Wednesday, December 27, 2006

nothing to blog bah~

I don't know what to write for today leh..
Please note that I'll not be in Singapore from 29thDec to 1Jan.

Heard that Jan can apply for poly liao.. I'm both excited and worried lah.
Stressed up thinking about my "future".

Need some answers..
1) I'm not sure with my louya GPA can apply a not.
2) To go Poly or study private?
3) Diploma Vs LCCI which one better?
4) How are the fees like for Poly?
5) How to get diploma?
6) NP Vs SP Vs other polys?
7) Would I have friends?
8) How will my life be without uniform!!! :'(

Please post in comments and not on Tagboard if you can.. Thanks!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Boxing Day.

Christmas eve and Christmas day were boring for me.

I played Neopets and went out with my little brothers. you know how boring that is?
I just wanted to spend some time with my mum but she's buying my brother's CNY stuffs so I went out with her, my brothers and their maid loh.

The only thing she got for me was a sleeping shirt thingy that's not really nice (limited designs). And the reason for me to get it, was.. "New Year have to wear new sleeping gown". -.-
I got for myself a pair of plain black earrings. It's round and kinda bigger than my usual stuffs, but I'm not complaining because it's $1 only. =p

It's such an uneventful, boring Christmas. I was flaring up every 10mins because while we're buying things for my brothers. They were like complaining and giving stupid irritating faces. Kids nowadays.. -.- & I really begin to find that their maid has changed a hell lot. She doesn't care for them that much anymore. She's behaving like most parents. (Irresponsible, Unreasonable, Forgetful, Bias, Selfish, Stubborn, Rude and always thinking their never wrong) She brought my 3 brothers out on Christmas eve to Orchard!!! It's so bloody packed there can.. With all those molests and kid-napping cases, of cause I'm worried! I was like asking if she ever watches the news nowadays. Why does she have to have the kind of mentality that nothing bad would ever happen to her? (eg AIDS, CANCER, RAPE and stuffs.) What was she even thinking when she decide to bring them there! and my parents. They don't give a single damn! What's wrong with all these adults? Have their brains got sucked into outer space once their married or what?

Sorry for all these ranting. But I just can't sit back and wait for crime or bad things (that can be prevented) to happen to my family/friends and then start weeping. I worry a lot, I know.. but how can I not? It's built in me, to want to protect people around me.

Anyway, today it's Boxing day!

I don't know what it's true meaning of today, but Happy Boxing Day nonetheless..

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Halloween is long over...

not on
I still have very a scary photo to share..


Those don't like to see scary photos don't scroll down..


Those who don't like me, don't scroll down either..


Those who prefer pretty things, don't look..


uh oh.. oops. too late.

Gothicfatchick says: "Don't mess with me."
or I'll chew you up. Bleah :P

Merry Christmas!!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Choosing a good hairdresser

My hair's been all sweet and nice to me today..
It's soft and I like it. =)
I never had the same hairdresser for long. Except for my primary school days when I had a neighbor who would cut my hair really short and fugly hair and make me look chubbier than I am. Ok, so I'm really chubby. So what? -.-

My poor hair has been touched by so many different people and none of them ever did a great job with her. Those cuts either don't fit me or they use harsh and poor quality products on my hair. I wished I knew how to choose a good hairdresser that's not too expensive lah.

With the help of plus some of my "experience", I'm going to put into points, some of the stuffs I think it's important part to choosing a hairdresser. (A good hairdresser is just as vital to pretty hair as the right hair-care equipment and the ideal style. However, a good hairdresser is hard to find. Here are some tips to help you in your search. In cases that they don't work for you, I'm not liable okay. :P)

1. Your hairdresser should give you a style that fits both your hair-type and your lifestyle.
(and your face shape, and your skin tone, ..)
-Because if you're the fuss-free, wash-and-go kind of person, your hairdresser would warn you about how difficult it is to maintain a certain hairstyle. Like when I wanted to perm my hair, my hairstylist told me how it'll make me look older more mature and I should try it when I'm in my twenties. He also mentioned that it'll make me look chubbier and the hair would be quite difficult to maintain.

