Monday, May 30, 2005

Jay SG Fanclub

title: Jay SG Fanclub

Hee.. can see the "change" in my blog? Got my photo. our photo. & Jay..
actually trying to make a logo for Jay SG fanclub... but the end product not nice at all.. so i played ard with my own stuffs loh.. hee...
got to know a few friends in the forum.. kinda a good start.. haha.. make friends with similar interest.. :)

tummy not in good shape.. i'm feelign quite uncomfortable... My dark eye rings came back to huant me again... am i lacking sleep? or water? or fruits? or what??? sicky leh..

I've made plans to settle everything i can settle by the end of May. so i can start to erm.. take a look at my books for O's the first week of june.

yup yup.. i came in here to blog abt my darling one.. but forgot what i wanted to write.. :p anyway.. it's our 10th month together le? heh.. i think i'll update again when i rmb what i want to write bah..

Jay is coming to Sg in june i heard!! :)

Saturday, May 28, 2005

bad day

title:bad day.

instead of whinning too much.. let mi just list a few things bah..

1) I cannot drink Coke. All the gas always gets stucked inside mi & i feel damn irritated.
2) try not to go "town" on Sats... esp on the GSS days..
3) Never wait for cabs at taxi stands.. haha..
4) rmb to apply moisture lotion thingy right after bath/shower.
5) set alarm clock back to normal timing.
6) rmb to draw money from card before going to shop.

7) Do not be considerate!!!

haha. .thats' all lah..
the sunshine gal search at cine not as crowded as i thought it will be... but the girls all quite pretty lah.. so i rather not go make a fool of myself loh.. hee.. I shy shy..

bought 2 pairs of earrings from a shop in heeren, thought it's a little expensive (the quality not that good neh..).. den also bought the correct photo paper. yesterday bought the wrong one.. den open and use but look a little weird weird one... haha.. okay lah.. that's for today.

Yesterday, bought a EPSON scanner/printer/copier.. quite fun.. haha.. play ard abit.. I look & sound like some irrnorant kid last night.. fascinated at some of the things a printer can do.. like print.. wa haha.. I like to print but got nothing for mi to print leh.. :p

erm.. that's abt it? dun feel liek writting le.. write again soon? :)

I miss my darling.. he's going away for 2weeks.. :'(

Friday, May 27, 2005

changes part 2

Changes part 2

my email address has to change. (I've got the new address le, those who want it, ask mi when you see me on the old address msn?)
my phone number will be changed when i can get my parents to allow mi to change without explaining too much.. (i can't lie to them.. they understand mi too well *sometimes*..)

Before you procced to read, this is a warning!!
*the following "Message" is just for mi to let out my fustration, you may choose not to read it & escape to other ppl's blog.*
Thanks for your attention.

recently, i got into a little "fight" with someone. i asked that someone not to contact mi.. she still sms mi.. so anyway.. all her sms were veri insulting to mi. questioning me (& not listening to mi at all)
& accusing me of things... Condemning me? Not understand what acctually happened or is happening & yak yak yak on things she thinks is happening.. thinks i'm in the wrong in whatever i do.. i'm ultra unchrist like & she's very holy. wooo...

I tried to be polite, really. I've always wanted to help.. veri much.. hope one day she'll wake up and start listening.. but she's has gone too much over. making a fool of herself.. contriditing herself like THIS much. If i am that bad, can she stop smsing mi? can she stop contacting mi? stop proving she's pretty/smart/cuter/sweet/holy den mi?
I'm sure my life would be so much better without her.

I admit, i'm ugly.. & i like taking photos to see if i can do anything to change myself.. is that a wrong? must be pretty than can take photos?

look at mi before i got my camera phone.. and me now...
2 different look.
untidy - a little towards presentable...
she'll never understand.. why i zhi lian so much with my camera...

anyway.. what's wrong with mi wanting to learn more from events like the Fasio sunshine girl serch? i mean.. i just wanna have fun before my school starts.. & while having fun.. get to learn a new thing or 2..

got really sick of replying her when her replies are:

"I never think i'm the best"
(She doesn't think, she just says it. [in conversations/questions she asked.])

"In fact u r wrong tat so young have bf and somemore a non christian."
(I'm not the only one.. & i dun want to wait till her age of 22 and not have any bf. I'm 17 already? hello???)

