of us nearly fainted le!
Crap. Crap! Crap!

They make us go to and fro. to the east den back to south. den east. den south. den east... ON bus! do they even know amazing race is not about taking the same bus to and fro????
AMAZING RACE is about the GAMES! the activities that would require us to team well. activities that require us to make use of each others talents and cover each others asses.
alright.. maybe not covering the asses.

If you went for the "game"... Tell me that you liked it. that you enjoyed it. that you had fun waiting for bus and feel bus sick. Tell me you love the sun. the weird activities which could be completed in less than 30sec by anyone..

Will update photos of the 8 of us when I get the pics from them.. :)

Saturday, November 26, 2005

every month without fail, I complain about periods.

Let's take a look...

I hate periods. I dread them. Everytime when it comes it
brings with it lots of problems.. and i hate it.. with my bad temper.. period
makes me feel really lonely at times.. i just dread periods.. Dread periods..
dread periods.. Dread Periods.. DREAD PERIODS, DreadPeriods..

I hate periods.You see me whine every single month
about how much I hate periods.This month. Mayb I'll whine less. :)
damn. period.
Cramps was terrible today.And my fu*king
house have zero panadol again!!!
In terrible mood. Mainly because of my bad tummy.. I was having my period. which totally spoilt all my plans for my short "vacation". :(

just came back from my vacation...

I packed my bag & went off to Downtown east with darling yesterday night.
Slept-over and woke up early to have breakfast at macs.

In terrible mood. Mainly because of my bad tummy..
I was having my period. which totally spoilt all my plans for my short "vacation".

Nearly bored to death and darling refuse to bring me out. :(
I just got home. Skipped BBQ, since I didn't want my mood to ruin the whole thing.
Honestly, I didn't expect my period to come so damn early. :(

There's so many things I want to do. In the end, I did nothing but watch them play. while I try to kid myself that I'm tired & need rest. I didn't eat a single thing since around 8 this morning.
No mood.

Daddy just went out of the house.. It's time I go bathe... den eat.. den think about whether if I want to perm my hair or go for hair treatment only or cut & have hair treatment or just cut only... and den think about how I can make myself to be happy tml and enjoy the game. think think think.

Will update again when I decide loh. :)

Thursday, November 24, 2005

I'm a BAD girl.

Minor changes to my blog. :)
I suddenly have the urge to skip school, come home very early to rest.
well, so I did.
come home after lingering around the campus for a while..

Starting to feel all moody and stuff..
Period must be coming!

More updates when I feel better perhaps?

Singing rocks. :)

I am a flower quickly fading,
Here today and gone tomorrow,
A wave tossed in the ocean (ocean),
A vapor in the wind,
Still You hear me when I'm calling,
Lord, You catch me when I'm falling,
And You've told me who I am..
I am Yours.

I believe that if you sing with emotions and you'll move hearts.
Although I have not found my real voice. I will continue to search for it till I get it right.
& of cause.. I'll practise my breathing when I'm bored. :p

Who am I?

Mr Sim "play" a game today with us for PIE.
Asked us to think of the most special person in class.
then ask us to look in a box.
I knew there was a mirror.
Seen that "trick" somewhere before...
That's for PIE.

den we play a bit too in biz com class.
I'm glad I did make some correct "predictions"...
though my group didn't win.. :(

Today, I found a couple more things that could disturb me.
1)When my idea gets "stolen".
2)When people has some misunderstanding about me.
3)When people doesn't trust me.

I've been through it all in 2 days.
& I'm so sick.

Recently, I read up news of the 3rd Singapore racist blogger.
I was wondering.. is it only Chinese blogger are racist?
Other races doesn't hate Chinese is it? :p
(Just an opinion hor..)

Rmb there was this chubby Muslim prefect in my primary school that everyone loves. & She's so smart & nice that I was inspired to get a Muslim boyfriend. :) She's really nice. I think she went oversea. :(
I always thought those people making rude remarks about people of other races are unreasonably bad. Esp when they (victims-other race ppl) didn't do anything wrong in the first place.

Slowly.. as I grow up... I was beginning to wonder...
Why I only heard about Chinese people getting caught for being rude. Is it because Chinese are uncultured, ill-mannered people?
Sometime back, I was misunderstood as a racist. Someone who only cares for her own race ppl and doesn't mind hurting people of another race.
I got really upset of coz... and those ppl who thinks I'm a racist are ppl from another race lah... I really felt very very sad. The more so, since I was pretty much a loner kind of person. & I treated them as FRIENDS.
They see me as enemy!
I'm devastated.

