Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Outdoor Shoots. Random.

All photos taken using my 小红(lil red) Sony DSC-T100 camera

The babies.

Half grown.

Nice simple flowers.

If you stare hard enough, you'll spot a yellow bird in this photo. :)

I only took 4 photos and they turn out pretty nice. Must be the sunlight!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Property of Mike


Happy 45th Monthiversary Hubby.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Work, Party, Movie. Tired.

Been busy at work.
Thursday I was busy making calls.
Friday I was kinda lonely.
Saturday was interesting.

As much as I want to, I don't normally blog about what I do when I'm still with the company. If you've been reading my blog you would know that my blog is obviously not very "private", so I don't think it's nice to rant here lah. What if a client or my boss sees it? I don't wanna get into trouble. So well.. to be safe. I seldom blog about work. So if you're here to read about my job. I have to say... I'm not ready yet! *winks*

Rushed down to WQ's son's birthday party on Saturday, after work. Was really really late. Everyone was leaving when hubby and I reach. But I manage to see the cute cute de Birthday Boy! Didn't know what to get for the lil boy, so I gave him a red packet instead. Poor boy was so tired by the time the party ends.

Sunday, made use of the free movie tickets hubby got from his friend, we went to Shaw (Lido) to watch The Forbidden Kingdom. Movie's not too bad but too many pretty girls liao!!! grrrr... I don't like the girls lah. So irritating. Esp the one hubby likes. GRRRR!!!!! Don't want to talk to him already. Bring me to watch him drool at girls. -.-

I got my Isetan Privilege Card today. I know I very boliao, get the card just for the private sale. :p Which reminds me... I registered and paid online for my passion card more than a week ago but haven receive the card leh. damn sians.. So slow one. :(

Walked around FEP (FarEastPlaza) while waiting for ShaXiaoMei to let us know what time to meet for dinner. Got my contact lens solution, protein removal tablets and a bottle of SallyHansen Extra Moisturizing 4-in-1 Nail Treatment from Watsons. Very expensive ah! 3 items $61+++. Sianz.

Out the whole day, am so tired. So told Ber and JS I not going to join them for dinner le.
Decide to cab down with hubby to Great World City to have dinner. My favorite fish-rice bowl no more le. :( Damn sians lah. Ate other stuffs loh. Eat until I super full cause he buy so much food!!! But now I'm hungry again. lol. Hubby says my tummy is never full for long. :p

Bought some sweets, shaving stuffs and pantylinersfemale product from Guardian before cabbing home.

Resting soon.. Hope I can ignore my stupid cravings and go to sleep.. Have to cleanup my room tml later!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Which is sexier? Skinny Vs Voluptuous.

Nonnie post about a poll on her blog and got people commenting that she's insulting skinny people here.

I voted voluptuous.

Because voluptuous sounds really SEXY!
(Although I don't know how to pronounce voluptuous.)

According to this website.
Thesaurus: voluptuous
Suggesting sexuality: sensual, sexual, sexy, suggestive.

Antonyms: voluptuous
Definition: well-developed, erotic
Antonyms: flat, underdeveloped

I don't know. Maybe if she put something like slim instead of skinny and chubby instead of voluptuous, the results wouldn't be so erm.. extreme?

I don't mind being slim but I don't wanna be skinny.
I don't mind being voluptuous but I don't want to be chubby and "underdeveloped".

Skinny is like all bones, flat and no figure.
Slim still can have boobs. :p
Chubby is just more meat here and there but maybe no figure.
Fat is like the tyre man? What's his name?

So which is SEXIER?
Skinny or Voluptuous?
Slim or Chubby?

By the way people, if you haven vote for Ms Nonnie, do it now!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

RIP : Loi Loi

It's been 1 week since you're gone.
I still can't really accept it.
I still cry whenever I think of you.
Like right now.
Some people might say I'm silly.
That you weren't even mine.
But I'll still miss you.

