Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Perlini's Silver Annual Sale


one uncle gave us (my brothers and I) some chewing gum..

I like the blueberry flavoured ones.. =)

and I find the packaging rather interesting...

Check your smile here... hahas..


Look it's wet.

It's pouring rain!

We got stuck in school because of the sudden heavy rain..

Most of the students called cabs.. Those cab uncles must be earning loads. :P

the heavy rain didn't last too long...


Get fit r life?

Alphabets all dropping out liao..


Anyway, yesterday I was alone at vivo, shopping for darling's & his cousin's birthday present..

Look what I've got?

Look just like me right? but I think I'm way cuter.. =p

I also bought 1 makeup brush.. from sasa..

End up I only got a card for tianshi..
Too broke liao..


Bad day for studies.

Took me the whole day to do 3 and a half accounts question. Wanted to do auditing but the words just rebound back into the book every time I try to put it in my brain.


having headache.

breaking down soon.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bloggers Meet

I really want to be the first to blog about this..

It's the first time I went to such event, and I hope it wouldn't be the last.

duh~ It's so fun. I mean yes it was weird and awkward.. but who can resists free pizzas and drinks.. buahahaha... After checking out each other's blog, and then meet up, and then when you check the blog again, you'll find those entries so much more interesting.

honestly, I was hesitant about meeting new people. you know lah.. me, very shy one wor... but I decide to just go for it because I want to know how's it like to meet a group of strange bloggerS.

Ten of us.
Joan brought her younger sister Jane. (I thought Jane looks like Victoria from my class.)
Mr Otaku the young boyboy who almost closed down his blog.
jquares the very smart girl with PSLE score 270!
Janel the one who's early.
frozenmama was the first person I recognise. She was round 2 winner.
Kumaran the one who kept fooling around with Donovan who was very late..
diecreation the quiet guy who makes videos!
Guttercat brought his wife and very cute daughter along. (like father like daughter. =p)
and of coz.. me! the one who erm.. kinda don't fit.

maybe because being 19 makes me feel like I'm aunty-ish I'm quite the loner. Anyway, we played some random games, discussed about promoting and got to know more friends at the end of the day. how cool is that?

check for other's blog entry.

I was too paiseh to take photos there. maybe next time k..=)

Monday, February 26, 2007


I've linked a few new blogs, check them out k?

oh yah, I recorded a short song, put into a video and then post on my lyrics blog. go check it out too? if you're lazy to go check also nvm lah. not that i sound good or anything, maybe can use it to scare your siblings and friends mah. buahahaha~

ciaoz~ I go do more important stuffs le.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

grow taller.

Since CNY day 1, one of my aunt commented that I would look prettier if I were taller, I believe she has been psycho-ing my mum to get me to go swimming to grow taller. -.-

I hate it man. I know I'm short and I don't really mind if people says I'm short but I do mind when people start telling me that I should grow taller!!! I mean what the f***. I didn't comment that your face looks like pizza and you should do more facial, you come and tell me that I should try to grow taller. -.-

I'm 19 already. If I still can grow, it's a miracle!

I stop growing taller since Secondary1/2? and I hate it when people tell me I should do sports to grow taller. BECAUSE.. I was super actively involved in sport when I was younger. <---- this makes me sound really old.
Played badminton, basketball, went swimming, played hockey, sometimes even soccer. I even skip a lot (including lessons).

so anyway, there's this neighbour, (I think she is, we met in the lift) she ask me in front of my brothers and my maid, "why are you so short?". That's the first thing she asked me and bloody hell, I don't even know who she is loh! (apart from she's my neighbour), My first respond was, because I'm a girl. and you know what she said? "Your brother is taller than you already, you should go skip more." then she got out of the lift. When the lift door closed. I did my signature *roar*.

How could she. :'(
hurt my poor little heart.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

horrible Japanese food.

Darling and I went to the Japanese shop at B1 of Cathy to try out their food.
only 1 word to describe it. HORRIBLE!

This is what I've ordered..

The presentation is pretty good..

This is what's left. and I dare say they have the worst Japanese food I've ever had.

I'm quite picky on food, so when it sucks, no matter how hungry I am, I can never finish it. But when I'm in great mood (good food leads to good mood which leads to good appetite), I can finish 2 sets of what some of my friends can handle. oh, and I can eat up to 6 smaller meals a day. =)


You know I always say those girls who slaps on too much makeup and anyhow listen to their hairstylist, go perm their hair looks old and auntie-like?

How old do you think she is?

Only 23!

Yes, it's the same girl.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New banner!

Notice this ^^ over there? >>

A great achievement, EXCLUSIVE to us.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I lost.

Checked my blog to see if I've blogged? Everyday? 2 times a day? 3 times a day? or not even once?