2.The cut should grow out gracefully, too.
-I have to agree. I've seen some acquaintance's hair that looks fab one month and the next look likes hay and weeds mixed. but I hadn't have the heart to tell her.

3. One of the best ways to find a good hairdresser is through word of mouth. (Trial and error works but the errors can be very trying).
-I did more trial and error than anything else. Until mummy introduce my current hair stylist to me that I feel more secure. She normally brings me to those "louya" salon with lots of aunties. -.-

4. I wouldn't recommend that hair dresser if he/she keep pushing the latest hairstyle or a certain product to you.
-Some hair dresser want you to think that you'll look good in something that's "cool" or "in", but in fact it doesn't suits you or your lifestyle at all. It's easy to believe a "profession's" opinion, I say. but trust your instincts when you find the girl who just left the shop spotting that hairstyle he/she told you you'll look nice in, all smiley and floats. Some salon products are great! The ones darling bought from Jean Yip for re bonded hair rocks. =) but some are just not so suitable for oily hair or itchy scabs or even make dry hair drier per say.

5. Look at the customers.
-Are they all teenagers that's younger than you? or are they all aunties? or working adults? or students? I remember going to salons with my mum and always end up with ugly hair or hair that makes me feel like I'm as old as my mum. The hair dresser could give my mum a style that makes her looks way younger but she could also give me a style that makes me look like I'm her sister. -.-

6. A good salon doesn't mean all the hairdressers are good.
-I've heard (or rather read) many horror stories about how some girls got their hair so badly cut/perm/burned that they don't dare to live their house without a cap. These stories are associated with names like I***, J****Y**, J******, R***...

7. Unfriendly, friendly & overly-friendly.
-Those I've met are rather friendly. If their unfriendly, it's hard for them to know your style, personality and lifestyle. If their overly friendly, sometimes they think they know better and well, they don't. Especially if they know your mum or friend or relatives who may have portrayed a certain image of you and they will work around that image (which might not be what you want).

8. Cut and trim.
-Some hairdressers can't differentiate between cut and trim. You go in for a trim and end up with a haircut that's too short for your liking. Drop them once you know they can't differentiate. I hate it when people anyhow cut my hair or cut off too much.

9. Do research.
-From forums, from friends, from reviews by magazines, from customers coming out. Look at their expression. Look at the end product. Read how their hair is done, whether the stylist/dresser's altitude is good a not. You would want the best for you hair.. Most people remember the names of their stylist/dressers just so that they can ask for them again.

10. He/She will tell you what he/she is doing to your hair.
-I find this important when going through chemical service like re bonding, perming or colouring.

11. Try out.
For perming or re bonding, some good hairdressers would let you try out the look. Like you want to try perming but you scared it'll look ugly? They can let you try out a little, using the irons only on one side of your hair to show you how it'll look like. Temporary but good.

12. Give you ideas and let you know the truth.
-You see some artiste with really cool hair and you just feel like layering your hair the same way that's been re bonded but your stylist/dresser knows you love your hair straight and that after layering, it'll go out of shape and back to wavy again. Will he/she confirm with you the job and tell you know what it'll do to your hair or would he/she just start cutting.

Weirdest Day Ever.

so I went out with Sha Xiao Mei aka Ah Ber to KBox at cine today.
She decide to treat me, as a Christmas present. The place's still too cold, the food's still so-so... but the videos are pretty updated.. and I enjoyed singing without feeling like the world's looking at me.. Thanks sis!

Since she treat me K-lunch, I decide to treat us neoprints. woo wootz~

It's the most tiring neoprint designs ever. We spent at least 45mins designing because there wasn't that many people around. First time sia! Draw and draw and draw... then erase whenever think colour crash. after that draw again.. find nice pictures to put.. very tiring. sit there design until my butt pain loh...

