Monday, June 30, 2008

Kate Gel Eyeliner Vs Canmake Liquid Eyeliner

I always have trouble with eyeliners. Especially the pencil/crayon types. They just refuse to go onto my skin. :(

After reading some reviews on Kate Gel Eyeliner and it's wonderful brush that comes with it, I decide that I want to get it! But, it's out of stock in Singapore. :(

Recently, I found someone selling on the forum at SGD20.00. So I bought one in BK1, but the seller accidentally sent me BK2 instead.

Registered mail and bubble wrapped. :)

Looks kinda small. hahas.

Difference in BK1 and BK2 is that BK1 is plain black but BK2 has glitters.

I have a canmake liquid eyeliner in black (old version) and 1 canmake super glitter liner in black.

The canmake liquid eyeliner is a little too thin or something and the brush is too thick, making it hard to apply and doesn't look good on me. (5/10) Plus, I think it's kinda past it's expiry date! :P

I like the super glitter liner, the brush is tiny thus making application a lot easier, but I find it too "glam" or too "playful" for work. And the glitters are really difficult to clean away. (7/10)

This gel one is good! The gel and brush are really easy to use. I've no trouble putting it on, and it wasn't that hard to take it off too! :) I might get BK1 too.. then I can wear it to work. Hahas..

The Vainfatchick.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

47th Monthiversary

Dear Hubby...

30cm height difference... doesn't matter.
30kg weight difference... doesn't matter.
8 years 2 months and 2 days age difference... doesn't matter.
Tanned and fair skin tone difference... doesn't matter.

All it matters.. Will you please hold my hand for the next many many many more years?


Saturday, June 28, 2008

I am guilty. (Work related Post)

We were supposed to have a company gathering cum farewell party for one of our staffs. However due to some reason, we had to cancel it a few hours before the event.

Almost all the staffs were informed except for one, staff A.
We were going to call her, when something big crop up in the workplace.
I was partly responsible for the crop up.

Did not inform my senior that there will be some items coming to the office and that we do not have enough space for those items. Spent an hour or so settling the issue. I'm felt so guilty for making that mistake.

By the time we're done, it's almost 6 ish. That's when colleague B ask me on msn why we've not inform staff A. So I just told him we were really busy. Which is the truth but I know I should not be forgiven for not calling her in time.

Anyway, what make matters worse is that, since staff B mention that we have not contact staff A, I thought he called her and tell her or something. But he haven call her! and by the time she close shop and got ready to leave for the gathering, he told her that it's cancelled! I understand how frustrated she must have felt. But I really did not know that she didn't know until end of the day. I tried to explain that we were busy.. but I guess it's also my fault lah. So slow. If I call her 1 min earlier. Then settled liao mah. Now I think she's kinda angry at us and I feeling guilty loh. Haiz.. how?

Does anyone know, how should I let the staff A know that I really didn't mean it and I really didn't know she didn't know about it at all? Don't really want her to have the wrong idea you see..


Friday, June 27, 2008

Could uglyfatchick be Xiaxue's BFF?

Uglyfatchick decides to complete the questionnaire and see if she fits the bill to be the BFF (Best Friend Forever) of a Famous Blogger in Singapore.

Name: uglyfatchick
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Occupation: Currently Accounts cum Sales Assistant. (Want to go back to studying full time)
Mobile Number: You give me yours, I give you miss call lah.
Email Address:

1. Why do you want to be my BFF?
I don't know? For fun? Because I want to be famous? muahaha... Because I feel lonely sometimes?

2. If my boyfriend Mike hits on you behind my back, what would you do?
Wow. Tough one. I'll probably like lure him into some secluded island and leave him there. Then I'll come back on my own and behave like nothing's ever happen. He'll never get back and you'll just think that he left you. We'll still be BFF. YEAH!

3. We're heading out to the party of the year. I look god awful in my new dress but somehow I think it rocks. What would you do?
Snap and let you see how you look like on photo. Sometimes, mirror lies you know.

4. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your chio-ness? How would you rate my chio-ness?
My chio-ness? Are you kidding? I have chio-ness?? Maybe -1.
If I give you a rating of 10 it'll sound damn fake lah. Maybe a 7?

5. What are your political views?
I don't like office/school politics. They kinda stink. Makes me damn sad.

6. Are you a smoker or non-smoker?
Non-smoker. But I have bad breath and yellow teeth. :(

7. Which would you choose?
a. Holiday destination: Malaysia Vietnam Thailand! Taiwan!
b. Music: Mandopop
c. Makeup: Body Shop MAC I see, I like, I got money, I buy. No like, No money, No buy.

8. How much would you spend on a casual lunch?
What's casual lunch? My English very poor loh.. My lunch sometimes 3 dollar nia. Got spend more than 10 dollars but not very often loh.

9. What kind of mahjong stakes do you play?
Viwawa EXP.

10. Do you own a This Fashion membership card? If so, what is your membership number?
I don't own a This Fashion membership card, but I do buy quite a number of stuffs from there though.