I lost interest in blogging right after I found out the winner was not me.

heck I was so upset I wasn't even top 3.

I was so disappointed in myself. I mean it. so so so disappointed..

Discussed with my "sweetest-boyfriend-possible-life-partner" on why I didn't win. Is it that I didn't try hard enough Or is it because I didn't put enough heart into my blog entry? (I had to write 2 times and the second time round I was so tired that I just had to cut everything short). Or is it that I wasn't pretty enough? or friendly enough? or I don't have many friends who are willing to spare 2mins and their personal details like name and ic number?

Call me a loser. It took me 6 days just to pack my feelings and click on
I love my blog a lot and darling says it's not easy to get into top 11. I know one contestant tried 3 times before she got in. see.. it's not easy.. and I did it with my first try. =)

I did consider going for round 4, but I've no inspiration nor any motivation. Maybe when I feel more confidence with my blogging...

Thursday, February 15, 2007


me lah.
Moody and "jumpy".

Just knew that I need my O level cert to apply for poly. Felt so sad can.. Darling help me to call up MOE, and they say they only print a statement of result for people who lost their o level certs.. Darling ask me use my result slip to apply loh. no choice. If really can't.. then fated to go work liao loh..

I can only apply for 1 poly with 3 choices of course. and we'll only get to know if we're IN, by mid-April. Which is when everyone else starts school! This is so scary lah. I mean the other time, I didn't get into poly.. if now still can't get in, then too bad loh..

After school, I went shopping to "relieve stress".

Bought stickers! that has my name on it! Since it's the last day of the "CNY fair" and it's only $5 for 87 stickers, I bought them loh. I could add Chinese name on it one, but I don't know how to write 丑肥鸡 :P

I bought a 500 piece puzzle from More Than Words at $2.50 =)

It's really cute. I had a hard time trying to put those pieces together, so I end up sleeping after a few mins. Hee..

Also from More Than Words are 3 pairs of socks. My old pairs are all "hole-y" and dirrrty.

Darling Mike came over to "pacify" me. He took me to Cathay to play MapleStory... Today there are 3 people working. Maybe there are more customers at night. I was like acting silly because very long time never see Alwin.. lols. once I spot him, I immediately called Ah Ber.. hee.. too bad, she's busy..

More raves about the place. The customer service is pretty good there. The workers there are always smiling. When they don't smile, look kinda scary.. When they smile.. they look so cute. lols. like so friendly. makes you want to stay there all day. too bad the timing cashed with my TV programme. The silly 9pm show. I had to rush home, so bought some snacks and then call cab home.

All the fish there swim very slowly... lols.

Please do not feed the fish! omg.. poor fishes... that's why they can't swim.. no strength..

Remember Mike says that he deleted the photos of my cakes?

He found out today that he didn't delete them at all. -.-

Happy Belated 2nd Birthday to my blog. *muackz*

This photo was taken last year when I was using the computer in Malaysia.
I like it because it's the first time my arms actually looked smaller than usual..

*yawn* I got to go rest le.. tomorrow got to go help my parents. I think rather go school loh. haiz.. *my big mouth*

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is V'Day. Both MaMa Yu & Ms Lam gave us food to eat.. so "xin fu" right? hahahas...
We're going to be an overweight class if they keep giving us food. :P

Today Ms Lam asked us to right nice things to encourage each other (classmates).. and Everyone wrote really sweet and nice things lah. Words that kept repeating were...
"cheerful and hardworking" lols. if my parents see, they'll definitely laugh..

To my parents, I am always LAZY . Today my mum just scolded me, say I so lazy to clean my windows. I just did a few days ago loh.. but here upgrading mah.. very fast dirty.. Haiz.. she say I do nothing at home except eat, sleep and watch tv. Diaoz.. like who look after brothers every other Sunday loh. and my maid stay at home to yak on phone all day, she say she very hardworking. but I don't blame her lah. whenever she's home, the maid is "working" very hard and I'm playing computer games. :pPp

Anyway, Thanks a lot friends! It really made my day.. I was PMS-ing and all those nice words makes me happy. really. and I regret not buying enough sweets for all of you.. Went to 7-11 to buy sweets, end up go late for school loh.. but didn't know 1 pack of sweets $3.55 = 10 sweets only. I only bought 2 packs, so not enough to give all my classmates. So if you didn't get hor, don't think I forget you lah. I just don't have enough sweets. hee... (or money either)

I ordered all the 3 class photos and 3 co-op photos, total $36 leh.. But I think it's worth it because I really love this class. It'll remind me of all the happy times with all these sweet people. =)

My phone's battery is officially showing signs that it's going to die on me soon. One moment the phone status shows that the battery left 70%, the next moment it shows 29%. Siao siao one... Ber suggest that I get a new battery, but battery very expensive arh!!! (Hello, I'm not talking about those AA batteries...) Hiaz.. never-mind.. hopefully Ang Pow money can cover loh...