Those overly simple until boring ones are designed by me. :P

Yups.. after sending so much time on the machine, we decide to go back le.. She went to vivo to find her granny and mum. and I go Jurong loh...

On the train to Jurong..
I saw someone I haven't seen for 3 years.
Matthew Sim!!!

I was like so nervous. Sis ask me go talk to him (I msg her).. but thinking of what I've put him thru last time, I think I better not appear and ruin his day bah.. So I just sit there wondering if he saw me also. If he did, is he avoiding me? But the train has so many people, so I thought quite safe bah.. then a few stops before his stop (he stay west side also), the crowd cleared. -.-
He saw me and then say Hi. duh. I don't know what to say also. But he treat me eat jelly beans.. arh.. I miss jelly jeans.. Mike used to buy lots of them for me.. but I don't want to grow fat so I stopped and change to eating ikan bilis. :P also fattening btw, but I dun care lah. taste changed. lols.

After seeing and knowing he has forgiven me, I can finally put down something. Some burden or guilt bah. I used to think if I saw him again, I may feel so terrible that I may not dare to love too much again. now I understand it doesn't work that way.

I cannot say I love my hubby more, but I believe I can love him more fully now since a small part of me has become free. =)

After that train episode, I went to find darling at his house. His mum cook my dinner also, so I eat there loh. We went to Jurong Point to deposit cheque at POSB's quick cheque deposit box. -.- Supposed to find a pair of shoes but in the end didn't find any nice ones. Hubby buy ice-cream I only bought some ba-gua (BBQ pork meat).

Jurong Point is SO packed!!!
Then some more outside & inside has A LOT of foreign workers. (you know like countdown the kind of crowd?) So many of them, easily a thousand! They look at every girl like going to eat them up. I'm so scared that I quickly ask hubby send me home.

At home after I bathed, I want to go back to me room but since it's air-conditioned, I though I'll dry my legs first (cause still dripping wet). I lift up my left leg and bend down to dry. Guess what happened..

My left knee knocked onto my right cheek!!! I laugh until my tummy pain loh. lols.

That's all for today's entry. Happy Christmas eve everyone. and be-careful when you go out k.. *mucks*

Friday, December 22, 2006

Oh. a card!

Wow. I got a parcel all the way from Brunei!!!

(I covered my address for my own safety lah.)

I don't even have to guess who's it from..

Who else could stay so far away from me and yet be so sweet?

To send me a handmade card! HANDMADE!!

It's cute. =) and It's thoughtful..

People seldom make their own cards anymore and this card makes me feel so warm. It's really special..

oh.. and the pink letter.

It's actually quite a nice card, something I cannot get from outside. I like it. and Nonnie, your handwriting looks fine.. way better then mine... Oh btw, I've sent a little something to you early last week supposed to be "surprised new year gift" but I'm scared it's gone missing. hmmm.. but if you received after this post, must act surprised okay. :PpP

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Singapore Science Centre

I brought 3 Mr Whiskers and their maid to the Singapore Science Centre.

The things there were fun but kinda smelly.
& I had to scream at my brothers every few mins because they keep running away.
I got so pissed I had to find my hubby to calm me.

If you're interested, child tixs at $3 and adult tixs at $6.

We're on TV!!!

nah... It's just one of the exhibits. =)

and the thing that doesn't stink and makes me very happy?

slimming mirror. My legs look so chio!!!! haiz.. how I wish..

hahas, that's all for the science centre trip. I was so pissed that I didn't take much photos. -.-

This is what I took at vivocity yesterday..

The bigger tree.

So many people walk pass. -.-

the smaller tresses...

That's all for today's post bah. =)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cruse of the Golden Flower.

I've already watched it.
Believe me?
Tomorrow 21 Dec 2006 is the official opening.
But I just did it this afternoon.

