Saturday, February 26, 2005

oops.. sorry..

yeah.. it's been days since i've blogged.. honestly.. who reads my blog? moi darling, mi, myself & i? hmm.. okok.. anyway.. this is what's happening.. the past week have been quite okay.. darling tells mi stories.. i tell him stories.. just before sleep.. oh.. and yesterday we went to watch constantine the 2nd time.. this time, we stay to watch the last bit.. i kinda really love the last bit.. the guy with angel's wings & demon's eyes.. he was the balance.. loved the show. love keanu.. yeah. great day.. only that dad spot us kissing.. :p hehe..

okok.. yes.. i guess by now you should know that the RESULT is comming out in 2 days time. on Monday! at 2pm..
I'm expecting to see a lots of people cry.. either because they're too happy or not too happy.. i really dun wanna see that.. it hurts.. i hate to see that.. i think it'll make mi cry.. and yeah.. i'm quite sure that i'm going to open my result slip letter with my darlign next to mi.. so if i did worse than i thought, at least i can faint in his arms.. cry on his tummy (i'm too short).. hide my face away from everyone else..
oh.. i need the full school uniform.. yuck.. the one that makes mi ugly??? and must i tie my hair? hmm... i htink i'll wash my hair.. so that i have a reason not to tie it.. :p anythign else? i guess no.. i'm just veri veri veri veri veri excited for monday.. really cannot wait sia.. :p

little princess bouncing onto bed to get more rest..

Sunday, February 20, 2005

nt well

hey sorry peeps. i'm not feelign too well. some tummy problems.. i can't eat so now no energy. need some rest.. so yupz.. gtg.. buaiz.. oh.. and oh yes it's comfirmed that the date is 28th!!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

duno what to write again..

hmm.. didn't blog for a while, abit weird loh.. haha.. kk.. back to biz..
THE RESULT is comming out le.. i predict it's going to be on the 25TH or 28TH of FEB. hmm.. duno how should i feel.. i know i wun do well.. but somehow i do hope for a "miricle" to happen..
Honestly, i've really totally let myself down.. how could i? from the best to the worst just because of a failed relationship??? now sitting at the computer messy desk, i felt kinda lost.. where did that brainy girl go? why's everyone overtaking her & she not care? i really must have let everyone who knew my capability down.. hee.. key siao liao..
I'm so damn mad at anyone who asked where am i going.. i can't go anywhere!! i want my 16 points back.. i knew i could do so much better than a 16.. but why did i get myself a 34 instead? now i just hope it's not 44 or even worse 54!!.. posible? yuck yuck.. hate to think of it.. i was a 3A1A* student in a okay sch.. and now i'm a stupid lazy student with nowhere to go.. sianz.. i still can't imagine.. everyone in moi group of friends in RMP is going to JCs.. & they are entering TOP JCs!!! where am i? from no1 to now, a no namer.. what have i done? what have a achive? NOTHING..
okay.. enough bitchings.. it's not the real END yet.. even if ITEs doesn't want mi.. i can always study PTE right??? hmm.. even if i cannot get back a 16, i'm sure i can do better than a 30+. 40+!!! okok.. composed composed..
Princess is still fumming mad with herself.. but she's rolling off to cool down..

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Valentines day 2005

yesterday was Valentine's day.. my first valentine's day.. was going to give darling a surprise but he gave mi one instead.. turn up early at moi house in moi room with a bunch of flowers while i was bathing.. spolit moi plan.. movies, dinner.. nothing special.. only that i paid for dinner & i think it's the first time we swept everything off the table and get special gift in return.. haha..
Movie was I DO I DO.. the jokes are so so so lame.. i dun find them veri funny leh.. everyone is laughing only mi not.. i only find the NGs funny.. gee.. what's wrong mah.. i miss my Constantine.. dun mind watching again if i can.. hehe.. Keanu rocks.. yeah.. oh, the theathe sucks to the core.. i had to tell those who were late that my place is K. so that they know where they are..
hmm.. oh.. and the 4plus hrs of shopping made darlign so sick.. haha.. imagine 4 hrs at bugis.. haha. i bought a jacket frm puremilk, a wallet from wallet shop & 2 archie comics.. and darling bought mi a OP handbag.. gee.. hmm.. something i have decided to do.. I"ll sleep no matter how my hair turns out.. cause it's giving mi panda eyes that make mi look like drug addict.. & darling promiss that i can do moi hair again.. hehe.. Princess had a nice Valentines day this year.. & she want to thank her deary darling for it.. Thanks! :) Princess floating away into dreamland again..
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Sunday, February 13, 2005


Yesterday was the first time i watch a movie with darling & i bought the tix myself.. haha.. can i believe it? no way man.. haha.. but the show's great.. i love it.. Keanu is so so so cute.. and it's full house!!! haha.. many funny scenes & action.. Almost everyone laughed together and at the same bits too.. and 3 times the girl thought he'll kiss her, but he didn't.. and the reason why he couldn't go to heaven is because he kill himself & he smokes 30 sticks of cig a day since 15.. gee.. in whole the movie rocks.. and the ending.. is something everyone should watch.. it's damn funny.. & i hope moi darling would stop smoking too.. hehe.. i love this movie!! :) Princess *grins*.. Still duno what to buy for him... Posted by Hello

Saturday, February 12, 2005

hair done? nope.. money wasted..