I still am btw...
Alright.. My ex was a mix blood peranakan. I used to have a crush on this Indian Boy & this Chinese Muslim girl in primary school. What? I duno how else to show I'm innocent. :(
And I still think I did not do anything wrong. :(

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

(Wei Ting) Sharon's 17th Birthday today! [250th Post]

This is my 250th Post. :)

I feel very "busy" today.
Have been bothered by many many things today. thus, making me feel really uncomfortable.
From the time I woke up till I see boi boi.
Whole string of "emergencies" awaits me.
Many misunderstanding, & I do have many decisions which I regretted. :p
I hope all is fine.

Ting's birthday today. Hope she did enjoy herself.
Honestly, I don't really know if she love the presents. hope she does.


I also gave darling, his 16th Monthiversary, Christmas & Valentines day presents. Very EARLY hor?
hee... I kiasu mah. :p
I hope darling happy with his gifts...
(I know darling loves anything I give him.. So it's so easy to buy things for him..)

For my own presents, I have great ideas in mind.. heh heh..

This is all for my 250th post.
I know it's short and you are freaking angry that you dun understand what I mumbling about.
Just take it that this 250th post is crap. okay?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

moi Christmas present for me. :)

The bag I dun dare to use..

It's the most expensive bag I have.
and I dun even dare to use it...
cause I dun want to dirty it..

Bought these to "pamper" myself..

want to look pretty pretty. heh.

next post: Christmas present for me. by me.

Shopping also known as retail therapy. Is something not for poor people like me.
Though, I would say, I'm very happy today even with the bad weather.

I finally really get to really shop my hearts out.
After school, went to Junction8.
I walk "through" there everyday before & after school.
but I dun buy my stuffs there.

I spend ard $247.50.
A hell lot of money to me.
It's my pocket money for 1month = 20 scholling days (+ transport).
(no school = no money)

No more shopping (even online) until End of April.

Tml going to Ting's bday celebration at Heeren Marche restaurant.
I dun think I'll eat anything. Can't afford lah.. the pervious time I was there, I think I only ate fish. :p

Now I'm wrapping presents.
So difficult. :(

Will update on what's my Christmas present for myself. :)
I'm trying to keep Darling's present a sercet from him.. Duno how long can I keep it.. heh. :p

Monday, November 21, 2005

New New New... And everything's bad bad bad.

New semester, new teachers, new modules, new time-table, new "class".. I'm drowning in laziness. & starting to feel helpless.

The new stuffs that's in school sucks big time.
alright, maybe I'm still in the holidays mood.
Lets just hope I'll get the hang of stuffs and start to love going to school sson..

Who am I kidding?
Love going to school?


Now, I'm looking forward to finding a new school bag that I can love.
(I'm very very fussy about a good bag. so if you wanna buy presents for me, scrap any idea that I'll like the bag you choose. Coz I'm the world's most fussy princess!)

Saturday, November 19, 2005

So full, I'm going to die.

Went to eat macs with darling before the wedding dinner.
Ate $19+++ almost $20 worth of macs.

We walked ard, bought his charlie & the chocolate factory DVD so he can watch it.
Buy stuffs from guardian.
Mike paid for the 郭美美 Jocie: 不怕不怕 CD & a Winnie-the-Pooh VCD for me.
I think the CD is sucky. I didn't know that it's only 1 song! & it cost $9.90 leh...

Cause we're both quite full, the dinner was siao.
I was practically stuffing food into my mouth.
ESP the prawns & NODDLES!!!!
It's not like the food were very nice or what. I'm just swallowing the food to make my granddad & uncle "happy". sigh... sadist sia..*pukes*

Alright, I'm going to take some rest..
My tummy's suffered too much..
see yah~

Friday, November 18, 2005

Not knowing how should I feel. (Friendship)

She called me.
That girl who made me upset the day before my exam called me.

We talked a little. "exchanged" a little bit of information. Nope. No crying, no fights. Just feel weird. I even gave up my tv programe for her. (actually, the TV show was starting to bore me. :P)
So yeah.. Even after we put down the phone, I still do not know what to say.. We were at loggerheads remember?
It's cool. it's cool.
I haven been talking on the phone with female beings for long time.
That's all for now I guess.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I can't help but feel like a stalker.

