Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mini Tiny Majong & early Christmas pressie for...

I bought mini tiny Majong tiles for JS's Chalet Gathering.
End up didn't use at all. :(

Comes in a cute little red box, just like those normal sized ones. :)

Muackz these tiles, hope they give me luck ah.. :)

Very mini tiny hor? :)

Even the dice also so cute! But I just realised, I don't have the chips!!! Oops.
Where to find so small and cute de chips? Hmm..

My Christmas pressie to the five of us in 012. :P

Kinda forced the rest of them to wear it out for breakfast the next day.
I feel so warm loh.. Not only because the weather is warm.. also because they are so sweet lah..
Willing to wear the sweaters out with me. :p

Imagine 5 of us wear same design sweaters and walk together.. hee..

Alright that's all for today, I got to go rest, meeting my Sha Xiao Mei later for lunch.
I'm feeling hungry!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Eye makeup of the night.

School's starting 1st December.
I'm feeling a little stressed out. :(
Hubby's at work and I miss him a lot..
JS's chalet entry will be up, as soon as I'm done with the photos editing.
& I have yet to get shaxiaomei's set of photos... Hee..

I'm in love with black eyeliner. :p

Played with my eye liner and fake lashes again.
I kinda like the end result cause it makes me look fierce. lalala~
Though it's probably only good for clubbing or something..

I need to learn how to put day makeup!
When I come out to work, if I need to put makeup, I can't go to work like this bah???

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pink Kabuki Brush

I swapped 2 pink hairbands with a girl in Canada for this brush. :)

My pink kabuki brush! :)

All the way from Canada.. :p

I don't really know how to use it, so now it's in my mini drawer.. Waiting for me to use her. :p

Monday, November 24, 2008

12th Pack of Free Samples review

In pretty good mood, cause yesterday pia finnish Smiling Pasta le! :)
Hot shot Completed.
Smiling Pasta Completed.
Miss no good ep 12 (still showing)
Pi Li MIT ep 3 (still showing)
Love or Bread ep 1 (still showing)

And today is JS's Birthday!

In case you missed the previous free samples reviews:
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11th Pack of Free Samples review. (5 items)

Samples in my 12th Pack of freebies includes Skinfood mask, essence, Lioele "mask" and Wild Rose Hand Creme! Must grab item of this pack is the Skinfood Rice mask & Rose Hand cream.

Title: Lioele Pore Clean And Tightening pack
Rated: 3/5
Like: Easy application
Dislike: Doesn't really seem to work for me.
Main Review: I guess my skin's really naughty this week. None of the products seems to work and I'm getting a little tired trying to get rid of those stubborn blackheads and huge pores. This mask thingy is easy to apply and I think it's alright. It's not too strong that it hurts my skin so I'm quite alright with it. It's a pity it didn't work. I still have 1 sample pack which I got at JurongPoint, I'll give it a try another day.
Will I Buy It: No

Title: Skinfood Rice Mask
Rated: 4/5
Like: Lesser blackheads & smell natural.
Dislike: None at the moment.
Main Review: I used the whole sample on my face this afternoon. After I read that other fr3b'ers used for 3-4 applications, I feel like a idiot. -.- Anyway back to the review. I'm not sure if I'm having a super good skin day or something, after using this mask, my blackheads seems to have become a bit lesser! The smell like most Skinfood stuffs, smells natural and "comforting". The rice thingy acts as a pretty good scrub I suppose. I'm not so sure about the whitening part though. I would say I really enjoined using this mask. Might be getting this product to use/try somemore. :)
Will I Buy It: Yes

Title: Skinfood Herb Salad Essence
Rated: 3/5
Like: No need to use much.
Dislike: Oily feeling.
Main Review: The first time I tried, I dabbed a little here and there and I liked it. The smell is alright and it's not too oily. The second time I put on a little more and spread all over my face. When you put too much the herb smell is stronger than the orangy smell and I don't really like the herb smell. My face also becomes very oily after a while. But so far so good, no breakouts. *touchwood* :p
Will I Buy It: Maybe

Title: Naturenu Wild Rose Hand and Nail Creme
Rated: 4/5
Like: Smell not too over and not too oily.
Dislike: Not very cheap.
Main Review: I like this hand cream a lot. The rose smell is lasting but not overpowering. It's creamy but not too oily. And sample is good enough for 2-3 applications if you're using on your hands only. :) I used it all on my hands and legs. :p After a while you'll totally forget that you put hand cream cause no sticky or oily feeling. :) Only minus point it's that I don't often buy hand cream so I find this a tiny bit expensive. :p Might purchase it if I've extra money to spare loh..

Will I Buy It: Maybe

You can get these samples to try them out yourself here. :)

Hubby and I's Virgin Zoo Visit Part 7 (Last)

Rest of the parts..
Zoo Visit Part 1
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Recap a little.. In the previous part, we went to Children's world..
There were many small animals, a Kampung House and some water slides for kids to play. :)

This is the last part, yes the ending!

After we came out of the Children's World, we decide that it's time for us to go back to rest.
On our way, we saw some really lazy Chimpanzees. -.-

We also saw the late Ah Meng's statue..

