Thursday, May 31, 2007

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Have you linked me?

I've about 50-60 regulars viewing my blog daily, but very few people link me.

Links also known as Loves, is very important to me.
uglyfatchick hopes for more loves (links) to her blog.
can you do that for me?

PS: those who have linked me and wants me to link them back, just let me know (eg. leave a comment in my blog. =)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Face 2007

I saw this ad on Tuesday.

and I told darling I wanna join.
Cause this year they never state minimum height!

Call me crazy, but I think they need a new face. Something not so perfect. Someone short and aunty looking. Someone who has pimples and eyebags and blunt features. Every year also choose those pretty pretty ones. and you call that new face? come on loh. Almost all pretty girls look the same to me lah. nice eyes, small and/or sharp nose, nice lips, clear skin, tall...

So should I?

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Miss Universe 2007

I didn't watch it but I know who won.
anyway, Tuesday's The New Paper featured Miss Singapore

I got a shock. Who is this on the cover? Miss Singapore? Don't bluff me leh. don't look like her at all..

I saw her photo on the Miss Universe website.. and she looks like this.

So cute!

So anyway, she felt that her shortcoming is....

TOO SHORT? how short?

Okie. She does look tiny in this photo. But I thought she looked the best here too.
Sunny, sweet and fun-loving.

I'm probably a dwarf standing next to those giants. -.-

Guess what I saw at vivocity?

So many people take photo, I also take loh. :p

Chio right?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Addicted to advertising.

This is free advertising. but I couldn't care less. I think I'm addicted to advertising. Someone stop me please..

I'm like anything.

He is like whatever.

This is a can of anything.

Anything could be Cola, or Cola with Lemon, or Apple, or Fizz Up, or Cloudy Lemon, or even Root Beer.

This is a can of whatever.

Whatever could be Ice Lemon Tea, or Peach Tea, or Jasmine Green Tea, or White Grape Tea, or Apple Tea, or Chrysanthemum Tea.

I realise that from the outside it's not known what's in the cans itself and sometimes even after drinking 1 whole can, I don't even know what I'm drinking. Yesterday darling and I was drinking a can of very sweet whatever. and we very trying to figure out what's it. All we could confirm was it's a type of tea. -.-

So I thought they should print a tiny code at the back of these tag thingy to at least let people know what they have just drank. :P

Now you can comment easily.

Last time, when you click on comments, it's actually the permalink.
I finally found out what's wrong and set it right..

Now there's the permalink and also the comments link. =)
I'm very tired. Blog again soon.. with PHOTOS!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

dig up old post. Charity.

Is this Orlando Bloom?
Can someone let me know why are there so many girls crazy over him?

Anyway, today's my off day and I've been a really good girl..
I stay at home leh!

I bet most of you don't read my old blog posts.
so I thought it'll be fun to dig them up. =)

I wrote about Charity in 2005 and I'll always remember it as it's the first time I tried to be creative lah.
Charity Part 1
Charity Part 2

donut factory, sushi and peanut pancake?

My colleague bought us donuts on her last day of work. How sweet right? (no pun intended). She had to wake up early to queue for them. Yes you heard me right. You actually have to queue to buy those donuts. They are delicious and everyone wants a piece. I thought it's a little too sweet for my liking but I finish it all anyway. I forgot to take a photo of my donut. :(
Seeing this photo of the box, makes me miss Gillian. :(

Sushi from the marketplace. $1.80
I just realise I've been eating way too much rice.
Fish are way too expensive and rice fill me up more.

I bought this today. $2.00 and I have to roll the thing myself.

The crispy thingy with peanut $1.00.

This is some pancake thingy sandwich-ing a thick layer of peanut.
I felt sick thinking of it now.
Had too much peanuts...

Bah... how to lose weight like that. -.-
some more I have a small cup (paper cup) of coke everyday...
Someone save me please...

I have something to confess.
I drink very little water, cause I don't like to go toilet when I'm working. (toilet is on another floor)

I've been lazy.

I have lots of stuffs to blog, but I've been rather lazy lately.
Photos not edited, ideas not put into words..
aiya.. really sorry lah.

