Saturday, July 30, 2005

why i can't change background colour leh?

ard 7pm:
I'm "re-decorating" my blogskin..
will update with the "new look" soon. :)
My blog is as stubborn as me. it just refuses to change it's colous...

update again after i'm done with all the moving? :)

NOW (1:53am):

After one whole day of trials & errors, counting, moving, refreshing, changing, editing.. I'm finally done with the "re-decorating" of the skin... wahaha.. I'm so tired... want to sleep le.. update again soon... after i have enough sleep... :)

Thursday, July 28, 2005

same full name?

How many people you know that have the same full name? I have 2 friends. Both from the same primary school somemore.. haha.. but i thought it's rather normal.. but seriously.. i have not met anyone who have the same full name as mine yet.. If i ever get marries.. I believe no one in this world would have the same full name as me... wahaha.. let see.. if i am married to mike.. My "full name" would be...
Mrs Wee P. W. Mike Wong C. Y. Christina Y. L..
how nice?
even if i married some XXX...
My name will still be like:
Mrs XXX Wong C. Y. Christina Y. L..

wahaha.. how unique? :p

I've been spending a lot of time reading other people's blog..
like XX's

yup yup.. that's all for today bah.. update next week.. :) same time same palce.. :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

busy busy..

I'm so busy now.. mayb tml den update loh.. :)
for now.. erm..

check out my friendster profile?
I updated it yesterday i think..

wahaha.. :)

last song i heard: So Yesterday (Hilary Duff)
I dedicate this song in my blog today just for a special someone.. hope you'll like it. :)

You can change your life (If you wanna)
You can change your clothes (If you wanna)
If you change your mind
Well that's the way it goes
But I'm gonna keep your jeans
And your old black hat ('Cuz I wanna)
They look good on me
You're never gonna get them back

At least not today
Not today Not today,
If it's over let it go and
Come tomorrow it will seem
So yesterday So yesterday
I'm just a bird
That's already flown away
Laugh it off
Let it go and
When you wake up it will seem
So yesterday
So yesterday
Haven't you heard that
I'm gonna be okay

You can say you're bored(If you wanna)
You can act real tough(If you wanna)
You could say you're torn
But I've heard enough
Thank you
You've made my mind up for me
When you started to ignore me
Do you see a single tear
It isn't gonna happen here

At least not today
Not today Not today,
If it's over let it go and
Come tomorrow it will seem
So yesterday So yesterday
I'm just a bird
That's already flown away
Laugh it off
Let it go and
When you wake up it will seem
So yesterdaySo yesterday
Haven't you heard that
I'm gonna be okay

If you're over me, I'm already over you
If it's all been done, What is left to do
How can you hang up, If the line is dead
If you walk out, I'm a step ahead
If you're movin' on, I'm already gone
If the light is off, Then it isn't on

At least not today
Not today Not today,
If it's over let it go and
Come tomorrow it will seem
So yesterday So yesterday
I'm just a bird
That's already flown away
Laugh it off
Let it go and
When you wake up it will seem
So yesterday
Haven't you heard you're so (yesterday)
If it's over let it go and
Come tomorrow it will seem
So yesterday So yesterday
I'm just a bird
That's already flown away
Laugh it offLet it go and
When you wake up it will seem
So yesterday So yesterday
Haven't you heard that I'm gonna be okay

friend's bday.. & new links..

I've got a friend's birthday comming up.. as usual, i'm always broke.. can't afford to get fancy gifts.. but secertly without her knowing, I've got a little present with a self made-computer print card & sent it by post already.. :) ain't i sweet? :p
Hope she'll be supprised by it?

I've linked a few new people in my entry.. take a look at their daily ramblings? :p
some of them are my new classmates.. yipee..
and i've linked XX too... XX=XiaXue

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Popular sale! & i wanna trim my hair..