We saw some Penguins preparing for show. :)

One of the birds look like it's scared. It's shivering.. Poor thing. :(

Butterfly Walk, we went in snap a few photos and came out le.
Cause I didn't see any butterfly. :(

One bird = Eight Pigs = One Woman!!!

These 2 pig-deer don't know why suddenly fight. -.-''

Do you know which animals is Tapir related to?
Answer: Horse, Rhino & Zebra!

Finally we got out of the Zoo! :)

Non-collaged photos (Part 7): here.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fei Lun Hai at IMM on 16/11/08

Alright, good news! I "pia" finnish Hot Shot liao! In just a couple of days I manage to watch finish the whole series. Okay only 16 Episodes, but still.. I have to work lah, go on dates lah. really busy de k.. :p

"pia" - also known as "chiong" or rush.

16 November 2008 (Sunday)
Hubby decide to be super sweet, to go IMM with me just to let me take a look at the boys. We spend a couple of hours there sweating and waiting for them. End up my Da Dong didn't come leh. :( I'm damn sad lah. :( Let the pictures do the talking..

Waiting for the boys..

The security people keep chasing these people down.
Oh yes, we're damn far back and even after I climb on top of hubby still cannot see much shit. I hate being short larhs!~ :( And I also cannot hear them cleary. :(

First 2 photos is the host on stage and the next few are photos of the 3 boys taken by my shaky hands when I'm on top of hubby.. -.-

Photo taken by hubby, editing by me. So sads I'm too far away so can't tell you how cute Arron is or how "pretty" Wu Zun is.. :( I want backstage passes! *sobsob*

Oh yah, I didn't take that many photos cause I forget to charge my camera battery and also we left pretty soon after I didn't see Da Dong.. I'm still feeling a tiny bit moody. Nah. I'm still alright. I'm not a super big fan lah. Just like to see pretty boys cannot ah? lalala~

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Taiwan drama craze..

I've been so into watching Taiwan Dramas.
Friday night/Saturday morning I was waiting for Pi Li MIT Ep 2 to be uploaded on to youtube until 1plus.

Now I'm watching Hot Shot (籃球火) !!
Thought I wouldn't like Hot Shot but it's not too bad lehs.
Xiao Zhu is very cute & very funny!!! :p

Now blogging while waiting for Hot Shot Ep 6 to load.
Tired!! Hees..

Hot Shot the storyline a tiny bit similar to slam dunk the comic book hor? Got Liu Chuan Feng or something like that? Then again I read the comic book like 8-10 years ago.. Don't remember that much liao.. -.-''

Oh yah, Just now gave my brothers their Christmas presents, hope they like what I got for them. They don't like also no choice loh! :p

Think all the parts loaded liao, I go take water, come back continue watch a bit.

Will blog again soon lah. Must miss me oh. :p

Thursday, November 13, 2008

11th Pack of Free Samples

Zoo Trip part 7 is scheduled to a later date.
It's not due to the recent White Tiger attack lah! -.-''

In case you missed the previous free samples reviews:
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6th Pack of Free Samples review. (4 items)
7th Pack of Free Samples review. (3 items)
8th Pack of Free Samples review. BB Cream Special (4 items)
9th Pack of Free Samples review. (Best Kit of 08) (4 items)
10th Pack of Free Samples review. (3 items)

Here's everything in my 11th Pack of Samples. :)

5 items cause the Skin Renewal Gel is supposed to come with pack number 10 but they accidentally missed out. Thumbs up to them for the quick rectification and now I get to test it. :)

Title: Sansho Skin Renewal Gel
Rated: 3/5
Like: Removes deadskin without pain.
Dislike: Doesn't remove blackheads.
Main Review: It effectively removes quite a lot of what appears to be deadskin but doesn't work on my stubborn blackheads though. I prefer this to the marvel gel from ginvera?. At least after using it, my face doesn't hurt. If your main concern is deadskin I think you might like it. My main concern is my very stubborn blackheads, so I don't think I'll get this product.
Will I Buy It: No

Title: CURE Natural Aqua Jel
Rated: 4/5
Like: Removes deadskin w/o pain, easy application
Dislike: Doesn't remove blackheads
Main Review: Similar to the Sansho Renewal Gel, this Jel also removes deadskin without the pain I get after using the Ginvera marvel gel. But I personally feel that this CURE is better than the Sansho one because it's very easy to apply. When you pump out it's gel form, once you apply on your face it's like liquid like that. Very easy to smooth on. Only minus point is that I still have those stubborn blackheads. I think I'm stuck with stawberry nose for the rest of my life. :(
Will I Buy It: No

Title: Skinfood Oat Cinnamon Rich Foam
Rated: 3/5
Like: Natural smell, scrub & not too drying.
Dislike: It's not cheap.
Main Review: The natural smell, makes me feel at ease while using. I also like the gentle feel of the scrub and the not too drying feel. It's a pity that it doesn't really suit my oily combination skin and also a little bit expensive. :p
Will I Buy It: Maybe

