Tuesday, March 29, 2005

no job:hibrenate

yes! i've finally decide on what to do...

Before i put up my plan, let mi explain.. Yesterday, i found a job as a telemarketer with my friend.. today i suppose to go with her to the place for training (aka the first day of work). I woke up early, dressed up, & went out veri early. den suddenly she sent mi a message to tell mi she's not going.. I was like *stunned* for a moment. i did so much (esp the borrowing of clothes), walked so far & she says she's not going? just like that? okay.. i was quite pissed.. den she asked mi to go her house.. i was in a state of pissiness (if there is ever such a word). called my bf whine & complained abt ppl's work attitudes AT the bus stop. after that.. decided to go home. had to rest... after such "shocked".. okay.. that's this morning.. oh.. & i had to explain to moi mother why i didn't "go for work"..

so i had my rest at home.. & rot a little.. oh.. and i looked everywhere online for a temp job. & now.. i've come to a few decisions.

(1) - i hibernate till school starts (sleep, eat, shit only)
[no shopping, no studying, no movies, no church, no fish, no computer, no $$$]

(2) - i continue to look for jobs on my own, get pissed that i only have 2 months left.
[office-scared get bullied, sales-timming no good, factory- scared get bullied + ...]

(3) - i start studying & study only.
[no $$$..]

(4) - i stay at home the next 2 months, do the things i want to do at my own speed. Good?
[no shopping, no $$$..]

uh huh.. so you know what i've choosen? make a guess? haha.. you'll get to know soon.. :)

so yup.. today's a longy blog.. also because i'm so FREE.. yupz.. today is also a veri veri special day.. It's mi & mike's 8th monthniversary. I've changed the background song just for you my darling.. To let you know.. i cherish all the advise you gave & all the care you gave & all the love you gave.. you gave, gave & gave. & all i could say it's i love you.. eh.. this sounds mushy.. but yeah.. I LOVE YOU.. *muackz*.. :p

Taurus with Pisces
This usually is a very happy combination. Sentimental Pisces will find great comfort in sympathetic Taurus. Neptune who is the ruler of Pisces, is the higher octave of Venus, who in turn, rules Taurus. Pisces being romantic, imaginative, impressionable and flexible, is just what the Taurus native is looking for.
These two can share a great deal of their appreciation for beauty, art, sensuality and just about any of the finer things in life. Pisces is easily clouded by emotion but can be brought to reality by taurus' down to earth nature. Taurus can be helped to dream by the piscean personality. Lots of good stuff, but watch the emotions..

Sunday, March 27, 2005

bad day

Yesterday's quite bad. It rained! i can't believe. I can't run for nuts when it rains.. believe it or not.. my legs would give up on mi & i wouldn't even be able to move. sounds toot? i duno.. my weakness i guess..
Crossing the traffic, i felt things dropping, turned ard to see what dropped, i lost balance.. fell & injured my legs particurly my knees.. didn't really care. had to pick up whatever i dropped, ran after them. knees were bleeding. ouch.
The searching for the plastic wrapped paper in the sand was crazy. i was like mad. with my still bleeding knee, i knelt in the wet dirty sand. the only good thing was it stopped bleeding.. but now i kinda regret. (i'll leave that to later..)
My bf was like saying that the organisers aren't veri good at it. it rained & we still carry on playing? it's like so ultra dangerous. oh well.. what to do.. i didnt let anyone know that i can't run for nuts when i'm in the rain. & my "grandma feet" will make mi cry.. I'm a weakling when it comes to water.. that's why i can never learn how to swim properly.. humrp.. okok yupz..

so what am i doing now? i'm suffering from a bad painful feet (hate gradma feet) & my right knee is quite swallon.. uh huh, so moving ard is a torture now. from experince, this would take mi like a couple of weeks to get better.. yes i know.. (shut up).. okok.. so? i'm sick, on bed most of the time, came off the bed to check my emails.. hoping to get good news.. & typing away on my blog hoping my knee heals faster & leaves no ugly scar. uh huh. ok. i'm going back to rest. i need it. my legs are almost useless now.. so it might be better that we didn't get in.. uh huh..

Princess couldn't sit, lie, stand. she's feeling so hurt.. slowly moving to a conner to rest the day away..
Sad is an understated word to use now.. Heart-broken doesn't really suits either. Depress is too strond a word. only thing to say? take care little girl..

