Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day :)

After the monstrous run, I feel like I'm dying today.
The PAIN it's totally unbearable.
Imagine I haven't ran for nearly 2 years and out of the sudden, I ran 4k..
couldn't go to school..

Baobei, came over to sayang me...
the expected, unexpected present.

Cute hor.. :)

He bought the box and ribbons, and tied it up himself!
goodness, let's just put it that he can be my househusband. :p

Can see?

1 green star = 1 year. 6 pink stars = 6months.

It's a stalk of rose made of glass. (Will never fade..)

Sadly, the rose got thorns one leh.. :(

At the back of the cover...

I just dun like the E.

There's handmade heart shaded choco too! with smaller bits inside, but i didn't take photos.. coz I scared it will melt. :p

Paiseh.. I'm super tired..
My whole body still in pain lah..
stupid X-county training. :'(

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