Monday, September 29, 2008

Dear all, I've downgraded my phone. Please..

I've sacrificed my favourite SE phone to my eldest younger brother.
Please do not send me mms, ringtone, photo and/or ask me to take photos using my phone.
Tell me why am I such a soft hearted sister? huh? haizz...

By the way, I can upgrade my plan to get better phone but currently no money lah! and cannot find a good and cheap phone leh. :(

No Money No School loh.

Normally when people receive letter stating that their application for a course has been successful and they've been offered a place, they would be really happy.

I got a shock and then got bloody worried.

The course fee increased from 4400 to 4800 which the course consultant says it's "printing error on the brochure", after GST and all, total cost: SGD5,349.00!


The 2nd shock of the day: I have to give them the confirmation letter and the payment for the course by 07 October 2008 (10 days from the date I received my letter), or the place will be given to other people! :(

Will be calling my course consultant.
I wouldn't have that much money ready in such a short time. I couldn't even come up to the amount for the first installment cause I've not gotten my pay for September yet.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

No money + no time to eat = instant food lunch

I'm trying to save more money and time by resorting to eat instant food for lunch at work again.
Found out that these instant food also not that cheap.
1 dollar plus plus. Add a dollar can eat a bowl of noodles in the market liao.

My current favourite is Nissin Spicy Seafood Cup Noodles.

Pour in hot water, wait a short while.. and...

tadah~ Ready to be consumed.

Also tried the MYOJO 1min instant rice porridge.

Found it quite interesting.

It's edible but not something I would crave for? hahas.

I've also been bringing my own biscuit to work recently.
Need to save money leh. Overspent. :(


Dad hospitalised yesterday.
Took leave to accompany mum.
She's much stronger than I taught.
When I was at the hospital yesterday with mum and hubby, dad still knocked out by GA after operation so he didn't know we were there. Mummy spent the whole day settling things for dad. Just like she's his personal assistant.

Went to see him again today with The Wong Brothers and maid to pass him some home cooked food. After his meal, he felt sleepy and we left shortly after.

Weird knowing that he wouldn't be home, not till doctor says so anyway.
He knows it's "手停口停" literately means hands stop working, mouth stop eating.
He's like tyring to prove that he'll be ready for work soon. But we all knows it's at least a good 2 weeks before he can move properly again. :(

Went to office today to bring the office lappie back.
Which reminds me, I've got to check emails later.
Oh I've got a new lady in the office.
She'll be taking over me and I'm teaching her whatever I can.
I think I make a really poor teacher. :p

So many things happening, let's just hope everything's alright soon.

Friday, September 26, 2008

My new fuggly passport size photo.

I look freaking ugly lah.

The girl say must be able to see eyebrows and ears so no choice, had to pin my hair to one side.
I end up looking really ugly lah! :(

This post is really short and random cause I'm too lazy to blog.
Been too busy at work.. Alrights. Nights world.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hubby took this photo of me. almost upskirt loh!

Almost because I'm wearing short shorts not short skirt. lalalala~

Was trying to figure out what to do with my stubborn hair when hubby snapped this photo from my back. -.- I like my legs though. :p

My legs look normal in the photo. But in real life, they are like baby elephant's legs! :'(
I so need to go runnninnng... :(

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chicky's first attempt at Chicky's Egg Wrap Ham.

Saturday hubby came down to pick me up after work.
To "reward" him, I decide to cook for him the next day.
But we end up agreeing that we should both cook in case one is not edible. :p

He cooked first and his egg is with ham and mushroom.
No photos because his food doesn't look that nice. :P

Then it's my turn.
Once I heat up the pan, that naughty boy go and take my camera out. -.-
He want to take photos of me "出丑" and show my blog readers that CHICKY CANNOT COOK!
So, must prove him wrong!

*Dear readers, Chicky is a lousy cook, so if you want to learn how to cook, I suggest the library for recipes. Chicky shall not be responsible if anyone have tummyache or diarrhea after eating food cooked as according to her "recipes".*

First, fry ham. I know many people eat their ham cold, but I prefer to fry it a little, feels that there's more taste. :) Fry for a short while, no need to cook too long. If you don't like, you can don't fry also lah.

After frying, put it a side.