I check out some ppl's blog so often, I really do feel like I'm a stalker.

Esp, when I "confess" to one of the Mok bros that I am a stalker. wahaha..
It's crap really. Crap. I hope he's not scared away by me.
By all erm.. ways and means, I'm way below their standard.
They got 11A1s for O levels and taking French.. *opps*
Cannot say too much.. :p

Blogs I check out very very often: (2-10X in a day)
Mr huge coconuts KennySia
Singapore's Blog Queen XiaXue
& simply uglyfatchick.

Blogs I check out regularly: (1-2X a day.)
My exclassmates, My next Singapore top model: Joeann
Techno loving lamer I care Luke
My lovely princess Jolyn
Fruitilicious classmate Felica
Webothlovejapanesecuteguys Hik
I secertly admire hun
Uglyfatchick loves to sing
Mok bros esp rui. :p

The rest of the blogs, they do not blog often, so I only check out like 2-3X a week. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Everyone got back your results yet?

I'm not quite sure if I should be happy with my results.
Who doesn't want GPA of 4? Who doesn't want all As?

My GPA is 3.625.
B - Busniess Fundamentals
A - Accounting Fundamentals
A - Office Applications.

I know I know.. I can hear murmurs all ard me..
But SHE didn't STUDY!!!
SHE was emotionally unfit the day before!
& SHE was playing games online everyday before exams.
And SHE only brothered to look at her text that morning.

Hmmm.. But.. But..
It's NOT enough reasons for me to be happy with my GPA 3.625.

All these aside...
Something's wrong with my body.
I'm sick with all the headache.
& my face suddenly got pimple scar leh..
I think I look so crap now. how? :(

Charity? (Part 2)

Instead of students doing these embarrassing flags days.
(When rejected by people, students embarrasses. When no coins to donate, people embarrassed.. see? flag days ARE embarrassing. :))
Get them to "work" their talents individually!

Students who love art/design.
They can design bags, shoes, clothes, accessories, product packaging, even adverts... anything they like. School will find local stores that are willing to buy some of your student's designs. They will collect the designs for different stuffs & sell to the different local store. :) All funds donated to a certain charity. Charity done, students get to show their talents.
(art teachers may stay away. :p ) Fun? no?

Students who are into music/dance/drama.
Write compositions, plays and choreograph. (no teachers pressure again please!)
Ask the kind souls of esplanade and stuffs to "donate" the free area for use. For just one or two night or day in a year, students put up a "free" performance.
Of cause, put donation boxes at the sides for people to put money in.

Students who can run!
School approach local stores to ask them for help.
Long distance runners (students) will don on a shirt with the store's brand name on it & run a marathon around Singapore.
This is best for JC students are it's quite dangerous for younger students to run on the road/street.

Do up nice interesting websites for local small biz who doesn't have a website yet. Charge a small fee which would be donated to charity.

Brade hair/paint nails/do facial mask/makeover/whatever.
Just for a day, 1hour each student. attachment with any local beauty erm.. counter? let people pay any amount they want for your whatever beauty service.

Doctors wannabe?
Doctors wanna be, can help out at the local clinic, helping the "nurse" (be doctor's assistance's assistance) to erm find medicines or clean up, for a day.

Lawyers wannabe?
Those interested to be lawyers can help out at any firm that needs help to do some paper work for a day. :)

Inventor? Scientist?
Go crack your brain on how to create food supply that can make one full for 2 days 2 nights after eating so the poor ppl in other countries that need food can be full for longer periods of time.
Or you can come up with a material that is cheap and very good for both the cold & hot weather.
Or can come up with special ideas and you can sell it to local store (for a lot of money!!!)

Still got many ideas lah. but I'm very tired le. Singaporeans MUST be creative mah.
so you all own self go think lah. :)

Charity? (part 1)

A topic that has been talked about over & over & over until people ignore it already.

I saw a tiny bit of an Red Cross advert while checking my email on yahoo.

They played up a little on the guilty factor to make ppl donate.
Telling us how many children are homeless (No shelter).
How many people have no food to eat.
Winter is coming and they have no clothes, shelter & food.
Which reminds me..
That IS charity. playing up the guilty factor. so ppl will donate to help or relief the poor.