Yup yup.. popular sale at bras basah.. :)

I was still quite upset about some people's misunderstanding about me yesterday.. but when i woke up this morning.. My mood was back again.. yeah.. :)

I realised i've been in the "trend spotting" thingy.. Weeks before, i wanted to get this bag which i thought was going to be "in".. and this week i saw a few people carrying it.. den also i thought of having hair extention a month before.. and a few people i know of went to do it recently.. a few months before, i was looking for this shoe which i couldn't find the kind i want.. and now i see it everywhere.. haha.. rmb told darling abt setting trends.. not as difficult as anyone thinks.. :)

anyway.. My hair is kind of dry only at the ends now.. so I wanna trim my hair.. :) duno where to go trim.. refused to do it myself or at those neighbourhood salons.. they will surely ask mi do this do that.. and in the end i will hate my hair..

Monday, July 25, 2005

25july is calvin's bday.. & i'm so sorry that i forgot :p

if you ever read this cal, Happy belated bday.. *paiseh*

Many events for yesterday 25thJuly.. (Monday)

In sch: I was ultra blur.. I actually wore my pe shirt the other way round.. :P everyone ard laugh at me loh.. i'm like so paiseh.. quickly go change.. but many ppl spotted me liao.. haiz... duno why i always so blur one...

Went to TBP with family:
First person i saw was kyla!!! *faints* gosh.. i'm so heng arh? Everytime go out see her.. She's with her bf lah.. den i'm like.. dotz.. she change bf again arh? :p.. but most importantly is.. this whole year of 2005.... I see her more often then i see anyone else in secondary school loh.. *faints again*

den i was at the the game center.. wanted to call WT out.. but hesitated.. cause i thought i was leaveing soon.. den i went to popular to look for my pencil.. they dun sell loh.. sianz... den went back up to look for my brothers.. and guess who i saw at the drum machine which i wanna play? WT with her bf!!! wahaha.. I'm like.. what kind of day is that sia..
Honestly, i'm in quite bad terms with her bf lah.. den after so many years.. i also feel that she's the kind of erm.. zhong se qing yo kind of person.. :p other words friends are nothing when there's bf lah.. so haiz.. I told myself never to be like that.. and i try to spend time with my anyone who NEEDS me to be around.. My bf will have to suffer.. but he doesn't mind.. cause i expect my bf to be there for his friends too when they need him..

duno leh.. yesterday i was sitting down and thought about my life again.. actually more on friends lah.. I felt quite lonely.. like nobody wants me.. and only family & darling cares.
Darling encourages me to go out and get to know people.. i feel that i can't... I miss everyone in EFC.. but i duno if i can go back? i duno.. the ppl there are nice.. but i'm so scared of going back.. i'm forever go and stop. go then stop.. now i dun dare to go back... It's hard to explain.. or rather.. i'm not good in explaining myself..

okay bah.. I'll go rest le.. got too many test and exams comming up.. i duno how to cope..

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Saturday Movie: Bug Me Not @ JP

Saturday, met up with mike at his place.. though i really didn't felt like going out.. I still went.. cause i misssed him.. and he doesn't have that much free days for me le..
Had a little "fight".. but before we drop off from the cab, we're okay le..
Walked ard JP cause have plentiful of time.. haha.. den saw Jason arh.. or isit Jack? i always mix up their names..
Caught Bug Me Not with darling at Jurong Point. Xiao Yue (Moon) is really cute... The movie is not that bad lah.. haha.. den as usual, i cry loh.. duno why.. very naturally will cry one.. I still got some questions about the movie.. haha.. even though the ladybird didn't caught up with the rest of them, he also still could have gone back to Moon's home what..
I thought the coocie coocie sound really adorable.. And it's the first time I find bugs cute.. many interesting and funny scenes.. like the bug that farted.. moon's mum talking to moon abt the boy.. The bug chatting up another bug. so many so many lah..
Oh.. and they all can really sing sia.. haha..
and Moon is total colourblind in the show.. all she sees is black and white.. and green grass.. oh.. i wonder how she matches she clothes & put make up.. :p

exam.. exams.. Exams.. EXAMS...

next week (start Aug) there are school exams... the 3 modules? I duno if I am prepared or not..