11. What are your thoughts on the following people:

a. Angelina Jolie: Her lips are scaring me.
b. Paris Hilton: Hot! :P
c. Dawn Yang (the blogger): Don't know much about her. Is she looking for BFF too?
d. Mas Selamat (the fugitive): I don't like his hair. Is he balding or something?
e. SPGs in general: Eh. I still don't get what's the definition of SPGs even after looking it up on wikipedia.

12. Where is Mas Selamat?
Maybe still in Singapore? Maybe he became a monk? Monk normally have a new name and they supposedly live a new life right? I don't know, really.

Attach a photo of yourself! Maximum upload size: 1MB
OMG, I don't have a nice photo of me right now leh.
You want the photo of me with makeup or no makeup one?
Why so troublesome one. haiya..

After answering all these questions hor.
I think I really not suitable to be her BFF lah.
Only thing common between us, is our boyfriends' name is MIKE and we're both not very tall loh.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Should I go get a fringe cut?

With my fringe covering both my eyes and 2/3 of my face.

Covering about 1/3 of my face and half a eye.

Covering about 1/3 of my face and 1 eye.

Normally with "4 eyes", I'm already tripping over stuffs already.
When my hair covers my eyes, I trip more. :(
But then.. maybe I shouldn't get a fringe cut..
I think I look better with 2/3 of my face covered. :P

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I wonder who's the winner of this Huge Kunfu Panda Soft Toy

We're about the same height loh!!!

I just come across this website, and boy do they have pretty unique shoes!

Blowfish Shoes is the hottest trends! They're hot in Europe, Australia, and now, America too! Did you know that the designers for Blowfish Shoes are also designers of famous brand, Esprit?

Blowfish Women's Shoes looks really cool. They have really cute colourful boots, neat casual shoes and really cool sandals!

The combinations of unusual colors and materials with design details, creates a unique look for all of their shoes. I'm not sure about you, but I find that the boots selling in most shops all looks the same. Either in black or brown. At, they have the cutest, most colourful, bold and fun-loving looking boots ever!

It's a pity I don't find any Blowfish Men's Shoes on the website though. Maybe it's not up yet. But I'm pretty sure if there are Blowfish shoes for Men, it'll be ultra cool. :)

If you're looking for something a little special, why not try

This message is bought to you by the nice people at :)

Irritable girlfriends?

Does this imply that all guys who drinks this certain brand of beer have irritable girlfriends???

uglyfatchick's joke of the day:
I was using company's laptop to do some paperwork, until the low batt sign pop up.
I then proceed to plug in the power cable.
But after awhile, the laptop still shutdown.
Do you know why?

Because the blur girl forgot to switch on the power switch!!! *slap forehead*

Can like that park one meh?

This photo was taken 1 month ago near the place I work.
(I work at 2 places, so this is just one of the place.)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Super paiseh.

All because I'm a super blur queen lah!!!

My favourite Bruneian blogger, told me long ago that she's coming over to Sunny Singapore, but the forgetful me forget to note down the dates.. 2 times!!!!

The most recent conversation we had on msn, I actually thought she didn't want to meet up cause she didn't ask for my number.. I was like shy to ask her if she wants to meet up since she's coming here with her friends. and I was like kinda sad loh..

Then I was super busy with work cause one of the staff is leaving.
At the back of my mind, I kept thinking she's coming next week. she's coming next week.
Then today, I went to check her blog, she've came and gone!!!
And the saddest part? She actually wrote an blog entry asking me to contact her and give her my number! argh!!! AM I SLOW/BLUR OR WHAT???


Friday, June 20, 2008

If my blogspot doesn't load...

It's all my fault!
Couldn't fall asleep the past 2 nights, spent a few hours trying to edit this blog's blogskin.

End up making quite a big mess.
Argh. I'm like so lousy lah.

I know there are thousands or maybe even millions of blogskins out there that are so much nicer/prettier/sweeter/cuter/neater then mine. But I'm the crazy sort.

The kind who simply prefer to use her own "trial and error" ugly blogskin.
The kind who's still awake at 4am editing her blog's blogskin.
Please don't tell Defector. He'll spank my fat butt. :p

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wrapping Christmas presents

I tried to pack my room and wrap presents! on Monday..
Yes, My off day is on Monday. Cannot ah?

Open my cupboard, saw this big orange plastic bag.

End up playing with SOME my soft toys. I can name 99% of the people who gave me which soft toy(s). Honestly, I don't know how long more can I keep these soft toys until they become super old and dirty.. :(

Note to all friends, please do not give me soft toys already.. No more room for soft toys le..

After putting away my soft toys, I decide to do some "work".
I've started wrapping Christmas presents!!!

Hubby says I'm crazy. Where got people wrap presents 6 months in advance one???
But I'm very slow one mah. One off day wrap a couple of presents, by the time reach Christmas, should be just right. :p

Now I'm kind of worried by the time it's Christmas, my presents all old and the wrapping paper become yellow liao. *faints*

Tuesday, June 17, 2008's blog reader

Thank you Mon Cherie.

