Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy Birthday to Chris Lin Guo En.

Kor.. I realise I don't have you pic at all. -.-
I know I wished you thru sms le, but I'm wishing you here again..


Burger King @ vivocity

**this post is written thru my own personal experience on 28 April 2007. Different people have different taste, therefore what didn't taste good to me might taste great to you. :)

I don't like this burger! :( unlike the one at CJ.

Remember the huge & yummy onion rings?

The one at burger king is this tiny and taste nothing close to yummy.

Darling's coke. The only item that's not un-yummy.

The barley drink that tasted like medicine to me. This is how much I left. :P

The fries were so-so too. These are what's leftover...
I know I wasted food. I feel very guilty. but I just cannot make my mouth, throat and mind go through this kind of torture. In order not to waste more food, I shall try to avoid Burger Kings from now on...

Sunday, April 29, 2007

2004 uglyfatchick

Okie. I've compiled some of the photos.
made it into a short 2 mins clip.

Click on play,
then click on pause,
then wait for it to load.
When it finish loading, then click play again. =)

Friday, April 27, 2007

I'm still thinking if I should..

post my old photos..

They all look so silly.. -.-
2004, 2005, 2006.. Especially 2004!!!

2004, I this computer that I'm using now.
I also got my first camera phone around June. Nokia 6600.
That's when I started taking lots of photos of myself. A lot of them have been destroyed by me. but I still have some left lah..

I want to show you all, but at the same time don't know what will your reactions be like.. so I ask you all first lah..

Would you like to see my old photos?
(not those baby ones ah..)

uglyfatchick tries new stuffs.

I like the purple and pink combination. =)

I made the following gif image using some "free-to-try" program.
When I get a new desktop/laptop, I must get some good image editing programs. :)

some old and new photos..
*P.S., it only "animates" once =)

P.S.S.: My lyrics blog's 100th post.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

More Singaporean blogs.

Not long ago, I linked
She is Singapore's old senior citizen actress. =p

Now even Director Jack Neo Blogs!

Check out blogger at, you'll find..

Singapore in the top cities

and second top in Regions! (almost top leh!)

Today's post more random and messy...

Anyway, I still cannot get a job. It's end of the month already and I desperately need to have something to do. I'm tempted to study private full-time or part-time. I'm worried about whether I can cope and the money. $4000. If I don't do well, wasted right? :(

Blog Apocalypse - My Last Post

Meaning of apocalypse: The end of life on earth or all.

If the blogosphere is ending. No more blogs. No more (Gasp!)
Blog apocalypse. Nothing is wrong, I just can’t write anymore and this will be my very last post!

For the past 2-3 years, I blog for many different reasons.
Sometimes I wanna share my joys.
Sometimes I pour out my worries and/or unhappiness.
Sometimes I just enjoy telling the "world" about me and more meeme.
Sometimes I wanna show off.
Sometimes I wanna complain.
Sometimes I want people to understand ME.
Sometimes I just want more attention.

I, I, I, Me, Me, Me.

You've had enough isn't it?
enough of coming here to see me talk about me.
enough of coming here and hear me complain about everyone else except me.
enough of seeing how much I complain about my fats and ugly face yet still post so many photos of myself.
enough of my stupid blogskin that's as messy as my hair.
enough of my stubbornness.
enough of me thinking about me, myself and never others.
even have enough of the I, ME, MY, MYSELF that I used so damn often.

You want to tell me that I'm a lousy blogger.
You want to tell me that I should be more understanding.
You want to tell me, I should be more caring.
You want to tell me that complaining about friends and family doesn't make me a good friend/person.
You want to tell me, I'm trying too hard to get attention.
You even want to tell me, I must be stupid not to realise that the only reason why no one comment on my blog is because my blog is as boring as watching clock tick.

I know you probably dream about telling me to stop blogging all together so not to waste the cyberspace's space. Today your dream come true!

This is my last post and I just want to say that I'm not sorry for writing about me, crapping my lame "copy-from-somewhere-jokes", posing my cutest photos, blogging with my poor command of language and attitude problem.

You think I don't care about others, so let me show you that I care for you just this once by not writing anymore. Remember that I'll stop updating this site and it's because of you!


Don't be.
The above post is a tag I got from Nonnie.
Since it's for charity, I asked for it. literally.

I blog in "pretendance" that I will not be able to blog anymore.

If you're interested to know more about this tag, read here.
Started by: urbanmonk.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Submitting items on Yahoo Auctions = tiring.

