Friday, September 30, 2005

Bimbo me doesn't know milk have fats!

On my way home one day,
I bought fresh milk..
Cost me $2. :)

I was thirsty...

Milk are supposed to be healthy right?
So I finnish the whole thing...

When I was in the lift...
I notice something..

Fresh milk got fats also leh!!!

3.8g per 100ml...
I drank the whole 500ml.
so I just drank 19g of fat.
carbo: 24g.
and only 600mg of calcium.. :(

I'm such a bimbo.

I'll be going off to help my parents.
brb tonight.



I hate periods.

You see me whine every single month about how much I hate periods.

This month. Mayb I'll whine less. :)

Even though my crush still ignores me. :(

and my bf will not be free to see me on sat.

and my bloody fan is still so noisy.

and my teeth still hurts after dental.

I'm still in a good mood.

My toe nails are black!
heh heh.
I just painted them. ;)

I think I prefer the dark brown one leh.
Black is too strong bah..:p

Whatever it is.. I love pampering myself. :)

who doesn't anyway...

I wanna change my hair colour.
anyone has any suggestion?

I though red would be a nice try.
or golden brown, ash brown, dark golden blonde?

Thursday, September 29, 2005

He is the one.

He is the one who "chased" me with a broken leg.

He is the one who had to hopped ard Singapore to spend time with me.

He is the one who had to cabbed down from one end of Singapore everytime to meet me.

He is the one who gave me a ring even though we had just began.

He is the one who knew what to do when I breakdown in the middle of the night.

He is the one who was more worried for my future than anyone else.

He is the one who made me laugh and cry and laugh again.

He is the one who kiss my forehead almost everytime he had to go.

He is the one who spent four digits on phone bill just to talk to me.

He is the one who scolds me when I feel stupid.

He is the one (and only one), who says I'm pretty.

He is the one who doesn't mind my fats as long as I'm okay with it.

He is the one who make me fall in love with steak.

He is the one who slept at my house almost everything he's here.

He is the one encouraging me to go out with friends.

He is the one who dyed my hair using a diy hair dyeing kit.

He is the one who bought me my first swatch.

He is the one who make me feel I'm special.

He is the one whom I'm head over heels in love with.

He is the one who hugs me when I feel low/moody.

He is the one supporting me to do anything I want as long as I'm happy.

He is the soilder whom I think I might marry one day.

He is my man.

Mike. I love you.
Happy 14 monthniversary.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I've deleted my memories.


I've just shut down my old xanga blog.

and I'm grieving.

It's just an old blog. I'll get over it soon.

The reason is simple. I had to remove that blog because I had to protect myself.
I wrote quite a lot of nuisance inside.
Now I've shut down the blog, I should be rather safe.


I'll update some boring stuffs later.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

First time watching shooting stars

Watched Shooting stars for the first time last Tuesday.
Today, second time loh.

Didn't really care about other episode.
cause I find it hard to relate to leh...

This episode about "Olinda".

Can relate better lah. (fat & tomboyish & shy loh..)

and I think that guy acting as toot damn cute can..

Think he looks cute with the glasses.
Toot toot one. :)

Anyway, if anyone noticed, when oli hold his hand, her hand is in front.
I remembered, a few years back I had a coward ah beng bf. He always ask me why my hand always in front. Girls must be behind. Got this rule meh?

I'm okay with both now. coz got used to it liao.

I actually want to bitch about somebody one. den decide to push that idea to another day...

Monday, September 26, 2005

Banking & Financial Services VS Business Statistics

Choosing Course-Specific ELECTIVES the first time!
Banking & Financial Services (4 credits)
Students are trained to identify the different banking and financial services provided by private and government financial institutions.


Business Statistics (4 credits)
Students are trained to compute and present statistical data for use in business. The training covers collection, organisation and presentation of statistical data, measures of central tendency, dispersion and normal distribution, index numbers, time series analysis, regression and correlation analysis.

I have an idea what I want already. But I dun wanna be seperated from my class leh... :(

I'm happy to say.

I've found people to crap to.

My Classmates!

I used to feel fake whenever I'm in school or out with most ppl.
but now,

I feel like me!

Yes.. Finally.

I'm here to gossip about this classmate.

