Friday, August 31, 2007

uglyfatchick in her favourite "pajamas"

Takes me lots of courage to post this up you know.
So promise me you wouldn't say anything hurtful.

Most comfy sleeping attire in my wardrobe. no longer lags!

YES I finally "solved" the lagging problem!
It used to lag my comp so much that whenever I "open" my blog, I can't touch my comp for at least 5mins. It's madness I tell you. At first no one complained, so I thought it's just my blog and my comp.

I tried to post less photos but it didn't work. I tried to reduce the number of post shown on the main page, it didn't work. Even the permalink page also lagging. Something muct be wrong and I'm determined to find out.

Then when Defector complained about the lag, I thought I had too much ads at the side.
But when Defector had those ads too, his site wasn't laggy. Then, I knew.. I must find the source!

I suspected 1 item from my list of stuffs and I remove it this morning. Since I removed it, my blog is back to how it used to be again! I'm a super happy chick! =) is "born-ed" again. =)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Can't hold it anymore..

I really hope my boss doesn't read my blog, cause if she sees this, I'm so dead!
I know I shouldn't blog it out but I can't hold it any longer.

Working makes me fat!!!

I've gained weight and I've a double chin, and I think I'm so fat that I caused my school skirt to split!

I've been eating non-stop since I moved into the new office. I took lots of photos of what I eat and then I stopped because I simply eat too much!! Everyday, I spend at least 2hours of my pay on lunch and snacks. I feel so crazy. Cause I spend all my money on cabs and food, I have no money left for me to save! don't even have to say buy things for myself. :(

Then on weekends I spend my poor hubby's money, now he has "overspent" too much. I feel so guilty. but what to do, I just can't stop munching. I think I'm stressed! how? how?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First time watching movie at Vivo GV.

Those who knows where I stay, ask me about the GV at Vivo. Not that I stay next to it or anything. but I can take a short bus ride there lah. And since their opening last year, I didn't have any chance to visit the cinema yet leh..

Until last Friday..
Defector and I went to catch Ratatouille!

The movie is pretty alright to me. Some touching parts, some funny parts. And yes as usual, Defector fell asleep.

The main reason to why I don't like to write movie reviews, it's because I've watched great shows people gave 2 out of 5 stars and I've also watched lousy shows that people gave 4 out of 5 stars. Therefore, let's say different people have different taste..

By the way,
Ratatouille = vege stew
so pls dun silly silly tell ppl that's the name of the rat or something. -.-

This post was written on Saturday night-Sunday morning (0100:260807) but I didn't had the photos in my comp yet, which is why this post is late. :P

Why am I blogging in the middle of the night?
That's because I just finished watching The Break Up. The ending's just not what I would expect and I'm glad I watched it alone.

I urge everyone NOT to watch it. It's boring!!! but still, nothing is stopping me from crying from the start till the end. I thought it'll be a sweet romantic movie but end up it's just a "reality check" show. It puts truth in your face and those who can't handle the truth would walk out feeling it's a stupid show. honest.

Side note, I watched The Bourne Ultimatum with Defector sometime back, quite like the show, so I rented the first movie: The Bourne Identity. I prefer The Bourne Ultimatum, but Matt Damon looks really cute in the first movie leh. :P

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Alive Blog Directory?

There are so many blog directory out there, it's hard to tell which one we can trust.

Have you heard of Alive Blog Directory?

Alive Blog Directory is built on the main, Alive Directory resource.
Alive Directory resource is established and trusted by many, thus making their blog directory, something we can trust and use.

Visit and you'll realise next to the neat layout, they also offer a huge selection of blog categories!

There are deep link submission options and also the standard and featured listings.
Standard and Featured listings are available with yearly and permanent submission options.

They are pretty flexible with their payment methods, if you don't have visa, they accept paypal too! =) If I am doing an international business I will consider submitting my site!

This post has been sponsored. =)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Defector's buddy.

Defector's quite affected by his buddy's fall.

I'm not really close to that guy but seeing how affected Defector is, I feel really sad too.
Knowing that he cried, I felt like crying too.
I'm still in shock that a young life is lost just like that.

When I got to know that his buddy died I thought it's the other guy who had heart attack while running and is still in the hospital. When I know it's a different guy I really didn't know how to feel.

I like running and I plan to run in a marathon end of the year. not much probably only 10KM.
Anyway that's not the point. The point is, I've never thought running could be dangerous, minus running next to moving traffic, small tiny paves and slippery paves.