Then must beat up the eggs. Normally 1.5 to 2 eggs is more than enough. Depends on your pan size. Don't be too greedy and put 3 eggs like what hubby did. End up the pan too small and the egg didn't turn out pretty loh.

Once pan is heated up, put a tiny bit of oil or butter.
Or you can put the oil or butter while heating up also lah. Up to you.
If you are the kind who can't tell if the pan is hot enough, I suggest that you invest in a Tefal pan. Price should be around SGD20+++ onwards. The red spot in the middle would turn even redder when it's heated up. :)

After spreading the oil or butter, you can pour the eggs in.

Eggs. :)

It doesn't take long for the egg to cook.
So you may proceed to place ham on the egg. If you like, you can also put mushroom or cheese on it too. :)

Using a fork and a spatula, carefully wrap the ham with the almost fully cooked egg.
Then, carefully turn/flip it around and you may switch off the fire. :)
Must be careful if not like me, make one hole on the side. :p

Chicky's Egg Wrap Ham. :)

To cover unsightly hole on the egg, place the rest of the extra ham on top. :p

If you think the egg is too plain, you can add pepper or tomato sauce, or soy sauce or even chili and spring onion also can lah. :)

You can decorate the plate with whatever you have. :)

There you go. A simple homemade dish brought to you by
Chicky and Hubby. :)

Hubby looks damn funny here cause I randomly just snapped this photo when he's having the last bits of my Egg Wrap Ham. hahas.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Guess where I went on Monday afternoon?

Does this photo gives you any answer?

Very obvious liao.. Still cannot guess?

Yes, I finally visited Qian Zu Ge!

No photos inside cause I was alone that day. :(
Used my $30 voucher and topped up $28 for their 1hr foot massage.
It's really relaxing and I felt like sleeping loh! The staffs are really nice and I felt really pampered and enjoyed the whole 1hr massage! :) If I'm going back for foot massage, I'll ask for the same girl who serviced me. Problem is, I forgot to ask for her name. :(

I also did my first classic Manicure and Pedicure using the package I bought at the cozycot party.

I know my toes looks funny.

I love love love love my chio chio de nails!!! :)
The girl who did my nails is called Ivy I think.
She's very very very pretty and very good at what she's doing. :)

Didn't manage to take proper photos of my nails till Tuesday night.

My left hand.

And right hand.

Up-close photo of my toe nails.

Up-close photo with flash. :) *bling bling*
Nice mah? :P

Will go back again when I have extra cash to pamper myself. :P
Will take lots of photos then. :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Souvenirs from Japan.

Finally meet my Sha Xiao Mei on Friday. :P
Met her for breakfast at J8 before rushing for work.
So paiseh. I late she still treat me breakfast. :P

I was late for 1 hour not because I want to be late de k.. It's some miscommunication between my mum, my maid and me. And I'm still quite angry with her(my maid) for having 3 phones and I still cant contact her. -.- Now she's aiming for my k750i which I don't intend to give her because it's my favourite phone ever and I want to keep as spare phone when I finally save enough to get a new phone.

Went to collect my prize at United Square before cabbing down to J8 to see my dearest sister.
The prize will be in another post, cause I have lots of camwhore photos with my prize and also the unboxing photos. :) Which reminds me, I'm still waiting for hubby to post unboxing photos of his shoes on his blog which is like so dead liao (his blog, not his shoes). -.-

Alright stop crapping..Here are the photos. :)

The very cute bag. :)

For me! :p

This is what's in the bag.

My Sha Xiao Mei really sha sha de..
She bought 2 handphone accessories from 2 different places for me.. I only got 1 phone leh. hahas.
Then the oval shape hello kitty thingy from Universal Studio.. I can't figure out what it is. Anyone knows?

Sometime in March, Ber got me a lollipop handphone accessory.
It looked like this:

Know how it looks like now?

No more lollipop, but still got love. :p

When you go SH, don't buy me handphone accessories le k. :P
Buy me 1 piece of cookie. If got Jiro is there, buy him for me I also don't mind. :p
I'm missing you already!

