Sunday, August 31, 2008

Unboxing uglyfatchick's Mi Adidas Shoes

3 weeks ago, hubby and I had an appointment at vivo to make us a pair of shoes each.
I received an email early last week that my shoes are here! :)

Info sent to Germany to do blueprint, made in HongKong and then sent to Singapore.
Went to collect it with hubby on Sunday. Hubby's quite upset cause he have yet to receive email to say his shoes are ready. :p

I've got me shoes!!!

Here's the box.

Free shoe bag! hahas.

Say Hi!

I wanted to put uglyfatchick but they can only allow up to 10 letters/numbers.
WEIYA 1988.

Pink Adidas. :)

Shiny shiny. :)

Uglyfatchick hearts her Mi Adidas Shoes! :)

Naughty little doggy.

Today went to Hubby's Friend's Son's 1 year old birthday party at Punngol area.
Kid's very adorable but a tad bit unfriendly. :p
Didn't stay that long.

Took some photos of his friend's Dog.
The dog is very very naughty de. Keep following a little girl around..
Nearly follow the girl home. hahas.

His owner punish him, make him sit on the chair.

Why? Because he's afraid of heights! hahas.

Naughty doggy.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

My bangles finally arrived! :)

I'm in this stupid shopping craze.
Keep buying stuffs.
I should lock up both my ATM card and my internet banking device.
That will stop me from buying any unnessary stuffs. :(

Went ebay to search for original albums to purchase. Support original! :)
Bought 10 chinese pop albums from one of the sellers at 3 for $12, total damage $40. -.-

8 August, I bought some bangles and it somehow got lost even though I specifically asked and paid for registered mail. -.- I think because the seller sent my items by normal mail when I paid for registered mail and then the item got lost. Because when I asked her for the tracking code, she said she threw it away already. Either that, or she didn't send out the items at all lah. :(

Was kinda desprate to get the items, actually paid the seller another $5 to "re-send" items. Hubby says I'm stupid cause the person should pay loh! Haiz.

Anwyay, went down to collect my package from the post office because no one at home when they send the "new" package over.

Suprisingly not a very huge package.

10 Bangles + 2 pack of mini stones on stickers.
Total damage $26. :(

The plastic bag spolit when I opened up my package, I taped it up so that it looks nicer. :)
Anyway some shops in FEP selling at 3 for $5 or something. Please check the price outside before buying online.. Now I felt I overpaid for those bangles. :(

Friday, August 29, 2008

Uglyfatchick hearts offline shopping.

Last SundayMonday was shopping day.
Buy so many stuffs, I'm almost broke. :p

Mummy's Birthday Present. (:

New shampoo. :p Damage $7.65. ouch.

Bought 2 books from the book rental shop at Vivo, damage $25.
No time to sit down to read. :(

Gave this to mummy. Got it free cause me and hubby finally completed the card at the Bird's Nest Bar. 10 stamps in 5 months. Means we go there have Bird Nest once a month leh! hahas. 5 times, got 2 times I pay for us de loh.

I think DMK was last stop.
I've 2 pairs of shoes going to spoilt very very very soon.
So decide to buy 1 pair put one side first, in case both also spoilt, got backup mah.

Bad angle to take photo. cannot see the shoe loh. -.-
It's still in the box, in the paper bag, waiting for the current pairs to give way..
I also bought 3 pairs of Non-slip sole pads $2 each, gave one pair to my colleague cause her shoe's soles wear off quite fast also.. Total damage $35.90. Ouch.

Sorry, 无间道 a bit.
(In baby's and my terms. something like jump here jump there, no chronological order. :p)

Went to Tangs (Orchard) in the morning.

After trying a sample sachet of moisturiser from IPSA, I really like it and I took along my $5 gift certificate/voucher to buy it. :)

The most expensive skincare product in my life (as of 30 Aug 08).
I love it cause it's liquid and not like creamy creamy de.. so it doesn't feel like a thick layer on my skin. Hubby was like: "you haven get your pay this month, you spend half liao". -.-

Look. I got more free samples. :P

Damage: $82. Ouch.