Tomorrow is my off, I hope I am not too lazy to edit those photos, and prepare those posts to "reward" you all. =)


Sunday, May 27, 2007

I want to lose weight! GSS

Whenever I say anything along the line of losing weight, I'll hear people going..
"Please.. You're not fat nor, if you're fat what am I? a (insert any heavy animal)?"

I have to clear this.
I am short thus people put me in the petite range but honestly I'm still meaty here and there.
I have love handles and thunder thighs and fat arms and huge butt and a fat face.
Yes, I may seem tiny to you all, that's because I'm short.
It doesn't mean I am in good shape.
I am fat and I know it. stop deluding me. -.-

I can't un-short myself, but I'm sure I can un-fat myself.
With so many slimming company having GSS, maybe someone can give me some free treats?
*hint hint*

There's Body Perfect Singapore, endorses by Olinda Cho (From 72Kg to 57Kg).
Sign up with a friend, for a 1 for 1 offer.
$388* for 21 sessions.

and there's Expression, endorses by Chen Liping (from 75Kg to 67Kg).
$288* for 10 treats and 12 fat busters thingy.

*terms and condition apply & if I'm not wrong, it's exclusive of GST.

Everyone is rushing to sign up for packages before the GST rise.
This is not a sponsored post.
But I wouldn't reject it, if you want to sponsor me to for these treatment though. :P

I just felt like it.

I guess I've been keeping too much stuffs inside me.
I'm super touchy today.

On my way home after work, I was listening to radio..
Tears started welling up in my eyes.

When I reach home, I was watching TV, then I just teared and teared and teared.
Watch random ending of Ugly Betty, I cried.
Watch random ending of some hongkong movie, I cried.
Watch America's Top Model, I cried.

Watch some old (Channel8) Chinese drama I cried.

No one stop me from crying and it felt great.
I mean I just cried and cried and cried without the need to explain why I cried.
I feel so much better now. =)

Hey you, yes you.
Stop laughing at my silly red face now. :P

Saturday, May 26, 2007 is a new website with a brand new 28 day drug treatment program located in Michigan, treating addicts from across the country.

The first step even before you even start addiction recovery is to recognize that you have a problem with alcohol and/or drugs.

Something my dad has not been able to do.
He kept saying he can control his drinking problem, but at the end of the day I don't think he can. He still drinks every night. -.- offers short-term 28 - 45 day drug rehab and addiction treatment program.

Addiction has negative effects in almost every aspect of an addict's life.
(friends, family, school, work, health...)
If you know anyone whom you think needs help and doesn't know how to help him/her.
Refer them to websites like these. Like them know that you care and support them all the way. I hope my dad stop drinking soon. :(

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random photos.

Chio bu!!! Why she got high forehead she looks so pretty and I look like shit? :(

Mike and I went past this place yesterday..

I really like it. It's very beautiful. Mike took photos with his phone too, I think it's loads better and maybe he'll post them up on his blog soon. =)

That's all for now.. *cheers*

Friday, May 25, 2007

Entertain yourself on the go.

I'm always travelling, to work, to school, to home, to shop.
and every time I listen to songs/radio on my Sony handphone.

Now, how I wish I have an ipod!
I found a iPod Video Converter software that can convert DVD movies, family videos, and recorded TV shows into iPod!
I always miss those interesting 9pm, 10pm shows and even if I can record them, I have no time to watch them. :(

It's a software made by PQDVD, which is a cool tool to convert DVD to iPod with a few mouse clicks!

Download & install the software from , after launching the video converter software, click "open" button to select a dvd or video file. Now you can start recording the video into iPod format. When it is ready, you may put the converted file into iTune library and sync with your iPod.

Currently, there's free trial for this software.
And for only $39.95 you can convert unlimited number of DVDs and videos and enjoy the freedom of entertaining yourself anywhere, anytime!

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Can someone get me a iPod please? :P

super busy eh..

My favourite chicky wings from Blk 65 stall.

Laksa, yesterday's breakfast/lunch.

I got to go work soon.
but here I am still typing away.. bah.. can't help it..
I miss my blog. my slow like shit computer. my problematic internet connection.

actuclly. I think I just miss staying at home. :P

Florida Agriculture YouTube video

Don't worry, I'm not writing about my lousy videos this time...
I want you guys to see this really short and adorable video about farmers.
I think it's a very interesting ad with car racing and sound effects. =)
Listen carefully to with the person says, it's funny!!
Watch and let me know what you think of it?