The steps...
1) "dig" out all the items you want to sell.
2) take nice photo of all the items. (no blurry photos please..)
3) Upload all onto my computer, then edit all the photos. (eg when it's too dark or too bright or needs to rotate)
4) find the right category to sell your item...
5) upload photos one by one. Max 3, total 3MB.
6) type in the title of your item
7) describe the item, as clearly and carefully as you can.
8) think of what starting price to put and type it in (too expensive, no one buys. too cheap, lugi loh..)
9) If not sure of the price, check if other people are selling the same item.
10) Adjust length of auctions (mins 2days, max 10days)
11) Select the sales/ Shipping policies.
12) Put down the shipping price.
13) If item is too bulky, let people know that you do meet ups at step 7, right after you describe your item.
14) Put in the start time and closing time of auction
15) Adjust the min bidder rating (none, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
16) Check the Auto Extension and Allow Early Close boxes.
17) Adjust the Auto Resubmit (0 times to 5 times)
18) Click Continue button.
19) Check photo and description properly in the preview page.
20) If every thing's alright, click Submit Auction button.

for the rest of the items,
repeat steps 4-20 until all the items has been submitted. =)

*at any point of time when the service is suddenly and temporary unavailable (which is quite often, esp when uploading photos and when submitting)... I just have to redo for that item.

money issue.

There was once, I was so broke that I sold all my Jay Chou albums and stuffs. Collecting them was super hard work.. but I sell them off, because I was too broke. So un-fan like right? I know. But being someone practical, I just cannot let those stuffs stay in my room and let myself stay hungry. I remember I spent a lot of time & money hunting down Jay's first album. (I was a late Jay-fan bloomer.) and I just sold them off because I'm broke.

Now (a few years later), I've hit the stage that I'm tempted to sell away my current Jay Chou collections.
I want money! pure hard cash.. so that I can go out with friends (provided that they have the time for me), buy things I like (I love shopping. :P) and also start some form of saving... no money how to save?

My current collection is a lot bigger than the previous collection. There are many limited edition stuffs that I got from contests and some even bought by my darling. You know, I also 心痛 if I have to sell them away also.. but now I feel broke, wait a min.. I am broke..

The past 6weeks have been spent, bumping around in the house doing nothing except playing maple, eating, sleeping and searching for jobs...

The boss for the full time job in Sentosa also never contact me.. although he says he'll contact me by end of the month.. but I really don't have a good feeling about it.. I don't think he'll call me and in the need I'll have to find another job.. so might as well start looking for another one now..

I hope to get a good job. Somewhere near my house, so that I don't have to pay too much for transport. Most jobs are fine except F&B. I can't handle food/ or hungry customer. BLEAH :P
I think 'm not gonna play maple tonight, will start digging out those stuffs I don't use/wear often and sell them away on yahoo auctions.. Maybe even my Jay Chou collection.. (actually I don't feel that heart pain ever since da dong came along... hee.. :D)

I know my readers don't like wordy post..
but my life now really like super boring leh..
like no friends like that..
even boyfriend also super busy.
work work work, study study study, no time for me. :(

talking about friends..
you know when you get a new phone number and tell your friends not to give other people and when one of them did, how would do you feel? What will you do?

Monday, April 23, 2007


"unhappy" things happen to me one after another.. just when I thought nothing could make me feel worse...

My shoe strap broke lah! =(

but look on the bright side..
at least it broke just before I had to walk from Queensway shopping center to ABC market. Most shops are closed for the day already but my mum still manage to get me a pair of slippers at $8. But the slippers kinda ugly lah. maybe post the photo next time bah..

*I've been having tummyaches and my tummy is XL liao lah!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

MOS anyone?

$380 nett
2 bottles of housepour spirits,
1 bottle of chimpanzee Champagne,
12 Sex On The Beach Shooters
Free entry for 8 friends on the day.
Free to choose from any day 2 weeks before to 2 weeks after, and area for the table.

Sounds tempting isn't it?
but if I were to book a table would anyone come?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

honest opinion...

Honestly. which one is nicer?

Friday, April 20, 2007

headache ah..

Don't know if it's due to the silly weather.. I'm having a really bad headache. Argh!

Took panadol but it doesn't seem to work. :(

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Forward emails.

Somehow I've been getting less of those emails.. Maybe no one forwards them anymore..

Do you guys secretly likes to read forward mails too.
I don't mean everytime.. maybe when you're bored at home/at work and have nothing else better to do?

I secretly love reading some.. Those touching stories and funny jokes.. but when you keep getting the same stuffs it gets boring. Anyway, since I've so much time, I'll start posting my "collections" on =)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Contact solutions and Japanese knee high socks.

I bought/recieved some new stuffs yesterday..

Bought new contact lens solution from watson.
trying them out. =)

no one ever told me that this kind of prints makes me look fat. =(

but it's rather cute though. :P
*just recieved my online purchase. this pair of socks cost me $7.
yeah. I'm broke. which means I'm stucked at home for the rest of the week..

so what ya think of my socks? *giggles*

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

*reduced price* 1GB SanDisk miniSD

Brand New 1 GB SanDisk mini SD
Retails at $28. (5 Years limited Warranty, Mini SD adaptor included)
Willing to let go at around $25.

*Sony M2 and Nokia N73 sold~

Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to LEE LENG!!!

No money to buy presents. so I went online to find these cute gif pics to send you nor.. but realised the file too big, cannot send thru phone, so I put here loh. =p Enjoy~


Sunday, April 15, 2007

movie movie food food..

Darling came over on Sunday (yesterday). He's going someplace for about 10days, I'll miss him loads. I already am missing him.. Anyway, we stayed home to watch VCD and eat KFC (home delivery).

