Monday, March 31, 2008

Computer-less for a couple of days..

Yes, I'm half back.

My cpu's wireless got problem so currently staying at HP Service Centre and will probably be back tml! I miss it so so so so much. :(

If it's going to be back tomorrow, what am I using now?
I'm now blogging on hubby's new laptop. HP Pavilion dv2000.

Of cos, the screen's not as big as my monitor, but check email, type a simple blog post, will do lah. :p

Yesterday went out with JS, ShaXiaoMei and Hubby. Had dinner at Fish & Co. My first time there. So paiseh and the 3 of them kept teasing me loh! :( Laugh until tummy-ache lah. Thanks ah sis. After dinner we went to K-Pool and played till around 11+. Thanks for asking me out JS and Ber, it's time we went out liao :p. Though it's kinda short, I had lots of fun. :) As soon as we've got the time, we go Chalet again k? :) Miss those nights of doing nothings. hahas. Stupid me, forget to bring my camera out. Next time must remind me k?

Now I also miss my froggy. :( Hubby ask me to leave on his bed. Honestly hubby's bed has more stuff toys than my bed now. :p I only have 1 doggy bolster (Mafia) on my bed now and he has one froggy (Dang Ou) and one polar bear. Hard to imagine an uncle like him got soft toy on his bed hor? :p

Dang Ou is a new addition to my soft toy family. He's green and cute and he's caught by hubby at Great World City's Timezone on our 44th monthiversary. =) Still remember so many people walked pass us thinking, why's an uncle with a little girl (me hugging DangOu). :p Will update photos tomorrow k. I have 1 or 2 photos of Dang Ou on my camera and my phone. really adorable. :)

Hubby's bro's gf has her own cupboard and laptop at their place. I also want one leh. But mummy say, young girls shouldn't keep staying over at other people's place. Not nice. True lah. Unless my new job place is near his place or after we ROM-ed. :p

Hubby now playing psp on my bed. He wants to get me a psp and DS for my birthday but I refuse. Cause once I start working, I wouldn't have time to play one loh.

Tomorrow, I'll send out my resumes le. Hopefully I'll get good jobs eh?
That's all for today. I wanna go rest rest early.


Friday, March 28, 2008

Which phone should I get?

Don't get me wrong, I still love my Sony Ericsson K750i thankyouverymuch.

But my 2 year contract with Starhub is soon to be up in July. I've got now till July to search for a new phone.. and to save up for it! (I'm not born with a golden spoon in my mouth, I don't have a millionaire boyfriend, so please quit asking me to ask my hubby to buy things for me already. Not that he wouldn't buy them for me, but buying things with my own money makes me happy.)

Recently I saw this really hot phone on display.
A quick check online, this Giorgio Armani Samsung phone cost SGD1,388.00!
I don't really like touchscreen, and 1K for a phone seems kinda unrealistic for a clumsy me eh?
But I'm still putting it here cause it looks like chocolate bar and I'm sure some of you are drooling now. :p Click here for photos of unboxing this Giorgio Armani phone.

Then there's this hot Motorola RAZR2 V9.
I like it cause it's really skinny slim and I always wanted a clamshell phone.
I've always fear handling one of these. It's like once I lay my hands on it, I'll tear it apart kind of feeling. Plus it's a little wide for my hands! :(

Of cause, there's the Nokia N95 (8GB).
The big big screen is good. I like big screens. and of cause, I also love playing games and taking photos with it's 5 Megapixels camera.
Problem is, my hands are pretty small thus I'm afraid this phone is too bulky for me. I've been using big phones all my life, it's time for a change!

and the must feature! Sony Ericsson K850i.
This phone also comes with a 5 Megapixels camera!
I've been using my current Sony Ericsson phone for almost 2 years already, so I think it'll be easier for me to get used to a new Sony phone as compared to other brands? :p

The 4 phones listed above are pretty expensive and definitely not very affordable to me now. I'll still be searching for THE PERFECT ONE. Maybe the perfect one will show itself sometime around July? :) Or maybe I'll end up buying that cheap, simple without camera phone from 7-11. hahas. After-all, the simples are making a comeback! *wink wink*

Ti Amo

For my Hubby Mike, Ti Amo.

