Thursday, August 31, 2006

i also don't know why i did that.

Yesterday I was already half sick.
I have homework (revision papers) to do but I didn't do them.
Instead I went to help my friend with her project. -.-
Check out:

Anyway just now I went to see the doctor and she gave me mc loh.
For $29, I got some Vitamin C and lots of pills.

Went to meet Leng for Night Sale.
Super cold night.
Not many people. Sales also the lowest. $43.25
When we close shop, I use wrong key to lock the door then cannot lock. -.-
In the end trouble so many people and waste so much time.
Really sorry leh!
*pull ears as punishment*

Now I MUST remember that the 2 different doors use two different set of keys.
must remember.
must remember.

now tired.
I going change clothes.
nights =)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Monkey Husband and Dragon Wife

One of the best matches, as they will both be able to harness their positive forces and achieve lasting unity and success together. Both are aware, aggressive and very ambitious. The Monkey is practical and crafty while the Dragon has more than enough willpower and energy for two. He will plan while she will set their goals higher each time. He loves challenges and she gives him great reassurance by standing behind him through thick and thin. Both will indulge each other, exchange ideas and work in harmony.

Woke up with slight drizzle, by the time I wanna go out, it's raining cats and dogs! grr.
No umbrella loh. so i dun want to go out le.
Anyway today it's celebration mah. rain how to celebrate?
*sniff sniff*
My nose is blocked. throat a little sore. feel feverish. but can't do anything. -.-
Don't wanna waste money go doctor.
oh yeah, I have co-op night sale later...
am I not making sense?
If I'm not. so sorry hor..
I'm not in the right mind to do anything right now.
*ah choo*

Black clouds, party invites and pool again nor..


Everyone take good care k..

So many buildings. :(

Received these "invites" yesterday. =)

Anyone wanna go? I'm so tempted. :p but must RSVP leh.. by 1st September.

Today school end early...
So I went pool-ing again. =)

The balls played lining up. -.-
Feel that I got improve a tiny little bit lah.
but most of the balls that went in are tyco or opponent hit in one.. lols.

Alright. that's all for now bah. hahas.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Kim Sun Ah

Super tired today.. got a lot of homework and I haven touch any.

I did some googling.. look what I've found.. =)

Know who's she? (2006)

Recognise her? -reminds me of Jolin. lols.

Yups.. it's Kim Sam-Soon!
Don't look like right?
She attended Middle/High School in Tokyo & Ball State University (in Indiana) - Majored in Piano.

BTW, anyone knows where I can get that piggy.
so Mike can talk to it. :p

Monday, August 28, 2006

28 Aug 06 : happy until want to cry.

So blessed, I feel like crying..

I have a great day today..
Teacher let us go off early..
Had a nice lunch at JS's parents noodle shop.
The company was good.
5/9 of us took neoprint together at J8.
Though I thought it'll be better if all 7 fit in. woots~

I'm not sure if they mind me posting their photos
so I just post me only lah k? =)

So cute hor?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Jay Still Fantasy can pre-order le..

Jay's Still Fantasy can pre-order le.

Know what's this?

I got a very nice poster! Thanks to my baby..

Anyway, my baby went for the army half marathon thingy.
ran 21km.
so poor thing.
I went to his house to finish the last episode of My Lovely Sam Soon. =)
and also played a bit of audition. until his brother come home and need to use the comp. -.-

My dinner at..

No photos of food cause I super hungry. :p

I got to start hating all food man..
I'm eating too much..

And yes..
Congrats to Sha Xiao Mei and Leng!!!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

26th Aug : Mum's birthday & Hunk-of-the-day Vincent Ng

My mum's cake.

She turns 45 today. =) Can u see all 9 candles? hahas.

Just for the ladies, I'm featuring my Hunk-of-the-day.

Try not to be disturb the the words SEX GOD.

Something I find really fascinating..
But then I still love my baby's flabby bits. heh heh. It's cuter that way.


Friday, August 25, 2006

25th August : bento box & My Lovely Sam Soon.

Mike is back. =)
On Friday. I went to see him.
Missed him a lot.

I was hungry as usual, and we went to try the stuffs at Jurong point 's bento box.

The receipt

The Table.

I took photo of my baby while he was telling me something. :p
I don't remember what he said exactly but I knew it's something about the lemon tea and peach tea. You know which cup's lemon and which cup's peach? hee...

His food. I don't like the fish. It's like the ones u can get at supermarkets. -.-
I prefer fish from the fish market (located at great world city).

My food. Beef a little overcooked. I don't like it. Though the receipts states well done. the bloody cashier didn't ask us how we wanted it. she only ask me what sauce.

Overall experience there is so so only.
Maybe I'm a little fussy. But for $27.80, I expect them to at least ask me how I want my meat to be. btw there were no other people ordering food. so she is NOT stress lah.

