Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy Children's Day to all the kids in the world.

Happy Children's Day to me!
I believe there's a child in everyone. So make someone feel young and happy, wish them Happy Children's Day!

Happy Children's Day to you too! :)

I need more vitamins and whatever minerals.
Feeling angry with my poor health.

Down with this sore throat that's bloody irritating.
Couldn't go running because Defector insist that exercising with sore throat would cause lung infection or something like that.

BAH. Now I'm having headache.
and it's Children's Day! My brothers can sleep till the sun brunt their butts and I have to go work!

I hate to go work whenever I fall sick. Feeling really tired now.. *yawnz*

What did uglyfatchick buy at Cheers?

I've been thinking of getting it since secondary school days..
I'm suprised and happy at the same time that I could find it in a place like cheers.
It's gonna keep me entertained for a while.. =)

Yes. this is it. :)

Friday, September 28, 2007

I didn't cheat your money

I feel a kinda guilty that I'm using my blog to earn money.
but what else can I do?
When you see many sponsored post within a week, it really means : "I've overspent and need money to "cover" my over-spending."

Most people don't believe me when I say I'm actually earning money thru my blog.
not to mention the more I try to explain, the less they believe me. *am I that unbelieveable?*

Many people doubt me whenever I say I've drawn money out from my paypal.

Drawing out my third SGD200.00. -I think I can smell the money!!

If I draw out less than SGD200 they would charge me $1, so I always wait till I've SGD200 in there, then I draw out. :)

Sometimes people tried to set up their own blog and try to make money. but when they fail or couldn't make as much as I do, they accuse me of lying.

so please people. DO NOT click on the "review my blog" button to get an instant $7.50 oppotunity. Because I hate it when people do that and say that I "cheat their money".

payperpost, blogsvertise are free to join, so how did I cheat your money??

argh. what's wrong with these people?

21.1km in 1hr30mins? crazy!

I received an email regarding, registration confirmation for the Marathon in December.

When I first saw the email, I got a shock!

When did I agree to run 21.1km???

Scrolling down, I notice that at the payment acknowledgement part, they state that I'm running the 10km-women.

so I relax.. thinking it's some typo maybe.. guess what?

I just receive another email an hour ago..

Same heading..

and they state that I'm participating the 21.1km half marathon!!!

Defector knew that I wrote the estimated timing for me to finish the 10km as 1hr 30mins *cross my fingers*. Now given the same timing, they expect me to finish a 21.1km run???

I'm in love with collage-ing.

Can you tell the difference between ...


and this?

I've gone crazy.
I'm in love with collage-ing. can you tell why?
more collages coming up... *winks*

Thursday, September 27, 2007

ZL September 07

It's been a long time since I last post collage of my Zi Lian photos.

I should do this more often.
So my readers will not forget me. *acts cute*

By the way, I cut my own fringe this time round so it's kinda weird looking lah.
Finally bought the batteries for my eyelash curler, (4 energizer AAA batteries cost $6.10! *faints* If only I weren't in a rush to get them.. *sighs*

Let's hope I'll look good enough for the camera tomorrow. *flash silly smile*

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Super Duper Early Birthday

For my favourite Bruneian blogger..

you know who you are..

I know I'm very very early this year, but it's just to make up to the super late birthday present last year. :P

Anyway, last year's Christmas present went missing in-mail, so hor, I really hope you'll receive this one.. Let me know when you receive it k? =)

*update* you informed me even before I got the chance to post this. :P
Hope you like it.. =)


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I cannot stand this!!!

This is madness.

What are those "care-givers" thinking???
It's these kind of stupid people who creates perverts, bad people, serial killers.

I doubt the kid would ever grow up normal.

One of my fears of having my own child, it's that my child would be bullied in school/life. Not that I get bullied very very often, but sometimes people don't notice that they've just hurt someone really badly. (physically or emotionally)

Monday, September 24, 2007

How to get my readers to come back?