You're so adorable. Little ball of white fur with really loud barks.

Always so active and so playful..

Always so curious about everything.

Always targeting our food!

I miss you girl. :(

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How to celebrate birthday?

Time of the year again.
I'm supposed to be really happy but I don't really feel so leh.. how??

Everyone's been asking me how I'm going to spend that special day.
My answer?

With WORK.
Working on Fri and Sat, really hope I'll have an enjoyable day when I finally rest on my off-day. *cross fingers*

Same time last year MOS send me this. I received it again this year lah.
Just thinking if I should ask any kind souls to chip in so I can have mini party at MOS.
Then again I don't normally drink/dance much, so what's the point. Plus I like to take photos, inside so dark, very hard to take photos one loh..

Then I received this from CDM.

Yeah! They remember my birthday! :p

Looks like a pretty good deal at SGD300++.
But I don't really know what to wear there leh.
It's easy to ask 10 person out but to have 10 of my close friends who can drink, attending and not last min run away because of rain or whatsoever reason, is a big problem. I don't have many friends who can drink well and yes, very sad to say I don't know if I even have that many friends to invite lah. :(

Thought of chalet but honestly don't have the funds and time to do so nor.

Hmmm.. Maybe I should not celebrate at all this year and then next year do a big big one! Then everyone will have to bring me big big gifts! muahaha.. see I'm so evil. :p

To save earth and your pockets, uglyfatchick urge all of you:
Please do not buy me soft toys or paper birthday cards, just give me the cash. muahahaha.. okie kidding.. Kidding about the give me cash part. Just wish me will do k. Don't need to give me anything, just wish me and I'm really happy already.

Gawd I sound so fake right? Aiya. ok lah shower me with lots of expensive presents lah. I will like it! Really!! Argh! Do I sound very confused? Am I confusing you? I think I'm hungry and tired, not thinking right.. Then again I seldom use my brain to think.. or do I? LOL. I am LOST!

*brisk walk to kitchen* at 12.10am.
-if I'm not back in 5mins, means I've found food!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I helped my friend play with dolls.

Sunday night-Monday morning a friend asked me to assist her with s school project.

Using Candybar4, I created some dolls for her. She requested the same face feature for all the dolls and all I need to do is to give the dolls different hairstyle and different poses.

The program is really easy to use. I only need to do 10 but ended up doing 22 instead because it's quite fun playing "dress-up" really. hahas. Click here to see all the 22 dolls. :)

When I'm done, my friend commented that one of the dolls, looks like me!

Looks like me? lol.

By the way, I'M NOT REFFERING TO YOU in the previous post lah! Silly kiamchai. -.-

Monday, April 21, 2008


I'm so sad loh!

Saturday hubby came to pick me up from work. I missed him like mad lah.

At night had conference call with ShaXiaoMei and JS. lols. Damn funny lah. We all kept joking and stuffs and disturbed Mike from sleeping. After chatting for a few hours hubby decides to join in also and I put my phone on speaker. lols. 4 of us talked about meeting up on Sunday and as usual, crap a lot lah. hahas. We really talk about anything and everything one loh. so funny lah them.

Sunday went shopping with hubby. Cause I wanna find those stuffs I want mah. Find out the price then can save for it loh. Don't know when will I get my pay also. Either this month end or next month end. Will check with May jie again.

Damn sad about my MAC FAFI powder blush lah.

Why no more??? :(

Hopefully I'll get over it fast. Then I'll get another blusher as cute or even cuter. I need to get new make up! I can't imagine that most of my makeup are like years past their expiry date one loh. -.-

My blusher bought sometime in May05 from John little and I'm still using it!!! Mascara bought sometime in May06 from Missha, all the stuffs from Estee Lauder in Oct06 , Za concealer from watsons in Jan07 and canmake liquid eyeliner in May07. Which explains why I'm always having breakouts these days. Silly me!!! *knockknockknockknock*

Then again, what to do.. I'm not like some "rich" girl who buys expensive makeups and throw them away cause she doesn't have skill to make herself look pretty. There are weird people in this world.