Because the tickets were booked 1 week before by mooz. =)
I met Mooz, Halo, JayPrince, Chels & Druggie at PS GV to watch this long awaited movie together. So happy. Should have taken a photo together. It's been a very long time since we last met.. none of us really change I guess. Druggie is still super tall and I'm still super short. lols. And we still love Jay so much.

So anyway,
about the movie.. I don't wish to comment too much on it, you all go watch okay? Support my hubby Chou mah.. hahahas..
Okay lah. warn you a bit.. there's a bit of incest here and there and lots of BOOBS and BLOOD in the show. Better don't bring kids in!!!

Overall I'll rate it a 3.5/5 stars.
My hubby Chou didn't have that many scenes.
I don't really like the ending and
All the boobs and blood makes me feel super uncomfortable.
The plot it's rather interesting to me, but could also bore some people...

So you'll never know if it suits you unless you catch the full movie. =)

*uglyfatchick skips out feeling all dreamy and happy.*

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

RAIN ARH. Go away arh!!!!!!!!!

alright. so my previous few posts did sound a little boring to some.. but I'm not a party animal mah.. so can't expect many many photos of me partying lah. Some-more the weather.. -.-


So sian nor. My feet so cold, I have to wear socks liao..

I'm so bored at home that I started zi lian-ing.

Find myself uninteresting, I turn to other stuffs...

My Hubby Chou on U-weekly.

2007 is the year of... *oink oink*

I met Sharon today.
She gave me a Christmas present...

I think I stink that's why she bought me perfume.
Hahas. That's all for today's news. oops. I mean today's post. Come back tml for tomorrow's entry bah. =)

Sunday, December 17, 2006


In another 2 weeks, 2006 will be gone forever and we'll be welcoming 2007.

December is a month where everyone become bees. Busy busy busy.
busy Partying.
busy Shopping.
busy Working.
busy Drinking.
busy Dressing up.
busy Dating.
endless things to do.

I'm one of those with not much party to attend, not much money to go shopping, not much jobs for me to do, not much place for me to drink, not much pretty clothes to dress up in and my date has not much time for me.
I'm kidding. My social life is not as bad as you think it is. Actually I have tons of things to do and I have a rough idea of how my holidays will be like already. Wonder if my bank account can handle it though.

The year most of my friends and I turn 18.
and So many memorable things happened throughout the year.
Flash Back~~~

1 week (7days) to Christmas! are you feeling merry yet? =)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

My New Year Resolution for Year 2007

Inspired by: Nonnie's resolution for 2007

"I'm currently down with flu since yesterday's yet another unhappy episode at grandma's place."

About writing resolutions.
Being all practical and stuffs, I don't really like putting things down in black and white, and then not being able to fulfil them/carry them out. By not being able to, I mean like I'm too lazy, forgetful and stuffs. You know how lazy I am.

But I'm still blogging about my new year resolutions because...
a) no harm done.
b) somehow part of me really hope I can achieve something, and
c) I love blogging.

So here are my 6 resolutions...

[1] Drink at least 1000ml of water each day.
Water helps you look good. By flushing out toxins and impurities, water can make your skin clearer, smoother and younger looking.

[2] Exercise at least once a week. - not including Sports and Wellness.
Don't let you put yourself down. When you do, just try harder. You will feel better when you see you and your new fit body later. =)

[3] Throw away all those things that I no longer need and pack/clean my room!
This is not difficult, it's just that I keep messing up my room within 2days. -.- okie.. make this resolution as Keeping my room clean and nice for as long as I can so that I don't have to pack it often.

[4] Be punctual for everything.
I must make this a habit!!!

[5] Keep track of my finances.
Though my core module is Accounting, I'm terrible at handling my own moolah~ -.-

[6] Try not to get pissed off/sad when people hurt me.
This is especially true when it comes to people who are supposedly close to me.

So there you go. 6 resolutions. =)
What's yours?

Friday, December 15, 2006

I want to be model...