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

last year father's day special

Yeah.. after the big hoohaa abt the posting.. a couple of friends went to appel.. to go jc, to go poly.. everyone's so busy.. mi? I'm quite happy with where i'm heading towards.. Bishan ITE (it's the end) not! haha.. Darling's cousin is studying there.. so i'll have a friend there at least.. someone one term my senior.. :p she's same age as mi.. okok.. that's not my point.. my point is.. since i'm in ite, I should have a little more time for my O's.. yupiez..

some "friends" didn't get great results.. well.. mine ain't any better.. They choose to go Shatec or however you spell/pronouce it. Well, i asked what is Shatec & got enlightened by a couple of people that it's something like a private sch offering Dip & Degs... however they advised, ITE is alot better than Shatec. although they have Diplomas & Degrees.. their Degrees ain't even worth a poly Dip. yupz.. & by now my ant brain has almost overload.. :p

okok.. so i was looking through this book & i found a some notes i took down.. it's about regrets.. (last year's father's day special)
regrets= bitter. miserable.
(1) To avoid a life of regrets,we must appreciate what we have.
(2) To avoid a life of regrets, we must accept what we have.
Serenity (peace) of Acceptance. }} PRAY
(3) To avoid a life of regrets, we must use/invest what we have.
He'll take away what we dun use.

Matthew 25:14 (The Parable of the Talents)

*yawnz* Princess is getting a little drownsy from trying to input infor into her bird brain.. ZZzz..

Monday, March 21, 2005


somehow i'm starting to become lazy to blog again.. I do have things to say.. hmm.. okay.. for example..
Amazing East is here. i can't wait to start the race.. however, remembering that it's in the east, i'm starting to feel a little scared.. I'm not veri good at the east side.. always get lost there.. & also this time, our team only have Trina, Debrina, Stephaine, Zi Hao, Jasmine & me.. okok.. sounds alot? nah.. We're the dark house.. probablitly of not getting in the 2nd leg is quite huge.. but we will try our best.. oh.. yah.. we still have one more space, anyone interested can contact me by tuesday (tml). but you must be free for the next 4 saturdays...

erm. what else? overspending again loh.. haiz..also duno what i spend on.. the last time i checked, i spent most on transport, food & online shopping.. most on Food & Transport!! yaya.. okok.. now i've come to a point that i'm considering not retaking the O's.. if i get into a poly that is.. if i'm going ite, i'll maybe redo.. i really duno.. abt $380 for 5 subjs is too much for mi to handle.. mayb i'll take just 4 subj.. but $350 dollars is still quite a lumpy some loh.. haiz... pray loh.. haiz.. if not i dun go dentist le..

I've been seeing veri little of darling.. but i'm okay with it.. because at the end of the week, when we meet up, we're 2 happy animals.. :) He's going to Japan.. & i'm worried.. there's like so many earthquakes there... recently they reported 70++ earthquakes in a month.. or somethng like that.. man.. i dun like it.. even if it's in a few years, it's still too much..

wow.. blogged so much today.. kk.. i need to go over to the post office to post an item.. See yah...
Princess rolled off the page, jumps into her clothes & prepare to fly to the post office.. :) *grins*

[2] to understanding day

Friday, March 18, 2005


tata.. princess back here to update.. yups yups.. lots of things have happened recently.. okay, i mean this week.. and i think i did all i should do.. tried to help my friend. tried to appologise to someone. but now everything is good. i guess. only the stupid java for the registration for O levels doesn't seems to work..
I'm feeling veri tired.. so many things that i did.. keep on shopping.. overspent again.. yuck. i kinda hate it. money keep comming out from my bank.. i'm afraid one day, i'll spend everything..
I have so much on my mind.. & now.. i'm thinking.. that i'm going to get a notebook if i'm going to poly.. i'll give up my comp to my brother for them to fight over.. and get a laptop. but where do i get the money.. man.. this is hard work.. if i can get that 2 times a week job, i will apply for it. & do it. yes.. if.. man.. i kinda starting to hate the word if.. okok.. i got so much to blog but duno what can i write here.. :
I have a great week out with my friends. and suddenly i got to know more interesting stuffs.. God is great! :)

Princess bounced off to have a slip of water before going to bed.. :)

[6/5] to understanding day

Sunday, March 13, 2005

$ woes..

