Saturday, September 30, 2006

Remeber sometime in april...
I did a simple "makeover" online?

You don't remember also nevermind lah..

So anyway,
I woke up just now at 11.33am..
I was so bored..

Did this. silly thing. (click to enlarge?)
Cute? lols.

My personal favorite and my original photo..

It's so fun!!! =)

Friday, September 29, 2006

Lift Upgrade? Twins! Hubby Chou! beads and nails.

My lift

It's gonna take about 6 months to complete. :(

This is how it'll look like after the "upgrade" =)

Looks pretty cool. =)
I can't wait for it to be over and done with. Cause they are making so much noise!!!
The workers and the work, not the lift. -.-

I was at my parents shop and decide to take one egg to eat. Guess what I kena?

KAWAII neh. =)


Guess who's on cover again?

My Hubby Chou! =)

What I'm "bz" with..

BEADS. Kinda more expensive than I thought.. but they had a wider range.. =)

My nails. =)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

I Love messages Massages

Almost every week, I give my hubby a back massage using the tiger balm lotion.
In return, I get a full body massage. heh heh.

Foot massage, hands massage, legs massage..
If you haven't had a nice massage, go get one now.
I tell you it's one of the most relaxing thing on earth. =)
Blood flows better and you'll feel more refreshed. =)

Oh, how much I love massages after a work out, after bathe..
hahas. :p

Do you like massages too?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

maple also got problem. -.-

I wanna play maple. but they are having a lot of problem with their network now. -.-

Got tiny problems in my life right now.
I'm still in denial and I'm too lazy to move. -.-
It hurts even more when people push the blames around. I hate to say it, but I do that often too. "pushing blames" also know as Tai-Chi. lols.
What to do.

Aiyo, I'm typing rubbish again.

Proper post later in the afternoon k. Nights.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Thou and Taste?

Thou and taste?

lols. it's Thousand Taste. (Qian Wei)

So what did I do on Monday?
I went out with my beloved hubby to hunt for his box, my dad's birthday present and my bead store at Chinatown. After which, we went to Carls Jr. at PS.
Darling says the burger is the size of my face. It's true. Next time I gonna take photos of it to show you. I got to hold it with both hands and I still make a huge mess.

Blueberry Cheesecake. =)

After eating, we went to arcade to play..
then went to catch a movie.. =)

John Tucker Must Die.

Hot girls and guys.

Things I like about the show:
1) John Tucker. (Jesse Metcalfe)
2) The pretty girls. Carrie(Arielle Kebbel), Heather(Ashanti), Beth(Sophia Bush) & Kate(Brittany Snow)
3) Tucker treats Kate differently like he's really in love with her and even gave her, his watch. It's like so sweet. :p
4) Kate scolds the 3 other girls for wanting revenge. Because their life revoles around Tucker and they just can't let go.
5) How every other revenge plan backfires and yet they were successful in breaking his heart.

Things I don't really like:
1) Somethings just wrong with the plot.
2) Title of show doesn't clicks with the show itself. -.-
3) I also don't know. I didn't cry? lols.

I've got the photo. =)
I know my face is rather fat, but you got to admit, I smile nice. :p

Been taking weird photos of myself...

This is my favourite. The sad series.

Identity crisis

I'm having an Identity crisis.

I don't know who or what am I.
and those of you who's going to say "you're a human being". You can just go click the little cross at the top right hand corner. I'm in no mood to entertain you.

Erik Erikson, the psychologist who coined the term identity crisis, believes that the identity crisis is the most important conflict human beings encounter when they go through eight developmental stages in life. According to Erikson, an identity crisis is a time of intensive analysis and exploration of different ways of looking at oneself.

If you find yourself (again) in an identity crisis, you can look at seven areas of difficulty in which to work towards a resolution.

  • Time Perspective
    Can you distinguish immediate gratification from long-term goals? Have you learnt to balance between jumping at opportunities as soon as they are presented to you and working steadily and patiently towards your long-term goal?

  • Self-Certainty
    Do you feel consistent in your self-image and the image you present to others?