Next month I'm having my English Oral.. and i'm actually nervous.. *arh..*
2months later.. I'm having the rest of the papers...

fast? yeah.. I only just started looking for my notes.. think i'm dead again.. mayb should just listen to the teachers.. and concentrate the stuffs in school and try to do well enough to get the 4.0 GPA.. or is 3.8 enough? Dun even know how it works..

I'm starting to blur out..

Saturday, July 23, 2005

weakness (too much crap)

i realise a lot of my weakness thru this 1 month in school. I am a very confused person. I'm interested in so many things.. in fact it's too many.. and i never able to do anything if i dun concentrate on one thing at a time? right? I duno...

I rmb.. i love sports.. I still do.. I love to run ard.. competing with other teams.. I love sports so much that i wouldn't mind having Sports & Wellness everyday in school.. I love playing games.. any games at all.. badminton, running, basketball, soccer, rounders, volleyball... I just like the rush in my blood.. that excited feeling... the "performance".. I am not the best person for sports.. I lack the most important thing: "Discipline" or however you spell it.. :p and always want to win spirit.. heh..

Music.. I love it. There's always a song for every mood. I've tried singing.. It is not for me (I fall asleep listening to myself sing..) haha.. and my mp3 broke down just before school starts.. how evil.. o.. my cca now is CO. and erm.. guess the instrument i'm playing? My brother describe it as shaped like a hamer.. with strings.. if you guess er hu... eh huh.. you're right.. heh heh..

Arts... I love design.. I love drawing.. but i just dun seem to have a gift in that.. Zero gift at all.. My art always seems too rag to me. Even colouring, i have a problem with it.. I can't even draw proper lines with a ruler!! but i still like it.. I mean art. I might not like every piece of my own work.. but at least darling never complains about the things i do for him... (Well, He didn't complain in my face lah.. :p)

I actually love every subject. I have interest in them.. but same as sports.. LACK discipline. I have a serious case of LAZINESS and DISCIPLINE problem.. that i know...

and also.. I'm ultra messy because i'm lazy.. heh heh..

update more abt my weakness next time...
for now.. just enjoy laughing at my weaknesses..

Christina : titled: queen of laziness

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

everything is not fine..

wahah.. i also duno.. period is the mood killer for me.

I hate periods. I dread them. Everytime when it comes it brings with it lots of problems.. and i hate it.. with my bad temper.. period makes me feel really lonely at times.. i just dread periods.. Dread periods.. dread periods.. Dread Periods.. DREAD PERIODS, DreadPeriods..

Get it? no? haiz..

oh.. my friends there.. hope you're feeling better now.. the weather hasn't been kind to us.. so do take lots of care.. drink lots of water.. and rest well.. :)

The period hater:

Monday, July 18, 2005

how's your day?


how's your day?
My's been so bad..
so terrible..
dun even wanna talk abt it now..

so sickening...


how are you really. I'm interested to know your life. :)
You can write it in the comments.. or write in my tag... I'm okay.. :) You can put any name you want.. I dun care.. I just want to know what you've been up to.. heh.. :)

I've grounded (myself) until the end of this month at least.. got to save some bucks.. today will update my auctions later... (once i get home).. now i'm in school crapping and hoping that the lessons will end earlier.. den i can go home!! yeah.. home... :) to my sweet sweet warm bed.. heh..

yupz.. how about you? dun you want to cuddle up a bear or pillow.. lie in.. enjoy a cup of tea.. or coffee.. :)

-leave you deep in thoughts..