Life is so fragile. I'm so worried I would just go off without telling those whom I love, that I love them. So if you're reading this..

tell my parent I really love them. No matter how bad a child I've been, how many times I argue with my dad over different point of views, how much they fight, I still love them.

tell my brothers that I love them all the same.

tell my friends, my readers, my ex-classmates, my ex-schoolmates, my Kor, my sisters, my workmates, I really appreciate their presence.

tell my boyfriend, defector, that without me nagging at him, he must live well and take good care of himself. He's such a baby sometimes. Tell him not to miss me too much when I'm gone but do remember the sweet sweet me once in a while. I Love him.

This moment, I just want to hug my baobei and tell him, if one day I have to go, please cry for me. Just for 1 day, cry all you want, but after that day please be brave and I want you not to cry ever again.

*hugs with tears*

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hans at Far East Plaza

Need new heels for work. Spoilt my mum's :P

So Defector and I was out, shoe hunting last Saturday.
Went to 3 malls, at least 10 shoe shops and tried a good 30 pairs of shoes.
Nothing fits! :(

I was so upset, defector thought I was going to cry.
So he treats me to dinner.

Since we're at FEP we decided to "re-fuel" at Hans Far East Plaza.

So here goes my review..

Service staff: What services? Pushing/dragging the chairs, gives customers "black face" aka the attitude look. If they were some kids maybe I could understand but they are aunties that looks like they are going to scold us if we were to ask her anything at all.
Service staffs looks very unwilling to serve: 3/10

Food: If they serve food as good as Hans at Bukit Merah, I could try to bare with their "I-hate-you-don't-you-dare-come-near-me" look. But from the menu, I ordered a couple of items, all of them were either "sold out" or they "don't have". (eg congee, mango smoothie, wholemeal bread for my ham sandwich.)

I end up having strawberry smoothie and a plain bread ham sandwich.

My food is pretty average to me but Defector seems to enjoy his beef noodle a lot. Maybe I did order the "wrong food".
People has different taste buds, maybe I'm a little more picky. So 7/10 since Defector likes his noodle.

Overall: I cannot stand the air-con, I think it's spoilt. One moment it's too cold, the next it's so freaking warm! and the place is so messy and quite poorly lit too.
Room for improvement. 6/10.

Mint Card

Online shopping is such a headache.. When I don't have THE CARD.
If you don't shop online often, you'll not understand my pain and ask, what's THE CARD?

I feel so bad whenever I wanna get something online, I had to get someone to pay for me using their card first and then I pay them back. Makes me feel so "poor" whenever I need to beg or please someone just to use their card.

In case you don't know by now, I'm talking about Credit Card.

I was looking for the best credit card deal around. So yesterday while I was doing my usual surfing, I came to know about Mint Card.

So what does Mint offers?
Low interest credit card!
24 hour MINT Customer Service!
Up to 56 day interest-free period on purchases!
With no annual fee!
Plus it has a special and unique mc2 card design!

It's such an heartache to know it's not in Singapore. :(
FYI, this post has been sponsored.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

My previous post had like 98pongs on!

1 sentence, 2 photos.
Am I worth it?

I love taking photos. but I got to admit, I'm a lousy photographer and a super lazy blogger.
Currently 320 photos are waiting for me to edit/delete/post.

I feel so bad.
My comp is so slow.
and I am as slow as my comp -kept getting distracted! I'm a failure when it comes to multi-tasking. :(

Here are some really random photos.

Bunny. or is it a Cat? Cost Chicky $7.90!!! So expensive lah!


If there weren't so many mosquitoes, I think it's the best place for my brothers to study.

Spidey spidey, what cha' doing?

Yesh! Chicky finally am a graduate! woots~

See the green building? It's very interesting. =)

Anyone tried this before? I meant the drink not the girl lah!!!

All the kids hates me. -bleah

Chicky and Defector. (Taken 1 month ago)

Bear meets Chicky.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Interested in meeting some goth singles? and go for some goth dating?

Are you into goth?
Do you often feel that it is too hard to get to meet other goth singles?
Have you ever thought of "seeking-love" online but find all other dating community the same, boring and hard to find anyone interesting?

I think is just for you!, is here to bring gothic singles together in a totally free atmosphere. You can Email other members, IM, or even add them to your blackbook.