7th Pack of Free Sample

In case you missed the previous free samples reviews:
1st Pack of Free Samples review. (3 items)
2nd Pack of Free Samples review. (3 items)
3rd Pack of Free Samples review. (4 items)
4th Pack of Free Samples review. (3 items)
5th Pack of Free Samples review. (4 items)
6th Pack of Free Samples review. (4 items)

Can you believe it? I'm into my 7th pack now?
I think I'm addicted to trying new stuffs. :p
If only these are advertorials... *sighs*

Anyway, I'm just writting this free sample series cause I feel like keeping a record of my reviews. :)

All that you see in these reviews, can be found in the website where I got my samples from. But you don't get to see these photos that I took there lah. And if you specifically want to read my review on a product, you'll have to look for it, which is quite troublesome IMO (in my opion), which is why I decide to blog it here for your benefit okay!

I'm still in the skincare mood. This time.. I've got Masks to try out! :)
Oh and I got 10 small tubes of contact lens solution and a new contact lens case too!

Title: P2 revitalise Multi Purpose Solution
Rated: 3/5
Like: Simple packaging and it's not too expensive.
Dislike: Doesn't clean as well after a while?
Main Review: I used 2 bottles (regular) of this before changing back to complete. When I purchased it, the promotion was 2 bottles comes with 1 or 2 trial kit and 2 contact lens case. I remember the price to be a bit lower than complete and it's not that bad. If I'm feeling broke and ran out of contact lens solution, I may buy this brand again. :) Maybe I was slowly becoming lazy or something, the solution seems to become less effective by the time I'm halfway through a bottle. But when I open a new bottle, it worked alright again. Weird?
Will I Buy It: Maybe

Title: NIVEA Visage Peel off Mask
Rated: 3/5
Like: Different from sheet mask, smell alright.
Dislike: Sticky and not sure what's it suppose to do. :p Main Review: It's my first time trying this and it's quite a fun experience. I manage to peel off the whole mask in 1 piece! When you apply it, it's kinda sticky and looks kinda "wet-shiny". After I wash my hands, sit down check some mails and in about 15mins, the mask feels like it's tighten and it's ready to peel off. Not sure what's it supposed to do for me. No blackheads removed but the outer part of my face does feel a little smoother though. Might buy some to play around with after I finish my tons of sheet mask. :p
Will I Buy It: Maybe

Title: Neutrogena Fine Fairness Peel Mask
Rated: 3/5
Like: 5mins can wash off!
Dislike: Washing off and not much effect on me.
Main Review: I thought it's a "peel-off" mask, but it's actually a wash off mask. hahas. The peel in this case actually means "peeling off" the dead skin from your face and not you ownself peel off the mask. It has a little bit of beads like stuffs, which reminds me of exfoliator (wrong spelling I think). After using the product, it makes my skin feels a little smoother, but it doesn't seems to "whiten" the stuffs I want it to whiten. :p Maybe need to use a few more times but then thirty++ is a little bit steep for 5 small tubes. I might need to consider carefully before buying it or wait for any major SALES! :p I like the short timing needed for the product to work, 5mins passby a lot faster then 15mins. :p
Will I Buy It: Maybe

What are you waiting for?
Join now! :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Random photos of the Moon.

Taken a few days back on Monday night.
Lazy to upload photos into computer.. hees.

Very nice hor? :)

If you stare at the moon long enough, you'll feel every thing's going blurry..
okok. so my photo is really blur lah. :p

My camera cannot zoom too much.
If not, my shaky hand shake a bit only, the whole photo so blur. -.-
Which reminds me.. I suddenly have the craving for MacDonald's shaky fries. :(

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Got flies at The coffee club, what should I do?

Sunday, decide to treat hubby to breakfast at The Coffee Club (Harbour Front).

So bored while waiting for breakfast..

Remember the eeky water from top incident?
This time it's files! -.-

From where I sit.

Zoom in. Blurry.

Super Zoom in. EEk!!!

Just next to me. Dirty chair. :(

Am I just so unlucky or what? :(
What should I do?
I don't know what to do loh. :(

Anyway, the food's not bad though.

Hubby and I had the same stuffs.

