Saturday, November 24, 2007

Smelly Ah Lian

Chicky has been abducted by some smelly Ah Lian.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Preparation in progress..

I'm preparing my Christmas wishlist, so you all would know what to get me. =)
I almost never ever receive gifts I really really really badly wanted. *sigh really loud*

Most of the time, I wait until I have the money (eg, saving) and then get them for myself. So sad right? *sigh again*

I'll post up my wishlist 1 month before Christmas, by 25 November. Watch out if you dote on me! *sticks out tongue*

Have you ever blogged and then decide to leave it in the drafts?

I notice I've been doing that quite often. :P
Sometimes I would blog a little and then suddenly switch topic. (so guilty)
If not, I'll just write 2 lines and then delete the whole thing.

Some things just shouldn't see light.

I hope you all understand.

The girls at work knows that I blog, so I try not to blog about work related stuffs.
Some ex-classmates knows that I blog, so I try not to make myself sound too "evil".
bah. I think I'm going mad soon.
I've been rather busy lately. Trying to pick up the pieces of my life and fix them back while getting addicted to so many things at once. -.-

The powderpower of makeup.

Been shopping a lot.

Need to shop more.
bah. What's wrong with me?
I'm spending too fast!

I need more cash. Must do more OT!!!

Don't you think my hubby Jay looks uncannily like Wilbur Pan Wei Bo in this photo? -.-

D&D, Christmas, Birthdays, Holidays.. man, I'm broke faster than I can say payday!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

i hate being called ugly..

Went out this morning at 5plus to eat breakfast at mac.
Was at the bus interchange when this girl kept staring at me, so I stared back.
Guess what she said to her friend???


argh.. In public, in my face. someone called me UGLY!!! :(
I think I better stop going out. Later people say they see ghost on the street. :(

Current addictions..

1) Watching HEROS DVD. I'm halfway thru season 1.
2) Listening to Jay Chou On The Run CD.
3) Reading FoxTrot Comics.
4) Playing battle station on facebook.
5) Shopping!!!

No time to blog. :(

By the way...


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Busy busy months..

Super packed.

Before you forget me.. here's a slideshow to torture you. :P

So new temp might come in anytime soon. Not sure if I should leave as scheduled or stay on. Then again, I think I need to speak to my agent on Thursday.

Late November, I've got to go down to collect my marathon pack soon. *Defector, you're supposed to print the 2 emails leh???*

Then there's D&D and I haven prepare anything yet. :( It's Hollywoods Nights, what should I wear?? And make up.. and hair!!! headache sia...

Plus there's Christmas present shopping, Christmas is so near and I'm on a pretty tight bugjet (budget) this year.

I'm in love with my new fasio hyperstay mascara.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

feeling moody.. not again???

Hate it when I feel depressed. It takes a long while to shake it off. bah. if it doesn't take long then it's not call depressed already right? Then it'll be called just sad or something...

Problem is.. When I'm unhappy inside, no matter how I smile or act cherry, I LOOK UGLY.

and when I look ugly or feel that I look ugly, I look even uglier.
and then I get even more depressed.

and the cycle goes on.

This post seems so pointless. but then again, when did uglyfatchick's post have good points one? -argh. stupid depression, go away (AND NEVER COME BACK PLEASE!!!)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Advertlets or Nuffnang...

Honestly I think some people are sick.
Some, side one of them and then pull the other down.
Some, try to pull both down.
Some, sit back do nothing and then earn lesser than other people, also complain.
Some, see people complain, cannot tahan, also want to complain.

When everyone's complaining..
uglyfatchick wants to hug Ming and Josh.

Wait, that makes me sound more sick than those some people.

I'm a tiny blogger. Probably has less than 30 readers nowadays. :(
But I love blogging! I love the attention. So the money from ads are really just "special treats".

This makes me feel that my blog is alive. (When no one leaves comments..)

I blog as and when I like, on any topic I want, no minimal number of words.. and I still get money coming in. Money coming in, no matter what's the amount is always better than nothing right?

Some people says the amount I get is so little, they think they can beg for more money on the street. -.- I beg to differ (pun. :P). Begging is very tiring one okay! and I think it's illegal in Singapore. (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.)

They are "service providers", not only do I not have to pay for their service, I even get paid!
Uglyfatchick puts up both hands to support Advertlets and Nuffnang. ;)

This is NOT a sponsored post, but words from Chicky's heart.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

the OASIS - food pics & Gary's "last day"

I'm not really suppose to reveal much about things at work, but I guess a little info about the friends I've made should be quite harmless right?
Plus a tiny collage of 36 photos, shouldn't be that bad right? :P

So I made 2 friends, Gary kor kor and uncle David.
Gary's here for like 1+ month to help out. October 31 was his last day at our place. As usual, we had a nice "farewell" lunch. Uncle David drove all of us to the OASIS to eat porridge. =)

I know my fringe's damn sucky lah. Just have to barebear with it for another month or so, till it grows out.

One day, we might meet again...

Christina (Xiao Mei)

Thursday, November 1, 2007



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