Her simple but very meaningful comment made me very happy.
I was so touched I nearly cried okay!

The past many months, I've been blogging really little because I felt like there's no one reading my blog already. Like I'm so boring that people rather face their notes(study) then to read my blog. As I blog lesser and lesser, I feel like even if uglyfatchick were to dissappear from earth the Internet world, no one will even notice.

Just a simple comment, and I feel "important" again.
I know. Some people say that I'm quite easy to please.
Sometimes, I guess. hahas.

Wrote this entry last night when I couldn't sleep.
Thank you for the comment Mon Cherie. :)

PS: Your display pic so cute leh.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Uglyfatchick at Crunchyland

For the past 50mins or so, I'm addicted to this simple game call Crunchyland.

All you need to do is click attack, defend, attack, defend...
And maybe buy some simple clothes for your simple characteravatar.

This is my avatar. She's less than an hour old as at 16 June 1.45am.

I've got so many things in my mind that I want to do during my off day.
But I'm just plain lazy.
Christina is a lazy girl. :(

Friday, June 13, 2008

I've got my Yebber cheque where's Nuffnang's???

I withdraw-ed my Yebber Dollars a week ago and look what I've got in the mail..

My first Yebber Cheque!

Yebber's like really fast!
I Heart Yebber

Where's my nuffnang cheque???
It's been months already!!! argh..
Since I asked for my cheque, I've no ads on my blog and my cheque takes so long and yet haven reach me.
I send in a ticket, and no one replies me..
They must be too busy with other cute bloggers and don't like me already. :(
*sob sob*

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Laziest blogger award goes to...

I know I know.. I've not blogged for a whole freaking week!!!

Been rather busy at work. Excuses.
Yes, I admit, I AM LAZY, happy now?

No money to shop, so didn't really buy much stuffs.
Oh. Yes, I finally got my own Internet. It's under my name... So from this month on, not only do I have to pay for my own phone bill, transport, food and entertainment, I also have to pay for my own Internet bill!

*sob sob*
I really want to shop leh!! Great Singapore Sale here le, but I no time and money to go shop. sianz right? haiz.. then the other day my colleague told me she already spent like 1.2k (not including purchase of electrical appliances) since GSS started on 23rd May. That's like in less than a month???

It's been about a month since I had a haircut, now my hair looks a bit weird and the hair-ends keep poking and irritating me. argh..

I'm looking for short courses to do. Maybe diplomas or some certifications stuffs. I need to keep moving! I don't want to get stuck here just like that.

I need to move my butt and do some exercise!!
Note To Self: Eating, blogging, sleeping, working, shopping and watching movies, not counted as EXCERSING lah! doh..

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pongs my pings.

Usually I'll have about 5 pongs and 20-30 reads, sometimes, even lesser.
For a recent post on clubbing and nuffnang cheque, I got 43 pongs and 95 reads just for that post!!!

I feel so lousy lah.
Am I that bad a blogger? :(
Am I so boring that no one wants to read anymore? :(

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kenny Rogers Roasters (Great World City) 17 May 2008

Hubby treated me to Kenny Rogers sometime Mid May.
He says they serve good chicken.

The meal we ordered came with 3 side dish (of your choice), half a chicken, a stab of ribs and 2 muffins which they claim to have the best somewhere on one of the boards.

The set doesn't include drinks though.. Out of all the side dish we choosed, I like the coslaw (sorry, I don't know how to spell) the best. It's yummylishes. ;)

The muffins from what hubby said, it's pretty ok. I was too full to have them and when I wanted to have them at home, the ants beat me to it. Boo hoo...

I love the free chocolates. Hubby says it's good chocolate. yum yum.. :)

I guess, I would be back to try the other side dishes!

Very cute lights. :)

Wonders if they bought it or made it themselves. :P

Clubbing = no life meh? and Where's my Nuffnang cheque?

A friend was like commenting that I've no life, cause I'm always clubbing clubbing clubbing.
If we weren't on msn but talking face to face, I would have shouted at him or something lah!

I club a lot meh?
Until now the number of times I've gone into a club can be counted using 1 hand lor.

First time's Kyla's Birthday Party at MOS in Dec'2006.
Second time's at dblO on 13May'2008 Jolyn asked me out.
Third time's dblO's Anniversary Party 2008 and I went because I had invites loh!
Forth and last's is the newurbanmale party at st james, also because I had free tixs loh!!!

I feel sad now lah.
Why everyone think I'm the clubbing sort of girl as if it's a really bad thing? :(

Anyway, I've busted my expense's budget and transport's budget again.
Just got my pay, but allocated a part of it on something I don't need. Let's just hope it's a good buy and if it's really really fun, I'll blog about it!. :)

Talking about money.. I've yet to receive my Nuffnang cheque. :(
I cashed out in March and it's already end of May!