This necklace is given by my sis lah.. supposed to bring luck. =)
so hope I lucky lucky win the Motorola phone, then I don't have to buy battery loh..

*silly grin*

Monday, February 12, 2007

that silly boy..

2 Fridays ago, I met darling to celebrate my blog's 2nd Birthday and something else.
I bought 2 mini cakes from J8 (downstairs that cake shop) and went to his place after school.

Since it's my blog's birthday, of cause I want to take photo and post on my blog lah...
and now you don't see any photos right? Blame that silly boy.

We used his handphone to take photo because his phone takes nicer photos. He say he'll send them to me soon. I waited and waited.. finally cannot wait anymore.. so I asked him to send to my email when he's free... Guess what? He told me he deleted them already. -.-


Last Sunday I went to Cathay to play maple..

Me and my husband.. Do you know where is this place?

We're on ShangHai's Hot-Air Balloon!

Muacks my darling... envious? go get your own boyfriend..

Napfa, Higher Nitec registration, Cathay again and Vitamin E.

I'm quite satisfied with my NAPFA 2.4 re-run results.
I know I can no longer keep to under 11mins, but 12plus also not bad liao lah.
At least now secure a very good silver. Just have to improve on a few stations by a bit, I can get Gold le.. I want to thank teacher for letting me re-run (which reminds me, I forgot to do the teachers survey.), and GanJun for pacing.. I couldn't have done it without him pushing me on.. and all those classmates for cheering us on. Example XinYing & Wilson. lols.

By the way, those O level students or Nitec students interested in continuing your studies in Higher Nitec, please register soon. The last date for registering is on Vday itself. (14 Feb!!!). Do check the ite website for more information.

School aside...
Yesterday, Mike and I brought my brothers out to Cathay's E2Max. The 3 boys were so happy and when time's up, they very reluctantly left the place.. But it's fun to bring them out once in a while.. let them "see the world". although I think it makes me old. every few seconds I have to warn them about this and that, ask them to walk together, hold hands. aiyo... I cannot be teachers.. If I be teacher, I think I'll die super young...

After eating dinner at parent's shop, I went shopping with darling at Bukit Merah's NTUC. I bought some hair products and some snacks and drinks for Chinese New Year. =) so that I can eat at home... (the BaGua I got from Mike's aunt's place, all finish le. :P) After that, went to GNC to see darling's stuff and he got me the Liquid Natural E dietary supplement. Can use as supplement and external use. Vitamin E is good for skin.. I use 1-2 drops on my lips to soften them.. don't dare to use on other parts of my body. hahas. like so weird. hee.. and so ex.

P.s: Tonight both 7pm Channel 8 and 10pm Channel U's show last episode arh.. For both, I also cry lah. Cry until I feel thirsty. Maybe it's the sore throat. hee..
& Mike Wee! I really didn't' touch the packet of ruffles lah~

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Past 2days..

I'm so busy trying to get people to vote for me that I missed blogging about my boring life..

Friday, 9 Feb 2007.

I bought the chocolate cake for my youngest brother's birthday. and it's really very delicious. =)

I went to rebond my hair on the same day. Sat there for 4 hours!!! and I think I like the result.

This picture taken yesterday (10 Feb). We were on this "free" shuttle bus from Great World to City Hall. I took some "scenery" photo on the bus, check them out at

That blue jacket is one of my favourite jacket and some bird decide to do it's business on it. -.- stupid birdy.

Went to Mike's Aunt's place to BBQ (BaGua). Angel has 2 hamster and 2 dogs.
This dog is old and always looking at me with those pitiful eyes...

This is the very naughty young dog. Tried to grab the BaGua that's on the table and he pees/poos everywhere.

Yesterday was one bloody sunny day. I think I've become tanner! grrr...
got to go.. need to find food. It's maid's day off and I'm stuck at home with 3 naughty kids.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking..

I think my blog is really boring too. what do you think?

Friday, February 9, 2007

Win $10 Kinokuniya Voucher! Vote for B9.

Remember ?

I'm one of the selected top 11 contestants..

Interested to win a $10 Kinokuniya Voucher?
Vote B9!

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Deadline for Voting: Voting will close at 2359hrs on 15 Feb 2007

Remember, I'm B9. (Don't vote for wrong person hor. :P)

Thanks. =)

New things.

My maple charater holding yellow rose.

New contact lenses. =)

I just received them. They last about 1 year and cost ard $40 =)