Sunday, February 5, 2006

edited (special for you)

Even those who have been reading this blog for quite some time, might not know who I'm referring to sometimes.. so here's a little entry on people around me.... :)

Tell me you don't know who is this,
I'll slap your face, punch your nose, poke your eyes and rip your head off.

My husband. :) Jay Chou.

Current boyfriend. Mike. Army boy. study (university) part time.

My very irritating brothers. (11, 12 ,13)

Super old pic of my ex. For those who think I lied about his size.
his ex dog.. DeeDee.. *sobz*

Me and my pretty mei (god-sister) , ah ber.
(pic taken last year)
Want to let her know, I love her lots.. :)
She's the best! Her new specs & hairstyle rocks! :)

Cute cute club. muahahaha.. I love us. honest.

Moi ah di (god-brother) arh...
He blur-blur cute-cute one.. haha.. see him, want to laugh..
but he's really nice lah.. nvr complain I noisy.
I scared he get bullied in sch, but so far alright, right?
Message to him? [Jie jie support you!]

A short short entry.. :)

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