作曲:Jasemaine 填詞:Jasemaine/張家瑋

綸:雖然是簡單的形容 雖然是重複的動作
因為有妳 讓一切都變得不平凡
好想縫合妳我手心 就這樣牽住放不開
有妳陪伴 呼吸著有妳的空氣 就是幸福

劉:Ti amo Tequiero
每一天都要愛上妳 想著你 沉入夢境
一張眼 一清醒 第一個想到又是你

綸+劉:사랑한 And I love you
我每天都要愛上你 少一天 就會遺憾
陪著你的光陰 怎樣都不算 蹉跎

好想縫合妳我手心 就這樣牽住放不開
有妳陪伴 呼吸著有妳的空氣 就是幸福

劉:Ti amo Tequiero
每一天都要愛上妳 想著你 沉入夢境
一張眼 一清醒 第一個想到又是你

綸+劉:사랑한 And I love you
我每天都要愛上你 少一天 就會遺憾
陪著你的光陰 怎樣都不算 蹉跎
(陪著你的光陰 永遠都覺得 不夠)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pretty lashes - (March 08)

Bought these chio chio 的 lashes from SaSa on 1st March.
The lashes of the purple pink pair comes of easily. :(

My "collection" as of March 2008.

Why do girls like shoes?

Don't ask me, I don't really know either.
These photos of my new shoes are about 1 month late.

5 pretty pairs of shoes.

I bought this pink converse shoe at SGD39.90. It's my current favorite. Makes me look super act cute. :p

Hubby paid for this pair of Black Puma shoes (SGD399 after discount SGD79.80)

We also got this blue pair of shoes at the same puma shop (SGD199 after discount SGD39.80)

Remember super early March I post blurry photos of my new shoes?
Here's the cute little white shoes without the plastic baggy.

And the pair of heels. :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I QUIT. (Long Boring Post)

*This post is about 1 and a half weeks late, I accidentally saved as draft instate of posting it. So if the whole entry sounds a bit weird, sorry ah.. cause I think I wrotetyped this on 13th March. :P*

Christina the procrastinator has a huge list of THINGS TO DO.
Wait, I think she has yet to put them into a list.

The weather's making me damn lazy. Or maybe I'm just plain lazy.

So far, I've rent and watched I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry VCD, License to Wed VCD and Romantic Princess DVD.

I'm playing this really annoying but very addictive game on his PSP.

I've also started looking out for jobs.
Sound like another random post today. I know. I know.
Did I mention that I've kind of lost my job? I think I did right?

Anyway, I quit last week on 5th March.
The contract is a stupid mistake.
My mistake.

When I was a temp, I could go see the doctor when I'm sick since I'm paid by the hour.
But ever since I've converted to contract staff, things are really different.

First off, I'm not allowed to take half a day of unpaid leave to see my doctor when I'm sick.

On 4th March my doctor gave me 1 day of MC, so I went home to rest, the next day I went to work even though I'm still feeling unwell and the back of my jaws start to hurt. By noon, I was feeling really sick and can't stand the pain at the back of my jaws; I went to ask my senior if I could take half a day or a day's unpaid leave to see the doctor. Guess what did she say? We can't be sure if the doctor would give me an MC, so I cannot take unpaid leave, plus it's not good to take unpaid leave. All I was given was 2 hours, to travel to the clinic at my house area, see doctor, have lunch and travel back.

2nd, ever since the 2 ladies handed up their resign letters, their work attitude have changed damn much. Acting like they are the damn boss/indispensable. (Now, I don't even care if they see this.) I never realised how much I've been affected by their bossy behaviour until my doctor tells me I look damn troubled. She gave me some tablets on 4th March for anxiety.

3rd, they keep thinking that by offering me a very good pay, 1year contract equates to having done a lot of good to me. Did you know I had plans to go study? I didn't even apply just because I felt compelled to stay on to work for you. Damn it. Please stop telling me that I'm old and shouldn't go study full time. I just realised I actually have enough for poly studies after all. With 1K in cpf, 500 in edusave plus some savings here and there. I secretly think that their happy now that I've lost the chance to even apply.

4th, with changing of job scope, comes teaching old stuffs and learning new stuffs. During this "changing period", I had to face stress from both sides. I couldn't leave without teaching finish everything and I can't learn if I spend all my time teaching. Because both jobs are under 2 different seniors, I'm damn stucked. My boss and ex senior want me to teach everything I've learned in the 8 months. The new seniors kept saying I should let the new temp handle all the stuffs himself. I taught all that I can in a week, but the new temp kept saying that I didn't teach him the stuffs. The stupid thing is, even though he has the notes (he wrote them when I taught him), he refuse to refer to them and even tell my ex-senior that I didn't even brief him on it. It's in his notes!!! Damn pissed. If anything goes wrong, it's always Christina didn't teach or teach wrongly. argh. Whatever. If they so choose not to trust me, then why make me stay time and time again?