& the whole NFK saga did a hip-hop dance in my mind.
Actually, I only thought about those "stunts" local "celeb" do on TV shows asking ppl to donate.
& I thought of the things companies "donate" to let ppl win from donating.
Is that all necessary?
Do other countries do that too?
If they don't, are they going to laugh at us, Singaporean as cold-blooded asses who only wants a condo & car with a few $5 calls? and not doing charity as charity?

For many years, it worked.
I mean using the whole stage, play, ppl donate to win stuffs.
Ppl are reconsidering who they are really donating to.
Even the poor students doing flag day (in exchange for CIP hours) get scolded for nothing. & In my opinion flag days are irritating! To both the person who sells & the person who buys. It shows that Singaporeans are so erm.. robot like. not creative at all..

The whole point of this entry is to trying to say that Singapore should get more creative lah!
I have my suggestions in part 2. continue if you're not bored by now.

10 + 1 boring things you don't know about me.

Just for fun.. (I can't sleep). [blogged on 16Nov05 at 4.15AM]

Fact 1:
My boyfriend is 8years, 2 months & 2 days older than me.
& I'm 8years, 2 months & 2 days younger than him. duh~

Fact 2:
I used to use a sleeping bag as my blankie (blanket) & I love it lots. den I relunctantly gave it to my brother for his school camp & darling bought me a new one that I'm using as my blankie now. :)

Fact 3:
I have 3 younger brothers who are 7, 8 & 9 years younger than me. So now, I'm 17. They are only 8 (pri2), 9 (pri3) & 10 (pri4) years old.

Fact 4:
I am only 1.47m which is 4 10". (I'm shorter than anyone I know. Even my brothers are catching up.) No shit.

Fact 5:
I am overweight. Because of my height, my weight is considered as very heavy. Ask darling.. He has problems carrying me for long. & I hate it when he grunts while trying to carry me.
(Women tend to imagine their ideal weight is unrealistically low, so they diet unnecessarily. Men tend to allow their ideal weight to be higher than medically recommended. Men and Women should learn from each other.)

Fact 6:
I prefer white wine to red. Darling prefer the latter.
& I'm a meat lover. I love beef, duck, chicken, salmon fish, pork ...
But I love my veges too.. I love tomatoes, potatoes, salads, carrots.. all those crunchy veges. :)

Fact 7:
I'm a introvert with ambition. An intuitive person who dreams big. Someone who always tries to make others happy. Like sharing the blessings that come my way.
Also a realist & floater. These "results" are obtained after a test from CLEO Singapore November2005 issue, page 78-83.

Fact 8:
I love girls too. Self proclaim Bi.
Hey hey.. I only like certain types of girls.. Like Jo & Lina. (Lina is someone special to me. Last time that is..)

Fact 9:
I love competition! Which means, I also love contest, examinations & sports.

Fact 10:
(Maybe because of my sensitive nose.) I'm drawn to my men by their scent. Mike has a scent. (not smell. not B.O). ditto Matt. Even if they sweat a lot, they still smell "nice" to me. BUT! if the mouth stinks, aka bad breathe, I hate it. I have bad breathe too. that's why I seldom talk. :p I know I have bad breath, and I give all credit to those rotting molars of mine. But I'm glad the smell ain't that bad no more. ever since after the $900 dental. crap.

Fact 11: (extra)
I'm very stingy.
& My EQ = 0.
I hate myself for being stingy. for making mistakes. for being me. I hate myself being an introvert. I hate myself for having zero EQ. Hate that I'm raided with problems since young. Premature born yellow & neck is slanted to one side. Reach primary school, Aunty Diana tells parents I have Slight Dyslexia (learning disability) (I cannot read, write properly), She also say I might have slight autism 自闭症. Slight asthma which went away after abit of medication. I'm not sure about this.. but I think I have slight ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) too.
So problematic right? and, got depression recently. A bit of everything, and yes, I'm a siao za bo. (only I can call myself that).

So here are 10 + 1 boring facts about me that I do not think you know and will never be intrested in. If you're suddenly out of stuff to write on your blog for your friends to read, try this! They will know about you, and you get to learn more about yourself.

First time in my life, I plan ahead.

I'm meeting Cat on Monday.
Going to CCAB with her.
She's playing a match. I'm watching a match.
Can't wait! Even though I wouldn't be able to catch my favourite 9pm show.
(I didn't catch it yesterday too, coz I fell asleep an hour before. crap.)
It's been far too long since I get to watch a match.
Maybe ask Jo or darling to come over too. Don't wanna feel too alone while waiting for Cat. :p

Cat's going oversea. Again.
I'll miss her. Rmb, we were quite close for a short while den we erm have no time for each other lah.... now we're quite alright with each other.. Because of O levels... strange? haha..
I duno when will I see her again. I've her number, she has mine. Lets just hope we'll meet every time she has a game... :) Be her personal cheerleader!