I think I've been a bitch.
I post a quite a few sponsored post and now my readers have gone MIA. :(
No one leave comments anymore.
Heck, nobody even want to visit :(

Maybe I should..
post photos of hot girls?
or comment on sensitive issues?
or spend money to advertise
or post lots of act cute photos of uglyfatchick?

Can anyone tell me how to get my readers back?
Then again. maybe I never really had many readers in the first place. :(

Sunday, September 23, 2007

晴天娃娃 (with Chicky's translation below)

门外的桂花香 飘进我的书桌前
我知道该起床 妈再给我两分钟
拉开了窗帘 怎麼是下雨天
把吐司咬碎碎 餵我的狗叫MIKAI
哥哥说你猜猜 今天为什麼下雨

我讨厌下雨天 亲爱的你快出现
不然我 就告诉妈咪你偷牵我的手
我喜欢夏天 你穿背心的感觉
每天 都想念 都很甜

I smell flowers from the outside at my study table.
I know I have to wake up, Mum, please give me 2mins.
Undrawn the curtains, why is today a raining day?

Chew my toast to feed my dog name MIKAI.
My brother ask me to guess why it's raining today.
It's because MIKAI ate the fair-weather day doll.

I hate rainy days, my darling please quickly appear.
If not I'll tell mummy that you secretly held my hand.
I love summer, the feeling of you wearing singlet.
Everyday, I miss it, and it's still sweet.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My first sports bra.

Remember, I had an entry asking you all if I should sign up with ITE for the 10km Standard Chartered Marathon run, 2nd Dec 2007?

I informed ITE about 2-3days late that I wanna join them.
They accepted my "entry".
I guess either they are really nice and kind, or really desperate.

I paid up, and got the receipt. =)

I know of people who paid $50 for the run, I only pay $5 leh. :P

Anyway, it's been more than a month since I signed up and I've not started training yet!

Defector is very worried that I wouldn't be able to take the 10km if I don't start now, so he took me out to run.

I have the urge to go shopping.
but I've already got my running shoes and socks sometime in January.
I've got FBT shorts a long long time ago.
and I'm just gonna wear any t-shirt I can find.
What else do I need?

arh~ I know le...

I dragged Defector out to buy my very first sports bra.

I bought this NIKE one. and I kinda regret it..

It's so expensive!!!


After buying I saw a Reebok one selling at $35 only leh! :(
My pocket!!! *sobbing*

We went to the gym near his place, and I ran/walked for about 4km.
Today, my leg muscle pain... :(

Now I'm wondering when's my next "training".. :p

The Titanic and the Huge Blue Bird.

Defector is sadistic26, uglyfatchick is uglyfatchick...

Defector and uglyfatchick, kissing in pubic!
quick, take a photo and send it to stomp!!

Behind the scene, practise-ing our lines...

Defector cries in this scene.

Scene 55 Take 1, NG! -wrong expression.

Scene 59, Take 1, NG! - Wrong lines.

Scene 59, Take 2, NG! - Wrong lines.

Too many NGs!!

In this scene, uglyfatchick expresses her love.

Behind the scene, Defector playing with his "weapon".

In this scene, uglyfatchick laughs at Defector's silliness.

Happy little couple. -close up

In this scene, uglyfatchick and Defector is on a huge blue bird.

Happy little couple.

The clouds are really fluffy and nice. =)

This scene, Defector and uglyfatchick got off the huge blue bird.

Behind the scenes, Defector caught taking naps. Stand-sleeping!

Someone got to donate money to me. No more funds to continue production of The Titanic and the Huge Blue Bird. :(

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Trip planner.

I'm terrible at planning. Things would always either end too early or too late.
Or everything just have to go wrong every time I plan.

If I could, I would rather leave the planning to other people. But I really don't trust other people when it comes to trip planning. Which is why I don't like tour groups and stuffs.

I like my trips to be free and easy, but hate it if it's too boring or purpose-less.
My heart wants to visit interesting places, but my mind just can't quit worrying.