those who have seen moi hair would know.. i did something to it.. yes i finally rebonded it.. and it's right after CNY.. haha.. am i crazy or what? the 4th day of CNY & i'm here bitching abt how terrible moi hair is.. haiz.. looks like this year is going to be hard for mi.. sianz.. did moi hair at jean yip.. guess how much in total moi sa gua darling paid? $391.40.. and this price doesn't include coloring... Thank God i didn't agree when he asked mi to recolor moi hair.. haiz.. the hair did look nice for a while.. but after the restless sleep just now.. my hair now screams.. U G L Y!!! can you believe it? it's only one day!!! nono.. one night.. haiz... near $400 down the drain.. so wasted.. sians.. now what am i susposed to get for his Vday present? he paid too high a price for moi U G L Y hair.. so now what am i suppose to do? i dun even dare to go to bed now.. arh... hate it.. princess feeling ugly and needs rest.. bouncing off again..

Monday, February 7, 2005


currently i'm head over heels with EMILY.. She's such a pretty little thing.. :) i'm going to grow moi hair like hers.. uh huh.. yes i am! :) Posted by Hello

Princess *grins* ;) .. all smiles & readily drifting back to bed for some sleep..

Sunday, February 6, 2005

neoprint at far east..

the funny looking us... haha.. love moi hair before the haircut.. :) Posted by Hello


gee.. i kinda hate moi hair after the s-too-pid haircut.. it's like short & ugly!!! & it's really expensive for such a bad cut.. yuck.. Moi pretty friend says i look nicer before loh.. hurmp..

I'm looking uglier by the moment & fatter by the min &.. i can't stop eating loh.. haiz.. sianz leh.. how can like that??? CNY comming leh.. i'm go not going to be able to squeeze into moi new year clothes loh.. den i buy again arh? wah.. den die le loh? cannot cannot.. i need to poo.. i need to lose those weight i've gained... if not i'll look so round.. & i'll really look like the Ugly.Fat.Chick!!!

recieved moi first copy of CLEO!! haha.. so early hor?? I got so many and i actually mean sososo MANY magazines that i've bought but no time to read.. crazy right??? and i actually thrown them away because moi room is too full!!! haiz... so wasted..

gee.. i suddenly remembered.. just now went shopping at NTUC fairprice.. saw Mr Sng again.. always bumping into him.. sian loh.. and he still looks that young.. darling thought that Mr Sng is moi pri school classmate or what loh.. haha.. so funny..

Heard that O level results are comming out soon.. and it's veri veri soon.. arh.. i'm getting scared loh.. heart beatting veri veri fast... hmm.. wonder how will the rest of them be like? will everyone still look the same? or will they have great big changes? i only know that i might be the one with the highest points for moi class.. or even in the whole level bah.. i think i can expect a 40++ points or even 50++ (for L1R5).. still rmb i used to be upset about 16points for L1R5.. haha.. now? gone case loh.. haiz.. little princess bouncing off to bed.. (dreaming of darling..)

Friday, February 4, 2005

Princess & friend..

my pretty friend & mi.. she've got her hair rebonded, her face cleared of those stupid zits & stuffs & she did look like she lost a little weight.. gosh.. i feel so like the ugly.fat.chick.. *arh*

wait a min.. i AM the uglyfatchick.. okok.. now getting back to the point.. She had this glow in her that i didn't have.. and her friend, that SH.. she's also so pretty.. how can? how can anyone be more pretty than mi? i hate ppl who are pretty you know? hurmp..

*clear throat* yes i do look like an idiot in this photo, but you can't blame mi.. i'm ugly but i'm still the Princess!! I'm fat, but i'm stil lthe Princess!! I'm a chick.. and hey.. i'm a chick & a princess!! since you've step onto moi place, you have to admit it, I'm the PRINCESS here.. Posted by Hello

Princess have something to confess.. She went crazy shopping online.. shhh.. dun tell him hor.. Princess slowly *crawls onto bed* zzzZZZ...

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

baby angel

baby angel so cute right? Posted by Hello

i had so many thoughts that i had wanted to put down in words here.. but at this moment, i dun feel like blogging le.. just wanna call my darling & slowly fall asleep with him.. okok.. nightz.. boucing off.. ;)

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

crazy shopping day..

haha.. it's been a long time since i've gone shopping.. so i was a little siao today.. haha.. the day started out with mi waking my bf, make him come over & den we both went out.. we had problems comunicating on where is the first destination so end up fighting. i gave up talking.. but i start to talk, funny things come out of my mouth.. den at kfc i miss pronouced lido as "li-do" arh.. whatever, i dun care.. it's just a name right? anyway i dun really like that place.. dun go there often also mah..

okay back to main thing.. bought a pair of socks & black high heels at ps.. then walk to duno where lah.. search for the stupid xbox consoler & game.. end up still my favorite spot.. Far East.. haiz.. sianz.. shopping is so tirring.. walk the whole orchard area until i peng.. aircon cold, outside so hot.. and hor.. so many things i want to buy.. :p bought a dress & 2 tops at far east, dress & 1 top is for CNY loh...

darling says cannot shop like that anymore can die one loh.. lolz.. money is going to be a big problem later on.. need it for studies le leh.. haiz.. sianz..

*yawn* I'm so tired.. dun want to blog anymore.. gotta bounced.. buaiz..