She is very irritating leh. make so much noise in class. Laughed so much some more. haiz... and some more very funny. make me laugh (still have to look like I'm concentrating in class).
heh heh...

See? XY?

I hate you a lot leh...

come on.

I told my mum just now my classmates are simply the best.


They know when I'm joking lah.
At least I think?


BTW, anyone tried : VOXY? I wanna try someday.
and do my hair too! wanna dye another colour. current colour no one can see leh..
Den style a bit, look more jap mah. :)

XY, you and your friend got blog a not? I want to see also leh. heh.. oh. add me on msn k. ;)

See yah tml kz..


NAFA 2.4KM run.

The last time I put all my heart and soul into running a good timing was 2years back.

Today, the same distance.
Got me crazy.
I actually finnished 12:33.

It's one of my worst timing. But consider that I didn't do much excerise for more than 1+ year.. I should be quite proud of my own result right? Somemore I gain weight again leh...

I've got a bad feeling I wouldn't be able to leave my bed tml.. :p

My crush looked pale. Wanders if he's okay not.. :(

Anyway, a few of my classmates been reading my blog.. so I have to be careful of what I mention here you know.. heh heh..

Sunday, September 25, 2005

"inspired" by Xiaxue's entry about makeup.

I decide to do my make up too! (I haven go bathe mah..)

and this is when I realise....

I have so little types of make up!!!

So I just did a rather simple one.

In 2mins flat.

Me without any makeup..

I skipped foundation, concealer, eyeliner and all that stuffs.

the end product is just mascara, some colour on my cheeks & eye lids and of coz! my favourite, lip gloss!

Just BECAUSE my bloody air-con decide to spoilt today, I was actually sweating like pig.
and before I can get my camera to start, my lightly put make up melted liao.. :(


My tools?

look a little weird hor?
Aiya, whatever it is, I went to bathe after I took the photo. Coz it's bloody hot.

:P excuse my language. I hate it when the air con doesn't works. :(

How to wish your gf, Happy Birthday.

Take a cue from Kenny.

He is damn sweet can..

I sobbed for a good 5 mins loh..

Until now, I still duno what to say leh..

It's a very touching post.
The way he puts it.

It's like watching a sad movie.


Friday, September 23, 2005

2 photos of 22nd.

Black & White chocolates...
*yum yum*

Reduced size class photo.
My Favourite... :)

Know which one is my crush?

Slowly guess bah. :)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Am I what you think I am? (Part 2)

Maybe I'm shy. or maybe I don't wanna get hurt again.
Whatever the reason.
I wallowed in my shell for far too long.

Now I'm opening up again.


It feels so wonderful!
Woo~ Woot!

I feel like a free bird already.

Sometimes honestly.
We all live in fear.

We do whatever the parents the teachers the devil the garmen the respected elders say it's right.

If we did well, it's because of them.
If we dun, it's because we didn't listen to them.

sometimes we neglect our own needs/feelings and do what we've been "told".

I realised that is bad for our health.

We need to stand up. and think for our-self.

If anything goes wrong,
take it as a lesson.

If those outsider (anyone other than yourself), look down on you or scolds you.
Tell them.

"I've done what my heart wants.
and It feels great.
Even though I've failed in a way,
I've gained so much more than those who follow things blindly.

I've gained sight.
I've gained experience of failing.

what have you gained?

Everything that is perishable.
That's what you've gain."

I have a wonderful day IQF. :)


All in a few hours.

I felt so siao.

It's a pity my camera didn't take many nice photos.

I'll post whatever photos I have when I'm free okay.
I'm feeling damn tired le.

They We really are a crazy lot.

I Love IQF! :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

First prize of the year.

I promise photos of the black/white chocolate that I get to eat! :)

won it unexpectedly.
cause we did it last min. :)

& IQF always surprises me.

They were rather well behave when I started "presenting" my answer.

Of Coz.. It must be the works of Mr Chua. ;) The very funny moniter.

He is a very comical person.
I'm so very glad to have had worked with him.
He's a very nice guy.
pure and easy going.
Everytime we work together, he kind of toned down my seriousness.

Of coz, I wished and hoped to have worked with my crush.

He's just a so damn SMART! :)
and so KAWAII neh. ;)

He was in front of me just now.
Looked so intelligent.
heh heh.
wanted to treat him one of my chocolates.
but cannot.
coz the whole class will den know.