My first impression when I saw their homepage was, WOW.
The profiles shown on Fresh New Profile looks really cool. From the photos to the button for you to "send a flirt" to someone whom you think is just your type.

Now you can meet many hot girls/guys who have interests in the gothic lifestyle!
So why wait? Join them and let match you with other members. ;)

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Have you watched SECRET yet?

I've watched twice in cinema already! What are you waiting for?

So this is the overdue post on the secret tea dance held at St James powerhouse's Dragonfly. Yes, I get to see Jay Chou for the 3rd time. =)

1) After his concert, in the van at Geylang area?
2) Red carpet & gala premiere for Initial D at Lido?
3) Tea Dance at Dragonfly!

Those who followed my twitter would know that I was late because I went back to school to take my cert, and then last min decide to go see if I can "catch a glimpse of him.

I must be super lucky, cause he was even later than I am!

Because I was late, I was standing all the way at the back.

and I hate myself because I only have a lousy camera phone.

Even though I'm almost all the way at the back, I still could see many many many glimpses of Jay. In fact I can only see Jay's face from where I'm standing. All the while he was just standing there looking at all of us. I thought I melted. Anyways, I am a happy chick. It's a pity I didn't get to play game with him or get that special phone call from him or get the poster with their signatures. But what to do. It's already good enough that I get to see Jay again.

I had 2 passes and I only gave 1 to them so that I can keep 1 for memory sake. and also the free drink pass. I just can't bare to exchange for a drink no matter how thirsty I was.

makes me wanna get a tattoo.. =)

Anyway those who haven watch Secret. must make time to go catch it.
If you've watched and there's anything that you don't understand, ask me.
I'll try my best to explain. =)

and yes I don't mind going to catch it again. If you don't wanna go alone, has no one to go with, you can ask me. =)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

DK on someone's pants.

I spotted DK on someone's pants!

Somemore it's in the MRT!

I rubbed my eyes and even pinched my face to check if I was dreaming..
but it's really DK leh!!!

I almost wanted to go confront the man. But then I lag the balls and end up just taking a photo using my handphone camera, and then hide away in the crowd..

Don't' believe me?


Saturday, August 11, 2007

I need to organize!

Haven really done anything today. grrr...
Supposed to edit yesterday's photos and then blog. but I'm lazy the computer is kinda laggy and my internet's a little crazy.

I don't know what have I been doing. Wasting my time away, when I could be working on my blog or do some roomwork (I'm in-charge of my room) or update my yahoo auctions.

Ok first I'll have to go brush teeth, eat something and then start doing what I can/have to do.

brb, soon.

I need a calender, something my workplace has.
I think it's called microsoft outlook or something? :P

Friday, August 10, 2007

How to make more sales.

If you're doing a biz, and you have your own stall or shop.
Either than capital, product/services, the place itself, there's one other thing you will need!

It's not much use putting up advertisement if you don't have it.

It's a sign. Why do you need a sign?
It helps to bring customers in. If you put up advertisements but a customer just can't find your shop due to poor location or there are simply too many shops around aren't you losing an opportunity? How many opportunity do you want to lose?

Let me introduce a great site to you. can help you create many different kinds of signs for your different needs. They let you customize many kinds of signs, including Yard Signs, magnetic, and real estate signs. It's easy to order and you can even upload your own creative design!

They just came out with cool magnetic signs which are customizable, for your car!
Yes, now you can advertise through your car too!

This post has been sponsored.

大男人小女孩 (with Chicky's translation below)

The lyrics is quite simple and it's actually talking about a common problem in most BGR. I like it.

不是我的错 我们都听过
完美的时候 要更多
吵架时又说 的太多

只想和你一 样沉默
不想当那罗罗 嗦嗦

也许大男人 真的很难忍
少了点风度 还是不承认
有时候错的并不知道错了 不想借口 只是直接 一点说
有时候女孩 没那么小孩
心里的无奈 只需要点关怀

"It's not my fault", We've all heard this before .
When it's perfect, we want more.
When we fight, we argue too much.

Sometimes, I just want to be quiet like you.
Don't want to be the naggy naggy one.
Like a (angry)fire that no water can extinguish.

Maybe it's really difficult to bare with (your) male chauvinism.
You'll never admit when you're not gentleman enough.
Sometimes when you are in the wrong, and you don't even know it.
You don't even think of an excuse, and your "truthfulness" hurts me.