5th, somewhat related to the forth. I could understand if I wasn't given the authority to handle claims on my own since I don't have the experience nor cert for it. Since the new seniors kept asking me not to spend too much time teaching the new temp, I would expect them to teach me more about the new work. Then my boss called me into her room and tell me that because 1 of the new senior just came back from holidays, so they don't have time to teach me, so I have to read up on my own and she'll give me a test start of next month. I agreed, since at least there are things I can do. So I printed all the stuffs and started reading them. Then I got scolded by my seniors. They say I'm supposed to read those notes at home, not in the office and the company doesn't pay me to read in the office. Note this! They are the same people who "has no time to teach me" and ask me to read all those cases on my own. Kept saying no one guided them when they first came in too. Hello.. I have zero background on this and before I signed the contract, you all kept saying will help me, will guide me, end up? I guess my mistake is in trusting you all far too much.

6th, it's my fault ok? I cannot handle this kind of stress and bullying. All was well when I was a temp. Why the sudden change of attitude? Just because my pay increased you all must bully me more issit?

7th, B, all along when I'm still a temp, I informed any of the senior seniors whenever I'm sick to ask for leave to go see doctor. Why this time it's not enough when I tell them? You kept pushing the blame away, saying you don't know what I tell them or what they tell me, but you're always so busy and they have always been in-charge of me, why suddenly I have to report to you and you never tell me I have to inform you? If I knew I have to inform you I would do that first. This is a huge mistake on my part.

8th, new senior, I know you have been poking through my blog. I have one thing to tell you. If you keep bullying anyone under you, you'll forever not find a good temp. I guess which is why E left you, M understands my pain and maybe why the supposedly new person didn't even turned up at work.

9th, I guess all you people have not heard interesting voicemails before. It's funny when you don't even know you're listening to my voicemail message yet dare to say I ask you all not to call. lols. You know, I still find it very funny.

10th, It's funny you all tell me bad things about each other and then ask me to keep them secret. Of cause I kept them well. wooo.. you cannot remember what you've told me? hahahas.. I wonder what will happen if A knows B has been talking behide her back and if C knows what A and B has said about her when she's not around. It's very funny and gossippy. but I'm not that evil lah.. hahas..

But the way, it's been 3 weeks and I'm still down with the same stupid virus, if I continue to work there, maybe I'll end up in hospital :p.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Fun things keeping me busy..

Argh. not sure what virus I kenna. This time quite bad. I've been sick for like 2weeks? The strange thing is I've no fever throughout just sore throat, cold, headache, a bit of flu and then suddenly a lot of cough.

Hubby bought these for me since he knows I'm so gonna be bored at home. These can last me quite a few hours ok..

After "being forced to" work at my parent's stall on Friday, hubby and I decide to go Ikea to get some stuffs for my room! We had lunch there, no I didn't get to eat those chicky wings because I'm still sick. :( He had meatballs, I had a few meatballs and this salmon thingy. Ah... Bliss.. :)

All because of XX lah. Now I'm in love with Ikea, except that most of the stuffs I like are like so out of stock. :(

After many hours of walking around and taking down notes, we end up buying 1 tiny table for my comp SGD39, 1 white cupboard SGD89 for my room, 3 sets of 8 clothes hanger SGD1.80/set for my and hubby clothes and 1 set of 4 knifes with holder and 1 set of 2 chopping boards for my super ungrateful maid.

Why I say she's ungrateful? The chopping board and knifes in my house are like old, dirrty and un-usable already so we buy new ones, yet she say the chopping board is lousy, thin and will break easily. She just throw all the stuff into a cupboard together with the rest of the tools like screwdrivers and don't want to use them. Ass right? Grrrrrrrrrr.....

The clothes hanger are like so colourful! I like! :)

Hubby carried the super duper heavy cupboard while I carry the rest of the stuffs.
At home, hubby started fixing up/assembling the tiny table, while I cleared the old ugly fat computer table (I know my old computer table sounds like me right?).