心想事成 It's A Wonderful Life

After he went home to pack, I watch ICE AGE 2 with my brothers.. =)

Saw these yesterday at 7-11. At $5 it's kinda ex lah! The poster is so small but I really like the notebook though.. really cute. =) I saw this Wu Zhun's like pictorial book and wanted to buy for Sha Xiao Mei one.. but no money liao..

Play maple until 4-5am, I'm so hungry, so eat leftovers loh...

Got mashed potato!

and coleslaw! =)

So no one manage to guess it eh?

Pearl powder! Mummy says eat already, good for skin/face. but I can tell you.. it's not working! :P

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Finally here..

Letter from Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Even though I knew what's in it, I still felt disappointed.

All the up and downs and the stress I'm going thru, I don't know what words to use.
and even if I could, I wouldn't say it here. Because of this certain issue, I had rather bad mood swings. Everyone, even my mum got nagged at, by me.

Since I've received the first rejection letter, I still have 1 more letter to wait for.
I didn't tell you guys about it..
I've sent my appeal letter thru email to NP.
And on Wednesday, my parents forced me to ask the MP (my area) to write letter for me. So now I have to wait for the MP's news. The MP's assistant told me they will write to the office. So if any other school have place, I might get accepted. -.-
I know.. more waitings.. haiz...

Something to keep myself happy. A FREE DRAGON tattoo. I got it at Great World City after watching "WILD HOG" with Mike.

Wild Hog is great! damn funny! John T is still hot. lols. We didn't catch much of the trailer and bought the tickets because SHOOTER is at 6pm! so late lah. so we watch Wild Hogs loh.. hahas. no regrets. =)
Don't know if it's due to my mood, the fish I had today doesn't taste good at all..
uglyfatcat says.. When a cat is sad, even good fish can taste bad.

yeah.. that's all I wanna say for now..
by the way, why no one try guessing yesterday's photo?
I so sad can.. haiz..
you all want to know the answer?

Thursday, April 12, 2007


My maple characters as at:

(12 April 07) Lvl 56, Lvl 38, Lvl 34.
(3 April 07)

My tomato plant. hee..

yum yum.. =)

Don't I look cute with 2 pony tail? wahahaha~

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Actions - feels like I'm..

It's no secret that I'm turning 19 this May.
but to tell you truthfully, I have no idea how I'm supposed to behave/act/feel.

Lets see..
Actions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Feel like I'm..
Camwhore like teenage girls ^^. ---------------------------------------- 13-17 years old
Updating friendster ---------------------------------------------------------- 13-17 years old
Crazy over young cute idols (eg.
Jiro Wang Dong Cheng). ----- 13-17 years old
Reading magazine for teenages ---------------------------------------- 13-17 years old
Sleeping past midnight ----------------------------------------------------- 13-17 years old
Blogging at for > 2 years --------------- 13-17 years old
Playing Maplestory ----------------------------------------------------------- 13-17 years old
Shopping for cutesy stuffs -------------------------------------------------- 13-17 years old
Putting make up --------------------------------------------------------------- 17-21 years old
Having a
27 years old boyfriend ------------------------------------------ 17-23 years old
Worrying for my future -------------------------------------------------------- 19-25 years old
Looking for a job --------------------------------------------------------------- 21-25 years old
Joining magazine contests ------------------------------------------------- 25-30 years old
Wanting to buy
tupperware/storage boxes. ---------------------------- 30-40 years old!
Worrying for my brothers' future ------------------------------------------- 35-45 years old!!!

Monday, April 9, 2007

AGLOCO Singapore


don't go poly, go work bah.

I felt cheated in a way. but I also know it's my fault for not putting in enough effort in the first place.

I really wish all these didn't happen. I really wished I didn't have to regret. I thought I did well enough already. I thought they were never wrong.
But I'm wrong.
They didn't knew this was going to happen. I believed what they say, and I thought I could make it. In the end I felt foolish thinking I could do it. Disappointed? yes. very indeed.

I really felt like crying... I knew I shouldn't have gone with them.. I foresee it coming.. I knew I couldn't take it. I had to "ren" all my tears. I reach home, I still have to "ren". It's really painful you know. The Taxi uncle was right.. I didn't study hard enough in secondary school. that's why I'm stuck now. I deserve it.

I'll look for a job.
Without any fighting spirit left, I wonder how am I supposed to move on..
feeling puke-ish*

Sunday, April 8, 2007

hoyu hair color Apricot Mocha

Bought this on Friday at Bukit Merah's Watson.

Apricot Mocha $9.90.

You know I've waited so long for the holidays to come.. so today, I finally got my hair DIY dyed. Actually my darling did it for me.

I don't know why.. but no matter how many times I dyed my hair, the colour always doesn't come out. ='( This time at least can see a bit brownish. hopefully it'll last.. haiz..
oh and I want to thank my darling for being so patient with me..

Bought this at PK Computers at Vivocity for $8.90. Don't' freak out.. but honestly, my keyboard hasn't been cleaned for years. *pukes*