Saturday, February 25, 2006

i not going

Joshua's birthday party (before)

Yesterday I was at Sentosa. (:
The weather is crazy.
Sunny. den Rain. den stop rain & sunny. den Rain. den stop rain. den rain again. crazy right? -.-

Today I'm going to Joshua birthday party. Shawn's going!!!
woo woot~
the sad thing is that I'll be going there by my self!!!
I'm so scared lah..

I wanted to buy these for the both of them..

but I was too thirsty lah.. :p

Yesterday Ber beat a male classmate in bowling...

heh heh. (:

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sales arh!!!

Perlini's Silver (Junction8 outlet confirm) sale..
30%, 50% & 70%..
Best time to buy cheap presents for cheap people like me!!
or that very expensive necklace/bracelet for that special someone.
Who else can that special someone be.. must be me lah!

Remember hor..
You can give your loved ones (family/friends) presents anytime.
Be a kind soul and make someone happy today! :)
Junction 8
9 Bishan Place #01-13A
Juntion 8 shopping Centre
Singapore 579837
Tel : 65 63565227

By the way, I accept gifts, presents and praise on days that ends with y!
Buzy day
Any day

Other sales...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

ah Ber... (:

23 August 2005

Class Chalet
15 December 2005

School Canteen
8 February 2006

My Favourite Photo. (:

Saturday, February 18, 2006

I love photos..

Sun set. (:
At Shawn's Bday "party".

Try spotting me & Ber. (:


Friday, February 17, 2006

6 more weeks.. hang on Christina...

Just 6 more weeks and I can enjoy a 3-4weeks holiday.. (:

So many things to be done within such a short time.
the worst part. Everything seems to be important to me.
& I don't know how to prioritise.. :(

This month is filled to the brim already.
Hopefully, next month would be lighter, I need to study for my exams lah.

I want to THANK all those who helped me, forgive me of my foolishness, and bear with my craziness. I'll hold on. (:
Love you all.
Ah ber,
Hui Fen
Feng Hwee,

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day :)

After the monstrous run, I feel like I'm dying today.
The PAIN it's totally unbearable.
Imagine I haven't ran for nearly 2 years and out of the sudden, I ran 4k..
couldn't go to school..

Baobei, came over to sayang me...
the expected, unexpected present.

Cute hor.. :)

He bought the box and ribbons, and tied it up himself!
goodness, let's just put it that he can be my househusband. :p

Can see?

1 green star = 1 year. 6 pink stars = 6months.

It's a stalk of rose made of glass. (Will never fade..)

Sadly, the rose got thorns one leh.. :(

At the back of the cover...

I just dun like the E.

There's handmade heart shaded choco too! with smaller bits inside, but i didn't take photos.. coz I scared it will melt. :p

Paiseh.. I'm super tired..
My whole body still in pain lah..
stupid X-county training. :'(

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Double Happiness (Part 2)



I watched I Not Stupid 2 for the second time yesterday.
and I cried more than the first time I watched it.

Watched the movie with Shawn and Joshua.
Shawn is so so so so shuai !!!

btw, it's SHAWN's 16th Birthday! :)

I wished I'm not a introvert lah. :( Don't even dare to say hi. :(

Double Happiness (Part 1)


We were kicked out once for no reason and end up having to pay twice the amt to get in. :(

We're married!!! :)

2 hearts

join together = 1 big heart. :)

yeah.. congratulate us whenever you see us k.. :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

People I want to date if I am single

(321st post.)
It's V day next Tuesday.
Have you bought any presents for your love ones yet?
Remember to buy for me also hor.

After reading Kenny Sia's : Girls I'd Date Based On Their Online Personalities
I decide it's time, I should write about people I want to date if I am single.

The cute guy.

Another Jay Chou look-a-like. *drools*
He's simply too cute for me. tee hee...

Kenny Sia.

The funny guy.
Nice blog. Hug-gable. Shares my love for food.
and he's a famous blogger leh..

Cute little boy.

So cute. Bring him out and I look like a mommy. :)
Watch movie with him, only need to buy 1 ticket. save money.
plus he eats little too. :)


Handsome 16 year old actor.
Picture taken from I Not Stupid Too.
BTW, I have his blog address. come bug me lah.. tee hee..

Joshua Ang

Cute 17 year old actor.
Picture taken from I Not Stupid 2.
I also have his blog address. Bug me on my tag board and I'll think about it.. woo woot~

Shawn & Joshua : behind the scene.

This kind of wrap up my entry for today. :)
Kindly remember to buy present for me hor!!!

screw projects. :(

Sunday, February 5, 2006

edited (special for you)

Even those who have been reading this blog for quite some time, might not know who I'm referring to sometimes.. so here's a little entry on people around me.... :)

Tell me you don't know who is this,
I'll slap your face, punch your nose, poke your eyes and rip your head off.

My husband. :) Jay Chou.

Current boyfriend. Mike. Army boy. study (university) part time.

My very irritating brothers. (11, 12 ,13)

Super old pic of my ex. For those who think I lied about his size.
his ex dog.. DeeDee.. *sobz*

Me and my pretty mei (god-sister) , ah ber.
(pic taken last year)
Want to let her know, I love her lots.. :)
She's the best! Her new specs & hairstyle rocks! :)

Cute cute club. muahahaha.. I love us. honest.

Moi ah di (god-brother) arh...
He blur-blur cute-cute one.. haha.. see him, want to laugh..
but he's really nice lah.. nvr complain I noisy.
I scared he get bullied in sch, but so far alright, right?
Message to him? [Jie jie support you!]

A short short entry.. :)

Saturday, February 4, 2006

Friday, February 3, 2006

I Not Stupid Too

watch movie with ber & shan.
I was late lah.. so missed a little bit of the movie..
After I sat down, I cried and cried and cried.
some more I didn't bring tissues!!!

I cry until I feel so tired le..
Now my eyes swollen swollen one leh..

This is when the strange part seeps in..
the 2 guys (their friend) didn't cry at all loh..
next time we watch these kind of sad sad movie, dun ask guys along le..
all so cold blooded one. :(

yup yup.
I'm all alone at home now. sian sian one..
& the gum at the back is starting to feel a little weird weird one..
could it be the dreadful wisdom tooth? :(

Thursday, February 2, 2006

O level result coming out soon.

They sent me my PIN (Personal Identification Number) le..
feeling really guilty knowing I must have wasted the money mummy paid.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Jet Li is Fearless.

Went to watch Fearless with my boyfriend yesterday.
I tear again..
Action flick and I can cry.. ain't I the most sensitive person on earth?

Not that bad lah.. and I think Jet is really growing old liao.. can see winkles one :p

woo woot~
I finally rmb to buy this...

Cute bor?

My lovely Hubby. :)

Manage to catch my baby at P.S. the game machine.. :)
My current youngest baby..

BTW, can anyone tell me is this Chip or Dale? :)

Not feeling very well today..
in fact I haven been well at all these few days..
update again when I got things to write bah..
super tired as usual..