Sunday, February 6, 2005


gee.. i kinda hate moi hair after the s-too-pid haircut.. it's like short & ugly!!! & it's really expensive for such a bad cut.. yuck.. Moi pretty friend says i look nicer before loh.. hurmp..

I'm looking uglier by the moment & fatter by the min &.. i can't stop eating loh.. haiz.. sianz leh.. how can like that??? CNY comming leh.. i'm go not going to be able to squeeze into moi new year clothes loh.. den i buy again arh? wah.. den die le loh? cannot cannot.. i need to poo.. i need to lose those weight i've gained... if not i'll look so round.. & i'll really look like the Ugly.Fat.Chick!!!

recieved moi first copy of CLEO!! haha.. so early hor?? I got so many and i actually mean sososo MANY magazines that i've bought but no time to read.. crazy right??? and i actually thrown them away because moi room is too full!!! haiz... so wasted..

gee.. i suddenly remembered.. just now went shopping at NTUC fairprice.. saw Mr Sng again.. always bumping into him.. sian loh.. and he still looks that young.. darling thought that Mr Sng is moi pri school classmate or what loh.. haha.. so funny..

Heard that O level results are comming out soon.. and it's veri veri soon.. arh.. i'm getting scared loh.. heart beatting veri veri fast... hmm.. wonder how will the rest of them be like? will everyone still look the same? or will they have great big changes? i only know that i might be the one with the highest points for moi class.. or even in the whole level bah.. i think i can expect a 40++ points or even 50++ (for L1R5).. still rmb i used to be upset about 16points for L1R5.. haha.. now? gone case loh.. haiz.. little princess bouncing off to bed.. (dreaming of darling..)

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