My baby got this for me..

My lovely sam soon.

I've finnished watching 15 out of16 disc.
The last disc didn't work on my computer.. don't know why. :'(
I have to go visit my baby at his house so I can watch the last disc..

She looks damn chio (Pretty & Hot) in this pic hor?

That's all for today..

Thursday, August 24, 2006

24 august: eat eat eat.

School was alright.
I am not.

I've been munching non-stop today.
After school I had a salad $2.50 from mac.
I was eating and walking around Juction8 at the same time.
Must have looked silly. :p
(which reminds me: sis and I saw Bryan Wong and his crews.. we quickly walk away.. hahas..)
After the salad, I bought $1.80 of sweets from mini-toons. hee.
At harbour front, I bought 3 piece of sushi.

It's easy to see how I gain so much weight. -.-'''

Tomorrow would be a rather busy day.
2 of my sisters are going for a bowling competition.
So I'm here wishing them best of luck.
Ber & Leng, win or lose, I'll still love you. =)
Oh, remember to take some photos to post on the optimistic4 blog k.. :p
Both of you are half of us.
give you some power.. *muacks*

Mike is coming back tomorrow..
I'm going Jurong after school.. anyone going Jurong too? =)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

i hate headaches. It must be the heat.

I'm home.
Bathe, smelling all nice and ready to start doing my homework.
and I have to have an headache. it sucks.

Anyway, today was pool day.
I played and played and played until I think ber lost count of how many times the white ball went in.. oh.. there was a time the black one went in by mistake. :p who ask the black ball so extra.. block my way..

Took some photos... :)
Before Sha Xiao Mei ask them to turn on the lights..

With my phone's light..

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

wait for me?

Sha Xiao Mei complains that I don't update enough.. -.-

It isn't that I don't wanna update.
Sometimes I'm troubled by some stuffs and I can't put them here.
Some bo liao people will take in my weaknesses and start attacking me.
I'm so irritating meh?
I thought I'm very KAWAII NEH... :p

That's me. Hidden at the bottom. =)

Let's talk about today..
I went shopping for presents just now. Spent half of my allowance for this week already. -.-''
and I'm not done yet..
So crappy lah. I went ard the whole telok blangah trying to find one board.
oops. I'm saying too much..

I see this on the floor every morning..

The first time I saw them I thought I saw this...

How I wish eh?

alright.. I'm going off to settle something rather impt.. hmm...

Monday, August 21, 2006


Quite peaceful at school. I think?

A couple of days back my cher added me on friendster..
She's quite funky so I wasn't that shocked lah.
but hahas.
it's still quite weird for me though.. :p

Out of 3 modules for this term, 1 is going down the drain.
I just can't grasp it. No matter how I 've tried. Personal Taxation.

It's the second day of my period and my right boob's feeling a little pain?
I hate periods.
They make me moody.
Make me clumsy.
Make me feel like crap.

What's worst, no ones here to huggy me.

Can you find us?

The National Bazaar sale was fun and guess what?
We're on the papers. Try looking for optimistic4. =)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

sorry lah..

haven been posting much in this blog..
Cause I haven been in the best mood lately.
Spend too much money.. :(

Today was supposed to cut my fringe only but in the end still let Ben kor kor thin my hair... So much of my hair gone and I'm a lighter person now.. (NOT!)

Just now go weigh myself. Bloody hell, I gain weight again nor..
I couldn't fit into my favorite shorts. and soon I'm sure I can't fit into most of my clothing's le lah.. :(
Mike says my cheeks look chubbier now.

What am I supposed to do?
I keep eating non-stop...
Yesterday even ate one whole box of lemon cream biscuit.
Now I'm very hungry... :'(


Inter-department bowling competition 2006

Was held at Orchid Country Club?
We the Optimistic 4 and their fans had some trouble getting there..
In the end took 250 (cab) in.

See... 16 lanes reserved. =)

The ceiling lights near the snack bar...

The snack bar which serves very expensive snacks. :p

My shoes look so brand new...

Optimistic 4 came in 3rd and their youngest member came in 4th overall best player. =)

For more photos of Optimistic 4, visit

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

yesterday and today so eventful sia.

Yesterday I got my costing CA result. hit all the marks. woots~
and I had night sale with ber.
The cute guy come buy snacks. :)
hee hee hee.
I acted so damn stupid nor.

Today's event i another day then write k. hahahas.. sorry hor... very little hor?
coz i super the lazy. buahahahaha...

I have ALOT to blog about later!!!



Monday, August 14, 2006

It just hit me...

I'm 18.
Nono. I'm 18 for a few months already but I just don't feel like I'm 18.
I still feel like I'm a little girl.
I feel like a princess.
Having my boy to pamper me.

