Friday, February 29, 2008

What's new on


and a shoutout box.

More photos of this week. plus ufc's secret revealed..

Reduced Fat! I just need to lose like 30% of my fats to look beautiful.

Very saltish fries! :(

Marcus have this on his table. Damn funny lah..

Had lunch at BJ's V8. Think they are somewhat related to SONY or something..

They have like 10 SONY Tvs in the small little cafe.. and even the players are SONY.

Soup is quite watery. Not "thick" enough, but taste still ok loh.

My main. Steak. I ordered medium. It's not bad. quite soft, but I really miss eating those with more fats. This one's a little erm.. slim. :P
Jennifer jie (JJ) likes the potato wages" and I like the baby carrots. :)

Look ma, it's magic! My coke looks like it's frozen. :P
That's my coke and Stephanie jie (SJ)'s Paranakan pasta.

They had coffee. heard it's kinda bitter. eeks..

So in total, I paid SGD12.50 (after discount) for 1 soup, 1 main and 1 coke.
Currently they have some promos. think OCBC and Standard Chartered.

My boy came for me on Thursday. We ate at the coffeeshop, my favourite mushroom minced meat noddle. hees. Then we went shopping. I know, I know.. but it's SALES everywhere leh.. :P
Guess what did I buy? nono, what did dardar buy for me?

1 pair of white pumps.

and 1 pair of heals heels.

I actually only intend to just buy 1 pair of shoes, but the jiejie there very nice, help me find shoes that fits me. (My small feet is the cause of many troubles). I almost tried all the shoes in the shop le. So I decide to get another pair loh. They are having some promo, so end up it's around S$48-S$49 for both pairs.

When I decide to wear them, then show you how it looks like k. :)
soon, I know. :p

Went out with my Sha Xiao Mei just now.
Thanks for waiting, for having dinner with me, for walking with me even though you're tired and for giving me this cute "lollipop". I just put it on. The lights damn chio. A lot of colours one leh! :)

What secret have I revealed?

Yes, I secretly likes edc. I still remember my first original Mandarin pop disc: Ed is On. And I remember how badly I wanted the pair of branded sports shoes he had. When I found out that they don't sell that design in sg, I was damn sad. I think Cat has the bright orange coloured one. I forget to ask her to buy for me when she's back in UK. :( argh. Now I think it's no longer manufactured loh.

oops, secrets out. :p

MOS March Madness - FREE ENTRY*

WOOTS! FREE Entry! Let's go dancing..

Thursday, February 28, 2008

No jobs. Give me back my pagerank lah!


I'm unhappy that my blog is not earning me money like before.
Ever since my PageRank dropped from THREE to ZERO, I've no appetite to blog!

No mood to blog, thus blog lesser.
Blog lesser thus less people read.
Less people read, thus less adverts.
Less adverts thus less earnings.

And without my PageRank 3, I've no Payperpost and Blogsvertise jobs too.
This is so bloody unfair lah! :(
I haven't been doing any ppp or blogsvertise jobs for many many many many months already loh. :(

I'm starting to feel the need to write something controversial and get myself many many blog viewers. Should I?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

randoms and the proposal ring

Defector bought me this "mist" thingy sometime back, it makes my room feel less stuffy.
I didn't think I would actually like it. :p

A gift for me! Jennifer Jie bought this for me when she went to Japan recently.

My current momo spoilt liao... but I don't bare to use this yet..
Can you see the blue thing the little girl is holding? When you look though it you'll see this picture of a cat and a little girl. Very cute! :)

Talking about cute, I love my cute little pussy. She looks so adorable.. I know... just like me right.. :p

Dyed hair plus blings blings, boy boy says I'm so ah-lian-ish..

Anyway, I just want to share some joy.
If anyone's been noticing, I've been wearing 2 rings for quite a while.
1 is the one boy boy gave me 3+years ago and I'm currently wearing on my right hand.

The other one is this...

Proposal ring.

This simple 0.40 carat diamond ring cost SGD3788.00 from Lee Hwa.

One big diamond ring from Lee Hwa cost more than 30 times the price of the 3 tiny diamonds ring from SK.

Alright, Im going to rest le..
Working tomorrow. Bleah.