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It's Saturday..

Time pass by so fast. It's almost end of the month already...

Working is tough.
You get to meet all sorts of people.
and you have to live with them.

unlike in school, if you don't like someone, you can choose not to group with them.
You can sit at different ends of the classrooms and pretend that each other doesn't exist.

but when you're working.
You can't choose much.
You have to work with whoever they ask you to work with.

Why am I writing this?
because someone kept bullying me and I really hate her.
She pretends to treat me well in front of others but when no one's around, she scolds me for mistake she/others make. -.-
If I didn't respect the fact that she's so much older than me, I would have told her off. (not in front of customers lah.)

I enjoy most of the time I work, less the body odor thing. (I'll touch on that another time..)
I actually like some of the people there.

Maria who always gets biscuits for us. :P
LaTiff (I don't know how to spell his name) who always talk to us. Tell us about fashion and stuffs. And he helps us a lot.
Gillian who helps me out when my pants got a huge hole.
Chia Ning (I also don't know who to spell her name :P) who's from KL.
PeiPei, Kelly, Adeline, Jenny.. All these are nice people. =)

Did I name everyone? hmmm.. :P

*PS, I think I'm falling sick or something..*

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Now.. If I order bumper stickers with my blog address on it, will anyone want it? :)
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Thursday, May 24, 2007

that happened to me!

how many times you read someone's blog and suddenly you feel like screaming..

I was going to blog about some auntie I met at work.
But I scared later I kena sue lah.

Anyway check out stickgal's blog.
Her drawings definitely says a lot. :P

PPP Direct

Part One of the Birdo Release.
A new version of is now available for me to explore. yeah!
Anyway, the biggest new feature in this Birdo release is PayPerPost Direct.

I know I wrote about it yesterday, but all I knew then was:
I set a minimum amount I want to be paid for Direct opportunities and put up the badge on my blog. So if anyone finds my blog and decides they would like me to write something for them, they can just click on the badge and make me an offer.

This morning, I woke up and thought, this couldn't be all free right? I mean I had better check if I'll be charged for each new entry I get or something. (just to be careful)

I went to read up more about PPP direct, and to my surprise, I think I've made a great choice to use PPP direct! :P

I got my "future advertisers" a rather good deal!
Most companies providing this kind of service would charge between 50-100% markup on post. Meaning, if you put up a minimum offer of $50, advertisers would have to pay $100 but you'll only get $50, the company takes the other $50 for doing almost nothing! The people at PayPerPost agrees that when an advertiser clicks on our badge on our blogs, I should get to keep majority of the money and not give it to someone else!

PPP Direct only charges a 10% service fee, and about 5% of that is for transaction fees for PayPal and credit card processing. Which means, when I put up a minimum offer of $5, My advertiser just have to pay $5.50! =) In PPP's words, the advertiser gets more bang for their buck and I make more money!

Is it safe? Most "kia su" (slang for scared to lose) people would ask.
It's gonna be messy if you try to do the same thing on your own. Imagine, you want to get paid before your write, but your advertiser wants you to write before you get the money. So how?
Payperpost provides security of an escrow-like service that will assure you get paid for your hard work and the advertiser gets his post.

Other than PPP direct, I find this other new feature very interesting!
Post Reservations!
I used to think that once I click on "Take opportunity", they will hold the opportunity for a period of time while I type out my post. But after spending 2-3hours making my post, when I try to post my post, they tell me that all slots on the opportunity had been filled! Heart pain lah. :(
That will not happen now... They've increased the reservation time to 6 hours!
Means, I can take my time to blog once I click on "take Opportunity" and not be afraid that I wouldn't get paid for all the time and effort I put into typing my blog post. Yippee! =)

I'm In love with PayPerPost! =)


PPP Direct
Notice this new badge at the top right corner of my blog?

Now you can hire me to blog about you on this blog! (Isn't that cool?)

Currently I left the price at $5.00.
Maybe when I get more "famous" I would charge more. :P

Anyway the badge will be up there for all to notice. I'll leave it there for a while before I move it down to the rest of the badges.

Do consider me lah. I'm not bad mah.
and I'm not paid for this post lah.
I just feel like advertising for myself loh. :P

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


The day before yesterday, I had a dream about me having not enough money for studies and courses. I even dreamt that I owe my maid money.. -.-

I felt so sad, confused and frustrated.
Money, Money, Money.. That's all I've been thinking about.