Sometimes the little girl (me) is not that immature.
Her heart is confused and all she needs is a little bit of "care".
Regrets that even being cared for, feels like it has become a task you're forced to do.

How can we start over?

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I spend quite a lot of time on the Internet. I make new friends, check out pretty girls (who says girls can't check out other girls?), chat with friends, blog, read other people's blog and even earn some money online.

Sometimes what I currently have is not enough and I'm constantly finding good stuffs to read/see online. When I do find good stuffs I share them with my friends through my blog. And sometimes you read boring post on my blog because I've failed to find any interesting sites/photos/articles to blog about.

Just moments ago, I found a site that has a pretty cute name.
It's called

What's in this site is even cuter than it's name.
It's a site where I can go, to read/find interesting news, websites and other links that's personalized to my unique and special individual taste.

Yes, I love personalized news.

How many times have you been to one of those website which has a compilation of blogs or interesting websites and you find more than half of them totally not what you like? Or you feel that you're paying money to buy newspaper to read boring news?

Then you must check out this website! is pretty cool because you can let them know if you like or dislike a story and you can also improve the story! cool right? All you need to do is to press "edit" and viola, you can edit the story! I also like the function that allows me to send interesting articles/links to my friends. I'm so loving it.

Plus, they have just added a ThoofRank Badge and I think it's pretty neat.

Alright I got to stop rambling so much. Remember to check out

I really hope ITE can break MINDEF's record!

About 1 week ago, ITE's Graduate Affairs Dept sent me an email..

*click^^ to enlarge*

I'm currently super tempted to join. but if I do, I'll need lots of encouragement.
Replying them in 3days. If you think I should, please leave a comment "I support Chicky" or "I support ITE" if not, just say something discouraging like "you're too fat to even walk 5km", or "you can't even do 1km", or "you don't go and disgrace ITE lah".

Thanks in advance for your encourage/discouragement. =)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I've got a facebook account..

yes, I'm so outdated. but whatever lah. I spend the whole morning uploading the photos into my account. I'm so happy seeing those photos lah.. I miss my friends. so so so so so much... Sha Xiao Mei, I just realised I have so so so so many photos of you. lols.

I suddenly have the urge to play computer games. I don't know why. but my itchy hands go and delete maplestory and now I can't download it because my Internet connection sucks. and it'll take 2days to download loh.. I'm feeling crappy because I'm supposed to go running today but I'm slacking away at home doing up my facebook acount. -.-

OMG it's 12pm already.

By the way, those who have facebook must add me ok? search for uglyfatchick.
I'm the only uglyfatchick. =)

Ten Tips For A Great Cut!

I should find a printer and get this out. It'll help me loads when it's time for a haircut..

Monday, August 6, 2007

Where can I find cheap and good dentist?

My teeth/gum hurts so bad that I cry to sleep almost every other night.
It's giving me bad headaches.

I need a good dentist who's good at dealing cowards like me. yes. I hate injections and I struggle a lot whenever I see the needle. I know it's bad but I can't help it.

so can anyone help me? :(

Saturday, August 4, 2007 gathering at Ms Clarity Cafe (28/07/07)

Guess most of you have already blogged or read other pingers post on the gathering at Ms Clarity Cafe. Anyway, here's my 1-week-late post. :p

With 20 people at the gathering, I really didn't want to go. I put my name under tentitive list after a long consideration. And that big bully put our name under the confirmed list beacuse he made me promise to go if he goes. -.-
(If you look at that forum post carefully you'll know who I'm talking about.)

So I was on my way out, when I recieved a call on my handphone.
It's mummy. She asked me to settle some house stuffs before I go out. That made me late for the meeting.

I took a cab down to Bugis. The uncle doesn't know where's Purvis street, so I made him drop me at bugis shopping centre. Decide to walk to Ms Clarity Cafe even though I'm not very sure where it is. All I know is that it's near THE Library, so I walk towards the library.

Walk walk walk...

Ah ha! Found the library!

Walk walk walk somemore..

North Bridge Road.

and here I am at PURVIS St!

Now looking for the place.. heard it's pink, shouldn't be difficult to find it in places like this..

Ta-da~ Miss Clarity Cafe.

OMG it's really really pink! and look that those hearts!!! So pretty!!!