I've been wanting to write this post for sometime, but very lazy. :P The following piece of info might make some people think I sound full of jealously because with my height, face and shape, I'll never be approached by "talent scouts".

Anyway.. I frequently surfs those simple forums to read up on news and what other girls are talking about. Like if there are scams and stuffs. I want to know.
When I started selling my junks and some precious stuffs on yahoo auctions, I read up on people trying to scam sellers into sending items before receiving money. So when that happens, I just ignore the scammer. I was saved by those who are willing to rant about their past experience.

Back to main topic, somewhere last year, I had a friend (we're no longer friends) who told me she was approached by talent scouts, a very cute talent scout, in town area. So I did research on talent scouts. Want to know what I've found?,4139,89812,00.html
From what I know VIVOCITY also got a lot. & problem is that you can't sue them when you've been scammed. -.-

When I told my friend about what I've found she didn't want to believe me. Keep saying that I'm jealous and I envy her. Says that I don't want her to meet cute guys and be famous. I know she looks better than me, but I'm not asking her not to go, but just be careful. and she's like.. well, kicking up a huge fuss. So I told her in the moment of heat that she's not even very good looking and then we're no longer friends. But then again, she's really not very good looking mah.
1) She's taller than me, but by not much, less than 160cm.
2) She did have enormous boobs, but I don't think they're the most part of her 75-85kg.
3) Although her skin condition was worse than mine, she did have rather nice features.
4) She thinks she looks like Selina of S.H.E and can sing like her. I'm not sure about the singing part, but the looking part, I can say it's a NO. Unless she's saying she have 2 eyes, 1 nose and a mouth. -.-

Well, did she went a not I didnt' care but we didn't contact each other anymore and I hope none of my friends would doubt my words so strongly again. PS NOTE: (NOT talking about Sharon, it's another girl..)

Anwyay, this post seems so meaningless to some of you but since you've come thus far, here's a minor reward..
If you're never been spotted by talent scouts before but always wanted to and am really interested in modelling.. and you think you're above average but not good enough to join those really huge modelling companies. I say you can try the following 7 ways. I thought of them myself. don't copy and paste arh.. If you want, can link. =) but hor, if it doesn't work don't blame me hor. :P

1) Try out any beauty contest you can find. Example: Seventeen, CLEO, Newpaper face, Teens, Teenage, fasio sunshine girl, fhm girl-next-door and duno what else.. (I never join because they always have height limit which range from 1.55M-1.7M)

2) Try (When I muster enough courage, I'll send them my details. :P)

3) Call production houses to check for any auditions and stuffs. Check yellow pages if need help.

4) Create a blog/website and post many many many beautiful photos of yourself. Copy your web/blog address then paste in every forum you can find, so that you'll have many many many visitors and therefore enhance your marketbility and chance of being notice.

5) Join singing/dancing contest.

6) Try to befriend rich and famous people. They might get you your piece of pie...

7) Go to clubs and dress well. (I heard from somewhere that MOS have talent scouts there on ladies night)

Thank you :)

Today's post will be very messy hope you don't mind..

It's the start of the 3weeks of holidays for us and I'm as happy as anything.
After school, Ber, Shan, GJ and I went to eat at the new 24hr coffee shop. =) After which, we went to take neoprints. =) I look old and super act cute in all the photos loh. -.-

Ber forget to collect money from us. -.- Back to the point, I took the photos home, scan and send to their email le.. These are the final 4 we choose...

And my favourite is...

Because my legs look so smooth lols.
Thanks Sisters!!! We'll find a day to meet up during the holiday.. =)

This is a very random photo. I bought this at Dasio the everything $2 shop. Looks fun..

Those of us doing CDP had to prepare a "Job Kit" file. Inside the file, we need to put in our resumes and some stuffs we've done. For the resume, I had to look for certs/awards I've gotten. Since I either didn't collect or throw away some of them, I have to try really hard to find those few that I have left.

One of it, my Edusave scholarship cert.