"I never keep saying ppl dun behave like christians. Only to u."
(she said XXX always used the word FU*K veri often & that is veri veri unchrist like..
& other girls.. abt the things they says.. or their actions veri not like christians.)

"That u r deceiving others that you are a vian person."
(I do not understand this line, can anyone explain?)

"Being a model ppl said is high class prositute. Of course christians can be model. But can they resist e temptation. Model is a job that has e strongest temptations. can u be sure u will not betray your dignity? U r so short how to be a model?"
(She wanted to be a model/singer/event hosy(DJ)/.. so she can resist all forms of temptation & i can't? i know i'm veri short.. but can't i even dream of being a model???? i know it's just a dream... but can she stop harping on the fact i'm only 146? *sob*)

"Christians will not stop befriending ppl because of small matter. Christians should love their neighbours yet you talk bad behind XXX."
(I still "Friend" her but i just didn't like her contacting mi 24/7, asking mi questions that i must answer in her way. if i can't answer, i'm stupid. Must praise her. Must pray for her in her way.. for the guy to love her & be with her & leave the girl he loves most? gosh, i never thought of that way even for the boy i used to love.)
(I love my neighbours, and i will not say bad things behind their back.. i prefer to say it in front or only says things when ppl asked mi to say..)
(I have forgived that XXX months ago.. & near to forgeting le.. but she has to dig it out.. haiz..)

"sorry, whatever you said i don accept"
(true enough, i just didn't need to say anymore)

"Why should i understand ppl? Do I need to?"
(ppl = her friends)
which caused her to be quite friendless some nights at 3-4am & she still smses & calls me at that time!!

"you quarrel with XXX , now me. obviously problem lies in you"
(I quarreled with XXX last year! & i didn't quarrel with this girl, she smsed mi to insult mi & i just replied to explain myself)
(If she did apply that on herself, things will be so much ez for her smart friends who left her alone earlier..)

"You can be forever arguing but never understand that you are at fault."
I wish her knew what she meant in this msg. She could have applied it to herself.
I try to admit my mistake whenever i sees it. I cannot get away with something that i feel that i did wrong..

"who are you to judge me?"
(she was the one who started finding fault in mi & yak yak yak .)

i was with her whenever she needed a friend, helped her out and stuffs even she makes used of mi.. & in the end, she's accusing mi of not friending her for a small matter? I should have left her alone with all her problems long long long ago.. what's with mi.. always sees other's problem as my own.. stupid christina.

Names are changed to hide ppl's identity. :p

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


title: changes..

i've decided to change email address... ask mi if you want? I also duno how to start...
and i might be changing my hp number also... mayb a couple of months after i start sch.. :p

More changes? i also duno.. been sleeping late for a few nights already.. must sleep earlier today.. say.. maybe 3am? yeah.. got to wake up early... haiz...

Darling came over in the morning to hug mi.. he took half day off loh... so sweet.. hug mi to sleep.. i needed the rest.. & care & concern... :p

at "work": that "dun-whose-son" asked for my number again.. he is such an idiot. my mum kinda detests him.. and he's such a young boiboi.. in terms of looks, he's still okay.. but attitude? no way.. some immature kid.

and my toe is slowing getting better.. YEAH!! :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My big toe hurts like duno what shit.

Title: My big toe hurts like duno what shit

Yes, that's it... I can't stand the pain my big toe is causing mi.. I can't sleep, i can't do anything.. I'm so irritated. *ROAR*

today.. i'm feeling a little sickly.. really wanted a hug... but my bf is really busy or tired...
somehow.. i wished he's staying near mi...

the waiter at hans is cute.. or isit the cook? gosh.. how the hell i know... :p

I'm damn bored. My toe is making mi so moody. Didn't feel like spending money.. kinda broked...

I really dun want to go to work.. i hate that place..
the people there...
the food...
the condition...
the everything...

My skin is so gonna suffer there.. & my hair... *ROAR*
I hate those smart ass asking mi when's my school starting.. why not studying meh? why go ite? why dun go poly... oh.. one thing.. they like to ask... how short are you arh? are you still gonna grow taller? oh.. another.. those leering eyes.. always visually tearing ur clothes apart... fucking horrible... what else? stingy assholes not willing to line up or pay the right amt.. or those bums who are so lazy to even take their own plates... waha... i rather be workign else where...

can i have a choice?
can i work outside & earn money outside instead?
Can I????
CAN I???