Monday I spent $5.30 on dinner.
Tuesday was off day but I spent $9.60 on 2 can soup, 1 pack of potato chips & 2 huge bottles of green tea. I've very pissed that my maid finished 1 whole bottle of my green tea in less than a day! I paid for it you know. :'(
Wednesday I spent $5.80 on dinner.

and I feel really sad..
I tried very hard not to spend so much but I just felt hungry and kept eating and eating. :(
and kept growing fatter and fatter. :(

Instead of walking around (aka shopping) to use up my 1hour of break, I return to my work right after dinner (<30mins). I know I will feel even more sad if I see stuffs I want to buy yet cannot afford.

I've never felt so poor before.
Poor until I've no money to buy bras.
I know this sounds really silly. but I really want to buy new bras.
I've never said to anyone, but I cry myself to sleep some nights.
and I know if only I spend lesser on food, I would be able to buy a new bra soon. but I just can't stop eating. I eat and eat and eat.
I remember when I was really depressed last time, I ate a lot too. :(

Argh.. maybe I should go buy some lottery and hope I win the few million dollars bah. -.-

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My IQ is...

IQ Test Score


Is that guy or girl? Sorry, I don't know who this is.

Mike complains that ever since I started my work as a Sales Associate at XXX company, I don't have enough time for him.

He start works from 6am and ends at about 7pm. I start work at 1-2pm and end work at about 10pm. He's quite free on weekends and I must work on weekends. He complains that it's hard for him to stay awake till 12 midnight to talk to me over the phone cause he needs to wake up at 5 plus, the next morning. He complains that I don't see the "difference-in-work-time effect".

Well, what can I say?
I've always been the night owl. Even when I was studying, and I need to wake up early to go to school, I sleep late. It's been like that for the past 2-3years and he doesn't notice?
Honestly, I've never complained much about him not spending enough time with me. So today I must 1 time complain everything (gao gao).

I have school holidays and he needs to work.
He goes out with his friends on weekends (when I was studying, I'm free on weekends!)
He takes up part-time studies and has little time for me.
He has oversea trainings. (I'll always remember the fact that he was away for my 18th Birthday.)
He has to go somewhere for many many days and can't really call/sms me.
He had work on many weekends too.

All these I've never really complained much or make a huge fuss cause I thought work, studies and friends are far more important than me to him. I've never really ague with him for all these but now that he's complaining. I really cannot stand it. If he's tired, he can go sleep. I never use a gun to force him to talk to me on the phone. If he's unhappy about the timing of my job, then I must say, I hate the timing of his job too! :(

*Just to let off steam post.*

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Do you know?

Kachang (Malay) in english means nuts right?
Then why is Ice Kachang called ice kachang when it's not ice nuts?

Anyone knows the answer?
Please let me know.. TIA~ (Thanks In Advance)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

drugs, alcoholism

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work is work.

Working keeps my mind off silly stuffs.
so I love working.

Working makes me tired.
so I hate working.

Working gives me money.
so I love working.

Working leaves me little time for my family and friends..
so I hate working.

Working gives me new friends.
so I love working.

Working can be boring when I have nothing to do.
so I hate working.

Working gives me new experiences.
so I love working.

Working means I play less.
so I hate working.

Working gives me satisfaction.
so I love working.

Working is hard.
so I hate working.

Working can be fun.
so I love working.

Working means more responsibility,
so I hate working.

Working means there are people willing to hire me.
so I love working.

Working means I'm not in school, studying.
So I hate working.

Working means I'm healthy and not sick.
So I love working.

Working means no student meals. :(
So I hate working.

Working means I'm not bumming around doing nothing.
so I love working.

Working makes me feel poor.
so I hate working.

The list goes on..
but I'm too tired to think anymore lah,
You think it's easy to think of so many things after a hard day at work arh? Bleah. ;P

Saturday, May 19, 2007

my internet connection / computer

went wonky and doesn't seem to allow me to do much...
I only get to blog this entry after much cursing and swearing, restarting and refreshing.