This photo came with it. Can you spot me? -click to "enlarge" photo.

For those who are either too lazy or can't find me..

Yup. That's me!!! - circled in red. & I looked like crap. -.- so that's me in primary school. =)

Remember I say that I don't want anymore teddy bears?

These are half of what I've got. -Other than the piglet cushion, the rest are gifts/presents.

I've thrown away many many huge (3/4 my height) soft toys because my room really has no more space. I even gave some to my brothers, some still sitting in the living room's cupboard and some still inside my memory box. These are the one ones left in my room because they are given more recent or somewhat more precious. =) I don't hug them everyday but at least I know were they come from, who gave them and for what occasion.

If you don't see what you gave me, don't feel sad or betrayed. They could be in my memory box. It's really a box, not my brain. -.-

Well anyway, I'm quite glad I didn't get any teddy bears this Christmas yet.. Instead, I got..

2 Cards. 1 from a good friend and another is Samantha whom I've got to know through my blog. =)

and a piggy!!!! *muacks* A big hug to the person who gave me this. She's the best. =) But hor.. I want to tell the rest of you hor, if you're getting me anything.
No more soft toys or key-chains k? I'm so scared of them le.. I have a lot of them in my memory box many unused and brand new. But best is don't get anything for me lah. I prefer cash. Sisterly love I also accept. =)

BTW, it's 10days to Christmas, enjoy your Holidays mates~ =)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Why it's good to be short?

1) We get to stand it front when taking photos. =)

2) It's so easy to notice me. The shortest in class since nursery.

3) No matter how old my face looks, from far away no one will be able to guess my real age.

4) I can act cute for many more years to come. you tall people cannot. BLEAH~

5) Short people are more intelligent. really. :P

6) Guys generally prefer short girls. don't believe me?

7) "In-laws" or boyfriend's parents normally treats us so much more better. *this is proven by me*

8) We have tighter vaginas. Not scientifically proven though. :P

9) We can wear a big shirt to sleep and we still look adorable.

10) Boobs doesn't sag much because we're nearer to ground = less gravity = less pulling force.


Monday, December 11, 2006

Why does it sucks to be short.

1) People looks down at you (literally).

2) Very difficult to find clothes that fit or looks nice on us.

3) People can't stop making fun of your height.

4) People don't take you as seriously because you don't look like you can do much.

5) Cannot apply for certain jobs.. (eg police, army, air stewardess, model.. .. ..)

6) Cannot sit at the back of the class, cause can't see the board.

7) Cannot wear heels that are too high, cannot wear too many accessories.

8) Cannot drive big cars, ride motorcycle.

9) Normally have smaller feet, so harder to find shoes that fits..

10) When you're trying to buy stamps or pay bills at the SAM machines some adults will think that you're playing with the machine and ask you to go away. -.-

All these applies when you're only 145cm. honestly, it really sucks k..

aiya got bruises

So nice hor? The cloud and the sea seperated by orange sky.

Today play floorball during S&W.
I'm loving it. lols. I don't' really know the rules, but I thought it's almost as fun as hockey. Makes me miss hockey... I wouldn't say I played well, but at least my hockey background did give me an edge over some. I felt the same old grouchy goalkeeper coming back again, commenting and becoming angry when others doesn't listen. -.- I'm so silly.

Anyway, the other time when we played basketball, we played against Feli, Victoria that group. Today for floorball, we're against them again.. Their pretty strong, considering that they have 2 guys plus Feli is from the floorball team & Victoria was from hockey. I'm pleased that we end up with a draw. Hope to play again soon.. =)

Wilson, Shan, Ber & Leng were great. We nearly scored the first min or so.. hahas. I feel kinda bad letting Shan be goalkeeper cause I believe I can play better as a player. Guilty. :P

Oh.. about the bruises... I didn't get it during the game.. I accidentally knocked the side of my knees (left and right) on the floor cause I refuse to sit down cause I don't want to make my already very fat butt, any fatter.

left leg.

right leg.


