Tuesday, July 31, 2007

21-22July07 (the celebration)

Defector and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary 1 week earlier because he's busy on our week.
Remembered I said that I was going to spend my first "online paycheck" on our celebration?

We were supposed to bring our cameras to take photos but somehow someone didn't even remember to bring his camera phone out.

Anyway, the photos here are all taken using my Sony k750i phone's camera. So here are some random photos taken for our 3rd anniversary celebration..

I booked a room at Raffles the plaza. Paid $250 (out of which, $200 came out of our online-paycheck).

The room's kinda small, nothing much interesting except for the Boss radio thingy and the "mini swimming pool".

What's a "birthday" without a cake?

I bought 2 piece of cake. and it's not really nice. :(

oh well, it's better than nothing right?

For lunch or was it dinner? We walked to this Japanese restaurant at Bugis to eat.

yippee.. coke. =)

I don't like that place. Not only did we meet irritating customers, I also didn't like my food at all. :(

This is what I had and it's not nice lah.

This is what defector had, I know he dislike the cold tofu's sesame sauce.

Time pass-by super fast whenever I'm with him, all I remember was we walked to Cathay to catch the Harry Porter movie. Then we walked back to catch some sleep and the next day was here. :(

We had breakfast at Long John Silver because I had craving for something that they have..

Nope, not the toast.

Nope, it's not the tea or coffee either...

Yes, it's their Clam Chowder that I craved.

After breakfast, we went back to pack up and then it's time to head home..

Last photo. I wish all these didn't have to end.
I love staying there. It's small but it's near everywhere.
I could walk to Bugis, walk to city-link mall, walk to esplanade, walk to Cathay. lols.
Maybe year end, when I save enough money to stay there again..

Thank you to those who wished us.
We love you. =)

Who needs retreat?

I know I really need one badly. My poor darling defector needs one too!

Where can we(city-people) go for a retreat?

How about a retreat on a 300 acre Tennessee mountain?
Tennessee Mountain Retreat provides beautiful yet reasonably priced accommodations (in a natural environment), for individuals and groups.

Privacy and tranquility, Sugar Hollow has it. Their 300-acre property is a wildlife sanctuary!
If you love small animals (cuddle not eat them) like I do, you will be surprised to see turkey, deer, and many other small animals there.

If I have the chance to go there, I would! For the natural environment of cliffs, rivers, mountains & meadows. You don't get them here in Singapore you know.

Sugar Hollow Retreat provides lodging and meeting facilities for individuals, churches, and businesses. To cater for family vacations and other groups, they offer Tennessee vacation rentals that include private guest houses and an 8 room lodge! If I go with my family, we can each have our own room! cool!

This post has been sponsored by www.sugarhollowretreat.com

Monday, July 30, 2007

3 years

It felt like yesterday when you asked me to be your girl.
I still remember telling my friends that we wouldn't even last 3 days.
zoom zoom zoom.. 3 years just went by.. haha.

I'm feeling a little confused now.
I hope you know why.
anyway, this post is for us. Hope I wouldn't get too emotional.

These 3 years...

You make me laugh.

You make me cry.

You make me laugh until I cry.

These 3 years...

I've lost count..
of the times we fight.

I've lost count..
of the times I tried to make you dump me.

I've lost count..
of the times I walk away.

These 3 years...

So many times..
you scold me for being silly.

so many times..
you beat my backside.

so many times..
you drop big bombs that I thought I wouldn't be able to handle.

These 3 years...

I really want to..
scream at you.

I really want to..
throw away your handphone.

I really want to..
tie you to me.

These 3 years...

You think I'm..

You think I'm..
over sensitive.

You think I'm..
too stubborn.

I want to tell you. I'm still angry. but I really still do love you.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


All these wedding photos taken during my lunch break.
See, I love you all so much. Sacrifice part of my lunchtime for you all leh! Must carry on reading my blog okay?

So here are the photos...