Anyway, today's paper was crap. So much stuffs I revised, never came out... those I barely looked through, came out...
I thought I'll be sad.. but NO shit. I was actually very relieved after the paper.
Even went shopping for my brother's Christmas present & stuffs for myself. :)
& I wanna thank Cat for calling me. even though I didn't know she did, but I appreciate it very much.. :) She's such a sweet right? :)

tml, last paper & getting back results. I'm nervous. & I'm meeting Ting! so many plans.. haha. :)
update later about 10 facts about me. ;)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I'll be so packed up for the next 3-4 days

Will be doing my Account paper 2 later at 2pm.

Tomorrow (17th November)
It's Accounts paper 1 at 2pm
Before that, I'll have to check online for my ITE exam results.
After the paper, maybe in the evening, will meet Ting.. I only tell her I'm meeting her. Didn't mention about the presents yet. Hope she dun back out last min loh..

The next next day (18th November)
Need to attend my youngest brother's prize presentation thingy. He got Top3 in class.
His school must be damn rich to give presents for these little things.. I got Top in Primary school, also no one give me anything. Not even a hug okay. :(
but then again. His school only have got like a few classes only? My Primary school has double the number of class. :)
After I return home, I'll need to do something about my look.
face, hair, fats, nails..

19th November I'll be going to this distant relative's wedding dinner with my boyfriend, in my uncle's car van, representing my parents.. (they need to work..)
& I DO NOT even know these distant relatives..
What more my bf!!! He'll be so lost there loh.. yeah.. so there will be 2 lost souls there..
I MUST look good..
Cause, My grandma is there.. and I hate her. double crap.
The distant relative is my grandma's sister's duno who.
& I haven even seen the wedding invitation yet leh..

Alright.. I got a confession to make.
I have not revise my Accounts yet..
Shhhh.... dun tell darling hor.. if not.. he'll be angry & use his cane on me. *meow*

Dear Santa..

I have been a really nice girl all year round.
I haven been naughty.
I'm not crying.
I'm not pouting.
So please Santa..

all I want for this Christmas is...

These hot ribbon-laced boots. For me to wear at home.

And these sweet satin ballerina espadrilles for me to shop with comfort.

using the US $2million you are giving me. :)

Alright.. maybe not.

I think I'll settle for a plate of salmon fish anytime. :)

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Contacts or glasses.

Anyone bought these?
They last for a year.

I wanted to try it out but I would have to pay double because both my eyes are of different degrees.. -4.00 & -2.75
It's stupid I tell you. (both eyes different degrees I mean.)

I've only left with 3 months supply of contacts..
1 month daily contacts
1 month Enchanting Brown &
1 month Hippie Chestnut.

This reminds me.. remember I told ya that I wore Hazel contacts?
I dun think anyone did, but yeah.. it's actually hippie chestnut not warm hazel.

Darling just reminded me that Christmas is comming! oh man..

I'm so broke, how to get presents???

Alright, not to digress.
I'm at a lost here...
Should I get contacts for next year or change my glasses?
(both also need to save $$$)
I'm not very good at caring for my eyes lah.
Use contacts, always afraid that I didn't clean my contacts properly, sometimes my eyes dry easily & I'm lazy to put on every morning & take off before sleeping..
For glasses, after changing so many different pairs thoughout the pass 10years, none seems to really fit me.
How? friends? Anyone?
What should I do?

Saturday, November 12, 2005

sex, spending money & movie just like heaven.

The whole "morning" was fun fun fun all the way.
& I need to start running soon. I'm gaining weight like nobody's business.
Pastamania's pasta is so damn filling lah.

Once in a month crazy shopping at PS today.
I bought fake nails. they're really cool. but school's starting soon leh..
Also bought these Korean face masks thingy. $1 one pack from sasa. Gotta try them out.. den let you all know how's it okay? :)

It's been quite a while since I watch movie. the tix for weekends are priced at $9.50 and there are still so many ppl watching! grr..

Just like heaven.
It's quite ordinary. though I cry until my whole face so red.
I knew from the first 10mins how the story would go. but I still cry.. wish no one saw my ugly red face.