I was thinking.. what would my world be like without my own computer.
I couldn't think any further.
I know I wouldn't be able to live without being grumpy. :P

Anyway.. many people commented that my blog is no longer "uglyfatchick style"..
It's too "commercialized".. Has too much ads..the only thing that didn't change is the boring-ness...

Alright.. lets see how did this happen..

1) I'm not in school, thus not meeting friends, thus nothing to blog about.

2) I almost have no life now, it's either work or eat or sleep or blog or thinking of legal ways to get more money..

3) The only event that is interesting in my life now, it's working with new friends in the fitting room and since I don't have my phone with me when I work, I can't take photos and show you all mah..

4) Even my poor boyfriend doesn't get to see much of me nowadays..

5) I love money. Who can reject money right? I used to put up only AdSense but no one ever click on them, (which means no money generated), so I have no choice but to use other programs loh.. Yes I am desperate!

That's rough estimation of how I spend my 24hrs...

Using of internet- includes checking emails, blogging, reading other people's blog & sometimes maple or msn.

Actually most days I don't even watch TV so that I can blog more, or check out more opportunities for me to make money. :P

By the way, I just joined a new program..
I get paid reading advertisement.
Different from emailcashpro which sends you emails to read ads,
you actually log into adbux and surf the ads there yourself.. and they are paying $0.01 per ad you view. All you have to do is click on the ad and view it for 30seconds (there's a countdown counter on top) and you get $0.01!

I think it's even better than emailcashpro since I don't have to wait for emails to come in (they haven been sending much emails to me lately and they pay miserable amount lah.) less than 1cent per ad. -.-

so if you're interested in the $0.01 per ad thingy, it's call adbux. =)
I think if there's referral, I get part of what my referral gets too but then again, I really don't hope for much now.. no one has yet to join my emailcashpro after I try to advertise for so long, so I don't expect much for adbux also lah..

I've added the amount I "earn" at one side on my blog and I update it almost daily. unless I didn't earn anything that day...

alright.. I got to go.. need to rush out soon..
seeyah~ =)

What I would like to win most!!!

Is this!

Motorola Unlocked Razr V3 Miami Ink Dragon & One Year service plan

It's lust at first sight :P
I know I know.. A sweet little girl like me should be going go-go ga-ga over pink phones.
But what attracted me to this phone it's the dragon design! The "steel" cover makes it man-ly and cool. I've been wanting to get a good slim flip phone since last year, but I couldn't find anything nice.. Now that I'm pretty broke, I can only dream off winning it...

Anyway, how did I come across this?
I couldn't sleep, (it's 2.25AM now!) so I surfed the net instead.. guess what I found?
A site that lets you bid for the item you want to win and the lowest bid that's unique wins!

What's even more interesting is that the bids are just like a representation which means they are used just to determine the winner of the prize! So if you win a prize, it is absolutely free! They even pay for the shipping!!!

The sad truth is.. it's not available in Singapore lah! :(

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Friday, May 18, 2007


Some of my yahoo auctions disappeared. -.-
Going to find out what's not sold yet and update my auctions again..
*stock taking! LOLS*

Now even my off-day also so busy lah.
I'm digging stuffs to sell.. am thinking of selling all my soft toys. But selling gifts from friends sounds kinda low.

Would you mind if your friend sold something you gave him/her?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

it's coming..

One moment I feel hurt, and then the next I feel sad/pity for another person and then I feel angry and hurt again...
I think I'm going to lose it again...
I hate this depressive feeling. Like I'm going to breakdown soon. and when it comes, it's gonna be a huge one!

I know the "symptoms".
I even know the cause this time.
I may seem fine, but only I know, I'm not.

I can joke with you and laugh with you but do you know how much hate/hurt I have inside?
It's coming again.
The breakdown.
I'm hoping its not as bad as the previous one. I hope I don't have to go hospital again. I hope my loved ones will support me like they did the previous time. I hope no one gives up on me. I hope I don't give up on myself.

You know it's coming when I try to distant myself, trying to make you "go away'.
You know it when I'm suddenly super angry.
When I suddenly stop crying, say nothing and I hurt myself.

It's coming! It's coming!

I LOVE PayPerPost!

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I joined Payperpost without knowing how much they would pay, I thought at most it's only 5 USD per post, guess what? After my blog got approved yesterday! (YIPEE!!!) I had 12 opportunities and the highest offer per post is $15 USD! FYI, this blog post could earn me 10 USD once it's approved!