Saturday, July 16, 2005

fri and sat with mike

fri night was fun.. we were at Mohamad Sultan ... eating our favourite ba ku tae... wahaha... 2nd time there but it's a more happening night... at least i was more well-dressed yesterday hehe.. :)

sat was town. went to FEP to take neoprint.. both of us look like idiots.. well.. mayb evil twin just dun look good. I even bought a tie.. cost me $10. It was written on the tag $9.90 & the sales girl says 50% off.. i was thinking it'll be cheaper then mi purchasing from another shop (tie with ugly shirt = $14.90). den when i went to pay for it.. she says $9.95.. without questions, (i thought i heard wrongly) but i still i paid her.. give her a $50 note, the change i got back is $40. so before i leave, i checked the tag from another tie.. it's $19.90 before discount $9.90 after discount.. great.. the tie i took didn't state the $19.90 price.. haiz... rmb complaining to darling that the things in FEP is much more expensive then the shops in cine.. haiz.. i sound like a cheapo right? but what to do.. overspend way too much recently.. by 3digits.. i'm in deep shit if mummy finds out man..

darlign will be out for a week. from tml till end of next week.. i'll miss him lots.. :) *grins*

wanna see mi in "sch uniform" style? wahaha.. wait slowly bah..:)

Thursday, July 14, 2005

in better mood

yes i'm in better mood now..

Thanks to those concerned.. :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


okay.. great news.. after i saw papaya yesterday on the bus, i'm now very stressed.. just now for the biz test i nearly fainted.. it was just a test.. but i really wanted to do well.. i mean.. not only just pass...

yesterday's self estem talk is so-so.. but i kept tearing.. so badly wanted to hug him.. but he wasn't ard.. when he's ard, he's already very very tired.. so am i..

i so want to burst into tears just now.. really hate it..
now, i'm still in a bad mood.

i kind of dislike darling sometimes.. he's so hmmm.. i duno lah..
EGO. that's it.
the killer for every guy i know.
now i dun really like to meet up, dun really like to go out. dun like to do anything.. even talking time is cut down by hours per week...
i'm all heated up and ready to scream my head out at him..

is it because of my period? i duno.. haven come yet.. and i'm in the STRESSED mode...
Very MOODY. very *ROAR*

I want some peace..


-knocked out-

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

food for thought..

i duno what it means.. but i'm hungry AGAIN!!!

i've been in the crazy eating mode these few days.. is it because of period? gosh.. i know it's comming.. but haiz.. at the rate i'm eating.. i'll soon go back to my scary 48!!!

It's true.. a report says that females in relationships are usually a lot heavier & erm have larger mass than singles..


darling going to buy my favourite porridge for me today! YEAH!! :)

I'm just so happy when there is food.. :)
*Yum Yum*

Monday, July 11, 2005

Evil Twin

yups.. i accept this "green glasses wearing" bitch as my evil twin.. seen her ard? give me a call...

Wakaka.. i thought it's pretty cute.. though i wanted the other smaller frame one.. but they dun have green or blue.. hmmm.. I'm thinking of getting another 1 one next month? i duno leh.. think it's rather kawaii neh.. wahaha...

anyway.. Badminton today was okay.. just that i couldn't really get someone to play with me for the first few mins.. and erm.. that ah beng not that bad wat.. very fast reflex.. play badminton with them quite funny.. i didn't play with my own go3.. the 2 of them so close.. i feel extra lah.. anyway.. it's great that i get to excerise.. my tummy is getting bigger by the day..

Sunday, July 10, 2005

shopping again..

yeah.. I shopped at cine yesterday with darling.. bought a pair of glasses (no degree one & it's not sunglass.) though it's kind of big for me, i find it really cute.. will post up a pic of my evil twin later.. wahaha.. :)

while going to meet darling, a stupid uncle albowed the bottom of my left rib cage. till now still fucking hurts.. :p oops.. actually it's more painful when i touch it now..

i'm hungry now.. duno why since i've started sch, i'm ALWAYS hungry..

and always TIRED....

and period comming.. so i'm also in bad bood..

oh.. i was in town.. almost every shop has tons of ppl.. esp MNG & ZARA.. den all the shelf like almost empty.. wahaha.. nothing for mi to buy at all.. and worst of all.. the attitudes of SOME ppl are scary.. like there's this lady she was digging her nose so yucky.. and also.. at GUESS, got another lady act like she owns the whole shop.. fucking ugly attitude.. kk.. I'm not really happy lah..

told myself i wun want to go town again on sat or sun.. it's too scary.. esp this GSS period.


