Friday, April 29, 2005

my pic for darling...

this is for you.. moi darling.. Posted by Hello

okay lah.. i know not veri nice lah... juz want you to feel better.. got feel better after seeing the message anot? *muackz*

Da Song:
Wouldn't it be nice if we were older
Then we wouldn't have to wait so long
And wouldn't it be nice to live together
In the kind of world where we belong

You know its gonna make it that much better
When we can say goodnight and stay together

Wouldn't it be nice if we could wake up
In the morning when the day is new
And after having spent the day together
Hold each other close the whole night through
Happy times together we've been spending

I wish that every kiss was neverending
Wouldn't it be nice

Maybe if we think and wish and hope and pray it might come true
Baby then there wouldn't be a single thing we couldn't do
We could be marriedAnd then we'd be happy
Wouldn't it be nice

You know it seems the more we talk about it
It only makes it worse to live without it
But lets talk about it
Wouldn't it be nice
Good night my baby

Sleep tight my baby

9 month le leh...

the 2 of us.
Happy 9th Month Darling..
*muackz* Love you so much.. :) Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 28, 2005

walking together foot with foot. hehe.. i like this pic.. :) Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

bishan ite registration

recently my comp got invaded by snakes like stuffs.. i wasn't too happy of coz... but within mins, my bf got my comp half awake & working again.. man.. he's great.. lets just hope everythign will be normal le.. but next week, i must really reformat my comp le.. yah..

okay first, i want to thank for the feedback on my pervious post.. ;) those who told mi i looked better, your eyes must have got stamps.. but thanks anyway.. I'm writing this post just to fill up space.. so that my photo will not scare everyone away mah.. er. yah..

On Monday, i went out with dad to "visit" "relatives". It's a veri veri HOT day. the weather is really bad. and i do mean BAD. i also went to my school, BIshan ITE, to register loh.. actually i didn't do anything accept for paying.. thought i'll be asked to fill in tons of forms.. guess it'll be on the first day of sch bah.. (20th June). & also.. veri few ppl nia.. like so empty one.. i only saw like a few.. oh.. the boyboy was quite cute though.. thought he's registering for his gf or something.. coz he looked like JC material kind.. :p but saw him in the photo-taking room, so mayb he is indeed studying the same course as i am..

oh.. photo taking for the EZ-link card was really terrible.. first photo was bad, den dad says not nice, den second photo was hirilous, so dad says no. den the 3rd.. i thought i saw ghost.. it's like so ugly.. & my dad says it's okay. that's it. my EZ-link will have my UGLY face on it.. *arh..*

oh.. yeah.. the uniform looks quite alright from my view.. i mean, like most of the girls are wearing skirt.. so i guess i'll get the skirt too.. den the top like all also not bad.. hmm.. can't wait for 14 June.. going to school to buy uniform & stuffs.. woo... :P & i feel so sick that i HAVE to wear my ex sch's uniform (dun even know where i throw them) sianz..

No books one leh.. i think i'll feel so strange.. :p

er.. yupz.. i'm like kinda tired.. update again tml bah. see ya.. :)

Princess is worn-out & going to bed.. *yawn*

Friday, April 22, 2005

18march2004 - 18April2005 Posted by Hello

one year & a month. some ppl say there's no difference.. some say better, some say worse.. let's hope next year will be better? lolz..
no makeup, not edited, just pure unnatural queen of ugliness.

okay.. yesterday waited for him till 4plus almost 5am. I miss him so much.. but i nvr say.. coz i'm really tired.. I know he's veri tired & his long working hours ain't making him better.. yes, Ryan jiejie is right, i Am worried, i Am scarred.. but i have to trust him alright.. when everything sound so "wrong", i should still trust him..

ever since he moved back into his line, he has so much work to do.. everyday is a tirring day. even on Sats he has to work.. I wish i was in the army too.. den at least i can understand a little abt what he's doing.. since i know nothing, i can only tell myself, he IS working.. time on the phone has been shortened.. less meet ups too.. & everytime these sad facts hits mi.. i'll think of things he've done or things we've already "gone through"..
like he sad he's taking leave on my bday to accompany mi... like we're going to his malay friend's wedding.. & stuffs like this bah..

guess i should start to prepare myself for my own school & his school also.. once we both starts to study.. things will NOT be the same le.. i'm be worried, he'll be worried.. i hope everything will be fine soon... uh huh...

i'm a princess.. His princess.. i love you darling... if you're reading this.. i really wanna hug you.. :'(

this is mi. he is a soilder. he is MY man. *muackz*

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

feeling weird..