Those great people at created a wonderful tool that can help me to plan. What's even greater it's that it's FREE! Free trip planner!!!

Now I can start planning for my perfect trip with their FREE Trip Planner and create a trip plan with personalized itineraries, maps and guides!

If you're like me, and need help with trip planning, you should give Trip Planner a try too. Anyway it's free, what's there to lose?

This post is sponsored. (Lighting)

Do you know that home lighting is one of the most important thing in your house?

While you paint your walls and decorate with all your favourite furniture, according to the theme of your choice. Then suddenly you realise, that you've got really ugly looking lamps or the light fixtures you used to have doesn't suit your room at all.

You wouldn't want that now, do you?

Anyway, I came across this site call In their online store, there are thousands of unique light fixtures for you to choose from! so hot right?

They have really lots of lighting manufacturers, thus they have the largest selection available online! You can choose to search for the lights by style or brand or use their search feature to "save time" and find the lights (of your dreams) for your office/restaurant/bedroom!

Do you know what I like?
I like their Chandeliers. Who says chandeliers must be super huge and heavy with "crystals"? They have really nice and neat chandeliers too! =)

This post has been sponsored.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Travel blog?

I've never really seen travel blogs.
Maybe they aren't really that popular with people from my age group. (I'm still young! alright!)

I've seen food blogs, which always makes me hungry and irritated.
I've also seen movie blogs, which is just like movie reviews that's on the net instead of on the newspaper.
I've seen many personal blogs that blogs about everything in their life, which sometimes includes traveling to other countries and stuffs. Are they counted as travel blogs too?

What's your view on travel blog?
To me, as long as it's blogged with real experience and not just some stories made about your "fairytale" dream getaway I think it's fine.

What about you? What do you think of travel blog?
Do you think some looks fake? Too hard for you to believe in? or looks just like an "walking" advertisement? (Bedroom furniture)

Bedroom furniture is really important to me.

Normal people spend at least 8 hours in their bedroom. Not all 8hours are spent on sleeping though. For me, I spend many hours, surfing the net, choosing what clothes to wear and of cause, having my beauty sleep! So a cozy and comfortable bedroom is a must for me!

It's not easy to get good kid bedroom furniture, so when I find a site that has many different types of bedroom furniture. I am really pleased.

I like child bedroom furniture and king beds most.

Their huge range of bedroom furniture gives me lots of ideas on how I could decorate my own kid's room. That's if I have them some day. I'll make sure they'll have a nice and cozy bedroom.

The secret is out.

Yes, after the long wait, it's finally out.

Catch the secret in VCD, DVD and own the best soundtrack of the year now!

I manage to get the soundtrack that's the same as the peeps at Taiwan have.

Even if you don't like Jay's voice, you'll still fall in love with his piano playing skill.
no doubt. He makes me wanna learn piano too. argh...

Listening to the songs/music makes me miss the show even more.
So, I've bought the VCD, Defector got the DVD. We're going to watch it over again and again. :P

By the way, if you haven't catch it on screen yet, quickly get the VCD/DVD now!
If you're lucky like us, you might get the poster too!
The DVD gets you the postcards and the VCD gets you a cute coaster. *melts*

Chicky melts the Internet, Jay melts Chicky, Jay melts the Internet. ;) (Dining Room)

Are you looking for Dining Furniture?
Have no idea on where to shop for Dining Room Furniture that suits your home?

Maybe you want something more, something smarter than those normal looking dining room furniture.. Maybe you need Formal Dining Room Furniture?

Or you dream of furnishing you dining room with counter height dining table?

I like the fact that they actually have many different designs for me to choose from, however I feel that the photos are kinda small, making it hard for me to choose properly.

Monday, September 17, 2007

working woes..

Just 1X blurry photo. I thought my hair looks pretty good. :)

Not in the mood to edit photos and blog.
Had a bad day at work.
don't ask. don't wanna start whining. really.