Plus, have you ever noticed this badge at the end of all my posts?

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The best thing is, as soon as YOU get paid for reviewing my blog, I get paid $7.50 too!
My only regret is "not clicking on this button (on another blog) when I signed up, which caused me to missed the 7.50USD opportunity!" and "not joining this early!"

When my posts gets approved and when they give me the money, I'm so going to use them for my poly studies! Weee.. Now I'm not afraid that I wouldn't have any lunch money if my poly application gets approved next year! =)

So What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Work related

First day was quite bad. The crowd was super duper scary, everyone looks fierce, and I'm super lost. My supervisor looks kinda scary too. :P & I went home with numb legs. I had to rely on pills to keep the pain away.

Second day was a slightly better, except for my torn pants. Yes I tear my pants while working. (somemore it's customer notice and then tell me one..) Even after I sew it back, it got "torn-ed" again & this time, much bigger hole. I should have taken a photo lah... but then you'll see my butt plus part of my legs and I didn't have my phone with me cause we're not allowed to use phones while working mah.. Some super kind soul lend me her phone to call back for help and another kind soul brought me another pair of pants from home.. If not I can't even go out to have dinner loh. :P

Those hours I didn't sleep has caused my eyes to look super ugly. I think I'll just stick to wearing specs bah. Have to hide my eyes!!!

Seduce A Celeb

Seduce a Celeb is an online reality dating show where GoFish users have the ability to win a date with a HOT Hollywood celeb. Each celebrity will give users 3 calls-to-actions to guide their video submissions in hopes of scoring the date. The more videos you submit, the better your chances are of winning.

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Currently, you get a chance to win a date with Mirelly Taylor!

Who's Mirelly Taylor ?
She's an actress, and has appeared on movies such as Kiss Me Again and Serving Sara and television shows including “Las Vegas”, “Punk’d”, and “Numb3rs”.
In my honest opinion, I think she's HOT! =)

How do you seduce her?
Look the the following short videos for "clues" as she talks about what kinds of video would score you a date with her! =)

Kiss a Fruit? 0.13

Dancing? 0.21

Her type of man? 0.11

Pick her up? 0.12

Those are the clues. You can send in a few videos for more chance to win a date with her.
Or you can spend some time to think of something super interesting and make it into a nice video before you send it in.

I wouldn't mind flying to Hollywood to meet a babe, but first off, I don't think they would want a girl, so pay attention readers! I'm giving away an interesting and original idea!

First, off all the lights leaving a spotlight on you. Like MR. Bean series? yeah.
Next, you show her that you're a good kisser and dancer by dancing with any fruit of your choice. I think smaller fruits are better choice than huge watermelon? :P "kiss the fruit" when you're done with dancing.
Get a huge poster of her, leave it on the floor in the beginning, and then pick "her" up.

See, I manage to combined all 4 "clues"!
Film away boy. =)

Seduce a Celeb will run on over the next 14 weeks. Check out the hilarious video submissions at GoFish now!

Yesterday, I nearly died.

Nope, it wasn't an accident.
Nope, I wasn't dreaming.
Nope, I didn't die lah.
Yes, it was a mistake.
Yes, I had thoughts of suicides.
Yes, it's reality.

I'm sorry, I didn't blog.
I'm sorry, I can't tell you what had happen.
Even if you're my closest pals, sisters, friends..
My family have no clue. Please don't alert them.
I hope you're not angry.
It's not a problem that can be solved by sharing.
In fact I hope to bring it to grave with me.
So dearest (friends & family), please don't ask.

I need lots of cash.
If you really want to help me, give me cash. Donate to me.
By donate, means that I'll never be able to return you a single cent.
Please don't lend me any, I rather work for it.

I numb myself with work.
It's only during work, that I can think of nothing else.
and I need another job after this current one.
Full time job. 6 days a week. I don't want any "too-free" jobs please.
I want to work work work non-stop.

I couldn't sleep yesterday too.
I wish all these were dreams.
Nightmares that I can wake up from..
but it's NOT.

I'm sorry, I blog like that.
I know this "format" sucks but that's how I feel my life is like now.
and please don't say cheer up.
and please don't come and hug me.
and please don't call me to say you care.
and please don't tell me things will be better.
and please don't try to console me.