I've been in the weird mood lately.. feeling veri tired.. & bored.. & not to mention sickly.. time seems to pass by very fast though.. a little too fast..

ryan jiejie.. haha.. he's finally coming online.. say i look veri different.. but still sound the same.. dotz..

life's been a bore.. i'm feeling a little sleepy already at 9.. i wonder does trying to clean up my room makes mi THAT tired.. or am i just sick.. *meow*

I'm bad in my english.. i wonder if i did made the right choise in retaking the subject.. but if i dun get A's i wouldn't be happy right? so why stress myself? can't get into Jc, go ite also same mah? right? Christina??? no? dun want poly, dun want jc, dun want ite.. den where you want to go?

*Arh..* i'm driving myself nuts.. this is a nutty post... heck mi..

My darling's been rather super duper busy at work.. which makes mi sad.. coz.. i'm suposed to be that super duper hardworking.. & do my homework.. yea. i have been slacking again.. *SOMEBODY PLEASE SLAP ME !

or mayb i need Mr thiru.. shout at mi.. make mi answer every question he ask. if i dun answer loudly, he'll make mi cry.. and he has made every boy & girl in my class cry.. man.. i really miss him.. and Mr Tan.. the one who gave mi the chance to prove that my brains are so tiny, it's used to come up with gd ideas & not store information.. waha. like real.. where did that no. 1 christina go? hide in ite dun dare to come out right? no? not even in ite arh.. stay in house cupboard? wah.. die liao.. Christina this year also wasted liao.. den how?

Finanical has been veri bad in my house. biz has been rather bad.. & he's not in that good shape either.. sometiems i think, i'm the cause.. if only if only if only.. man.. okok.. time to stop crapping & somebody please give mi a slap!!! hello??? anybody here? slap me? please? hard one.. *ROAR*

pisstified lazy princess.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Friday, April 15, 2005

MTVasia's been all nice?

Yup. MTVasia, has done it again... Surprised me with 3 contest in a row.. I wonder what's wrong.. Now, I just need to print the letters & go collect them.. but I'm all so lazy to go out... I've fallen sick.. Should be the potato chip's fault.. yeah yeah..

Anyway.. I'm here.. to say thanks!.. Arigato!!! I got my birthday present (a mug with lid & miniature Dior parfum) from a friend in early March (she usually gives me my birthday present 2 months earlier lolz) & i've also just got a big bday present from my sweetest darling.. :) He got me a Swatch watch.. yeah.. & it's pink! lolz.. I love it.. Cause of its simplicity. It shows he knows me well, with this watch.. The quite plainly designed watch face, the clear numbering & even the hour & min hands are just the way i need it to be.. :) yupz yupz.. next time i'll upload the picture.. hehe.. btw my birthday is really coming.. *grins*

I've a couple of friend's birthdays coming up.. Got to get them their gifts soon.. Arh.. Hate the weather.. I can't go out & plus the fact that i'm SICK, i'm starting to feel irritated.. I really want to "pamper" myself by going on a huge shopping trip & buying all the thngs I've been looking out for.. At the same time, I really NEED to study. I never seems to get my priorities right. hmmm.. :(

Recently, in a conversation on msn i had with my friend, we had a little chat about taking things for granted. So, I'm here crapping a little on it loh.. :)
WE always take "old" things for granted, because we're so used to it being around. I know I often take my darling bf for granted. So, once in a while, i try to take some time out, look back at the past & think of how much work, effort,care, feelings, etc. has been put in by him. He is a solider, He is my man. He is one man who is willing to do almost anything for me. & I thank God for blessing me with him.

friends: Have you ever experienced trying to give advice to troubled friends, & sometimes these advices don't work, & the person would blame you or at least you will blame yourself? I had.
And also, are there times where the person you advised didn't like your idea or felt that you idea was stupid (or it will never work) or even think that you're trying to harm him/her? & reject yo, & you feel hurt? I had.
& usually i would be thinking.. I cared so much for so-and-so, does he/she even appreciates my help? You know the answer? I don't.
I had another answer though.. These people whom i called best or close friends were not always there for me, even though I tried to be there 90% of the time when they need me. However, i realised i've also seldom really asked for help. I guess I'm too proud to ask for it. & maybe nine out of ten times that they couldn't make it or they didn't care enough.. At least there's once out of ten times that they did cared. & I instantly remembered a couple of those helps & supports that i have recieved. Yes, I would like to thank anyone who has made my day just by showing a little concern, a smile or anything at all. Thanks! :)

Nowadays, my mood hasn't been all sunshine & laughter.. there are many things happening in my life too.. but their classified as home/family matters & i can't share here.. yupz.. so till the next entry.. see yah.. :)

Princess also would like to thank shoutmix for the fast "recovery". :)
Memories can be put into good use. :)

Sunday, April 10, 2005

kelly C's song.. since you've been gone.