Monday, May 23, 2005

my dreams -- crashed & burned.

title: My dreams -- crashed & burned.

This is what I feel now: pain, anger, hatred.. & PAIN..

All I wanted. FREEDOM.
FREEDOM to pursue my dreams.

They did it again...
breaking up my soul & body.
breaking me away from my dreams..
bringing me to hell once again..
torturing me and my soul..

I wish I could just hate them. The very same people who brought me up, brings me down.. Too many times.

My soul yearns for a breath for fresh air.
I did not cause this. I have my rights don't I? Can I refuse to do what they say? Can I?

I Hate my life again. I hate myself more. They ruined my life.
I rather not be borned if i knew this will be the day. I rather exchanged my life with my dead sis if I could. I really wanna run away.

Will you help me to run away? I hate to be pushed ard, taken for granted or even be anybody's child. I dun want to have kids. Misery loves company. It's true. I'm in pain.

Anyone's going to teach parents to be parents?

They have never done their part. They never cared. Only to laugh in your face when you fall. and push you down when you're up. I doubt they even love me. Every single thing I did was bad. I am nothing compared to XXX, YYY. I cannot be worse, because I AM the worst daughter.

I owe them my life. How am I suposed to repay them? My burden is heavy. I hate it. I cannot die. How?

The past 1 1/2 hour was spent typing this entry & crying very badly. I hate feeling so sad. Can you bring me away?

I'm hungry & tired.

fuck off..

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Today's title: friends.. Posted by Hello

I had a memorable BBQ today (went out with darling & his friend (A&ZZ)). Even though the "day" started out with a little problem.. The evening was great. Okay.. Mayb not like super great that kind, but great as in.. erm.. We BBQed in the rain! hee.. It's the first time I didn't flare up.. haha.. I know a little hard for mi to fit in to a groups of ppl 8yrs my seniors.. :p so I guess slowly loh... :)

Anyway... today's title is Friends.

I'm going to talk about myself. (kinda veri boring, read other people's blog instead if you hate boring stories.)

I would say I'm a pretty friendly person. I welcome anyone (without bad motive to get near me) into my life.. I mean.. I think its fate that 2 people get to know each other.
I do not lack friends. However, I find that I do lack close friends.
I used to identify a few girls I know as my close friend or even best friend. After the few life-changing events that happened in the past recent years, I find myself standing alone. It seems to me that I have lost all support. (My parents are too busy for me.)

All these time, while trying to stand up (with the help, love & support from my bf), I tried to understand myself. I always thought I knew myself best, but in the end, I realized that I do not even know what I want!

I have to find myself, so that I can understand what is the real problem. I know I'm selfish, I know I have a temper & I know I sometimes exaggerate a little. And now I understand why people do not believe mi even if it is the truth. Even when I am simply repeating an advise or solution from SOMEBODY..

I feel so much better now, without those "best/close friends". I used to worry day in day out & get crap attitudes in return. Therefore, I have decided to leave them as they are now (Happy) and lead my own life seeking for my new close group of friends. Yes, I do feel lonely from time to time; nevertheless I am confident of finding my new close group of friends soon. :)

[Period day1]
Princess is having cramps.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

1 more month before sch starts..

yupz.. 1 more month.. before school starts... hee.. i also duno to be happy or not? :P

I have not touched my books for sometime le.. boiboi angry liao.. :P i also duno why i so lazy.. My dad once asked mi (when i was young).. if i knew how did the pig die?
my answer? the pig died of stupidlity. den he say wrong.. the pig death of laziness.. :p eeek... my dad scold mi stupid & lazy with just one story.. wah... :P

anyway.. my super duper lazy mood came over mi... & now all i want is to rot & not blog le.. so.. erm.. see yah all again.. when i feel like blogging... mayb tml? mayb sunday? haha.. tata

Princess goes nuts...

Friday, May 20, 2005

i want to be model leh...

title: I want to be model leh...

haha... 999 out of 1000 ppl will say.. I can dream on... the only 1 person who did not say dream on, ask mi to go and die... haha.. no lah.. the only 1 person will comfort mi.. tell mi.. "nv da shi ba bian" it means, when a girl grows up, she will change alot (for the better lah).. lalala..
I grow up liao mah.. but like the older I get the more ugly I become leh.. how?