Because I know all these.
I'm not super depressed. Just a little sad and distracted.

By the way, I didn't kill myself.
because I know how heartbroken my family & friends will be.
so don't worry. I wouldn't do it.
Because after this, I know I'm stronger then before.
I know I am. I just know I am.

Love yah~
Have a nice day,

Monday, May 14, 2007

I can't sleep.

and I know I need the sleep because I've yawned 4962753 times.
and I know what's causing me to stay awake. :(

Suddenly I have nothing to blog.
That's weird.
My brain seems to have gone on holiday..

Anyway, I was reading other people's blog (as usual),
and while browsing this blog.
I found something interesting. =)

I don't know about you, but I really like it. =)
For the past hour, it brought music to my ears. -.-
The huge range of songs just makes my tummy flutters, wait.. I think I'm just hungry lah. =P
Mandarin pop, BOA, Disney movie songs, honestly.. what more can I ask for..

Currently listening to:
A Whole New World.

Oops. It's 7am.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mindef/SAF = heartless?

Who is Lawrence Leow?
Quote from

Lawrence had suffered heat stroke during his National Service. What happened next was a shock to many of his friends and family. Due to the heat stroke suffered during National Service training, Lawrence was paralyzed in most of his body. He also suffered inflammation and infection in his wind pipe. That resulted in having an operation to have a opening at his throat.

Lawrence could not eat on his own and had limited mobility. He could only type using a small digital pad or sms to communicate his thoughts. He was in no position to take care of himself. As he can't speak, he could only capture your attention by breathing deeply. Yes, it does sound like Darth Vader breathing with intensity.

I was concerned over his situation so I asked him whether Mindef offered any kind of assistance or compensation to him. I was told they are only paying him $500 a month plus a CSC card. In Lawrence's own words via sms to me, "The $500 is not even enough for me to hire a maid!".

I'll go thru my concerns and what I've found out.
Please don't complain got too much singlish, cause I'm not newspaper or some English pro lah. I only 1 unemployed little girl at home nothing better to do hor..

Army no insurance one meh?
All servicemen within 2 weeks of their enlistment to whatever services of the SAF is offered an insurance policy from company like AVIVA which they pay a premium up to 40 bucks a month and they get covered up to $400,000 for accidents that is a result of SAF training and maneuver resulting in PD and death?

So actually got leh. So how come he don't have?
People didn't want the policy because they felt that its a pay-and-get-nothing-out-of-it kind of thing whey compare it with XXX insurance company's life policy and look at returns.
When they get XXX's insurance policy, then they realise that XXX insurance policy don't pay them when they get injured in a military related accident!

Then they give him only $500 a month, how to pay his expensive Medical bill?
I fount out that they paid his medical bill already! so the $500 a month is like an allowance. He doesn't need to do anything and gets $500 a month for the rest of his life? If he lives another 40 years (500 X 12 X 40) = $240000!

What the heck is a CSC card?
CSC card means Civil service card.

What can the card do? Go clubbing no need to pay entry fee? :P
The owner of the card do not need to foot medical bills when he visits government clinics and hospitals with ailments caused by his heat injury and other minor ailments(flu/fever/cough).
FREE MEDICAL for the rest of his life! I so need that card lah. I always get flu and fever leh.

By the way, how did he got paralysed again?
I found out that Lawrence had suffered heat stroke. I know that heat stroke is a common heat-related diseases that can be life-threatening if left untreated, however, I also know that heat stroke can be prevented! eg. by drinking water!

So kids, please drink enough water! Coffee, coke all that not counted arh.. must drink plain water! & don't worry, your boobs wouldn't grow that big one lah. :P

Was he not allowed to drink water? Were there others who suffered heat stroke with him?
-I didn't have any answers for these questions thou..

Who is responsible for his heat stroke? SAF or himself?
-I have no answer for this too.

It's easy to say stuffs like.. The medics are super lousy. SAF never ensure safety.
But are you not responsible for your own health?

When mummy ask you to drink more water, you find her naggy, cause you don't like to drink plain water. When you fall sick, cause you don't drink enough water, she look after you without grumbles. so now what?
I can tell you, this kind of case will happen again and again if you don't listen to your officer oops I mean mummy.