We like the eegs. :P

oh. That day I bought this pan from Giant, quite expensive loh!
You know the one with the red spot in the middle one leh? T---- something something de lah.
I haven't got chance to fry egg with it yet. :p

oh. shit. I have to go sleep le.
Nights people...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I miss my friends. :(

Time really files.
Today, I made it a point to visit at least 5 ex classmate's blog.
I realised I've only been visiting ShaXiaoMei's blog cause I link her in my blog. The rest, I had to search for their blog address. (I don't link them because some of them request me not to okay! Not I don't want to link them lah!) :(

Looking at some of their latest posts, it's evident that everyone has moved on.
New classmates, new friends.. New life.
No, I don't mean that it's bad, it's really good to move on!
I just.. I just miss them a lot. Do they miss me too? :(

Somedays I feel really friendless.
..Feel leftout.
..Hate to be a workaholic.
..Hate to have to save up for my own studies.
..Wish I was still studying with them.
No way to turn back time now.
I just wish they wouldn't forget me.

A little emotional right now.
but I'm fine.

Suddenly I thought of Angel.
When she says she doesn't have friends I thought we could connect.
I thought we could be friends or even closer.
Then I felt bloody betrayed when she started scolding me for being short and fat. -.-
Whatever lah. I've always been short and fat what.

It seems like I've never been good enough for anyone.
I just want everyone to be happy and they seemed happier without me.
Maybe I'm really the irritating selfish sort.

Crap. I'm getting too negative again.
Alright. Got to go prepare for work already.
Chop Chop, pick up those feelings and my heavy body and let's move it.


Mood: Pissed then pleased.

Mood today: one moment I'm like really pissed next I'm like so pleased. :p

The Boss is in bad mood today.
Morning he was like finding fault in everyone loh. I felt really pissed when he doesn't listens to us and keep insisting that we're lying or whatever lah. Then due to some misunderstandings some customers called to complain about my college. I informed The Boss that the customer will call him and he's like really pissed with me. I don't know why lah. but I'm also pissed lah. lols. After the whole thing blows over, he called to say the customer complimented me. -.-

So I'm like quite pleased lah. Cause totally didn't expect the customer will tell the boss to compliment me. lols.

Happy like siao (mad) now. :p
Although don't know when he'll scold me again. -.-
Okay.. end of my 10mins break, I got to go continue do my work liao.
Tons of things to settle larhs!!!

Countdown: 73days to go. :P

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Guess what I just ordered?

All thanks to Rinaz, I just ordered a sample kit from Everyday Minerals.
Will do a review once I receive it. :)
Seeing how Rinaz done hers, I'm thinking if I should do my review like that too. :p

And now, I'm looking at the PureLuxe website...
Oh man.. It's all Rinaz's fault. :P

Monday, September 15, 2008

XiaXue the blogger Queen and I. :)

I actually told mummy I was going to a party to see if she's really as short as me.

Realise from the photo we're of the same height!
& my makeup kinda melt liao. -.-

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I was at XiaXue's Party. (Camwhore photos post)

Lots of camwhore photos before going out. :p

From my Sony Ericsson K750i.

Hubby and I, take 1.

Hubby and I, take 2.

Hubby and I, take 3.

From here on, the rest of the photos are taken using my Sony Cybershot DSC-T100.

My “大叔”.

My “老公”.

Small eyes couple. :P

Trying to take photo of myself in the lift and failed. -.-

At Thumper.


Not very bright lights.

My first glass of milk. :)

Hubby's "strawberry milkshake".
hahas. His is actually some very nice beer.

Oh. Cute Bunny. :)

I like this light. It kept moving and shining different colours.. :p

Guess what's the guy doing..

Pouring drinks into many many glasses at around the same time. hahas.

I was kinda bored. Camwhore again. :p

Ordered Fries. These fries are expensive. -.-

My second glass of Milk and hubby's glass of beer.

Then I decide it's time to go.
Cause I was really bored and I know hubby's really bored also larhs..

On my way out, "Grab" XX to take photo with her.
It's a really blur and kinda poorly taken photo which will only be out in the next post. muahaha.. But honestly the lighting was really bad larhs. :(

After we left, we decide to take bus home instead of taking cab cause there was a super long queue at FEP's (Far East Plaza) taxi stand.

While waiting for bus, this lady came over to ask us some questions on night life in Singapore and if we do know of the late night shopping in orchard. I told her I only know it's on Friday or something. hahas. Then when she ask us for age, hubby said 28 which she heard wrongly and repeated 38? I laugh so loud I think people were staring at us. :P

Then it's home sweet home. :)

Zi lian.

I actually looked slimmer in this photo! :P

Acting cute. buahaha..

Random snap of hubby. :)

Thanks hubby for accompanying me. I know it's torturous for you larhs..