Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I heart dbl 0 Anniversary Party! (Photos!)

First time uglyfatchick got invited to a party. So EXCITED! :P
Invite by Nicholas, a very cute boy. :)

Friday 23rd May 2008, hubby met me after work and we went down to dbl 0.


I felt so damn special for the first time. Okay, maybe not that special, but still special..
Aiya, you know what I mean right??? Some people without invites, have to stand outside and wait until 10 or 11 then can pay money to go in, but I go in don't need to pay money and can go in anytime! muahahaha...

Invite with complimentary drinks!

Free housepours and beers.
So many people got drunk that night!
And they even have staffs walking about with trays of finger food!
uglyfatchick hearts dbl O!!! =)

Jolyn the pretty babe got an invite too!

She's good at taking photos. I'm really lousy.
See the below photos to get what I mean..

I tried to take a photo of the big boys and you can't even see their faces.

From her camera.. So much clearer right??

Her drink and some random beers.

The place's pretty packed, so I was trying to find things to take photos of. :P

Argh! I look damn ugly lah. :(

Took photo with the babe. I look flushed cause I wore 2 tops, walked around in stupid heels and felt really hot. I think I actually perspired!

I took photo with the old old tired tired de hubby.

Made hubby take photo of me and my ice-cream plus green tea drink. ;)

Took photo of myself!

Took photo with the tag? :)

Took photo with hubby again.

Took so many photos that hubby thinks I'm crazy. -.-

Hubby and Jolyn's bf hooking up. :P

Before going home, Jolyn and I decide to go thank the person who gave us the invites. :)

The other side of the bar is even more packed!!!

People everywhere!!!

Last photo of the babe and I.

Hubby and my tags.

I'll remember this day.
The day I broke my heels and my feet hurts after walking around the whole day in heels, so hubby piggyback me till we got into a cab. That's like one of the sweetest things he've done for me. Love hubby lots. :)

29 May 2008 : Happy 46th monthiversary darling! :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Japanese Pasta at Shokudo 18 May 2008

OMG, this post is like 1+ week late. :P

Met up with ShaXiaoMei and JS last last Sunday Night.
Hubby also around.. So it's the four of us again! hahas. Like everytime also four of us hor? :p
ShaXiaoMei gave me a DVD with Maplestory cause I can't seem to download maplestory.

Met up at cine to have dinner. We waited for JS until very hungry.
Had craving for Korean food but no nice Korean food nearby (the Heeren one close le. *sad sad*) then I was sooo hungry that I guess any nice food also can lah. We end up choosing this place call Shokudo. They serve Japanese Pasta and Japanese Pizza. No one in our group tried the Pizza though..

Because of some glitch in their network or something, somehow everyone's orders didn't get the kitchen. So, we had to wait somemore for our order!!! faints...

hahas.. Hubby's food came first..

His Pasta. Looks better in life lah, because I'm a lazy and lousy photographer, anyhow snap snap snap.. so look like plastic right? hees..

Sha Xiao Mei and my Ice Lemon Tea.. :)

Eek.. Cheese!!! see the tiny pot thingy? It's syrup for our Ice lemon Teas. :)

Sha Xiao Mei's Omelette Pasta! :)

Yummylishes seaweed wages! ;)

Wasabi Prawns.

My beef duno what Pasta! hees..

How come don't have JS's pasta?
Cause I was sooo hungry, I forget to take photo of it! By the time I remember, only left a bit of the salmon. -.-

While waiting for food and for bill, they kept making me laugh lah.
And when they make me laugh, I always laugh until cry one..
So paiseh lah.

Four of us share 1 desert! Chocolate ice-cream wafer. Don't know if it's because we share or what.. it's very very yummy. :)

一人一半 感情不散 一人一素故 感情才會久

Just like that, we spent about 2 hours at Shokudo.
After dinner, we went to lvl 9? to play games at E2Max.
Sha Xiao Mei treat us play Audition. I kept losing. :(
I got no hand eye co-ordination one loh, see arrow point up/down I press right/left. -.-

She Xiao Mei and I.

Monday, May 26, 2008

st james OUT. I prefer dbl0.

2 lousy photos from my camera phone of the anniversary party. Think it's dying soon. :(

poorlousy organisers.
Not attending next year's unless they are paying me to do so.
Wait, even if they pay me, I don't think I'll want to attend either. -.-

Ranted a whole bunch on my other blog.
If you know what to google, you'll find the entry.

Anyway to cut long story short, invite states 9pm-4am, I was there at 9.15 and they are still setting things up.

No Music. No people. No food. Late staffs who anyhow scold/accuse customer.
Super lousy party.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Yellow or Blond?

A 13 year old boy and his maid was watching some show on Television.
During an advertisement..

Boy : She looks younger with yellowish hair.
Maid: She's Blond!

I've donated. Have you?