When I walked in, I see a huge group of people. All talking amoung themselves.
Regconised ChillyCraps, Arzhou, nannywen, sheylara and I just grab a chair and sat down.
What? It's empty and I don't wanna stand for too long you know..

Only when I see more familar faces eg (DK, Daphne) then I changed seats. :P
Moved from 1 end of the table to another end. hees.

Then DK decide to move away and let me sit next to Snowbiscuits because it's near the center.

I just sat there, looking at the menu over and over, not knowing what should I order. Had a lime juice ($1.00). Wanted to have lunch but when I saw the dry fried chicky on Daphne's plate. I dont' think I wanna try it.

Sat there listening to all of their talks. Almost everyone of them is either..
a) In University
b) Graduate from University

Felt super "loser-ish". I'm not even in poly lor!!!

With everyone talking about their school stuffs, I suddenly felt like I'm from another world. Like an alien. Since I have nothing much to say, I stick to drinking water.
After a few glasses, I had to visit the washroom.

Toilet there>>>

Outside the washroom. They put the mirror so high up I can't even see my face. :(

The mirror inside the toilet also! *pout-lips*

So we hang around for a while more before Daphne decides to call for the bill, we all paid our shares and we had to go.

Took their business card before leaving.

With most of them leaving for other stuffs, the rest of us had to find another place to chill.

Rinaz (with her brother) "dropped by". together with Arzhou, DK, Ridz, Snowbiscuits and Uzyn, we head down to Shaw ???
To watch <>.
But they don't show it there. -.-'''

oops. blurry view of the building.

What's this place call again?

So we settle down at some coffee place, I ordered a muffin and a drink. With food, I'm a happy chick once again. The problem with drinks, they make me visit the toilet so many times lah.

At one time, I saw this sign near the basin/sink.

The funny thing is, I thought we're supposed to throw used toilet papers into the toilet bowl and flush them away? Weird..

Not sure what happened but suddenly Rinaz and Dk were flashing at each other.
With their camera/camera phone of cause.

Then filming everyone comes a hot thing and well, I took my phone out and video them too. hahas.

Ntt arrived at around 6-ish and we decide to go ZamZam to eat.

I like the prata-thing with meat inside. But have to wait to get a table though.
After the nice food, the guys went to get their caffeine fix.
Uglyfatchick no likes coffee, so she goes home. =)

I'm sorry that I'm lazy and didn't list everyone out. Don't angry k.. :P

Some interesting stuffs people said to me.
Mr Y : I thought you were XX. You look like her (minus all the photoshop).
Mr Z : You sat at the other end, and I thought someone brought along his/her daughter.

Maybe I should change my style a little. Then my blog will become NSFW!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Super Overdue Post: Dinner at Hajah Maimunah on 9 July 2007

Those who read about the dinner from forum, here's my post.
Yes, like finally. :P

After seeing the people from at The Party, I've decided that I want to meet up with them again..

The chance came when Rinaz asked us out for dinner! =)

My first time at Hajah Maimunah.

Look, yummy food!!! Maybe I was a little shy or maybe it's too dark, or maybe there's too much spicy food, I don't remember eating much that night. :p

Look, it's the happy people from! =)

argh... I'm hungry already. :(

Rinaz was the first to leave because she had to rush for her lessons.
Poor girl, she was so tired that she dropped her vespa (and frightened me.)
The rest went to her rescue while I sat at the tables not knowing what I can do.

After Rinaz left, and CJ finished his dinner (he was busy serving everyone), we decide to go somewhere to waste time talk cock chill. We walked round and round before settling for Blue Jazz cafe (Is that the name? I forget already. :p).

Surprisingly the drinks are not that expensive. I had mango smoothie ($2.50 for quite a big glass) and it's nice. I like it. =)

(DK the big bully, Arzhou the baker, CJ, Uglyfatchick, Daphne, Sylvia, Nicole & Hendri.)

CJ thought I am from other country but I'm a true Singapore auntie leh. How can he not know? lols the famous uglyfatchick wor. :P Then again, I've Malaysian blood, my mum was Malaysian, rumour has it that if my mum didn't manage to marry my dad, I could have been born a Malaysian. ah-ha. So I am a could-have-been. *laughs to self* :P

Because these pretty photos are taken by others, I decide to "watermark" the pictures with instead of =)

Alright I got to rush off. I'm late for work le!!!
I'll try to blog about the gathering at miss clarity soon.
*hugs everyone*