White wedding gown.. I can't wait to fit in nicely. *must exercise*

Eurasian style.

So cute right?

Indian style.

I love the pink background. Very pretty!

Malay style.

ah~ the tea ceremony...

Chinese wedding!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ping.sg advertisement - Meet uglyfatchick

I know it's poorly done but I'm so tired plus I don't have photoshop like most of them do and I dun even have Microsoft office now. :(

You may say it's excuses but I don't care cause at least I took time and effort doing good clean fun stuff, not like you who's siting around blog jumping and criticising everyone. bummer.

So what's the meaning behind this ad?
uglyfatchick does the signature "shh" or also known as "please keep it as a secret" look.
Her aim is to curious-fy the viewer, make being pinged seems like a good yummy secret. Generalising that everyone is interested in knowing a secret, she trust that her ad gave new meaning to "let the chick out of the bag".

The person who started this!
Try it out yourself!
How about you trying to create a Ping.sg advertisement to attract more users?

Your advertisement must meet these criteria:
Size: 600 X 450 pixels
Font: Microsoft Sans Serif, 36, Strong
Font Colour: White
Phrase: Meet XXX. He/She just got Pinged. Have you?

A Ping.sg logo must always be at the top your picture because you are helping to advertise Ping.sg.

If you do not have the picture, you can right click and save image here.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Jay Chou's Secret


Jay Chou is coming to Singapore! =)

I manage to get passes to secret tea dance to meet Jay Chou by getting the movie tickets in advance at Cathay.

Guess what? I found out that there are 800 passes! here.
Crap loh. 800 people, how to get Jay to look at me? :(

Anyway here are some random ads with Jay in them.. =)

He makes me wanna get the watch. :P

(^this don't look like him)

He has huge ears.. :p

oh and a newspaper article. =)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Need to exercise!

*plays horror music*
yes, Chicky gained weight!!!!!!!

Telling everyone she wants to lose weight but in the end? Gain weight. -.-
I hate myself. Why I eat so much??? Why I snack so much?? Why? haiz...

I've decided. I need to do some form of exercise soon. Jogging/running would be nice.. Anyone free to go jogging with me tomorrow morning? I need a "starter". If not I'll go on forever about my weight online/offline. 30mins of running would be nice.

I wanna play Badminton too, but my skill is beginner type.. so those pro pro ones can go far far away.. *bleah*

Friends, if you wanna go jogging with me, you can SMS or email or call or leave a comment here or twitter me by 9pm tonight k? Thanks. =)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fire Ants

Ever heard of fire ants?

I think I've heard of them. but then again I'll have trouble trying to identify one. I hate insects. They are like ewww...
Need help in identifying them? Check out How to Identify Fire Ants.

controlfireants.com is a web site that provides advice on what to do to get rid of a fire ant infestation!

controlfireants.com provides many ways to Kill Fire Ants. (eg Bait Treatments & natural fire ant control.)

My favourite is The Bait treatment.

Worker ants dragged these baits as food source into the nest. No, it's not like an insecticide that's used to poison the colony, it's something that works slowly by affecting the queen’s reproductive ability.

Yes, it kills off a colony by preventing the queen from laying eggs!
So there will still be workers ants running around, but since no new ants will be born to replenish the population. Eventually all the ants dies off from natural causes or from their own short life span! Cool right?

I like the Bait treatment also because it's more eco friendly (as compared to using those sprayed pesticides.)

This post has been sponsored by controlfireants.com . Kill those ants!

I didn't know Dave Moffat is gay! :(

Yes I'm heart-broken but at the same time I hope he's doing alright.
I haven heard much about The Moffats for so so so long.. since they disbanded in I think 2001.

I remember I liked them so much that I made my dad sing with me in some singing competition in school. We came in 2nd or something, I remember we got a fan as the prize. -.-

So why do I like DAVE more?
It's his voice. Very special and makes me melt. totally.

The song daddy sang with me.

Another song I like. In fact I like almost all of their songs.