Anyway, lack working attire.. So that's another reason why hubby had to go shopping with me. He choose this super huge top/dress that I thought makes me look like I'm preggy loh. He says never-mind, can buy and keep. -.- Needless to say, I didn't buy lah!

So I just started working and have already spent $95 on 3 tops. -.-

Got to remind myself to keep my spending in check. Later no money to eat then die ah. Especially monthly pay hor.. Don't know if I can last one month anot loh. -.-

加油! 微雅!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

No Visa Priority Queues at Golden Village Vivocity?

I've watched a few movies at Golden Village Vivocity, almost all the tickets are booked online since I don't really like queuing up. The place's a maze but I really really like the gold class. :)

My gold class review: http://uglyfatchick.blogspot.com/2008/04/golden-village-gold-class-vivocity-07.html

The only thing I hate about GV at vivocity is the VISA plat priority queue. The counter is NEVER opened. Hubby and I went there to buy tickets and twice the counter is closed but the queue is opening for queuing. I'm not sure if you get what I'm saying. haiz..

First time, we went there on a weekday night and there weren't many people, in fact that's no one in queue but hubby and I decide to go by the visa priority queue since it's straight and short and not long and curvy like the normal queue.

Another couple went into the normal queue after us. When the counter is free, the girl behind the counter decide to serve the other couple first even though we were there first!! I was really pissed not only because we're in the priority queue and hubby have already taken out the card but because we were there first! If they don't serve that queue, at least seal it up or move it away. We got so pissed we decide to go home and not watch movie that night.

Second time is yesterday afternoon (Sunday).
There was a queue at the normal queue but no queue at the priority queue, so hubby took out his Visa plat card and queued up at the priority queue. Some people queue behind us, which means we weren't the only people in the queue.

They(GV) served a few customers from the normal queue and after waiting for about 5mins, it seems that everyone behind the counter is ignoring all of us in the priority queue.

Hubby got a little pissed because it's the second time it's happening and we've never had that problem with other GVs. So he decide to ask for the manager, that's when the girl behind the counter asked if we're paying by visa in a "I'm really busy, if you're looking for trouble please stay away" tone. Hubby asked for the manager and she ask us if we're paying by visa again. I nearly wanted to tell her, no we're paying by hell-notes. That's how pissed I felt, but nah, I didn't say that lah.

When the manager came out he gave instructions to another staff before coming to the counter to talk to hubby. Hubby asked if the bank or visa is not giving them enough perks thus they are not operating the counter/queue, since it's not the first time that we were ignored. He (the manager) asked if we were paying by visa even before replying.

I feel really puzzled. If we weren't paying by Visa why are we queuing there? Do we have "don't know how to read" written on our faces??? Anyway the staffs and manager weren't apologetic at all, so we decide not to watch the movie and walked off.

I know I rant too much. :P

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Remember my Christmas "wishlist"?

I end up buying most of them with my own $$$.

I don't want to put up wishlist liao. Also no one buy them for me one. :P
But then ownself buy things actually quite happy also lah.. Got satisfaction. Cause it's my hard-earned money mah.

Things I wanna get or do.

1) Customised Bass/White-gold/Silver Name Necklace with any of these names: "christina" "weiya" "uglyfatchick".
2) MAC FAFI Powder Blush Fashion Frenzy (Price unknown)
3) Beauty Credit Pressed Powder Refill & the sponge.
4) IKEA mini white cupboard (SGD48) plus mini mini wood cupboard (SGD22) X 2 = SGD92
5) New contact lens. (I saw this damn chio one! :P)
6) Money to buy nice clothes for work and nice clothes for play.
7) A good eye liner that works the way I want it to. :p
8) Do hair hair, nail nail and lash lash.
9) Go SGflyer, ZooZoo, Sentosa, Chalet, Japan, Taiwan, Korea. (Play, eat and shop!)
10) Ang Pow aka Red Packets. Donations welcomed!