  • Role Experimentation
    Have you tried different roles in search of the one that feels right to you?

  • Anticipation of Achievement
    Do you believe that you will be successful in what you choose to do -- whether your role is at the work front or home front?

  • Sexual Identity
    Do you feel comfortable being a male or a female, and dealing with others as such?

  • Leadership polarization
    Are you able to become both a leader and a follower, whichever is called for in a given situation?

  • Ideological convictions
    Have you found a set of basic social, philosophical, or religious values that your outlook on life can be based upon?

Time to work towards a resolution.
erm.. what's a resolution arh?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

ITE CCC, happiness and grey mode.

ITE College Central Carnival'06

My only memories.

Please remind me to get the original photos from them.

I enjoyed my day at the carnival. Was feeling nervous when I got there. Everything went smoothly except for the banner dropping (another team's banner). I had fun servicing customers, although a couple were a little unreasonable, the rest were great. I love working in carnival, cause I'm too busy to go "shop". hahas. Helps me to save more money you see. With free ice-cream, popcorn for everyone, those who weren't there missed all the fun! I didn't went to get any of the free food cause I dun wanna put on the weight I lost (I ate the free chicken rice though). I feel really happy seeing everyone happy. =) My only complain? The singers ain't very good, there was a guy who sang hubby Chou's song and I nearly cried. Not because touching, but because he sing until like want to die. lols.

oh. and I wanna thank Leng for getting one goodies bag for me. and Wilson getting me the tapes cause I don't have $1 coupon. and MaMa for giving us free erasers, free burger,

Something for my sis. Hope she likes it. Thought I screwed it up quite badly.

The yellow pearl which I kinda regretted buying. -.-

Hee. Holiday mood~

I finally found that mob!!!

grey mode (deleted*)

Friday, September 22, 2006

*updated!* weak -.-

XX blogs about weak women..

Quote "It's only because there are girls who will take such bullshit that guys become such jerks; because they know they can get away with it!"

I believe 2 generations of women created that jerk in every guy you see. That girl and his mum.

Out of the 300++ comments on that post, most people express disgust, that there are jerks like these. Some people pours in with incidents around them, some just blabber on about how stupid these women are and they must look really ugly to have low-self esteem, a huge number of guys saying that they are better than that eric guy. There are also some comments telling people to slap their friends (weak-women) and try to break the couple up.

What I think?
1. The world just haven't decide to come with terms that there are A LOT of jerks around. Just like when you see "crime watch" and you say: "it'll never happen to me."

2. Some of these women are top students, they are not "stupid" lah. oh and some of these women are celebs, those really pretty ones which millonsthousands adores. Low-self esteem can strike anyone. britney

3. Half those guys who claims that their better than that eric are jerks too. Just that they don't realise it. Jerks doesn't see themselves as JERKS, until they die, God send them to hell and satan gives them a label "jerks" ;)

4. You just can't change mindset of these weak women. They "worship" their guys. Why I call them weak is not that they don't see the bad points of these guys. If they can't see, they are blind. It's that they know the guy is bad but still want to stick around hoping that one day he'll be nice. What they call the "girls like bad boys" - "男人不坏女人不爱"

5. I actually couldn't fall asleep last night cause I was thinking of how to deal with my hubby if he betrays my trust. Trying to put myself in that situation I almost cried. -.-

Blogged about my weak girls every now and then..
actually there are more lah, but I lazy go find. hahas.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Happy Birthday, Ms Kit.

For you. =)

What's wrong with blogger?


I'm having a hard time trying to post some photos..
Finally can post 1 by 1. -.-

Not my wedding lah. -.-

I'm supposed to go on behalf of my parents again. If hubby not going oversea, he'll go with me.

I just recieve this by post. I wanna go, but couldn't get an appointment leh. :'(

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

my holidays arh~

so bored one loh.
no job-->no money-->cannot go out-->anti-social-->unhappy
let's see what I have this holidays?