A Doctor who has no life (spend 26 hours non-stop at work) was supposed to meet a landscape designer who also has no life since his wife died (I didn't catch how she died).
They didn't get to meet until 3 months later, when he moved into her house.
Favourite scene was him tricking her to come out by telling her that he's going to put a mug on her table without using a coaster.

There are some funny bits lah. The one I totally adore is when he fainted after saving someones life because of that tiny bit of blood on his hand. Damn cute. Cause he was saying stuffs like he's so happy that it's the first time in his whole life that he save someones life.. den the next thing he notice a little bit of blood on his hand, he asked her what's it, and he fainted.

The whole thing is fate.
From him moving in to well, many other stuffs.
but I was wondering how come the little niece could see her & didn't tell her mum about it.
Thinking back, I could cry all over again.
Warning: Not for those emo freaks like me.

Btw, anyone know of remedies to cure hick-ups & erm too much air in tummy?
(I'm always bloated because of the air stuck in my tummy refusing to come out.)
yeah.. and erm.. constipation maybe..

Thursday, November 10, 2005

If I wasn't afraid of pain & had the money, I would have gone for plastic surgery.

All my life, I've been short ugly and fat.
Wonder how does i feels like to be tall, slim & pretty.

I have a secret dream.
That is to wait till XX is old and becomes the blog queen. & I can be the princess. wahahahaha.

I dun want to be blog princess. I want to be Jay's mistress. hee..

hottest blogger.

New link: Hottest Blogger

All the hype about clapbangkiss, got lots of ppl checking the above mention site out.^^
Dawn is pretty.
I wonder if I go overseas to study for a couple of years, will I return like that too? *grins*

If I return like that, must submit me okay?
Btw, I'm not going to go overseas to study lah.. No money. ($$$)

& I really do wonder if there is a ugliest blogger site.
Maybe I've already been vote as the ugliest blogger of the year already!
woo hoo.

Those lightnings outside my window are damn scary.
A thunderstorm is approaching.
But like not going to rain. just lots of thunder.
I hate lightnings leh.. :(

10mins of maths & I lose concentration.

I'm looking through last year's paper.

grr.. 2.5 hours in the hall. I think I'll faint.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Did not go for geo.

I thought about this issue for the longest time (1min).
and decide to drop the whole subject with an excuse that I refuse to have a F9 in my report paper. or whatever that is..

Geo is a wonderful subject.
No doubt I can pass even without looking at the book for 1+year..
but What I want is not a pass.
I want my confidence back.

Four 25marks questions, I can only stare at them, trying to rmb what Sng once taught us.
doesn't that shows how stupid I have been?
I knew the answer to all the questions.
I even knew where I can find the answer.
but I'm just that lazy to study.
No no. Lazy is an understatement.
& no, study is the wrong word. It's Revise.

Cat told me yesterday thst she's not going for Geo.
With a tummy upset which really means my tummy is not feeling happy, I went back to sleep after a mug of milo powder with hot water.

Here I am.
I promise told baby that I will revise for Maths paper2 & accounts too.
no more promises from me. I always break them.

17 Nov = last day of O's for me.
& also.. I'll get my results for the 3modules I just finish in Bishan with IQ0504F. :)
Time pass by so damn fast.
After getting the result, it's time to wake up early everyday & hit the new modules in school.
Can't wait to see hoe tough can they be. :)

& damnit.
I miss my classmates so fucking much sia. :)


Tuesday, November 8, 2005

alas, I lost my english tys.

whatever it is.

I'm not giving a damn about my results anymore.
The papers this year are as hard as last year's.. or maybe I really am the only one who feels this way.

If I can pass English or matter of fact, any other subjects, the markers either pities me or God hears my desperate cries for erm.. repent for laziness?

Arh.. I'm not making any sense here. neither for my papers.

Update when I'm feeling better.

nov8. what to study for English?

I slept in the afternoon, so I prepare later.
for English!

I'm super duper tired.
once the upgrading works downstairs ends for the night, I'll make an effort to erm.. look for my last year's English TYS.

My weakness.

I cannot spell for nuts.
Every single word I type here has to go through the tool that checks spellings by Google.
My communicating skills are worse than some primary 2 students.
Writing? I probably can only do a short 250 words compo (notice I didn't use "essay") , no one wants to read.
In short, I suck.