Friday, April 18, 2008

23 May to 20 July 2008

The dates are released!
Belts are tightened.
Wallets being fed.
Sneakers brought out.
Traffic gets busy.
Boys run and hide.
Girls gearing up.
Tourist flying in from all over the world.

Just for this period. This event.

When people stop queuing for (hellokitty/toto/donuts) and start queuing outside fitting rooms.
When girls go crazy looking at Red and Bold-ed four letter words, pasted all over the city.

Yes! It's the almighty...
Great Singapore Sale!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tajimaya Yakiniku (Vivocity) 09 February 2008

On 9th of February 2008, which is the 3rd day of Chinese New Year, some coffeeshops have yet to open for business. So hubby and I decided to make our way down to eat at Vivocity.

We were walking round, looking for places we've never ate at. Wanted to try new stuffs on the 3rd day on Chinese new year. :)

We walked by this Japanese Restaurant call Tajimaya Yakiniku. Looked at what they have, Japanese charcoal grill . Seems nice, so we decide to try them out. :)

When we walked in, there weren't many customer. A young man who looks like the manager served us. We sat at this huge table with lots of seat and holes in the table to put hot coals.

As we walked to our seat, I felt cold and use my hands to rub my arms, the guy immediately went and adjust the air condition for us. He mention that he only adjust it a little higher because when the hot coals and food comes, it'll be a little warmer. :) Plus point here.

The staffs took quite sometime to serve the coals and food, but they were apologetic and polite.

Simple designs.

I like the effect the lights gave, however, I don't think I'll do this in my house. Can imagine the renovation bill. :p

Looks like bread in this blurry photo? It's Mushroom!

I can't remember what we ordered but it's all beef and a plate of mushroom. I love the mushroom but I guess Japanese beef grillings probably not my thing. :p Hubby love the beef though. :)

I don't remember how much hubby paid in total, but it's definitely more than 100+++. Which I thought it's far too expensive to me. :p

This is my favourite photo. :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vote for your favourite Blogger!

I believe that the Bruneian Blog of The Year should go to Spiritual Garden!!!

She's real.
She's funny.
She's friendly.
She's creative.
She's interesting.
She has the largest 3D rubber collection that I know off.
Plus! She's the only girl in this contest!!!

Lets show the guys that girls are way better bloggers!
Click here and vote for Spiritual Garden now!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tummy cramp, couldn't sleep so I...

Went forum and ranted my hearts out.

Slept around 12ish wake up around 2ish with tummy cramp.
Took panadol but still couldn't sleep.
Went online to read some people's POV on some issue and then ranted on something that has troubled me for quite a while and have yet to solve.

Going to rest before going to find May jiejie later.
Got to wake up in 3.75hrs time. My alarm clock spoilt, hopefully my hp alarm will work!!

PS: Please don't tell me I'm petty, cause I already know I am. Thanks. :)

omg. I googled and feel so stress now lah!

Went to google.com and googled my new company's name.

Had to know more about the company before I start work.
So many good reviews about the company and their service staffs and I'm starting to feel a little scared...

I don't want to be the first from the company that has people rant about on the internet lah!

Told mum last week about my new job. She didn't like the pay and working hours and keep telling me that I shouldn't have quited such a "good-paying" job at XYZ insurance company.

There was once I got a really angry and just told her: "I'm the one working there and that job is really not meant for me! I will die if I work there any longer." That kinda shut her up for quite a while. I felt really bad saying that in her face. I've not raised my voice at her for a long long long time but at that moment, I just couldn't take it.