Since young, my parents either think I am ugly or think I am fat.. I was brought up with low self esteem.. when I reach pri 5, I had a crush on this cute guy.. he was tall, dark.. & most of all.. he is so cute!! :p his name is.. should I say? Okay.. his name is Colin Tung Zhi Xing.. the chinese part mayb got misspell.. :P He was not the best looking.. he was not the smartest.. he was not the cutest either.. but he caught this (point at mi) ugly girl's attention.. anyway.. I kinda "found out" where he always goes after sch.. which I thought was his home.. & wrote a letter & sent to his “home”.. it's his uncle house actually..

That guy, rejected mi in the canteen, when I was buying food. When everyone was ard.. when every single f*cking person was looking at me. He was standing so far away from mi.. shouting at mi. telling mi.. he does NOT like me.. it was the first big hit for mi.. I did not cry, I smiled.. I was alright.. I was still happily talking to my friends.. & i was feeling a little thing tear inside of mi.. I wonder if it’s my heart.. I touch it, it’s still beating.. haha.. the poor mini mi.. I bet none of my friends felt that.. FYI, I knew Colin in nursery & met him again in pri5. & I joined table tennis for him. (the height of table was like at my neck? & I was the only girl with my bestfriend Laska. :p) haha.. anyway.. after he “reject” mi, I studied veri hard, & top the class… but pri 6 I slacked a lot.. psle did veri badly.. only got 225... A A A* A.

Yupz.. what does this "histoy" got to do with my title? Haha.. I had it glued in my mind.. I must really be too ugly.. that is why he does not like mi.. I was the worse in dance, worse in singing, worse in soccer & den I am so damn ugly.. I felt like a loser all my life since then... Plus the fact my parents think I am ugly too.. I was not the princess I hope to be.. *tears drop*

Secondary sch was not half as good as primary school.. I had a couple of ppl whom I called friends.. and they left mi one by one.. Even got back-stabbed.. I really feel so bad.. My only way of feeling good was sports.. I feel good when I play any kind of sports.. but there’s no alone sports. So I was out. Again, I failed.. as a person.. I felt I totally failed.. relationships gone haywire.. & with exams coming.. I felt like the stupidest, ugliest, idiot on earth.

Before exams.. I got to know my current bf.. I thought he would not be the one.. cause I did not feel that strong for him.. perhaps I was so sick of failing.. & I have total zero confidence in anything I do anymore..

9 months later, I was a "changed" girl.. I am changing my wardrobe.. slowly.. from fat kids wear.. to all the "sexy" appeals? Haha.. my mum was the one who gets mi stuffs to wear.. & she perception of mi is a fat young girl… everything she buys, it's for kids… so I buy my clothes myself now.. hee.. and I am pretty happy with what I have bought so far.. :) oh.. and i am happy to have my boiboi now lah..

so now.. I have a wish.. that is to be a model lah.. haha.. but first.. I know I must concur a lot of things..

1) lose more weight..
2) hair grow a little longer..
3) teeth whitening & mayb try straightening my teeth?
4) Make my nose smaller (by pinching it?)
5) How to make my eyes nicer?
6) Get rid of all those juke on my face forever
7) Most impt.. grow another 20cm by 2006.

Haha.. sounds mission impossible? So.. I guess I will just have to face the fact that I will never be a model & I will always stay this ugly.

neoprint at far east problem

Title: Neoprints at far east problem..

Neoprints.. last time, the only way not to see pimples is on neoprints... cause the lights so bright.. den cannot see the pimples mah.. haha.. now.. still the same thing.. :p

anyway.. here's a "NEW" story.. last Saturday at far east, my bf & i went to take neoprints at level 2 (above level one) i think... the "new" shabby shop...

My bf took out a $50 note, wanted to change for only $20 of coins... den the aunty says she just keep the notes (aka lazy to take it out again).. ask mi for smaller notes to change... As usual.. i will be veri erm.. polite? take out $20 from my wallet to change for coins..
den.. went to take the neoprints lah... den duno why the stupid machine ultra weird... duno how it works also... make mi & my bf rather fustrated... so took one print, den want to go upstairs to try other machines... the aunty actually stop us loh... i was like... huh?
she says we have to leave the coins there... cause we change there, cannot go other place.. i duno got this rule (they also no write leh).. den she force us to either take another print or change back the coins...
My bf veri veri veri angry.. nearly fight liao.. I also dun feel good… that day, that old aunty spoilt his mood & my only shopping day!!! *arh* in the end we change back the coins to a 10 note loh.. but since no mood le.. I didn’t get to shop much loh.. haiz.. darling says.. they didn’t put the sign there cause it’s against the law.. they are like forcing ppl to spend the money there. If I can, i will go there with a group of friend.. change $100 of $1 coins & run away… if she got more coins.. 200, 300 I also will change. Stupid aunty. :(

Princess unhappy.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

tag: Thanks luke!