22 Sept - AGM
23 Sept - Carnival!!! (12-6pm) -come support!
26 Sept - Stock Take & Night-sale
29 Sept - Mike Flying
4th October - Results out.
7th October - Wedding dinner to attend
8th October - Dad's Birthday
15th October - Holiday end.
I think I miss a couple of things out. Will update again when I remember loh.

Now listening to Samantha Mumba's Gotta Tell You album
I know it's an old album lah.
Track 7 : Always Come Back To Your Love

"Show me where I belong tonight.
Give me a reason to stay.
No matter if I
go left or right.
I always come back to love your love"

Old song. but so applicable. hahas.
No matter where I go, I always go back to my hubby. =)

I don't know when I become AA (aunt agony) but I'm just responding to some questions people ask me.

Friend 1: I just got dumped and am suffering from bad heartache. You don't understand how I feel cause you have a loving boyfriend/hubby.
Respond: okie, my bad. If you think I wouldn't understand and have never been dumped, stop whining to me!

Friend 2: I'm being mistreated by my lousy but handsome boyfriend. He's sometimes sweet to me but most of the time he makes me angry. *Sigh* Why you always get the good guys and I always get all the good-looking jerks? My life is so fucked up, teach me how to get the nice guys leh.
Respond: I didn't ALWAYS get the "nice guys". The "bad guys" have no interest in me. I'm not pretty enough for them.

Friend 3: My boyfriend lives off me, cheats on me, hits me, just wanna have sex and his parents hate me. If I have his baby, he will settle down with me right? right?
Respond: How the fuck should I know?

I'm actually a rather nice girl. *smiles pleasantly*.
But when you pissed me off. I'm still nice lah. :p

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

tons of pictures for today..

I like the ending. Max & Jamie got married. =)

Some months ago, I bought Full Blast and found the characters in the story familiar. Recently found 3 books from the library and realised that I read Full tilt when I was younger. lols. Such a coincidence.

So I was in school today for the co-op stuff.

I was kinda early and decide to be crazy and went "snap snap snap"

Can play tic tac toe!

See this school up on the hill... eh? wrong song. :p


The Lift.

Anyway, while getting present for a friend,
I saw a lot of things I like loh. End up overspend again. I cannot buy gifts for friends le lah. always end up with so much things. -.-

My earrring from 77th street.

Nice? it's blue. =)

The other thing which I hesitated to buy but still bought it's..

ZA Wonder Shaper for Face.

I wanna have a slimmer face lah.

REDUCE PUFFINESS! That's what I need!

IF this doesn't work I don't know what will. :'(

$23.90's a huge bomb to me. really.

Maybe it's the heart pain, but I thought my face did slimmed. lols. just a tiny winy bit.

If you do see me on the street let me know what you think? hahas.

Monday, September 18, 2006

another family day.

Went to eat at ABC market (food-centre) again.

Dad loves the Taiwan porridge.

We like it too.

but today, it's either that the standard dropped or we had too many curry puff in the evening.. I ate really little. half spoonfull maybe?
-not my bowl.
The porridge is like rice with water! I hate it. Many hawkers selling rice and porridge, when they are too busy and have not enough time to cook porridge, they add water to their rice, it makes people full faster too. and I hate hate hate hate it.

I prefer soft rice, soft noddles, soft porridge. It's easier to swallow.

so, I had no mood to eat. Dad's been pissing me off also. For nothing. I also don't know why I'm pissed with him. I drank a huge glass of Avocado milkshake. -no one in my family likes it. -.-
They prefer ice kachang & green apple!!!

Been trying damn hard to lose a little bit of weight. but nothings working. Maybe I should really make use of this holidays and do some running.. or maybe not. The weather hasn't been all nice you know. Keep raining and raining.

Washing point. =)
I like.. looks like some fountain lols.

You know hubby Chou's Qi Li Xiang?
I saw a stall with the name Qian Li Xiang.
Mummy says it means from many miles away people can smell the nice food.

They had (man at work in refuse chute), so we can't dispose our refuse the normal way (throwing down the chute, you idiots), so they provide us with vvv (black dustbins)

PS: They just removed it. =) We can use the rubbish chute again!!! =)