Anyway, once I start work I'm so gonna be busy!!!
Working from Tuesday to Saturday.
Sunday spend time with hubby. Monday spend time with friends and family.
Meeting darling less means we can start saving up more. I've the intention to save up a huge amount of money maybe like one third of my take home pay, let's hope I can do it k? :P

Alright. Time to orh orh le. I'm tired.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Great Hamster Giveaway @ Sheylara.com (13 April 2008 - 06 May 2008)

One of my favourite blogger, Sheylara, is doing a giveaway contest for everyone to have fun and win her hamster stuff because she doesn't have time to keep hamsters anymore.

Knowing that some of my readers have hamster as pets, I've decided to post this great news here for you girls! :)

17 prizes up for grabs! Mostly brand new. Some have never been used. Those that have, have only been used for two months and have been thoroughly cleaned, so they’re good as new!!!

Details here.

How uglyfatchick fought for free flowers.

This post is many weeks late all because uglyfatchick thought it's super embarrassing and didn't want to blog about it. But then she thought about it again last week... Since she's so thick skin to go fight it out with some girls she doesn't even know, she should be more thick skin and show the whole world her "achievement". :p

Event date: 23 March 2008 (Sunday)
Location: The Chevrons (Level 3)
Event: Solemnization of Mr Benny Yeap & Ms Lim Yuen Fun

It was a bright sunny Sunday afternoon.
Defector rushed home from work and took uglyfatchick to The Chevrons.
They were there to give their blessings and also to help out. =)

When they reached, there wasn't many people around and nobody gave instructions on what to do. So uglyfatchick decides to do what she does best, take tons of poor quality photos using her Sony DSC-T100.

She took photos of flowers on display...

the chairs outside...

the glasses...

the buffet...

the screen...

Even the random railing...

Then, she received her first mission of the day : to give out little gifts to the guests.
Defector was MC for the day, so uglyfatchick was all alone in the "frontline" smiling at strangers.

It's still rather early and not many people has turn up. She got bored of sitting and waiting for things to happen, so she decide to be crazycreative and displays the little boxes in the form of a big heart shape.

Not very neat, but can see it's a heart shape right???

She's really proud of her little creation. Cause even the photographer (the official one) thought that it's rather thoughtful and took a photo of it. =)

Then, she got her next job. She guards THE BOWL!!
She was really surprised as she have never met the couple before until that day, yet they trust her enough to place her in the "frontline".

Very soon, people starts streaming in from all places.
Families and friends, young and old, everyone came to give their blessings. :)
End up there wasn't enough seat for everybody even after they move another 2 tables in. :p

The ceremony's about to start soon...

I love uniforms. Especially when hubby wears his. *drools*

The very beautiful bride. :)

After the ceremony, it's buffet lunch!! *tummy growls* oops.

Once again, Congrats to Mr and Mrs Benny Yeap.
May you both be always loving.
By the way, we all look forward to the baby's first monthiversary. :)

ah. yes. The flower!!

Remember the beautiful bunch of flowers Mrs Yeap was holding? Uglyfatchick curiously asked Defector if Mrs Yeap's going to do the Bouquet Tossing. Both Mr and Mrs Yeap then replied that if she wants, they can give it to her. Uglyfatchick didn't want that of cause. She just want to have fun and would rather catch a tossed bouquet. Anyway, accepting it would make her look far too desperate lah. :p

After lunch, Defector and uglyfatchick decides it's time to go. They wished the newly weds and bid goodbye. Then they walked around The Chevrons to check out if there's anything that can provide them with some entertainment before they head home. There wasn't many interesting stuffs around accept for an "army shop" selling uniforms. Defector went into the shop to purchase a belt for one of uglyfatchick's irritating brothers, who's in NCC. When they came out of the shop, they "knocked" into Mr Yeap and also saw a group of girls running down the stairs.

Uglyfatchick was still in shock, when Defector and Benny told her to go to the lobby. She went to the lobby and saw more girls coming down the stairs.