Monday, February 25, 2008

How much do you give your parents?

I should be receiving a sum of money at the end of this week.
Yes, it's payday! woots.

I can't wait for it to come so that I can top up my bank account. *grins*

I've paid my own phone bills and today I even gave my parents money for the first time!
Happy happy...

I don't earn a lot, plus I pay for almost everything so I only gave my parent $100 each. I also gave my brothers and maid $10 each. But only for this month I give my brothers and maid money lah, let it be like a mini "celebration" that I've got promoted loh. hees.

Haven get pay I already use it to pay bills and give parents allowance le, I super kiasu (scared to lose) hor? :P

Anyway, just curious..
How old were you when you first gave your parents money? Was it your first full-time job?
and How much did you give?

If you're the kind who's studying and working, I salute you. I know many people who are really good children. but I also know some assholes. They are really smelly.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shopping craze

I went shopping again. :P

Whenever you see this line, you know what to expect le right?
Lots of photos and of cause, me complaining how much I've overspent yet again and how I should really stop buying and start saving..

Well, it's probably gonna be the same today. So if you're bored, maybe you should just skip this entry and go read other people's interesting blog. Okay okay, I'm kidding. I need you. I need my readers! Please don't go.. *shows pitiful face*.


So after after yesterday's entry, darling brought me to Jurong Point to shop again!
He promised one loh..

The ladies at work kept saying that I wear the same stuffs everyday. -.- so I bought a black top at Vida for work. Tried 3 tops, only 1 fits, so get it loh. SGD20.00. By the way the sales asst. are really unfriendly loh. I just wanted to check if they have size S and they give me that stupid face. -.- I actually didn't mind buying the 2 size M shirts but I just want to check if they have size S before I confirm getting them mah. Since they are so unwilling to help me, I decide not to buy the size Ms one and only purchase the Size S black top. If you're the boss of Jurong Point's Vida, please do some "surprise checks" on them can? Lousy service leh.

Then I bought another shirt from DANO (Dano, match and Vida have the same bosses I think.) Anyway, the staffs seems a little more friendly at Dano. They help me get new pieces, and even give me helpful advises like if the top will "enlarge" after washing so that I wouldn't get something that wouldn't fit me after 1 wash. SGD43.00 after 30% discount SGD30.10.

Darling is so sweet to get me something I've been wanting for a long time..
He got me some Fancl skincare product. it's funny I didn't even know that I'm a member. :p
Bought the cleaning oil and washing powder SGD57.50 and they gave us 1 washing puff (worth SGD10.00) and 1 bottle of Tense Up for free! But honestly, SGD57.50 for skincare is indeed a little ex for me eh? But if my skin doesn't breakout as often... hmm...

Today, Darling carried my new computer from his home to mine. muahaha...
We bought this new desktop yesterday afternoon at Harvey Norman.
It's so bloody heavy loh. But I guess it's all worth it. :)

Passed on my ex-new monitor, ex-new keyboard and old cpu to my brothers. They are so damn lucky lah. Why I suddenly get a new PC? Last year, my plan was to get a laptop if I got into poly, since I'm not going to go poly and my brothers need a comp, I shall get myself a brand new comp loh. heh heh. I know if don't surrender the comp to them soon, my dad's probably gonna nag nag and nag at me. -.- but I love love love love this new comp! I share money with my darling for this comp. We paid about 1K each and I'm so glad I bought this! :)

My favourite feature? I can watch DVD on this comp! Sweet right? I can watch my Jay Chou World Tour DVD when I have the time. Got to go study my SOP and Workman Comp guide after I blogged and bathe. Ganbatte! Work, here I come!

Wait... I haven finish blogging. :p Sorry ah.. this entry super duper long. hees.
Today went to Harbour Front/ Vivocity to mum mum. Ate pasta at Pastamania, realised pastamania seems to be getting a little expensive now? hmmm...

Went into several electronic/handphone shops and they are all mostly packed. Wanted to look for a new phone. July can change phone le. I know I'm inpatient, but I need time to save money one loh. Now save until July, just right. :) Mike bought this thumbdrive thingy, think it's supposed to make my comp work faster. 8GB SGD75.00.