money woes.. yup.. hate to say this.. but i'm actually faced with this evil.. Money (is the root of some evil).. so hard to earn, so easy to spend.. not that i'm totally broke. I'm not totally broke yet.. but if my life moves like that , i'll be broke even before my bday.. Thank God i dun have to pay my own hp bills.. if not i'll probably die by now.. hmm.. i guess that's one of the little things that keep mi from being broke.. uh huh, uh huh.. kk gtg.. need to relax a little at the "comfort" of my "home".. pimples are popping out at a non-stop crazy rate.. & hell does it hurts.. :( hate periods & pimples..

princess bouncing off to get rid of those ugly looking things on her face..
[10] - to understanding day

Thursday, March 10, 2005

forgive & trust is different

Yesterday's message was quite clear.. i was late, but He still makes sure that i caught that last part... forgiveness.. (forgive & trust are different things), forgive is on the spot but trust is rebulid overtime.. (or something like that lah).. so i guess that's what's happening.. I've forgived someone, but i'm not sure if she would forgive mi.. but if she want to be friends.. we would have to rebulid that trust again..
Recently i'm feeling a little disturbed. or rather a little uncomfortable.. i saw that girl again.. I felt like saying sorry to her.. but i didn't have the courage to.. I'm so scared she'll laugh in my face or what.. I knew her results.. not bad as compared to mine.. but she failed 1 or 2 subj.. & i didn't like her hair suddenly.. somehow it look funny.. but anyway.. i'm feeling like a big busybody. mayb i should just let things stay as it is. but somehting is tugging at my heart & making mi feel so bad.. my heart is really not at peace.. anyone who is reading this, i hope you'll give mi some advise.. i'm really at a lost.. not knowing what i am supposed to do.. yupz. i guess that's all bah.. i duno if she've changed everything..

little princess becomes a cat & wants to eat fish fish..

retaking o level

I'm going to retake my o levels. this year. subjects not comfirmed as i'm still not sure which school i'm entering (poly/ite). if i'm entering poly, den i would take less sub, if i'm entering ite, i can take four subj loh..
I was wondering what can i do with my results.. so i tried to get "advise" from ppl ard mi.. many responded with "u should retake". a couple (of them) says i should concentrate on my studies in poly/ite.. honestly.. i really have no idea what i should do.. i was like praying so hard for God to give mi the wisdom & show mi the best route for mi.. I know He has a plan for mi.. so i guess i'm not worried even if i do get the early childhood course.. yup yup.. so now.. erm.. i guess eh.. i'm going to start to clear up my room so that i can study comfortably for my o's next week.. :)

Monday, March 7, 2005

back to church.. yeah..

i was back at church last friday.. late again as usual, veri rushy day.. not many saw mi in the kimono.. :p wondering what i'm talking abt? it's J-Culture... a church event.. Everyone is so spotting.. everyone's dressed up like dolls.. and i mean Japanese dolls.. like pastor says.. more Jap den Japs.. :) yup yup..

Princess is so happy.. she's floating away in her kimono.. *dreamland*

Tuesday, March 1, 2005


yup yup.. i've made my choice.. to tell you honestly, my grades sucked.. no one in RMPS group would believe.. now everone's going JCs & Polys.. & I"m wonder if ite would even accept mi?
At first i couldn't take the hit.. the fact that everything was all C6 was like crazy.. where was my As & Bs? where did everything go? i was so worried ite wouldn't even want mi.. i cried once i got out of that darn school.. but after a few phone calls & some comforting yet assuring words by my friends & darling.. i realise i can actually go ite after all.. after i went home.. the JAE/JIS thingy was the place to go..
Realising i still can get into poly, i felt so much better & i made moi 12 choises.. it wasn't difficult.. but some choises were there just for the sake of being there.. hehe.. if i really kena it hor.. den must be God's plan liao.. :) I'm not ready for anythng.. my little heart & little mind is still in the confused mood.. :p
Anyway.. i wanna use this chance to thank everyone who make mi realise that having an all C6 is not that bad after all.. at least it's the first time in my whole Secondary school life that i passed every single subject. haha.. and my chinese was my strongest with B4!! this result slip totally doesn't reflects my normal self.. but my bf was suprised by the fact that without studying much, i can get a all pass.. oh.. not to mention, i skipped sections!! in sereval papers, including SS/LIT, GEO, Sci (phy/chem). overall although i felt that this result wasn't fair, i could only blame myself for being lazy & i know God will always have a plan for me. :) & i will/must prove that I'm worthy for it.

Little princess is going to go shopping again.. :) *grins* [not much $$$ left]
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