On Vesak day, I forgetfully ordered a beef dish and I felt really bad lah. I totally forgot it's Vesak day and totally forgot about the beef until I started eating.

I was like, there's no way to reverse the ordered and eating part, so I thought I should give something, like help or what. I decide that I'll just donate like a small amount or something to help some people.

I know the reason is like so lame or what lah. But honestly, maybe you're really kind at heart and you just feel like donating and don't know where to donate? Or you don't wanna travel down to somewhere to make donation.. Now you can donate using DBS ibanking, OCBC internet-banking & UOB internet-banking.

I think I sound like advertising or something. -.-''
Anyway, just here to inform you of the extra option to donate online..
I've donated. Have you?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sorry to Felicia and Vincent

Too tired to blog yesterday..
So here it is...


Dearest The Felicia,
I wish that you'll always be pretty and young and cute and witty and happy and funny and.. yes, ENJOY YOUR YOUTH! ;)
You know, I'm secretly jealous that you've a bunch of very close family and friends. :)

Dear Vincent,
13 this year, please read more books and improve your English can? I know your sister's English is very lousy, but yours really cannot cmi you know??? I don't want you to get into trouble for using the wrong choice of words on people. Like cheap and cheapo means different things you know.. and yellowish hair and blond is also different!!! I don't want people to laugh at you like how people laugh at me. And please stop fighting with your brothers and also stop them from fighting can??? I'm going crazy! Okay. This is supposed to be a birthday wish but I end up nagging. -.-

So, I wish that you'll grow up and be more sensible and meet nice friends and have good grades and stop making me angry!

Happy 17th Birthday to Felicia and 13th Birthday to Vincent.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Should I stop blogging here?

I know I've asked a million times.
(Okay, maybe it's far from a million but you get what I mean.)

Sometimes I feel very tired.
No, not of blogging.
But of not being able to blog freely anymore.

Blog for traffic, blog for money, blog for blog, blog for people.
My blog is so easily "find-able", that I could no longer bitch on my blog without thinking I might make anyone angry or get sued or what.

I feel old.
I think adults doesn't show how they feel. They just keep everything to themselves. It's social suicide if you "wash your dirty liner in public". Or you're being mean if you say something bad about other people.

You know, I fear the day, when you can no longer read my silliness or read me grumble about my life. The day when blogging become so monotonous that you don't feel my feelings. That I can no longer feel and become emotionless. That I'll become numb to the world. Argh. I think I'm starting not to make any sense.

Do you understand?

Haiz. I think I'm really going mad.
I'm talking to my blog! -.-

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weird tail Lizard

I don't like creepy crawlies. I don't like insects. I don't like things that move. They scares me. Yes, I'm a scary cat. I fear all.

Anyway, this post is not on my fear, it's on this lizard that got into my house.
It has split tail and looks like a fish when it moves.

I don't like them creepy crawlies. :(

Friday, May 16, 2008

Cheap and Entertaining Birthday.

Because we were cheapos ran out of spare cash, I decide to treat hubby to free movie!
Yes you read right, FREE MOVIE!

Hubby caught What Happens In Vegas at Golden Village (Great World City) for free and I didn't need to pay for his tickets. Don't believe me? Check out our tickets.

Because I'm a gv card member, I get a 1 for 1 voucher during my birthday month to watch movie at GV. I only need to pay for my own movie ticket, which means I spent only S$7.50 for both of us! :)

Next, we took neoprints for entertainment.
Most neoprint machines/shops charge between S$8 to S$12.
I can't remember if we paid $3 or $4 for ours.

Who says Birthday celebrations need to be very expensive to be entertaining and fun??? ;)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

OMG it's Mid Year already!

Time pass so fast, it seems like it's only New year's Eve not too long ago and now we're almost in the middle of 2008 already!!!

I thought we're still like in march or something you know.
Time seriously pass by much faster when you're OLD!!!
On the bright side, Christmas will be here soon! :P

I've got so much plans for the year.
Now, I'm just waiting for things to be confirmed.
Let's hope I'll get good results eh? ;)

Been working as an Accounts cum Sales Assistant for a month now.
Met new people and learned some new stuffs in this pass 1 month.
Ok make it quite a lot of new stuffs. hahas.

Hubby has been spending a lot of time at work and on his studies. Poor boy. Still have exams.. Which reminds me.. I need to go check out the schools and their prices soon. I want to do short courses to have fun improve myself.

Okie.. Shall stop here. Got to wake up early later.
So many things to blog about, just no time at all!!!

I must make time for my blog! :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My girl friend miss me! (This post is very random)

Below is an print-screen of a msn conversation between a friend and I.

She misses me! :p

Anyway, some many days ago, while at FEP, I bought 3 pairs of earring at this shop called Watt's In. 3 for $5. Damn cute lah. I meant the earrings I choosed. :p

There are 127 people in the NOMINEE LIST now.
I'm so far way from my goal of getting into top10 lah. :(

Support Yi Xuan Feng!