We were about to go home when we walked past this G2000 shop at Harbour Front. They were having sales!!! I couldn't resist and bought 1 spag top at SGD8.00 and 1 black blazer/jacket at SGD39.00. Usual price was SGD89.00! Sweets!

Darling says I've spent way too much and we really should head home, in case I lose control and buy more stuffs. :p Just then, we went past Red 2 which is also having sales. Why is all the shops having sales now??? -.- But I didn't find anything that fits, mainly left size Ls. but I spotted this really sweet black skirt which I can wear for work, at the regular priced rack. Since I can't take leave to go back to Bishan to buy my school skirt, I decide to buy the skirt loh. SGD39.00.

I covered my eyes with my hands, all the way from Red2 to the taxi stand. Hopefully the skirt will be my last item for this month le. :P

Now I don't dare to check my bank account. :P

Alright, that's all folks. heh.
Finally nagblog finish le. pheew..
I'm going to shower and go study for work le.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

So many photos ah...

I realised I kept so many photos in my phone and camera.

As first I thought it would be my worst CNY.
Now I think I have had a pretty Happy Chinese New Year.

Very satisfied with most of the stuffs.
Yes there maybe some sad stuffs but they should not bother me too much from now on. :)

I felt like a little girl in this big big world.
When I thought everyone was good, I see the bad side of some people.
Someone once said "No one can make you upset unless you allow him/her to" or something along that line..

I still feel like a little girl, but I feel so much braver now.

Thanks to all those around me.
Even though you might not even know what's going on, but your presence makes me feel rich (not the monetary rich lah!!!). I feel like I'm not alone. I feel that those who tries so hard to trip me are damn pathetic. Next time look for someone your size to bully!

Don't bully little girl like me. because you wouldn't know when I will turn around and eat you up!


*sleepy eyes*

I wanna thank Lynn.
For the eyebrow treading treat, walking with me to get those silly stones (good news I manage to get some the next day!) and also walking all over town to find THE CHICKEN WING WHICH WAS SNATCHED AWAY BY SOME AUNTIE! oops. and also to thank you for listening to my grumbles about people I don't like. I felt so so so much better now. When I get my first big check, we must go shopping k? By the way, you're right, Guess seems so blah to me now. But I don't mind if there's something nice and with the 40% of you told me about. :)

I wanna thank Mike's "big wife" Desmond.
For remembering that I like JAY CHOU and bought me A JAY CHOU CONCERT DVD all the way from TAIWAN! I love you man. no that kind of love lah. Really THANK YOU! :)

I wanna thank Pei Hau and his very pretty girlfriend Ya Hui.
For getting me this cute Abercrombie skirt from your HongKong trip. Thanks! It's sweet! :)

I bought this hot little (sizeS) Brown BEGA jacket/blazer for work last week.
I wear it almost everyday. Cost me SGD69! But I really have no clothes for work le. Hoping I'll get to go Jurong Point for shopping later. :P

Karen jie was on leave for 3 days (son go childcare) and she got me pencils with my name when she came back on Thursday! So sweet right? Just like me right? :p

And she did this just for me! Sweets! now no one will dare to touch my stationery! muahaha...

Yesterday while waiting for boy boy to pick me up, I went to this cd shop. They are having some moving out sale thingy. I manage to get this Fahrenheit CD for $13.90! muahaha... And the I got a free gift!!!

Yes Jay Chou pouch. Not sure if I have the time to go down again tomorrow. :P

I finally decide to buy 2 brushes from The Body Shop. They are having this 20% off if you buy 2 brushes kind of thing. So I bought 1 face brush and 1 blusher brush. Total damage about $50.00 and I get a free gift (the small bottle thingy at the side.)

I love shopping.
I love free gifts.
I love when it I pay for my own stuffs.
I love blogging about my shoppings.
Most of all, I love my darling who shop with me and carry all my heavy stuffs. :P

Okie. that's all of my boring life and wonderful friends and family for now. :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Don't you want to be a Vibrator Tester?

I've got an interesting new ad on my blog.

DUREX looking for Vibrator Testers!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Poly Registration (JPAE)

14 Feb.

I planned to register for poly this coming vday.
I was so sure I'll do anything to study at NP.

3rd time lucky they say.
and I'll be a coward not to even try.