But the most important thing is that. It'll be unfair if I only give 1 or 2 person my share and den the rest of my friends dun have mah.
So I ate the 4 piece of choco myself.. heh heh heh.
yum yum. ;)

Update again with the photos.
I'm going out with the class later.
[right after OA class! :)]

We're going for a BONDING session.
heh heh.

I'm in damn good mood today!
Feel like hugging everyone.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Am I what you think I am?

A few people whom I've met, thinks they "know" me.
Yet, when they see a bit of me. they are surprised.

I'm just a very average girl.
Only uglier.

That's the truth.

I am a very uninteresting person to many people I've met.
They judge me by the way I behave.
I seemed overly serious at times.
and can sound damn sarcastic.

I have fun too people!
FUN! fUN! FuN! fUn! Fun! :)

I'm interested in so many more things then just getting people into trouble and making everyone angry.

I love praise, cute guys and money.
I'm materialist & wants a piece of fame too! :)
I wanna feel popular, needed, pampered.

Honestly, I know I have the pampered look.
Well, looks can be deceiving remember?
hahaha. :)

I'll just stop here and go off to bed le.
another day then continue okay? :)

I was so sian, I took 131 photos of myself.

And I deleted 85 of ugly photos. now left 46.
Wanna see? wahaha.. I'll compile together den let you see lah.. hahaha..

most prob I'll go PS tml.
Hopefully I can get the thing that I want.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

What is fashion?

I have no idea what the hell that is.

I'm just a average girl who totally dislike seeing another being wearing anything that's similar to mine.

Anyone know where can I get this Forever21 skirt?

Heard it cost $59! (ouch!)

Someone's selling it online at a lower price.
But the size ain't right for me.

Anyone wanna buy for me? heh..
On the way, buy me a custom made knee-high boots for me too.. wahaha

All jokes aside.
I've been thinking of ways to make my self look less auntie.
So that I can go to that place with darling next year without looking like I'm his mother.
(His mum might look younger than me with make up on.)

so if anyone knows how to make me look 10years younger, do leave me a comment! ;)

Weddings to attend & babies born

Just came back from the east side.
Darling's friend (Danny) 's ROM.
They are having the wedding dinner next year's dec.

A few months back we (as in Mike & Me), went to his friend's wedding.
This Oct is darling's another friend's wedding.

The first thing that comes to mind.
I'm 17 and my bf's friends are all getting married or married.

When is my turn eh? hahaha..

Next year, at least 3 babies are expected in the first 2-3months.

I'm feeling so "old" all of the sudden.

Feel old doesn't mean I can do anything. I still cannot go to that stupid pub with darling.

On our way back, we saw this family. The baby's father ask the baby to call me auntie!
I look tat old meh? Siao.

Alright lah..
I know I look auntish.
But what can I do??? :(

Teach me how to look less aunty?

Friday, September 16, 2005

Who refers the most ppl to my site?

It's KENNYSIA's site!
Everytime I leave a comment, a few ppl come over to see my site. :)

I want those Endorsement Deals too!

XiaXue's 2 new endorsement deals: Kimage Hair Studio and Voxy Nail Potion.

Now XX gets nice hair, as well as super nice nails!

Envy? you bet!

Many months back, she was appointed LocalBrand's AMBASSADOR leh!
(LocalBrand is a local brand for t-shirts.)

I told darling just now I wanna be like her also.. (With all these endorsement deals).

He ask me to make my blog entries sound as bitchy as possible and tada~
Mayb there's a small chance of me getting a small mini piece from fame from blogging too.


Comming out of my shell : Long post.

Recently, I was "hit" by a series of events.
They might seemed small, but these are the little matters that builds up and cause my breakdowns.

Today, I came face to face with a teacher. Wanted badly to get out of the CCA I was in.
I had a reason.
I need the time to study. & I feel damn stressed.
(There is another reason, I am too lazy to be commited to anything that having nothing to do with life & death.)

She comes up with some reasons to make me stay.
eg. (I should not have come to this sch if I am retaking O's.)
(It's only 3hrs a week.)
(I MUST be able to juggle the load.)
(Those who study 10hrs might not produce better results than those who studied 5hrs only.)
(& she repeats.. what she says at least 3x?)