Will just grit my teeth, cross my fingers and hope for the best.
Everybody 加油!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I took 100 photos today.

I'm tired but I'm pretty happy.
Always happy to meet up with friends. =)

Will post those photos when I have the time to re-size them. I hate it when I have a few hundred photos left untouched in my comp. I'm too lazy and my comp is really really slow lah.
Alright. enough whining.

Just wanna briefly thank everyone who was there (by chance or invited).
You girls (& guys) made my day, wonderful.
Would love to have another meet up during your next break maybe. :)
I wanna prepare food, eat food, play mj, drink soju and get high from not enough rest. :P

Parting has never been easy for me. I thank you all for the time spent, the jokes shared & the memories craved. Thank you, and may we gather for more fun soon. ;)

I'll be missing you (all)..

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I'm so excited that I slept only at 3 and woke up at 6something.
Now I'm rushing out. Blog when i'm back.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Interesting fact discovered by Ah Lian.

One day, Ah Lian (Girlfriend) was talking to Ah Beng (Boyfriend).
Here's their conversation..

Ah Lian: Darling, you know hor, "SONY" is shorter than "ENERGIZER" leh.

Ah Beng: Of Cause lah! You think only you know ABC ah? I also know.
"SONY" only 4 words, "ENERGIZER" got 9 words leh.
(He actually meant alphabets)

*Ah Lian smacks Ah Beng on his head*

Ah Lian: No lah, see there.

*Ah Lian points to bed*

Ah Beng: Why are they doing on your bed?

Ah Lian: Comparing who longer loh.

*Ah Beng moves closer*

Ah Beng: Wah your eye very sharp leh!

This is what he saw...


*Go get your own batteries and put them on the table. you'll see the difference.
It's quite huge really. =)

What to put in the kitchen?

How about Aluminum Cabinets?
Would you put aluminum cabinets in your kitchen?

I would think, I just might!

Let's work this out..
If I were to use those plastic type of cabinet to store away those pots and pans. Would it catch fire? Melt in my hot kitchen? Would those oil and dirt, stick to my plastic cabinet?
*imagine the smell of burning plastic* eeew...

If I decide to fix wooden cabinets in my kitchen. Would termites love my cabinet so much that they decide to build their house right in my kitchen? Will moisture in the air cause my cabinet to rot? *imagine termites in my kitchen* eeew....

If I use other type of metal cabinets. Will it rust? I hate rust, they make everything looks so old and used and dirty. I do not want a dirty-looking kitchen!

People are starting to choose aluminum cabinets because they don't rust and they look great!
If I could, I just might put's aluminum cabinet line in my kitchen.

I would definitely choose a nice shade of pink but they only have white, black and red.
White looks posh but I'm afraid that it'll get dirty.

Anyway, to me, the most important feature in the kitchen are the cabinets. why?
If they are placed too high up, I can't reach. If there are no cabinets, I wouldn't know where to keep my pots and pans and canned food!!! What would a kitchen be like without cabinets?

This post has been sponsored by .

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Schedule book from Taiwan.

Defector's sister went Taiwan and she got this for me!

*watery eyes*
I'm so touched..
She remembers me!
Really got heart (有心) !

Not sure if she reads my blog, but I still want to say:

Dates from August 2007 to December 2008.
I like the pictures.. really cute! =)

and I thought it's just like an normal diary sort of thing. but it's not ok!
It has many many interesting items in it.

The normal stuffs are year, month, day schedules, notes, class schedules, address book..

The interesting stuffs..
Chinese calender.
Maps (North, Central, South, East-West)
Trains timetable! (YES, timings for the trains! Which has the whole list of stations and where it'll go, what time it'll reach kinda thing.)
Kaohsiung lines route map, Taipei subway map..
Recipes! *drools*
Health tips!
Daily: things not-to-do tips.
Special day remembrance notes. (this one's really special don't know how to explain..)