Passing the table to my brothers so that they'll have an extra table to work on. I mean do homework on. Vacuum and cleaned up the place and realised that the wires (for the comp) aren't long enough. I want to put my comp next to my bed, so that I can watch DVD or VCD with hubby on bed. :)

We decide to go Vivo to get this plug thingy SGD33 (damn ex lah) to kinda extend those wires and we had dinner at White Dog again (this will be a separate post! :)). Now my comp is next to my bed. Muahaha..

While I try to set up the comp and stuffs, hubby fix and assemble the white cupboard. After 1-2 hours with a little of my help, the cupboard is up! woots..

Of cause I would prefer to have it in PINK, but I guess white also not bad lah..

I'm still packing my stuffs into the cupboard. Currently only manage to squeeze 19 bags into 1 drawer. Honestly, I didn't know I have that many bags. Almost all the smaller ones are in PINK. The worse case is, I think I'll need another drawer to fit my other bags. *faints* I don't dare to count how many bags I have in total lah.

The long awaited THE X-FAMILY Part 2 is out!!!

I've almost given up looking for it. Thanks ShaXiaoMei for informing that Poh Kim is selling them! :) I couldn't find the VCD version, so I just bought the DVD version SGD46.90 Super expensive, but getting to watch my 大东 again, it's totally worth it! Plus hubby also got watch mah.. *I love love love love my computer lah.* So now I'll stop packing for a while and watch finish this first.. I'll continue watching after this not-supposed-to-be-long-but-end-up-quite-long blog post! :p

Hubby bought us a new pillow! It's awfully comfortable. I like. :)

Promise more posts coming up soon. I've got like a thousand photos waiting to appear on my blog. I know I kinda broke my promise of not blogging about my happiness to somebodies, but I can't help it. If I don't blog out, one day I'll surely die of "too-many-emotions-and-thoughts-stuck-inside-but-can't-share disease".

I got to go bathe and carrying on watching my 终极一家 ZJYJ DVD. =)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Splash at Jurong Point

I missed the one at Marina Square, no one went down with me. :( If you missed it like I did, maybe you'll like to make your way down to Jurong Point this week. :)

I might go for this one.. since it's near my "new second home". :P

If I still have cash that is.
If end up I really need to pay for some mess I created less than a month ago, that would leave me with only $19 in my bank account that's touchable. Yes, all but SGD19.00 of my 9 months worth of savings is "locked" for that mess.

I'm so gonna die of hunger if I don't settle this mess and get a new income source soon.

I'm updating my resume, I need a temp account/admin job either near Bukit Merah Central or Jurong West. I've limited working experience, last position was with an insurance company as a temp filling assistant for 8 months, receiving $8.50 per hour (under a recruitment agency who still owes me some backpay, therefore I'm not going to use their service until they pay me my backpay). So dear friends, if you know of any jobs that you think it's suitable for me, please inform me ok? Thanks. =)

That's all for now folks..
Promise tons of new posts coming up soon... Right after I settle my room! :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Ma Ma Yu!

Dear Yu MaMa,

Alright I'm sorry, I'm a little late here. :p

Wanted to go down to school but heard you're going Kuching.
Land of Cats and the famous KennySia. :p

So just sent you an sms and erm hopefully you'll get to see this entry when you're back.

Lots of Love,
Christina (IQFS/0507)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Video: For Mike's eyes only

Random Shots from his webcam.

I'm a loser.

Can't stand me.

*slap slap slap*


Time to move my lazy butt.

*pours imaginary glass of water over my head*

Sunday, March 16, 2008

BIG Onion Rings!

Are the onion rings growing bigger or my hands becoming smaller?

BK 2007

CJ 2006

CJ 2008

Argh.. my food review..

I was in the mood to post some food reviews. But alas. My Internet must really hate or something. I was typing my review halfway when the uploading of photo got stucked or something. Then I tried to refresh the page but I just couldn't get back to I even open a new tab, it just shows connecting. :(


if you don't like to read rantings, please proceed to other blogs. Thank you.

I'm damn pissed.
Not sure if it's with myself or what.
and I hate to say this. I'm back to feeling depressed and I ducking hate the whole world now.

Why are there so many people wanting to hurt me?
Why does everyone's else’s bfs seems so bloody understanding and supportive?
Why is he always shouting at me? am I not lovable anymore?
Why is the world full of so many irritating people.
Why does people like to ducking act like they treat you well and then stab you so many times when no one's watching?

I am in no mood to talk. I hate this world. I hate this life.


