Sunday, November 11, 2007

Busy busy months..

Super packed.

Before you forget me.. here's a slideshow to torture you. :P

So new temp might come in anytime soon. Not sure if I should leave as scheduled or stay on. Then again, I think I need to speak to my agent on Thursday.

Late November, I've got to go down to collect my marathon pack soon. *Defector, you're supposed to print the 2 emails leh???*

Then there's D&D and I haven prepare anything yet. :( It's Hollywoods Nights, what should I wear?? And make up.. and hair!!! headache sia...

Plus there's Christmas present shopping, Christmas is so near and I'm on a pretty tight bugjet (budget) this year.

I'm in love with my new fasio hyperstay mascara.


  1. uR haiR lo0ks gReat when they are ho0ked behind ur eaRs..i tink is h00k.. cuz i dunno wat words to use =p
    take caRe (",)

  2. you look pretty when you smile