Everything in 1 small book.
arh.. I'm so blessed..
*goes to sleep with smile*

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ever thought of going to Las Vegas? So where do you get the information of Las Vegas from?

While it's easy to find places of interest of Las Vegas online, we can't be really sure if there are any site that is reliable when it comes to accommodations.

Introducing to you a one stop travel guide for all travellers. You can even check out hotels information of Las Vegas.

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Auto Approved!

Do you have this too?

Now I don't have to wait to get approval! =)

Hotel Reservations (dot) Com

Wants to go oversea during the holidays?
Need to reserve hotel for a vacation with your family and friends?

With internet in most household, paying for stuffs online becomes a daily thing. Currently there are even sites that allows us to book hotel rooms online!

Let me introduce to you a really cool and efficient Hotel Reservation site. allows their users to make Hotel Reservation at up to 70% off!

What's makes it better than most reservation sites is that includes car rental, flight rental, vacation reservations and vacation package reservation too! This makes it a 1 stop reservation center for everyone to explore. What's more, they also promises their users, perks and huge discount!

Before that money problem came into my life, I had plans to travel to Taiwan at the end of the year. However, now with the problem, I can only hope that we'll get a chance to visit Taiwan 2 years later. Anyway, going through the Taiwan hotels listed in and find that its really cheaper than most of the sites.

So for Cheap Hotels, you may try!

How about bookings for vacation packages? has 4 different free-n-easy packages for people who wanted to arrange for their own tour in places like Hawaii, Major US cities and London!

These 4 package are:
Flight & Hotel,
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Flight & Car,
Hotel & Car.

What does these mean?
It simply meant that it caters for all different types of tourists!
Whether you are going on a backpack travel, or on an after duty tour, or even a normal tour.

If you are to travel to London, how would all 4 mode caters to your needs?
If you want to explore London on London’s public transport, Flight + hotel would be enough for you.
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If you are staying in Europe or within London, Hotel + car caters specially to you!

With all these packages, you don't pay extra for things you might not need! Which means you'll be saving more!

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New badge.

Notice this new badge at the side of my blog?

Don't know why but I realise my blog totally disappeared from their web, so I had to re-submit my blog again. This time I submitted my blog under Singapore Girls.

Ranking 51 sounds good. but I'm actually number 51 out of 51. -.-
Will you vote for me? Pretty please?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Likes Sweepstake? Cash prize?

Introducing this supper fun and user-friendly site. It's a text based reverse-auction game. Where the bigger with the lowest unique bid will win the prize!

So in short, this site gives you the item you want to win, when your bid is the lowest unique bid!

Everyone loves Free gifts
What makes it even more interesting is that the bids are just like a representation which means they are used just to determine the winner of the prize! So if you win a prize, it is absolutely free! They are even willing to pay for the shipping!!!

There are many prizes, which range from, Apple I-Phone’s, HDTV’s, Designer Bags, to Cash Prizes! And there are new winners everyday. :)

The sad truth is.. it's not available in Singapore yet! :(

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I am so dumb.

I spent 15mins editing a post then I accidentally "decline" a USD10 task while trying to accept it. -.- ARHHHH!!!!!!!!!! My money... My money.. :'(

Now I have to find another task to "heal" my heart pain. :(

Monday, September 3, 2007

My heart still beri pain.

Have you done something stupid when you're young and it came back to haunt you after 10years?

I really thought I could just forget it and live my life as per normal. but I couldn't.
Everytime I think I it, I have many many many restless nights. Even with defector next to me, sometimes I can't sleep at all.

I always believe that truth will be out but this time I really hope the truth wouldn't be out.
This time, I just want to brainwash everyone.

I have a scary past. Whenever I get reminder by it, I just want to run away. I'm very afraid.
Maybe one day, I would just kill myself because my heart is simply beri beri pain. :(

Hans @ Harbour Front Centre

I've blogged on Hans at Far East Plaza, Hans at Bukit Merah.. now, I'm blogging on Hans @ Harbour Front Centre. These pictures says it all. Really.