Saturday, December 9, 2006

there's a song that always makes me cry, no matter how many times I listen to it...

You fight about money, bout me and my brother
And this I come home to, this is my shelter
It ain’t easy growin up in World War III
Never knowin what love could be, you’ll see
I don’t want love to destroy me like it has done
my family

Can we work it out? Can we be a family?
I promise I’ll be better, Mommy I’ll do anything
Can we work it out? Can we be a family?
I promise I’ll be better, Daddy please don’t

I ran away today, ran from the noise, ran away
Don’t wanna go back to that place, but don’t have
no choice, no way
It ain’t easy growin up in World War III
Never knowin what love could be, well I've seen
I don’t want love to destroy me like it did my

In our family portrait, we look pretty happy
Let’s play pretend, let's act like it comes
I don’t wanna have to split the holidays
I don’t want two addresses
I don’t want a step-brother anyways
And I don’t want my mom to have to change her
last name

In our family portrait we look pretty happy
We look pretty normal, let's go back to that
In our family portrait we look pretty happy
Let's play pretend, act like it goes naturally

Don't feel like blogging here at the moment

sorry, I'm feeling kind of stressed up or something. maybe depressed or hurt. I'm not sure.

Will blog again when I can finally smile.


Friday, December 8, 2006

feeling kinda restless or something..

I want to munch away on snacks the whole day but at the same time don't want to gain anymore inches. Had a huge pack of chips which darling bought and didn't touch, for lunch. I can foresee myself grow until I cannot fit into my uniform. I've already busted both skirts. my maid just sew it up for me. Hopefully it'll last for a couple of months more till I graduate. damn those fats. NAFA is coming and I doubt I can pass it now. :'( been puffing after walking a short while. I'm losing it. GRRRR.

Always wanted to do some light exercise but went to read my book instead. I think I've read this book before, it's titled: Lizzie Jordan's Secret Life by Chris Manby. It's very familiar, but then again, all the books I've read are almost too similar. duh. -.-

I need sleep. Nights~
Dear course mates, please take not that there will be no assembly for next week. =)

Thursday, December 7, 2006

it's that evil red bomb...

Weekend approaching..

But darling will be too busy to accompany me this weekend. :'( He got to attend his friends wedding dinners.. I believe that those 3 guys are friends and they purposely put their weddings one after another on 8th, 9th and 10th. Make my poor baby so much poorer. -.-

I'm very sleepy now. Just done the cover letter thingy. I searched high and low on the Internet to find another job advert just so that it'll be easier for me to write the letter. *yawns*
I miss my baby who's at BEN's house now. That Ben better don't bully him arh.. My baby so good to him.. -.-

If I got wedding who will want to be my bridesmaids... OMG... :'(

Dec 2- Dec7.

Dec 2nd~

At P.S....

I'm trying not to laugh out. :P

Dec 3rd~

The stall I work at..

Dec 6th~

blue buttons~ :P

more photos of this event at

I received these through mail.. My ibanking device.. *sweet*

Had dinner at TCC.

OMG. We look so chubby!!! & I look bloody old lah. :'(

The moon and haunted house. buahahaha...

Dec 7th~

I've got a pair of bi-weekly OASYS contact lens at the the pre-launch party for free!
Totally sweet. It's really comfortable but really expensive leh.. :(

I met up with a group of ex-classmates from STC to celebrate Kyla's birthday at MOS.
Those who went: Gwen, Freda, Yoke Leng, Shannon, Minyi, Ethan, Mike, the birthday girl and her 2-3 of her other friends.. Everyone looked so good, I feel out of place. Man.. I think I need plastic surgery..oh.. and it's a pity I had to go home very early. Kyla bought 1 bottle of vodka and it's gone pretty fast.. I hope they're alright now.. I wanna go MOS again.. it's fun. :) The music's a little too erm retro though. -.-