Honestly where else can you find 4 blood brothers out of which, 3 are triplets, All 4 of them knows how to play music instrument and start their singing carer at the age of 6!

Uglyfatchick hearts Dave Moffat.

Aluminum Cabinets

Would you put aluminum cabinets in your kitchen?

I think I would!

Let's see, if I use wood cabinets, I might live in fear because I wouldn't know if termites likes my cabinet so much that they decide to stay in my house for good or not.

If I were to use plastic, I'm afraid it might burn. And I can't stand the smell of burning plastic! yuck.

If I wear to use other metal, I'm scared that it'll rust. You know, rust makes everything seem so old and dirty. I wouldn't want an old and dirty kitchen.

People are starting to choose aluminum cabinets because they don't rust and they look great!
If I could, I just might put carguygarage.com's aluminum cabinet line in my kitchen.

I would definitely choose a nice shade of pink but they only have white, black and red.
Anyway, to me, the most important feature in the kitchen has to be the cabinets. why?
If they are placed too high up, I can't reach. If there are no cabinets, I wouldn't know where to keep my pots and pans and canned food!!! :(

This post has been sponsored by carguygarage.com .

I am super lazy.

I have like 100 photos to edit and post but I'm feeling really lazy. :P

plus now charging my mp3 player (yes, since I got it, it's the second time I'm charging it! battery sibeh long lasting hor?) anyway my comp is laggy now lah loh.. -.-

I don't even dare to go msn. Scared the whole comp "chi-ka-bomb*.

So crapping on my blog and changing the songs in my mp3 player (been listening to them same few songs until I sian liao).

PS: Anyone going to the Jay Chou Secret Tea Party?

I love shopping.

Something I can't denied..
When I've got no time to go shopping or when everywhere else is so so so packed, I turn to online shopping!

Recently there are many Singaporeans setting up blogs to sell their stuffs online (BLOGSHOP). I think I should do that too!
Anyway, it's not easy to find some of those blogs unless a friend recommend them or they spam at other people's blogs or spend money on advertising (which is quite unlikely because advertising is costly.)

So where do I find Singapore blogshops to shop at?
I check out BlogShopr whenever I feel the need to shop.
Mainly during the times in the middle of the night when almost all the physical shops are closed, or times where I feel lazy to dress up just to go shopping.. I know. I'm crazy..

What's BlogShopr?
BlogShopr is a site that's tracking the best of Singapore blogshop!

What I think?
You should really check out their shop directory! So many blogshops!!!
I like the simple white and pink template but I do think the site would look much neater if it's changed to 2-column instead of the current 3-column.

PS: I've got news that they are having a lucky draw (gift voucher worth $30) running in August!

This post has been sponsored by blogshopr.com tracking the best!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What made uglyfatchick so happy?

Nah, Defector didn't proposed lah.
Nope, She didn't win 4D / To-To / Lucky draw or anything lah.
Neh, She didn't suddenly grow taller, chioer, sexier or anything like that.. :(

So what made her so happy? :)

She's proud to announce...
Payperpost has credited all her "fees" into her paypal already!
That's a whooping USD$184.85 in 2 months?

Since I started working at Bugis, I've not taken up any payperpost job which means I wouldn't be receiving anymore money from payperpost until I take up more jobs to do (or you can sign up and let me earn some referral fee).

Another reason why she's so happy it's because (the ad at the top right corner of her blog) is working very fine! Before she took a short break, her account only has RM$3.72 now it has grown to RM$8.02!!!

So in summary:

Payperpost: $184.85 (184.85)
Review my blog: $7.50 ($7.50)
Blogsvertise: $84 (47.50)
Adbux: $3.35
Linkgrand: $0.22
Total: $279.92 (239.85)

EmailCashPro: S$0.82

Advertlets: RM$8.02

happy little chicky. =)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I shall disappear from the blogging world.