Yupz.. i've changed the video again!! haha.. those who missed the previous video.. i also duno what to say.. :p it's 'Beautiful Soul' & i put it up for abt less than a week..
(I don't want another pretty face,

i don't want just anyone to hold,
I don't want my love to go to waste,

I want you and your beautiful soul.
You're the one i want to chase,

you're the one i wanna hold.
I wouldn't let another minute go to waste,

I want you & your beautiful soul.)

this current video is Kelly's "Since You've Been Gone".. i am very happy with my darling.. i love him.. & we're still together.. so.. this video apply to other ppl lah.. love the "revenge" thingy.. haha..
(But since you've been gone, I can breathe for the first time)
(Thanks to you, Now I get What I want)

yeah.. enjoy the video.. i might or might not change it soon.. haha.. :)

eh.. that's all for now i guess.. i'll update again soon.. :)

I thank God for the people around me. Through them i've learned many things..

Saturday, April 9, 2005


tons of things have been stopping mi from updating my blog entries.. First it was because the topic i wanted to touch on is a little sensitive.. so i took quite a while to decide if i should blog on it.. when i decide not to write on it. i didn't know what else should i write about that is interesting? when i finally wrote a blog entry out.. blogger said: no such blog? or something like that.. woo.. i'm like huh? that's it.. there goes my "hard work".. now i hope it will not happen again.. as i'm typing this shit..

okay.. i have just started studying.. yesterday.. or rather just trying to get use to pen, pencil, papers & my brain.. Mathematics paper one. i nearly gave myself up.. the first few questions gave mi lots of problems.. plus the fact that i couldn't find my sec3&4 notebooks, i'm like a helpless little kitten stuck on a tree.. Thank God my brain's just rusty.. after doing the first few, the rest were quite alright.. i only need to improve a lot on my speed & erm.. neatness? uh huh..
Today on the way to church i took timing for mi to get to Bishan MRT from HarbourFront MRT.. it's like only 35mins.. woo.. so fast? so if i include all the waiting time, plus bus & stuffs, roughly about 1hr is enough? cool huh? yeah! dun have to wake up too early..

oh.. I was late again for church... was hoping to see the rest & maybe sit with them.. but i couldn't see anybody leh.. den one of the ushers gave mi some help.. i was to choose to sit in front or beside X. so i choose in front lah.. den hor kena kick loh.. haha.. ok.. i got a feeling i'll delete this part later.. y? i duno.. just a feeling lah.. okok

Princess is feeling a little down.. going off to bed le.. see yah..

i love small talks with my friends.. they rule! :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

what a week.

Firstly, let mi appologize for being lazy. I've been so lazy the last week.. or rather, i've always been lazy what.. :p anyway.. it's been abt a week since my last post.. kinda lost now.. i have tons of things to write abt.. but being the disorganized girl i've always been, i duno where to start.. uh huh..
okay.. FYI (for-your-information), i'm going to "silence" my phone. because off all the "attention" it has been given.. uh huh.. so if one day you tried to call/sms & it's being ignored please be kind & understanding as i've only put FAMILY on. yup..

Next, I've to let you know that i'm no longer looking for any jobs. it's either chanel calls mi by this thursday, or i'll start my full time studying timetable. yupz.. so many things to do.. so many things to be completed. so many changes.. so little time..

Den, in the past couple of months, i have friends who refused to listen to me.. oh well.. who will listen to losers eh? my msn nick the other day was: "I'm a busybody, dun listen to mi". haha.. er.. yeah.. that's all? uh huh..

This infor is for ppl who keep on asking if i've recieved the package & stuffs.. OK, i'm going to ITE, so therefore, things will work veri differently.. I got my letter sometime back & have accepted the programme offered to me online on the last day 1 Apr 05. I should receive another letter on registration procedure by thursday 21 Apr 05. & i'll have to report to my school between Mon 25 Apr 05 - Wed 27 Apr 05 to register & pay my term fees.
Extra infor. i got from my bf's cousin: I get to choose the colour of my uniform & i can choose if i want to wear skirt or pants. each set of uniform is $13. woo hoo.. I love my school.. :) *grins* uh huh.. uh huh.. :)

Recently, i saw 2 of my ex behaving weirdly.. like their very close friends.. haha.. my bf says they must have been celebrating everyday since they got "rid" of mi.. make mi sound like i'm a bad girlfriend.. hurmp.. mayb.. if only i can control my temper better? eh?

Lastly, but it's the most important to me.. i had thoughts of myself not being able to conceive. I duno what is happening.. & this it's something bothering mi quite a bit.. I love babies.. i love kids.. i wanna have a dozen of them if i can.. ppl closer to me should know how much i want 15 babies.. eh.. anyway.. i think i'll go for a body check up before school start? uh huh.. so erm.. yah.. i'll update again soon.. i promise..

Princess grabs her bear bounced onto bed & hug bear bear to nap away..
short, small eyes, pimples, fat nose, forced smile. the ugly queen [I wan salmon sashimi]