That is like so unreasonable? :(

I stay very far away from school. My last lesson ends at 12, if I go straight home, I should reach by 1plus. CCA only starts ard 1plus and ends at ard 4plus. By the time I reached home it's ard 6plus. (5hrs!) I bathe & have dinner and it's time to rest again... I spend too much time travelling everyday and I do not want to waste my Friday, waiting for CCA to start. and goes home stressed up & tired. It's sickening.

I know it's my fault.
I shouldn't have joined that CCA.
But how would I know that there will be so many projects that needs so much of my attention?

I should have been more strong and told her right away that I want to quit on Monday!
So I was scolding myself.
Why am I so weak?
Why am I so stupid?
Let her trick me into saying that I will go for CCA twice.

I've decided to look at myself.
What is wrong with me?

I found a place.

I just sat there and tried to "understand" myself again.

I snapped some photos to share here.

My turf. wahaha..

anyone can find this in sch? heh heh heh..

YES. This is a goalpost.

I like the place. Sunny but windy at times too.

I like the shelter thingy. reminds me of the times in primary school.
When we do projects. and use ice-cream sticks to make the roofs of whatever house.. haha..

They are painting this thing red!

I let everyone see me weak and all.
My attempts to be a good girl were made fun of.
Being pushed just because I wanna be "nice".

I've thought about it.
I wanna come out of that cover.
After so many years of hard feelings stored inside me.

It's time I climed out again.

I had this post titled mi = Xia Xue?

"You are a goddess/god. You've got the looks, the brains and the body. You have such an irreverent sense of humour, people listen to you religiously and worship the ground you walk on. On the other hand you can also be straightforward, blunt and very very controversial. That has the potential to offend many people, but of course you don't care, you just shoot. In the end, people either love you or hate you. Nothing in between."

Yes, that's it.
I'm going to be proud of myself.
I'm going to love myself.
and love those who are worthy of my love. :)

I will do things that is fun.
Things that I like.
Things that I enjoy.
Things of my interest at my own pace & time.

I choose to help those worthy of my help.
and ignore those jerk/bitch who seriously needs a brainwash.

I feel like a superwomen today.
Bow to me people.
Bow to me.

Woohooo.. :)

Links & questions.

40 Mistakes Men Make While Having Sex With Women

Click on I Love To Sing, to go to another blog I own.
Update whenever I feel like it.
Song lyric + a short "note".

I need some help.
Anyone knows how to make this (look at pic below)?

Teach me after I've learned how to use the hairstick from feli. :p
or is there a place I can buy this?

(I really want to pass Excel! :( )

What should I put in these frames?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Kamenashi Kazuya is so so so cute! :)

Kamenashi Kazuya in Gokusen 2.

Don't you all think he is so cute? :)
I totally digs his lips & skin.
and hair too.. :)
He looks yummy to me.

Kame is so sweet. awww...

Can't believe that boy is only 19 right?
I wanna have a piece of him! :)

Fel: I don't think you know who's my crush lah.. It's not that simple okay. hahaha. :p

I Love Kamenashi Kazuya
I Love my darling.
I Love my family.
I Love my babies.
I Love my Jay.
I Love everybody.
& I Love myself. yeah! :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I wasn't ard yesterday..

All because of my BZF project loh.

I did the editing and the complilation till 2+am.
I seriously lack the sleep I need.

Presentation today.
Somehow everything turn out bad.

Had problems with the sound system thingy.
Don't know if it's teacher's Laptop or the speaker..

I've made an impact for being so over-excited.
Man, I know my "jokes"
they are only "funny" if heard once.

Well, I caught my crush's performance today.
heh heh.
So ke ai..
Kawaii neh..

enough of crapping.
I need to finnish my PPP (PowerPointProject) and get some rest.
tired le. *yawn*

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Dengue fever outbreak.

I might be the next.

I've been feeling really uncomfortable.

The mosquitoes seems to love my blood ALOT!

Everywhere I go I get bitten.
hate it.

esp the ones in my room hor..
super irritating leh.
No matter what also cannot get rid of them one.

here's a link of an article about Dengue fever.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

4years work have to be done in 1month!