Ah hah! It's bouquet tossing!
All the single girls gathered in the lobby. Uglyfatchick could not make up her mind if she should go stand with Defector who's watching at the side out of the "throwing range" or to stay in the lobby and see if the bouquet would fall her way. Oh no, she sees the bride holding the bouquet and she doesn't know what to do.

The bride turned away from the railing. Someone shouted: She's going to toss it! Uglyfatchick has no time to run away now, she'll look like a quitter! Standing nearer to the side, she thought the flower's not going to drop near her anyway so she should be quite "safe" plus the other girls are like way taller!

Suddenly she saw it! Something's dropping towards her! It's the flower! She jumped up. *piah* The bouquet hit her palm, flew back and dropped on the ground. Everyone moved away, still in shock. What to do. Think quick. Uglyfatchick went and picked up the bouquet before anyone else could think.

So that's how uglyfatchick "fought" for a bouquet of flowers.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

uglyfatchick wears size 22 belt and buys SGD37 worth of panadols.

Short-note: Nope, I didn't go to the foam party not because I can't fit into my 2piece, but because it rained in the early afternoon. (I stay a few bustops away from sentosa, so I know okay!)

Out of the 4 of us, 2 has mummy's genes and the other 2 has daddy's genes. I'm the unfortunate one who looks looks like daddy and has his FAT genes. I guess it's not that bad to be a little chubby for a guy, so my brother's pretty alright. But I'm like a girl loh. A ugly fat girl loh. :'(

I hate it when people says that I look exactly like my dad. -.-
I wished I look more like my mum.. she's beautiful..

Anyway, a little out of topic. Why does everyone in my family has double eyelids (even my hubby has double eyelids) and yet my double eyelids are so not obvious??? They are almost non-existence!!! Why??? :(

This belt belongs to one of my brothers. Yes, the one with mummy's genes and he's freaking taller than me now lah. I so hate him for being taller than me! grrr...

Anyway, since he's not wearing this belt anymore, I borrowed it to "play" for a while.

It's the original state as he used, I didn't adjust it to make it looser (it's not the tightest nor the loosest) and guess what? I can wear leh!

I can fit into a size 22 belt! Muahahaha...

Alright, I think I'm going crazy from staying at home too much.

Anyway, I've got work! I mean like a real job.
Starting work soon and I'm very very excited.
Can learn new stuffs! =)

Hubby bought many stuffs for me yesterday and today.
He bought 1 OSIM Blanket Cuddle in pink for me and 1 OSIM Blanket Cuddle in ice blue for himself. So we each have our own blanket. The blankets are damn comfortable. Very very very soft! But it's really expensive loh. Like SGD58 each loh! -.- Thinking of getting the big one (around SGD168) for my mummy on Mother's day or her birthday.

He also got me this muscle rub thingy (my shoulder-back pain) and a ZA vitamin lip sunscreen at Watson (ZA having 30% sale).

Anyway, today after my interview, we went to Suntec. And we finally found the panadol I want! We were like stocking up like crazy. lols. Cause not many place sells it loh. Guess how much we spend on Panadol? SGD37.00!!! lols. A bit siao right? :p

I think the person at the counter confirm think hubby is mad to buy so many boxes or panadols. :P

Suntec got this travel fair thingy lah.
We got one of these leaflets thingy.
I want to go Korea and Taiwan to shop! :p
Anyway, hubby and I are working out plans to save up so that we can go to the places I want when I have my holidays. Haven start work think of holidays. I must be really mad. -.-

Alright, that's all for now bah. Will blog more food reviews soon. New restaurants. muahaha..

Friday, April 11, 2008

Bikini Foam Party

Short note to Sha Xiao Mei : the comment box in your blog got problem is it? I wrote a super duper long comment for you leh and it just disapeared! :'(

MIGHT be going.

MIGHT only okay. Not confirmed.

Do we have these kind of programmes in SG?

Makeup Babe - GuessX3

I don't have any "才艺" and I'm not a 美女 but I'm pretty sure I fulfill the 化妝前後差異最大.