November 9
English paper 1 (1hour 45mins) : Letter writing(52mins) & Essay(52mins).
English paper 2 (1hour40mins) : Comprehension

Help me! :(

Monday, November 7, 2005

Wake up from a 1.5hour nap.

Now in better mood.
Just received the rest of the stuffs I bought lah.
which includes 2 denim skirt. size 1 and size 11.
Wonder why size 1 and size 11?

Size 1 is for me.
Size 11 is for a friend.
I'm not very sure if she'll like me having the total same design skirt as her...
but I do rmb that she was whining the other day about her old denim skirt.
and tata ~ I bought one for her.
hope she likes it though. coz it's quite expensive leh.
and I rarely give presents.

So I've prepared her presents for Birthday & Christmas.
Passing them to her as soon as she have the time to meet me.
As much as I want to see her respond when opening/seeing my presents. Which I last counted had a top, a wrap skirt, 1 denim skirt, 1 pretty petite necklace/earring set and another super nice skirt coming.

I've never bought so much things specially for 1 person. Even my boyfriend only settles for 1 shirt at most. (I usually only buy shirt for my boiboi.)

I'm not even sure if she'll wear them. Coz I seldom see her wear bright colours. oops.
She wanted to look erm.. her age.
and teenagers usually do wear bright colours right?
Aiya.. I just want my friend to be more confident mah.
coz last time (in sec sch) when she dress up, the guys line up from Jurong to Changi Airport to see her one leh.

I got 3 loyal fans = me, myself & I only.

I do hope she'll dress up like she used to..
She's a killer with black top, boot-cut jeans & platform shoes. ;)
I know she doesn't really read my blog. Mayb those ard her, can remind her, she looks beautiful really. Just need to dress up a little. :)
and if you tell her what's she's going to get for her presents, I'll make sure, I'll nvr give you presents. *bleah*

Sunday, November 6, 2005

damn sad lah.

The paper was alright. Can pass only.

I'm sad because I bought this supposedly brand new alloy/trixxi dress and it came with 2 staples through the dress! and the dress states size XL!
I'm fuming mad about it.
When I asked the seller. She gets defensive and cliams that she nvr use staples. and blames the post office. alright. that's okay. but the XL tag? How do I face the world?

I know I'm fat.. but an XL tag..
My family including boyfriend will laugh his head off.
Haiz.. in the end, I told her it's okay.. nvm..
coz it's only $33 mah..
BUT my heart still pain leh..


abit not happy. but also cannot do anything..
I want to sell away the dress also cannot. coz got defect with the tag one.. who wants? Size S but can strech to M also bah..
Mayb I try the dress, If nice on me, I cut the XL tag away.. den no one can laugh at me le. :)


I took 7hours to finish 3/4 of paper 1.
& manage to "study" what I'll forget tomorrow.
How sweet.
I'm not even sure what am I supposed to wear to school tomorrow
No shit! It's later!

This is crap.
My nails are laughing at me, as I punch each letter.
I took off my nail polish yesterday, in case I forgot.

Just picked out a simple tee & jeans for tomorrow LATER. hope it's alright. Dun want to get kick out of the room. (I'm guessing it'll be held somewhere near the Malay room there.) Actually, I thought of wearing my old school U. but It'll be damn stupid if they mistaken me as some goo goo sec1 going to the wrong classroom. :p

I'm too excited to sleep. But I cannot concentrate anymore. how?
baobei has work later, I cannot wake him up now..
aiyo.. why I'm so worried when I know I cannot even pass leh?
I'm nervous lah! Stop laughing at me can..

Grrr.. save me!

Last 7hours.

I just pack away my work and clear my table...

to prepare to study.


Last min work again?
nah.. it's not last min. it's call last 7 hours CT.
I call this period, my crucial time.
7 hours crucial time before the exams.

7 hours the day before exams, my mind enters into alert mode.
Never heard of this before?
Me either.

Anyway, I'll start with Maths.
paper 1 is all about speed.
I better go memorize all the weird stuffs.
see yah.

Paper 1 got what topic arh?

Saturday, November 5, 2005

One week of crazyness.

I spent almost the whole week with Mike.
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

He's going back to work..
& me?

I have my O's to worry about.
I really dun intend to touch any books.
but at the rate of me stressing up..
I'll be due for another appointment with Dr Fung & ms Poh even before O level ends..


for those who want to mock me..





7 November


Mathematics paper 1

Haven study. Gone case.

9 November



English paper 1

English paper 2

Don’t know how to study.