1 more month to the O's again.
November7 - Mathematics!
I have zero confidence liao.

took cab to school today.
and had to listen to this old man talk.
Not that he talks too much.
but we both have different ideas mah.. and he is like forcing his ideas on me leh..

Not a very pleasent ride.
I'm damn hungry now.
If i don't get to eat sooner, I think I'll faint in class le.


Just now mama lum came into the class. wah.. thought she's going to spot check leh.. scare me.. my eyes like that she came spotcheck.. I sure die arh..
Thank god, she didn't lah.

I stop craping liao..

Missing someone here...

some photos taken 11 sept 2005

Current camera.

OLD, I know. But it's NEW to me.

Camera I'm selling away.

Any kindsoul interested in buying it from me? quote your price?

I know I shouldn't do this...

It'll make the cameras feel sad.. :p

My last few wallets.

Just realised, they are all black! heh..
(not easy to dirty mah.)

Secert potion for my hands.

heh heh.. don't tell you what is it.

My toes. I have a question...

What colour nail polish do you think I used? (Pink or Red)?

I spend my whole afternoon "redesigning" my earringS.

This is one of my favourite. :)
I think it's really cute. :p

I've decided le.
I'm wearing contact lens to school on tml..

hope the colour is not too obvious. :p

Went to tiong today.
Supprised that I didn't see anyone I know wor.. haha..
and I bought this!

That's my youngest baby holding it.
Orange colour hair stick. (or whatever you call it.)
I still duno how to tie, anyone want to teach me?
or my hair too short?

My chicky chick chick.
Next to my comp.

Honestly, I think it's side view is a lot nicer wor.. :p

Taken by Mr Luke at cine BK (August)

don't I look like uglified version of Sadako?

On the bus back.

I look damn silly.
I have to really change that bad habit of mine..

I'm done for today.
Hopefully the photos don't kill your day. :p

Saturday, September 10, 2005

friendster Vs blogspot.

Wanting to know how friendster's blog works, I went to sign up for it.
Within mins of exploration, I delete the blog.
It's so boring.
Or isit I'm too stupid to learn how to use?

I still prefer blogspot.
Everything it's so simple.
Even a computer idiot like me can change the layout myself!

heh heh.

Blogspot won.

I got a new camera leh.

alright, maybe not that new.

Darling bought the camera one loh.
we took some photos together. heh. and I look damn fuuny lah.
I show you, but don't laugh hor!

In this photo hor, we were supposed to look like we are angry or something. haha.

BTW, anyone interested in getting a 2nd hand digital camera?
heh heh.
Sony Cyber-shot 2.1 mega pixels
Digital Still Camera DSC-S50
Precision digital 6X zoom.

Don't know why I'm feeling sleepy so early.
It's only 11.30 and I want to sleep. :(


Friday, September 9, 2005

Pamper session for me by me.

**Unsuitable for children under 101.

Last week, I was in a bad mood and my face turned green.

I can't bare to look at the mirror these few days..
It's too scary.
Too many those ugly stuffs.
I decided that I HAVE to do something to my poor face.

and I did my nails AGAIN. but this time it's just 1 colour.

:) i'm hungry now. but on diet leh.. how? :p

My poor boiboi sick le..

My boyboy is down with some bugs loh..
Poor thing. still have to come over to see me tml.

I'm very very tired today.
I forgo my evening nap to finnish typing and editing the script.
It's a very tiring process.
[My language has always been quite bad.
I wouldn't be suprised if I fail primary school's language papers now.]
but I actually forget to check my phone & go on msn to "meet" Wilson!
Die le.
Monday sure kena scolding le. :p

My OA project is near completion. and YES! I'm pretty proud of my own work. :)

My eyes are so damn tired.
I need some rest.
Do my nails and go to bed.
mayb do facial too.. :)
zits pops out again lah.

Thursday, September 8, 2005

Kenny is the best! :)

Patriotism Misunderstood
Kenny: Be proud of Malaysia and love your country. Just don't love it blindly.

same goes to everybody.
Love your own county. Just don't love it blindly.
(Singaporeans included)

On this book (which I supposed is a joke book), had a note similar to this:
"One of the things to differentiate human from animals, God gave humans the sense of humour.
Dogs bark, Cats purr, Cows moo and Pigs snort, but only Human laugh."