Since I was at Tangs, I also went to get the free 3-step kit sample from Clinique. :p

So many samples, no time to use. :P

That's all for now.
Will blog about my online shopping stuffs later. :p

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to my lovely mummy.

Mummy's birthday on the 26th August.
The 3 young boys shared money to buy a fruit cake as her birthday present.
About 1 month ago, they tell me that they will buy the cake as her present, ask me not to buy. hahas.

My mum's birthday cake.

It's a rather memorable birthday.
I felt really guilty that mummy had to cook her own "mian sian".
and she cooked extra knowing I want to eat also. *red face*
Daddy was home early but he went out after eating the cake. :(
It's the first time my brothers bought something for my mum and we finished the whole cake!
And it's been years since I manage to get a proper family photo.

Yes! finally a family photo.
But I look so crappy inside lah. :(

It's so obvious the boys have darker skin tone.
and yes, I do think I got my "fair" skin from my mummy. :)
If only hubby inside also. :p


No, I didn't bake this cake, neither did I ordered this cake.
I just took the cake image from and edited it a little using Paint. :)

See if you can find this cake in her gallery here.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Remember my birthday neoprint?

The one hubby and I took at Great World City before his free movie, for "entertainment"?

Yes, this one

Please note: below are some photos of a couple, if you do not like to see happy looking couples, please skip this entry. Thanks. :)

Back to my post..
So I was saying..
I finally got around to scanning that neoprint which was taken like more than 3 months ago? :P
It's all because I finally installed the printer/scanner to my brother's computer and decide to test it by scanning the neoprints. :P

He sexy? I'm tough guy? lols. (obviously not done by me!)

Simple simple. :)

Happy Birthday to me. :)

Trying to act like model.
I look damn funny trying not to laugh. :p

8 Drafts!

I've so many things to blog about!

Expect lots of updates from me the next few days. :)
Dont worry, most of them comes with photos de.
I know no one reads my wordy posts lah.

By the way, I'm still looking for big Nerdy/Geeky Specs and cheap brand new handphone! :)
I went to 77th street at FEP (Far East Plaza) to look for the specs and I only found one in weird reddish brown colour. I want black if possible. :(

I've got legs. :P

Think it's Sunday night, I woke hubby up to go eat supper cause I was hungry.
Poor boy, went to ran the army half marathon or something and didn't have enough sleep. He sleep a bit, I woke him up to go eat. :P

Didn't spend time to dress up. cause too lazy. :p

I love short shorts, I actually look like I have legs! :p

This post is around, just to show that short people like me have to wear short shorts to look like I have legs. hahas.

Alright, I've got to go bathe. Update more stuffs later.
I've lots of photos! :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Zi lian-ing at work. :p

Hopes my boss will never see this! :p

Yesterday I was working alone.
Today, I'll be working alone.
This Friday I'm working alone again! :(
Now not sure if Thursday and Saturday I working alone anot. haiz..

It's end of the month, have to prepare pay cheques.
Honestly preparing cheques seems so much easier at work.
No need to be afraid that I'll spell the words wrongly, cause there's this cheque writer which will print numbers. hahas. I love it. :p

But if type wrongly or if I didn't align the cheque properly, then got problem loh.
Maybe next time I use plain paper demo. :p

Okie. It's raining outside and I think I'm catching a cold. :(
Okay I got to go do delivery schedule!
If not later boss say I never do work. :(

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bad tempered.

I'm bad tempered.
I guess only those who are really closed to me might know my temper.
And mind you, having bad temper is not a good thing loh!

When I was still schooling, I did something stupid which nearly caused the whole class getting suspended. It's something done out of anger and I didn't think of the consequence and by the time I realised what I've done I felt bloody stupid.

Teacher tried to find out who's the stupid fella doing such stupid act. I stood up and said I did it. I was damn guilty lah. Being young does not justify that I'm not guilty for that stupid incident loh. If I did not admit to my wrong doing, I guess things could be much worse.