Yesterday is my bf's brother's bday.. i forget le.. :p

For anyone's information : My school starts only on the 20th June. which is abt 1 month later lah... den hor... erm... that's y i'm at home almost everyday loh.. yupz.. :)

anybody joined ? I juz moved in yesterday.. haha... so cute.. got to see my crush.. *woot*woot* (both bbal pros..) . haha.. they dun suit mi.. i dun suit them... i only admire their skills leh... (dun anyhow think...) Bbal skill lah.. haha... so nothing much in there also... just realised that the younger gen here dun like my father's rice wor... so sad.. :(
haha... yupz.. anyway.. maybe you guys can try... mayb you'll find someone you'll erm.. like in your area? wahaha.. :p or your crush... or whatsoever.. :p

lala..... okay lah.. enjoy your day... I'm just going to start mine... :)

Princess wants a plate of fish veri badly.. :'(

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

no mood, lonely.

Today it's Monday. Darling juzt went to another island of Singapore. i miss him... hope everythign will be alright...

title: no mood, lonely.

Got back the cameras from that place. & i'm rather pleased... 32 cameras in my hands now. & i promised myself to clear all by end of the month.. a little tough... but i'm sure i can do it.

more updates...
the previous days.. i've been feeling out of sorts... kinda lost... i have so much things to do yet no mood to do them..
I manage to let 1 girl understand that i nvr want to hear from her. & glad that she have since then nvr called/msg mi... okay.. she did msg once.. but i'm prepared to be a meanie to save myself.

many says that sec sch friends are the ppl whom will be your lifetime friends... if it's true... wouldn't i be friendless all my life from now? sad.. :(

a girl (another girl), whom i treated as my veri veri veri close friend... my "best buddy"... somehow.. i've lost her... yes.. i have lost her... she is with other ppl now... i kinda hate her sometimes... yes i'm a meanie... but haiz... i duno... when she ask mi for help, i'll glad go through all kinds of trouble & shit to help her... but in the end... a single word from someone else, can make her change her mindset.. wth... my advice are shit isit? *ROAR*
how's like to be make used of? i just hate the feeling of being made used of... not once.. but it seems... many times... am i too weak?
in BGR, i'm always quite erm.. dare to say no? if i feel things ain't right, i'll push the person away... & ask him to go away, look for someone better or what-so-ever...
but in friendship... i can't do that... i can't say.. hey, i dun like your attiude.. & i think we're not meant to be friends.. lets not contact each other anymore...
i did somethign like this to someone i really couldn't stand recently & i hope she's alright... I duno... mayb i really talked too much... ppl dun believe mi.. they rather believe in strangers... so i guess.. time for mi to learn how to mute myself...

man.. i hate that guilty thing... i always gets it. can't even tell a proper lie all because of it. GUILTY.

so anyway... i'm feeling all lonely... because of a lack of veri close friends.. no one to go shopping with.. no one to really have a heart to heart chat... on one to be crazy with.... most impt.. no one to play sports with... i REGRET 2004. it's after effects are affecting mi even in 2005. *ROAR*

I want a big huge A4 size plate of Fish NOW!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

i bought a pair of shoes.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

thanks :)

My tag board is a good way for you all to educate mi... No pun intended.. :)

Seriously, it's been a while since I took an afternoon nap... & it does look beneficial for my skin... washed my face & had about an hour of rest.. I thought I notice the pimples or whatever it’s called disappeared.. They (the ugly things) just pop out like 2 days ago.. It’s a fact.. I lack sleep! :p

Why blogger change language to chinese?

Title: Why blogger change it's erm.. language to chinese?