So it is alright to call those overly serious people who doesn't have a sense of humour (any animal name) ? :p
heh heh..
I'm hungry!

BTW: I'm thinking of Quiting CO.
I'm feeling a little stressed.
Maybe I should have join any other sports CCA.
or maybe I'm just plain lazy and irresponsible.

first time with the school girls.

BZF teacher was a little pissed today. guess "they" went over his limit.

If it was difficult and I didn't know how to do, it would still be forgiveable.
However, that's not the case.
It was kind of easy.
In fact, I thought it was too easy already. I checked my paper over and over.
I was hoping to spot any mistake and am quite disapointed with myself really.
If I had studied at all, mayb I would have been more confident loh.

Ate lunchie with a few classmates. They are nice people really.
I still have fear of eating in a group (small/huge).
Since sec sch, I've been either eating alone, or with Sharon or Kyla or Jasmine only. Most of the time I'm quite alone and I'm used to it already.
But today was different. I ate with them and listen to them talk.

The first 7 years of my life was me, myself and I.
Primary school, was a mess.
Sec school, no friends + even more messy than pri sch.
Now in ite. My classmates are rather nice. :)

I was allowed home early today, all thanks to Jason & Jack. heh heh.
30mins. not very long also lah. :p

I got no mood to blog le. Coz my project due date is so near yet it's barely half done.

My darling is too broke and tired.

I wonder when will this "lowness" feeling ends?

My friend just showed me some photos he took. (of models)
They are rather okay lah. not the extreme chio types.. but still.. at least they have the height and look quite presentable...

I wanted tell him or anyone at all, that I do feel sad when you talk about how pretty other girls are.
Cause I want to be pretty too!
I want to feel like a princess too!
I want that body too!
I want that modeling job too!
I want that kind of HEIGHT too!
I want to look like I'm worth 100 billion dollars too!
But I'm sorry. I'm not like that and I hate to be reminded of the fact that I'm just not THAT.


Insensitive guys...

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Classmates who can sing & random photos.

I just realise today that I have classmates who can really sing! :)
Not one, not two. but lots of them. :)
Someday we should go sing! heh heh..
Kbox for next outing anyone? :p

I just painted the big toe just now..
purple & very light pastel purple.

Got nice nice?

Took this on my way out.
I wonder who they're trying to kid. :p

I went out to get a small tiny card for my classmate's birthday.
I not sure if it's her birthday.
I don't think she knows I've got a card for her.
hope she dun mind.

oh. I was on a tight budget.
So didn't get her anything.

Only got for myself..


It's a pen!

I think I saw this same pen couple of years back.
Finally bought it today just for fun. :p

I'm going to end with an exclusive photo of my babies! :)

The eldest, Sugar (on the right). The 2nd son is the one with bandage. The youngest is the Japanense bear from Okinawa but made in China.. :p

So kawaii neh. :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Bitting off people's head.

It must be the weather.

oh no, my favorite bloggers are going to stop blogging!
Kenny's pervious post about:
World Toilet College had many people criticizing. (pardon my spelling)
XX is facing hell from stupidly sensitive jealous ppl.

Why must be like that.

Sometimes I really hate the world.

I realise I can say anything I want about other people, other things. No one will comment, say anything. cause I dun have that kind of traffic. No one really cares.

They (those more popular ones) in turn gets lots of strange stuffs all because of the traffic they get.

It's so difficult to speak up now. Some people speak, and have zero listeners.
Some people writes a comment and hundreds of people shoot them.

tsk tsk tsk..

This is real life.
and I'm getting sick of it.

photos again.

Pink & black before being destroyed by my socks. :(

My current squeeze. (My brother's blood)

Love it on a HOT day like this. Wahaha.. it's watermelon juice. :)

Yes. I was slacking during OA class looking at cute guys. :p
BTW, I think he is XX's friend.Cute right? *drools*

Poor old Lapmate mouse went dead finally.
Got replaced by Microsoft white mouse which cost me $17.90.
I totaly love my new mouse.
Wish us all the best okay.. I hope we last.
Esp since it fits me quite well. :p

alright. enough crappings from me. I need to rest and complete my task for today.
BZF role play homework. heh heh..
oh. (in case you are interested to know..) I got 46/50 for BZF CA1