I know. I'm sorry.
All my photos post are like long overdue.

but I'm really tired.
I feel really old. Like being ugly & fat is not enough, the guy up there have to make me feel and look old. >.<

Even my boss also say I nag a lot lah.
really meh? :(

I'm so sad now..
so sad and tired with myself.

thus, me, Christina, Uglyfatchick aka Chicky shall take a short break from blogging.
I shall refrain from reading other people's blog and appearing on ping.sg shoutbox.
I shall not twitter unless it's "emergency".
I shall "disappear from the blogging world", it wouldn't be forever, but I do hope you all will still be here when I return.



Some of you know that I wanted to get a Macintosh laptop.
but now I know I cannot get it because my sister in NP told me that the school doesn't have the software for mac lappie yet, thus I have to stick to other laptops..

Have you ever wanted to get a really cool mac computer but dropped the idea because you can't play certain games on it? What if I tell you that you can play poker and casino games online using your mac computer?

If you need more information on online poker and casino games, and you want to save time searching for those information..
macpokeronline.com provides Mac users with information on online poker and casino games, saving you all the trouble and time!

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macpokeronline.com features online poker rooms (with ratings) for mac users!

If you're looking for poker bonuses & poker bonus codes offered by major online poker rooms..
yes, macpokeronline.com feature bonuses for various online poker rooms with reviews!

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

What did Defector & I do after ping.sg party?

All in photos and video!!!

We were here...

After shifting, this is what we get!

In videos...

Part 1

Part 2

More photos here.

HAN KA RAM - Korean food!

In case you still don't know.. I LOVE TO EAT! I eat a lot and I love good food. =)
Alright, so what about this HAN KA RAM?

I heard of some places that serves crappy Korean food.

But I really like this place.. The food is nice and it's not too expensive to go there once every few months. =)

2 weeks ago, defector and I went there to have our dinner..

For a meal like this (Set A), it cost me about $39.60 (including 10% service charge).

and to me, it's really worth it.
The food taste great.
The Ginseng Chicken soup is fantastic!
The beef (can choose between a few types of meat) & chicken is nice.
The side dish rocks.
and I like the rice too!

yes, HAN KA RAM is my favourite Korean Restaurant. =)

Defector's view.

HAN KA RAM is located at 260 Orchard Road, #05-02B The Heeren.

They might not be the best in the world, but they sure are Good & Tasty!

This police car is sho cute!!!

Kawaii neh..


Friday, July 13, 2007

from 3K to 9K to ...

uglyfatchick.blogspot.com was estimated to worth appox.:

3K, about 21 months ago..

9k, about 1 month ago..

and now?

My blog is worth $14,678.04.
How much is your blog worth?

And yes, I've recieved SGD200 from paypal.
Blew it on something.. hope it'll be nice and worth blogging about. =)

So many photos and videos to post but I haven got the time lah!
Do you know I poo-ed like 3 times a day? I don't know what's wrong with my body! :(

Thursday, July 12, 2007

This blog is rated G for General Audiences.

Online Dating

What if one day I so decide to post a really hot photo?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Before uglyfatchick was penguin. =)

LOOK! It's me!!!

The huge one, not the small one I gave shaxiaomei and Shan.. =p

and of coz.. some of you wanted to know...

random food post.

June 28, Joey gave me 1 Low Fat Chocolate Chunk, 90 Calorie Granola Bar a couple of days back...

I like it.. but after eating, my mouth pain from all that chewing. >.<

4th July, My last cup of noodle at the old pantry. Current office doesn't have pantry yet. :(

Karen's treat. Love her to bits man.. she's always buying us food.

5th July. My lunch sandwich..

It went really well with the free milo.. but now.. no milo to drink already! :(

Karen's treat again..

mini pancakes.. My mouth watering already...

I like peanuts but they drive me nuts with all those pimples on my face. :(

9th July, at the new office... Boss's treat!

10th July, boss treat us chicken rice!
I feel so bad. I don't wanna eat with boss anymore. so paiseh lah. always let her treat...