My boy has those disgustingly childish 19 year olds under him. I told him they look like what 15? In those innocent *cough-cough* mind of mine, 19 years old to me, means really old liao. guess what he says? baby, you'll be turning 19 soon. Crap. I dun believe it man. I'm 18 turning 19. I'M OLD!!! I'M freaking OLD!

oh well,
Last year I went to so many weddings.
And recently, someone I know is engaged.

From what I know, being engaged can either mean
1) Legally married but haven been through the traditional wedding, wedding dinner and stuffs.
2) Announced that you're both engaged to each other (with parents approval).

I was suddenly thinking of getting engaged too.
I mean like what's the big deal right...
and at least it's something I can do to let my parents feel more secured.
and I can feel more secured too. :p
then I thought further.
being engaged means I cannot look at cute guys.
and I'm somebody's wife and I have to listen to him.
I feel like it's better for me to keep this scary thing off for now.
I dun want have those responsibilities u know.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

13 Aug collages

it's been sometime since I last posted collages... buahahaha...

Behold (Meaning: see, as with attention)


The VERY CUTE... uglyfatchick. =)

and I did a 49 photos collage of that Thailand trip. =)

I'm loving it~
Chills~ I gotto rush my homeworkie~
Boo Hoo Hoo...

Saturday, August 12, 2006

I need help leh.. but dunno who to ask.. -.-

My costing the process accounts hor.. CMI leh.. final exams how???

Did nothing the whole day.
The only thing I remembered was the Chinese movie I just watched on TV (Channel 8) .
Now I want to sleep.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

new books. homework not done. final exams!

I bought these 3 books at the book sale. $13. =)
Just finnished "Every boy's Got One".

It's 12am and I have not done my homework!!!
My teacher is so going to nag man..
she already told us that we have to do our homework!!!!!!!!!

By the way, finaly exams next month. 12, 13 & 14.
I'm so going to drown.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

I really got to lose some weight.

I took a nap just now. and I woke up with my phone underneath me.

damn it.
I think I flattened it... It's lagging. -.-
I don't rmb dropping it or what leh.. Think I suffocate it liao. -.-'''
ar~ grr~

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

8/8/06 : NUS Flag day, no pool tables available, Coffee & Beer

Morning: People dressed in blue at harbour front collecting donations for NUS flag day. Feeling all kind and nice, I donated $1. Went to school attend the National Day celebration thingy. Another group of ppl wearing the same blue colour shirt collecting funds for NUS flag day at Bishan.

Noon: Stay at home and wait for my boy to come over. We planned to go play pool. =)

Afternoon: NUS students standing around with their tins asking us to donate. We went to cityhall to get his keyboard. Had lunch at Ajisen. I love the noodles.. *yum* (Did you know 郭美美 is their 代言人?)
After the noodles we walked to GNC and he bought $100++ worth of health products. -.-
[guys = easy target for salesgirls/promoters] *sigh*

Went to find pool centres to play but most of the places all packed. Decide to go bras praza (I dunno how to spell) to find storybooks/novel for myself loh. When my baby is oversea no one's gonna entertain me. Alas, nothing I wanna read.
When we were leaving, we saw Sharon's boyfriend! *so unlucky*

Late afternoon: Those NUS people "放工了"... "hooray!!! no more people pestering us to donate. :p Baby had to visit the washroom, we went to the new capitol building??? He bought drinks from Starbucks. =)

The drink:

The top portion is the whip cream. The middle portion is the coco thingy. The bottom is coffee!
Not knowing that it's not well blended, I put the straw in and drank the coffee. After drinking a lot a lot of coffee, I complained to my boy that the drink is very very bitter. Unlike the drink I had the other time. He drank the rest of the coco and says that it's not bitter. Then he realised that the person (mixing the drink) didn't blend the drink properly. -.-
Being one who never drank coffee before, I drank ALOT of it lah.

After the bitter experience, we walked to Paradiz centre to look for a place to play pool.
But all the table got people playing.. So in the end we decide to go find Mike's "big wife" & friends. (Sorry to the 2 friends whom I don't remember your names. :p)

Evening: We walked to PS. Met them and went to the arcade. Spent around $10 there, got bored and decide to go After5.

The place was rather empty. Later then realise we were too early. :p
Des says he might be joining "绝对 superstar" If he's joining, I wanna make banner. hahahas... By the way people, you can start to register le. =)

My drink...

eh.. nonono....

The is the one...

The ice is not cube shape. =)
I remember to use stirrer to stir my drinks before drinking..
After 4 glasses I told my boy I wanna get drunk.
Cause I've never been drunk and wants to know how does it feels like mah...

I drank 1/4 of beer.
M with beer doesn't = sure drunk
I feel nothing can...
After finishing my 5th glass of mix I decide it's time my baby send me back.
Don't want my parents to worry. It's 11pm le...

I didn't sleep until 12plus.
& I woke up at 5am just now.
I'm suspecting it's the coffee.
Man. I hate coffee.