Then when I was a lot younger, I threw chairs at my mother. I'm not sure if she still remembers it. But I still remember I did it because I was angry at her. I even remember it happened at my grandma's place in JB. But I don't remember why I was angry though. -.-

I guess anger is something like a special medication.
When it takes over, you just do stupid things without thinking and by the time the medication wears off, you don't bloody remember what you were thinking. -.-

I hated my mum when I was young.
She's always scolding me.
Saying I'm fat and lazy.
Disallowing me to go out.
Disallowing this and that.
Always say I'm not studying.
Always using the cane on me.

I used to shout at my parents and slams doors.
When they ask me to do things, I give them black face.

Then one day. I broke down.
Because I couldn't handle stress, both in school and at home.
The need to perform well because I have to be role-model to my younger siblings.
After a failed relationship, I felt like I had no friends.
And now I wonder if it's due to my bad temper, that I don't have friends and the guy left me. -.-
I feel so bad now lah. Must be a torture being with me then.

After that incident, my mum doesn't seem that nasty anymore.
I learned to see from her point of view.
Even though there are so many times we disagree with each other..
In my heart, I know that she loves me.
It's funny, just some years back I still doubt that my parents really do love me.

As a daughter, I think I've failed.
I think if 观琦 is around, she would have been a better daughter.

Now, I try not to make my parents unhappy.
I try to control my temper.
The only people I shout at, at home now, are my irritating brothers.
And I don't remember when's the last time I slammed my door. :p

I've learned to handle anger in other ways.
Now when I'm angry, I walk away first then talk to the person when we've both cooled down.
But if the person keeps provoking me. I still tell him/her off.
I've not scream "shut up" for quite long liao. Please don't try to test my patient though. :p

And whenever I feel "mistreated" or what, I rant and gossip to my friends and my mum. :p
Of cause there are many times I feel very alone. Especially if it's things concerning my other half.

I'm not saying not to be angry lah.
Everyone has right to be angry or happy or sad if they want.
But if your emotions starts to affect the way you think too much, it's best to look for a neutral party, e.g. a doctor, a counselor or something.

I never regret admitting that I have issues with handling my emotions. Because admitting that bloody problem have helped me to learn how to control my temper so as not to hurt too many people. Especially people I love.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I want big "nerdy/geeky" specs

I am looking for a pair of big "nerdy/geeky" specs for fun.

Picture credit to a blogshop which sells it at $8 but she only meets up in the East, so I'm looking for one at lower price and meet up in the south-central area.

I see a lot of blogshops selling this but this is not what I want.
Price for this pair range from $6.00 to $8.00 but it's not what I want. :(

If you're selling specs like the one in the first pic and meets up around central south part of Singapore, please leave a comment and I'll go check it out. :)
I'm looking for a black pair but if the price is good, I might get other colours too.

2 Little cupboard

Hubby bought this for me, many months back. :p

He fixed it up and now I've 2 little cupboards on my white drawer.
I wanna show you all what's in my little cupboards. :p

Left Bottom: My makeup stuffs.

Left Middle Left: Fake Lashes. I still can't find my favourite pair. :(

Left Middle Middle: Hair Ties.

Left Middle Right: Hair Clips.

Left Top: Unopened contact lens and hubby's shaver.

Right Bottom: Watches and Shades.

Right Middle Left: Earrings.

Right Middle Middle: Necklaces.

Right Middle Right: 2 Bangles, bracelets and 1 ring.
I've bought some bangles but they got lost in mail even though I paid for registered post. -.-

Right Top: Panadols, Flu drink, Plasters, Muscle Rub, Mopiko, Vapor Rub, and the blue colour thingy is pill crusher. hahas. coz I duno how to swallow normal sized tablets/pills...

This post is very random and exist just for me to show off my cupboard from IKEA.
Hidden message: Hubby I want to go Shopping! :p