I hate that bitch. You know who you are. Did I hurt you? oh.. I'm so sorry. You launch so many verbal attacks at me. Why everyone thinks it’s perfectly alright for me to sit one corner, take in all your abuses and do nothing? Oh please. I wouldn't sloop to your intellect just to show you what I'm made of. But then again.. If I lose my mind, maybe I'll have the intellect of a 1 and a half year old and then I might just do the unthinkable. Oh My Gawd! By the way, these are not a dare or threaten okay. I’m just saying I might one day lose my mind or something.

I hate that bunch of capricious, proud and petty aunties. Sorry I made them sound like monkeys, but I really don't mean it. I just don't know what do you call a group of people? oh i just said it. Ya I hate that group of big-headed, petty old women. Enuff said.

I hate my parents for always looking down on me. I pay for my own stuffs just because I hate them always looking down on me. I hate my dad. Always doubting me, always making me feel like I’m the worst kid anyone can have. If I’m a bad kid, I rather you killed me 19 years ago instead of my lil sis. Always say you’ll support whatever we do. If you really intend to support us, please don’t keep discouraging me can? I’m damn stressed out because of you. Keep saying you never stress me. You are the same as that irresponsible bossy old woman (I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT MUM!). It has always never been your fault has it? It’s just so easy for you to push the blame to others. Maybe I’m not your favourite SONS, maybe I’m just that burden you can’t wait to throw away, but I’m still your flesh and blood, old man!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Should I set up blogs for my brothers?

My brothers will be getting their own Internet soon.
That's considered early to me because I didn't get my own Internet access until like Sec 4 or something.

So my brothers are currently eleven, twelve and thirteen.
I'm still wondering if I should allow and assist them in setting up their own blogs.
Are they ready to share their views with the world? Are they ready to meet nice people? Are they ready to meet really unkind people? Are they ready to make some spare cash? :p

Will they reveal too much about their life like I do and put their lives in danger?
Will they write the wrong stuffs and get into trouble with law?
Will they verbally abuse people on their blogs and get into trouble?
Will they get hurt by other people's comments?
Will they meet people who pretends to be nice and then hurt them badly after using them?

I'm excited.
and at the same time, really worried.

So the question..
Should I? Or shouldn't I?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Back eating..


Yes, I'm broke again.
Yes, I'll have a seperate post of why I'm soon to be totally broke.
Yes, It's my own doing.
Yes, I will be strong.
Yes, I'm sure I'll "come back" soon.
So please wait for me k.. =)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Splash at Marina Square


I might make a trip down.
If someone's willing to go with me. :)

Very ill. Defector's Birthday

Sick for the past few days and nothing seems to have improved. argh..

Today is Defector's Birthday, but we're not really going to celebrate it.

There's far too much things happening at one time.
Most of the stuffs I cannot mention in my blog (yet).

I promise, if you boys and girls stick around long enough, I'll let things out eventually. But this is really not the time.

I don't know what's gonna happen so I better not say too much here.

But if one day you realise I have totally stop updating here, maybe I'm already gone.

I don't want to speak too soon, we'll never know. Life is sometimes very very fragile. Too fragile for my liking really.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Durex's Pleasure Ball

By the time I reach 1 500 000, got really sick of the game and decide to end by throwing away 20+balls just to end the game.

I'm no. 2! muahahaha...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Very important notice.

Dear all,
I received an upsetting news today. can no longer feature about uglyfatchick's happiness.
It can only feature uglyfatchick's sadness. eg. how ugly she is, how short she is, how fat she is, how poor she is, how unhappy she is, how much she suffered, how people bully her.

She cannot even say she bought things with her own hard earn money work under stress from 0830-2030 daily, because that is "morally wrong".

Please do not that this as a joke. It is not!

Uglyfatchick has been told that all her entries make people feel that life is unfair. therefore, uglyfatchick has to stop blogging.

uglyfatchick has agreed not to ever mention that she's happy anymore (until further notice), but she will continue to blog. She urge all blog readers, please do not feel sad when her read my blog. I really don't mean to make you feel sad.

I'm fat. I'm ugly and I'm short. and I don't lived on my bf.i buy my own computer,shoes,clothes and food. that to bring you guys back to correct perception.

Anyway, someone tried to anger me by saying that I'm ugly, fat, short, act cute and not pretty. But I never say I'm cute, pretty or not short and not fat what. In fact.. argh, I think I say enough liao.

So dear readers,
please do not be alarmed when you do not see my acting-cute photos and all my latest purchases okay?

I still love you all, that's why I have to do this.

From the ever ugly and super fat chick.