Thursday, July 7, 2005

better to be attached or single?

hmm.. msg angel (her chinese name sound a little like angel..)
well.. she's single and nvr got into a relationship before.. so erm.. i was teling her that it's sometiems better to be single.. less worries and stuffs.. but den of coz.. there are "benefits" of being in a relationship lah...

Grow up together (changing of mindset, maturing, understanding people..)
Learning a lot of new stuffs..
Doing things you've nvr done before...

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

headache again.


yupz.. i'm having headache.. and guess what? I think i'm going to fall sick.. that kind of sick. darling knows.. can't say too much here..

I'm feeling tired today. didn't have enough sleep.. tummy lots of gas also.. wahaha..

in the group of 3, i always feel left out.. so today, i think.. mayb.. i might just go break alone.. i duno..

that loner came to sch today during OA lesson.. and erm.. if i'm not wrong, his parents didn't know he didn't turn up in sch for the past few days.. He must be feeling sad? i duno lah.. head continues to hurt.. mayb i shouldn't tie my hair.. it's hurting mi.. :(

The weather is bad. so am i. wahaha.. okay lah.. stop crappign and try to rest until end of OA lesson..

-take care ppl
signing off..

Monday, July 4, 2005

new classmate & i'm very tired.

I've got a new classmate.

I'm very tired. Came to school on cab. it cost me $11. I'm broked again.. sianz.. should have left teh house earlier..

Sunday, July 3, 2005

kmooz in i-weekly. tired weekend.

yupz.. Kmooz is kind of featured on I-Weekly.
They have this picture of us there.. on page 16. haha.. Mel's bag, Minmin, Mooz & a ugly girl blowing bubbles.. wahaha.. that's us..
A small paragraph commenting that we are CREATIVE! :)
I've decided to advertise our club somewhere... but den haven do so yet.. a little bit busy sia.. and also lazy lah..

Weekend was tirring!!!

I spend thursday night with darling.

Friday went to watch Initial D with him.

Saturday went with Flamezz & Cookie to watch Initial D again (3rd time)
evening went to darling's friend's ze chuan's bday "party"..
& erm.. I have quite a bit of fun.. & we saw this artise there.. (forgot his name) but always rmb his looks..
den adrain & zz came over to drink with us. den go home le..

Sunday was quite bad. I woke up early. wait for him to come over in the noon to go swimming.. with MY BROTHERS. We kind of fight a little. (I was angry cause of my plans being crushed.) My maid on purpose didn't wear swimming costume. She dun want to go into the pool. If my mum knows, she'll nag my head off.. haiz.. honestly, i hate to be alone.. and i felt so alone the whole noon. until THEY went home.
I had some time with darling, eating at hawker center. den take train from Redhill to Yew Tee. I was happy.
At his grandma place we eat "dinner" loh..
den go back his home to sleep. Sleep for like 2hrs? (dun rmb time). We wanted go jurong point to buy dinner for myself.. but don't have the porridge i want to eat so didn't buy and go home le.. I was sticking to him the whole day. didn't want to let him go.. heh.. he was "complaining" i'm very sticky that day. :p

Now, i find time to update my blog during OA time.. heh.. smart bo?
Can't go friendster, can't go forum, can't go msn.. I'm bored leh..

kk.. think that's all for today.. update again tml bah..

Hug & Kisses for you,
Christina (UglyFatChick)