Title: Naturenu Honey Mango Body Butter
Rated: 4/5
Like: Smell and non-sticky feel
Dislike: Not much effect.
Main Review: I like the smell, was a bit hesitant to grab this sample when I read reviews saying that the smell is very strong. I find it alright if I use on my legs and arms. It's not too bad. It's my first time using body butter and I find it not easy to spread everywhere like lotion. But also because of the not easy to spread, I can slowly apply to my skin and find my skin being loved. :p But I find that there's not much moisturising effect on the skin. Maybe I should buy one to try using and see if it does work if used long term. :)
Will I Buy It: Maybe

Title: Skinfood Black Sesame Hot Mask
Rated: 3/5
Like: Warm and the natural smell.
Dislike: Doesn't clear my stubborn blackheads.
Main Review: I'm still looking for anything that can help me clear those stubborn blackheads. This mask smells really nice to me. The "scrub" feels alright but if you massage too hard it's a little painful. I like the warm warm feeling when you first put it on but it doesn't seem to last long and I'm not sure what it really does to my skin. Glad that it's quite gentle and didn't hurt my skin, I guess it's pretty good as a normal scrub that smells really good. But nah, I wouldn't buy it cause I'm still searching for my perfect blackhead remover mask and of coz it's also not very cheap you know. :p
Will I Buy It: No

You can grab these samples too.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

If it ever happens, I will wait for you.

I can't write too much.
I've got no mood to blog either.

I love you.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I love my new boots!

Look what I got from my previous spree..

White Boots.

Black Boots.

I'm crazy over boots lately and these 2 pairs cost about $25-$35 each pair. I saw a shop in Bugis selling the white one but didn't go check out their price. :p 1-2 years back when I was searching for boots in FEP, I think 1 pair of boots cost around $49.90-$99.90 like that. -.-''

Yes I know they look the same to you but actually they are a tiny bit different. The white one has this cushioning thingy on top and is a tiny tiny bit longer than the black one.. And the lace for the white one is a bit thicker also. :p

Got one colleague say I have pig totters. Whatever.
I never said I am pretty, slim and chio what, I only say I think I'm very cute! :p

Missing my friends and hubby...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

8th - 9th Nov 08 - Weekend Update.

This is an update of my weekend. :)

8th November 2008
Saturday at 2am, Shaxiaomei on msn intro 1 show to me.
We watched 1 episode on youtube until 4am. Then she went to sleep, I blogged and went to sleep also.

Went to work as usual, the new staff went to the other showroom to learn from our most experienced sales staff, boss came down to help out.

And I got a present leh!

Hahas. Not from Boss lah, but from the girl who's leaving, her last day is Sunday..

My Name. :)

Tada~ This is my present! :)

Hubby came down to pick me up from work. Poor hubby waited quite sometime while I served a last min customer until around 8.45, took a cab home and I went to bathe.

Hubby watched a bit of the show which I watched "in the morning" while waiting for me to bathe & get ready to go out. We went out at around 10pm to eat dinner! Went to our favourite supper place, eat full full and took a cab to Great World City. All the shops were closed by then, so we went to the arcade to play some games while waiting for our show to start at 11.40pm.

Quantum of Solace. I like. :)

After the movie, we went back home to sleep loh.
I got bitten twice on my knee and thigh by 1 small ant and it's really pain and itchy. :(
Played abit of DS before I sleep. Oh yah, hubby pass me back my DS so I'm playing with it now. :p

9th November 2008
Sunday, hubby woke me up early because he need to go Beach Road to get some stuffs.
We went there to eat our brunch before going up to get his things. But before he bought his stuffs, we went to a shop and I bought a new backpack. :)

Decide to pass on my old green Deuter backpack to my brother so I have to buy one to "replace" mah.. Actually the previous week we went to a few places but just couldn't find any deuter bags. :(

Uncle give me 20% discount, if I'm not wrong price can push lower de, but cause I'm very tired we decide to just take the price he give me loh. Can hear my wallet and heart go ouch ouch ouch?

After hubby bought his stuffs, we went to Bugis to walk walk while waiting for sms reply from JS. Don't know why no reply de. -.- Anyway we walked walked walked until very very tired loh!!

Hubby buy for me 1 DVD let me watch during my "rest period" before I start school.
I know it's going to be shown on tv soon, but I will miss it de, so buy loh, since now got promo, $15.

Then we went to the neoprint shop to take neoprint, it's been a while since we last took neoprints.. Anyway the machine there sucks lah. Cheat our money de. Even though no one use the machine, we got no time to edit our photos de loh! At start show 108 or 208secs, 5-6secs later become left 20secs. -.-''

While waiting for our neoprint to come out..

Hubby Designed. :)

Yes, I supposed to design this but it turn out plain because I cannot find the stuffs I want to put. -.-''

We also went to Bugis village, I'm looking for a nailart shop which I last time read reviews say they are quite good. They also got do eyebrow shaping de, but end up I think they moved le, find half the place cannot find. :(

Walked back to Bugis there to eat some snacks. Since JS didn't reply, we decide to go back to rest.

Dropped by my house area there the salon to shape my eyebrows first, den go home sleep.
Hubby went off at 7pm and I'm blogging this at 4am because my period is here and I'm having this really bad cramp and cannot sleep. :(