Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Have you ever blogged and then decide to leave it in the drafts?

I notice I've been doing that quite often. :P
Sometimes I would blog a little and then suddenly switch topic. (so guilty)
If not, I'll just write 2 lines and then delete the whole thing.

Some things just shouldn't see light.

I hope you all understand.

The girls at work knows that I blog, so I try not to blog about work related stuffs.
Some ex-classmates knows that I blog, so I try not to make myself sound too "evil".
bah. I think I'm going mad soon.
I've been rather busy lately. Trying to pick up the pieces of my life and fix them back while getting addicted to so many things at once. -.-

The powderpower of makeup.

Been shopping a lot.

Need to shop more.
bah. What's wrong with me?
I'm spending too fast!

I need more cash. Must do more OT!!!

Don't you think my hubby Jay looks uncannily like Wilbur Pan Wei Bo in this photo? -.-

D&D, Christmas, Birthdays, Holidays.. man, I'm broke faster than I can say payday!

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