10 November


Geography paper 2

Last year left 1or2 question, this year full blank paper.

11 November


Mathematics paper 2

Ditto Geography paper..

16 November



Geography paper 1

Accounts paper 2

If I study in the 4days, maybe still got chance to pass one of the paper.

17 November


Accounts paper 1


Death day= tomorrow.

and I'm not very glad about it.

Come on.. I have the Mok brothers staying in the same block, same floor as me.. If I dared to.. I would have went up to either one of them to ask them to tutor me. Though they are always together one..

But they are so busy. In JC leh. den their whole family like hate me to bits like that.. I where got dare to talk to them.. (pardon my bad English, cannot help it..)

To admit, they look pretty cute holding tennis racket. *giggles* Can't help but fantasize.. Same age, same school once.. why dun they talk to me? :p

I hate them for being so smart. But I like their shy shy good boy image. Feel like walking up to one of them *muackz* haha. see their reaction. (How do shy boys react to ugly girl kissing them on the cheek?) oh yeah, till now, I still cannot differentiate the both of them. :p

Super leh.

I'm getting lamer. think I'm really over-stressed.

Don't think they will ever read this.. but if they do.

Mr Mok & Mr Mok. can teach me how to study a not? I only left with 12hours. I welcome you both to my house. Please dun bring your pretty sister. (their sister is damn beautiful, I tell you.) But every time I see her, she looks like she's going to slap me with anything she can get hold one. :p I look that ugly meh? :(

alright. That's enough of crap. I'm going to eat breakfast and think about my future. (Do I even have any that is..)

But well, I dun mean no disrespect to the Mok brothers. I just need their help that's all. But I guess even if they want to help, also cannot do anything. unless they stay over at my house to tutor me all night. *drools*



Thursday, November 3, 2005

present bought. dry hair & should I repierce my ear?

I've paid for the main present for my friend's bday.
Once it's ready, will pack together with the rest of the presents.
Maybe I'll sent to her house by post.
but then again, maybe, I'll get someone to pass to her..
who knows?

I'm such a pain in the ass.
I know.

I've talked to darling about it.
When I mean talk, it means, I yak on, he listens.
:) brilliant? yeah..
Anyway, I might not go to my friend's bday celebration.
the key word is might.

I haven been in great spirits.
could be due to the fact that I'm stressing myself up.
didn't' study for O's. pimples & scars pop out from nowhere. hair is dry like hay. Black eye bags can put 2 books in. Falling sick again lah.

I gave myself so many excuse to be excused from her celebration.
and yes I know I sound so damn selfish.
I know I know.
not only selfish, but also a idiot who hold "grudges".
whatever.. *throws a bored look*
*turns to stare at you*
This is my blog, I can whine all I like k.

reasons why I do not feel like going:
1) Almost everyone there are guys. (some of them I know, some I don't, some I hate.)
2) I cannot be too attractive, cannot be too sloppy. She has to be the center of attraction.
3) I'm not sure if I can play truant and not go school on that day just for her.
4) Nobody likes to feel left out. I'm sure I will be.
5) I'm a bitch and I'll only wrack the whole event by being spoilsport. (eg: I cannot drink.)
6) Dun laugh.. I'm too shy to meet so many ppl...

reason why I have to go:
beacuse I'm her friend.

and yet, I'm still hasitating.
I'll think about this when the day nears bah~

oh.. oh..
should I re pierce my ear?
I had 2 holes on the top, now closed liao..
duno if I should go get it done again.. :(

tell me which one's nicer k? :)

*ignore those who says my pjs look stupid.

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Me & Jay Chou's November's Chopin. :)

Bad weather spoils my day.

But then again..

I got Jay Chou's Poster!
heh heh.
@ HMV.

Comes free with Jay's New album. ;)

I think Jay looks good on the MTV.
though he looks so sad, that I wanna cry leh..

I think I promised someone that I'll take photos of me with the album..
so here's it... :)

Princess panda with her favourite artist's album. :)

Honestly, I think I'm looking haggard.
Like some old auntie housewife whom have been stuck at home all the time, no friends, no sex time to relax, stressed out by work & every other family things.
IGNORE my pajamas!!!

& I got no money to buy comb.
If you're nice, you'll buy me one right? :p

I'll show you some colour!

I didn't have enough space to add the word "colour".

I know my face very sexy chio cute, but please do not get distracted by it. and look at my hair instead. thank you. :)