I'm a little lost.. i just didn't like the idea that blogger using chinese leh.. anyone knows how to erm.. change? okay.. crappy...

anyway.. Thanks Joeann for the veri much appreciated information on usage of foundation.. Erm.. so i've decided that i think i should not use the foundation too often.. mayb once a month? Thanks! :)
& thanks to Lynn for the suan-ing... I know i dun have good complexion lah.. but i also want to be pretty pretty what... (now & in the long run) & if your complexion is bad, den i would have the most sucky & ugly face on earth?

recent days, the condition of my complexion have detoriate (mispelled? or misused?) that puts mi in the troubled mood.. Mayb i didn't have enough water.. or isit the sleep? have been sleeping at 4ams & waking up at ard 9 (by the stupid noise frm the stupid upgrading progm next blk). sianz... when they start on my block, i'll be doing my o's & juz starting school... man.. this is crazy..

brb.. no mood

Hate the weather.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

bday. movie.. :)

moi birthday breakfast-lunch.. :p Posted by Hello

My birthday was quite alright... actually i wasn't veri happy. it's the same feeling every year.. that "sadness"..
This year, it's more special... i had my darling with mi... Anyway, we watched Divergence at P.S. & i found my blush colour at John Little. & also... I can't wait to catch...
Yupz.. Initial D !!!
Jay Chou, Edison, Xiao Chun... gosh.. i can just faint right there.. :p that was it.. i look like a xiaozhabo yesterday.. :p

anyway, thanks luke for the link... I would have gotten it myself though.. :p

Many thanks to those who remebered my birthday.. & i hope all's been well with all of you.. :)

i duno what else to say/write. i ain't feeling that welll.. till then...

Princess gone to eat.. AGAIN..

Za trip hellish day

What can you tell from this photo? Yes, in case you didn't notice... i have that "I'm-so-NOT-happy" look. A forced smile. & i know why i'm feeling like that.

Somehow someone manage to make mi veri veri mad. & i've promised myself NEVER to have any contact with that person. Even darling says so... He also couldnt' stand that person.. even though he only met her for like (at most) 5mins?
after i realised that i still look like crap with makeup, i was quite erm.. sad lah... but that Za trip is not totally wasted lah.. At least I learnt a new thing.. :p heee... guess what? haha. i now know my foundation colour...
I sound stupid right? :p okay lah.. anyway.. it's my first time with foundation & blush.. mayb next time i'll learn more.. :) Posted by Hello
oh yah.. that pink watch? it's from Darling.. :)
Princess is mad.

Friday, May 6, 2005

Za called mi leh...

hee... yupz.. title for today: Za called mi..
woohooo... i can't wait man... If i didn't made that call, i guess i wouldn't be in at all.. haha.. okay... i'm sorry.. kinda excited.. forgot that you guys will not understand a single shit i'm talk about.. :p

anyway, this is it... Za (the beauty product company?), send mi an invitation newsletter kind of thingy... called Za celebrates Being Beautiful Today! "invite" mi to a "session" of "pampering"..
which includes: FREE Za Spring/Summer makeover, FREE Instant Glamour photo shoot & FREE express manicure..
there was a problem, i have to call the office to reserve a place. but being the "shy-shy", low-confident girl that i am, i didn't make the call until a day later.. of coz, it was met with appology & hurmp.. a sad news that all the 100 places for the 2 sessions are all taken.. wow.. so fast? but anyway, this girl took my name down & says she'll try to check if she could get another session in..

da-ta.. they finally called mi juz now to inform mi that i'm in the new timeslot.. heeha... i'm like so happy... of coz. with so many FREE stuffs, i would wonder if there was any scam of what so ever... but it's Za leh.. how bad could it be?

current worry: not so much about it being a scam... but more about... WHO to bring? gosh.. i can only bring one girl.... ONE!!! erm..almost like everyone is SO busy... no time for mi.. :( i asked 2 person sometime back..

one is (take-mi-for-granted-&-i-still care-alot-for-her),
the other is (drive-mi-crazy-with-her idioticness),
now: one is busy, the other i really dun want to bring her leh..
okok.. i know i sound a little mean.. asked her & den dun want to bring her right? but.. i have a reason one okay... haiz.... i asked her a couple of weeks ago, when i still felt she's MY friend.. den recent days, she gave mi the feeling that she's making use of mi.. oh well.. not only making use of mi.. but erm.. she's going to the extrems.. expects too much from mi also.. haiz.. guess only darling knows best... my situation... hmmm...

so now, i'm in a lost... how?