Happy Belated to all the Mums in the world. =)

dry your hair after bathing.

I realised I often get headaches when I don't my hair fast enough.
Sitting in front of the comp with a wet towel on my shoulders doesn't work.

I just bathed about an hour ago?
now I'm having a headache!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

top 10 in & ppp question.

Finally got into top 10 in without writting about other people.

Top4.. Top 3..

Top 2! =)

I wrote about my story and why I "created" this nick, here. =)

I have a question for those using Payperpost.
How long did it take for your blog to be approved by them?

My blog seems to be on "pending" forever...

Friday, May 11, 2007

Uglyfatchick's 19th Birthday. (lots of photo!)

I want dinner! I want dinner! I want dinner!

Want to try something new, so we went to "The Mussel Guys" at Vivocity...
There were 2 big groups of people having their dinner there, but at least they weren't that noisy..

My fat boy's (I-forgot-what) tea and my sprite. =)

I just love it when they are laid like that..
Like 3 very close friends that can't live without one another. =)

Soup! I like the soup. =)

This is when one group of teenager steps in and decide to sit near us. -.-
5 boys, 5 girls = 10 noisy kids.

Back to our dinner..

Fat boy decides to order this (I forget the name but it's something XiaXue loves), as appetizer & it cost about $30 for 2 small piece. I don't like the sauce, so I didn't really touch it.

ah.. our main! We didn't know it comes with rice. I don't like the rice!
and the pepper is too HOT lah. and and I don't really like the meat also.. but I finish the meat and the veges. =)

After dinner, darling and I went to get my cake from a chocolate shop.
It's just outside vivomart.
and I found a chocolate that's taller than me!!!

I always thought it's fake.. then I read the little tag on top.. It says it's made of real chocolate and ask people not to touch it.

Wanted to meet up with Belinda Sha Xiao Mei (she was at Vivocity too)..
but because the cake would melt and the 3 boys can't wait to celebrate my birthday, I had to rush home loh.. *We'll meet up soon.. =)

Us on the travelator thingy. ^^

The cake I choose. $20. (Daddy sponsored after my mum nagged at him to..)

I don't know why I look so weird lah..

This photo taken by my mum. =)
Notice the puzzle I told you all about? =)

I am really happy when they sang the Happy Birthday song.
But now I'm really angry with my maid's super lousy photo taking skills!
She's worst than my mum!!!
Chinese New Year, we finally get a chance to take 1 family photo, but she screwed it up.
Now, she even screwed this (without my dad) family photo. I feel like killing her. After she take the photo, she still dare to say it's very nice. Grrrrrr!

Don't talk about angry stuffs le..
Let's see what I've got.. =)

You know what's this? A blue envelope with my birthday card inside lah!

Look like me bor?
What's inside is for me to know, for you to find out. =)

(Dear family and friends, please refrain from buying soft toys for me! I really have too many soft toys le...)

That said, I have another new member added to my soft toy family...

It's a girl!!!

She met teddy... =)

bear hugs... *shivers* ;)

On Thursday, Jasmine come down all the way to my house!
I was kinda shocked. I was still in my sleeping attire.. *shy*
and Jasmine, we forgot to take photo together!

She reached my place, and hear me talk on and on for 2 hours.
Jasmine.. you really still haven change le.. still so quiet. =P

When she went back, I open the present and card.
I suddenly remember that I have to take photo after I took the wrapping paper off my present. hee..

The card...

Wah.. Me to You bear card ah.. must be very expensive loh..

But do you know..
I cried when I open the card?

That's really super sweet of you Jasmine. Really super sweet.
I didn't expect it really.

After opening the card, I could guess what's in the box already..

and it is what I thought it is!!!
Thank you Thank You Thank you so so so much Jasmine!

Sorry, I can't resist. Must post photo with it! =)

I had a really nice birthday and I want to thank everyone who remembered & greeted/wished me (even if it's belated also counted lah).

In aphabetical order (If I miss anyone out, I'm really sorry! It's 4am and my eyes are closing..) :
Belinda, Frozenmama, Guan Zhu, Hui Fen, Hui Shan, Jasmine, Jason, Kenrick, Koen, Kyla, Larissa, Lee Leng, Luke, Mandy, Nonnie, Ryan Jie, Samantha, Xin Ying.