Here are the posts relating to my 20th Birthday.. :)
Happy Birthday to Me.
My 20th Birthday Present (1)
My 20th Birthday Present (2)
My 20th Birthday Present (3 & 4)
My boyfriend pissed me off on my Birthday. :(

There's another post coming up maybe in June lols. I've got no time to edit the photos. There are like hundreds of them. Got to find the nice onces and resize them before posting. :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Chicky 's first time at dbl O

10 May 2008, a night to remember. hahas.
After work, met up with sexy Jolyn.

Jolyn and Me. Yes, I have a FAT face, so stop starring at it now!


and again. :P

First drink. I don't like it. :(

After that I had like 2 "ice-cream" drinks. They say it's 30% alcohol but it just tasted like ice-cream to me loh. I don't know what you call that, but it taste really nice lah. Let's hope it doesn't makes me FAT like ice-cream does.

Met a friend at dbl O. He makes me realise I actually got boy de friends!!!

my long time no see de friend. OMG I'm fatter than him! argh!!!

Met up with Kyla and here's the 3 of us.

Think Black is for clubbing or what. we so happen to all wear BLACK. hahas.

The only reason why there are so little photos, it's because my Camera NO BATT!!! Stupid right? I left it to charge when I left home but it didn't charge loh!!! :(

GSS got Tourist Special!!!

Attention to all Tourist coming to Singapore between 23 May 2008 - 20 July 2008.

This is just for you! :)

Eh, most of the pages (other than the ones for tourists) of the GSS website shows this message: "Due to the sensitivity of the content, this section will only be unveiled on 23 May 2008, the launch day of the nation's most anticipated event... The Great Singapore Sale 2008"

I guess everything will be reviled on 23rd May 2008.
I can't wait!!! :p

Saturday, May 10, 2008

My 20th Birthday Present (3 & 4)

This is from my brothers.

Card from Kenneth and cute little handphone charm from Vincent. hahas.
I told them I rather have $$$, they just don't get the hint. :p

More photos of the Cake here.

Friday, May 9, 2008

My 20th Birthday Present (2)

I've been wanting to do it for a long long time. Everyone's been telling me not to do it. I've been keeping it for quite sometime and once I do it, it'll never be the same again. My mum was totally against it. But I really can't help it. It's too bloody hot. So hot it's making me feel sick already.

So last Sun, 3rd May 2008, hubby decide to give it to me and let me do whatever I want.. He says it'll be my best 20th birthday present!

The last time you're seeing my innocent face.

After many hours and effort put into it, I'm a satisfied little girl.
This is one rather special present from hubby that I can bring around with me everywhere I go.

Haircut and hair treatment at Salon4hair at Suntec.

I've got a pretty good hairstylist. Forgot to get his name but if I really gonna do big changes to my hair again, I'll go back there. :)

Talking about big changes.
I had the chance to get a free hair makeover and be featured in the July issue of a certain female magazine. But they called 1 day late! Haiz.. so wasted loh. If not I'll get FREE makeover leh. then hubby don't have to waste money and time on me..

My boyfriend pissed me off on my Birthday. :(

I feel the need to rant lah!!!

On my birthday, he actually forget to wish me, until I told him he didn't wish me yet. -.-
Where got people's boyfriend like that one???
Anyway, from 12-1, I was crying to myself loh. sounds very stupid. but I really felt super lonely.

Since he worked till very late on the 8th, I decide to be nice and forgive him.
Then on the 9th, after work, I just wanted to talk to him, but he's too busy with work.
After work, he go out with his friend (with my permission) to have a drink.

It just makes me more sad when people ask me (on msn/or in person)
"Friday, you birthday, where's your boyfriend taking you?"
"why are you at home?"
"not celebrating with your boyfriend?"

See. I told you he is a bad boyfriend ok. not nice like what you all think loh.
He always bully me. "sour" me.

You all don't always say he very good hor. Now he thinks he's the best boyfriend in the world, then think that forgetting to wish me is just a minor mistake. Which can be cover up by all the good he has done in the past!!!

See. You all "pamper" him too much liao and "shower him with compliments". Now he thinks I'm being FUSSY and IMMATURE liao loh.

*pout, cross arms and face away from the monitor*

My 20th Birthday Present (1)

This present flew here okay!!!

My first 20th birthday present came earlier than expected..
A total surprise from my favourite Bruneian blogger!
Thank you Ms Nonnie King!

She made me a very very very cute card!
I put it by my bed cause it looks really really nice! Like a drawing like that.. :)

My mummy laughed and said the words are too tiny!
I thought they are really cute and neat!

Yups.. This is my present! A cute and unique tissue pouch.

Handmade by a famous blogger somemore!
I don't bare to use it loh!!!
It's very nice of her to remember my birthday, and very thoughtful of her to spend time and effort to do stuffs for me. I'm very touched. :)