I was so excited about going to school and eating cheap and nice canteen food.
I wanted to go to school so that I can see my old classmates.
I hope to graduate and get a higher paying job (as compared to now).

I'm so ready to shop for "back-to-school" items if I do get in.

Then.. I realised I really can't afford to study full time now.
2 things I can't afford.

I'm turning 20, not too old but definitely not young anymore. If I were to study full-time, by the time I graduate and start working, I'll be freaking old like 23!! *sweats*


If I were to study full time, I wouldn't be working, thus I wouldn't have any income. I've some savings but it's not even enough to cover my school fees. If I use my savings for school fees, I don't have any left as pocket money. Both my mum and my hubby offers to chip in a little for my pocket money and school fees, but I feel really paiseh to take their money. I just can't imagine myself at 20-23 living off my mum and boyfriend. Plus I've 3 really young brothers and they need that money more than I do. If I don't study at least they can have the money for their studies. My parents are no longer young, they could at most work for another 5-10 years and that's it.

As of now, with my qualification, I can hardly support myself.
But I'm willing to work hard.
I've been temp-ing with this insurance company for 8 months already.
My bosses are pretty nice to me they fought for a tiny pay rise for me.
Yes there is a huge amount of stress (more money = more stress) but I've decided to work another year.

Please don't tell me I'm silly..

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Love/Hate CNY


  • lots of food
  • lots of shopping
  • new clothes!
  • angpows
  • family dinner
  • spring clean (fun)

  • feeling depressed cause I've no achievement
  • growing fat after eating too much
  • spending too much
  • new clothes don't fit (too loose/long/tight)
  • spring clean (tiring)
  • seeing relatives

I hate this stupid feeling I always get during CNY.
Like I've not done anything in my life.
I see ex classmates doing uni and I'm still waiting to apply for poly.
I see people my age doing things they want to do, moving forward and I still feel like I'm stuck somewhere.
I hate hate hate hate this feeling like I've been left out.
I hate to feel like I'm alone.
I hate to be jammed here.
I hate this feeling of useless and totally no sense of achievement.
I hate my blog design.
I hate the feeling that I've no friends.
I hate my Internet.
I hate my slow computer.
I hate that person who caused me so much misery and pain.
I hate falling sick.
I hate feeling depressed.
I hate losing.
I hate having not enough sleep because I cannot fall asleep at night.
I hate waking up feeling like shit.
I hate my face.
I hate my body.
I hate being bullied.
I hate being blamed.
I hate people saying that I'm defensive like I'm in the wrong.
I hate having no blog readers.
I hate feeling broke.
I hate feeling confused.
I hate not being about to do anything.
I hate doing nothing.
I hate when things just keep going the wrong way.
I hate when things don't go my way.

Feeling frustrated.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Work safely

My index fingernail just got better and I got injured again.

Scratched by dusty boxes and paper.

Honestly, it's not easy being a filing assistant.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

My 傻小妹

Last year she bought 2 cute necklaces as my Christmas present for me but she 傻傻 de, didn't bring out when we had our class gathering. So she pass them to me during NP open house. =)(She was Shan and I's "tour guild".)

Don't see she 傻傻 de, she didn't anyhow buy presents for me k..

Not only does the necklaces come with my cute Jiro's photos...

If you notice, the necklaces are similar to Jiro's necklace in the photo!
How sweet! =)

Hey people! See my sister so sweet to me, you all leh? Not guilty arh? Don't know what to buy for me? Angpows I also accept one. :p thick skin

For this CNY I received a cute greeting card from her. :)

The little girl on the card looks like me hor? So cute. :)

Greetings in Chinese!!!


My mum laugh at me, cause got people call me 傻大姐. See where got this kind of mum de.. Laugh at her daughter because other people call her daughter silly. -.-

Anyway, I just want to say to my 傻小妹, Thanks arh.. make me kena laugh at by my mum and of cause thanks for the thoughtfulness and blessing also lah.
Sorry ah, your 傻大姐 didn't buy anything for you this CNY leh.. And send E-card like not sincere enough leh..

So I made a simple greeting picture and post it here...

For my one and only 傻小妹...

Yes, you can go ahead and laugh at my mushroom hair. again.