Friday, February 4, 2005

Princess & friend..

my pretty friend & mi.. she've got her hair rebonded, her face cleared of those stupid zits & stuffs & she did look like she lost a little weight.. gosh.. i feel so like the ugly.fat.chick.. *arh*

wait a min.. i AM the uglyfatchick.. okok.. now getting back to the point.. She had this glow in her that i didn't have.. and her friend, that SH.. she's also so pretty.. how can? how can anyone be more pretty than mi? i hate ppl who are pretty you know? hurmp..

*clear throat* yes i do look like an idiot in this photo, but you can't blame mi.. i'm ugly but i'm still the Princess!! I'm fat, but i'm stil lthe Princess!! I'm a chick.. and hey.. i'm a chick & a princess!! since you've step onto moi place, you have to admit it, I'm the PRINCESS here.. Posted by Hello

Princess have something to confess.. She went crazy shopping online.. shhh.. dun tell him hor.. Princess slowly *crawls onto bed* zzzZZZ...

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