Sunday, November 18, 2007

i hate being called ugly..

Went out this morning at 5plus to eat breakfast at mac.
Was at the bus interchange when this girl kept staring at me, so I stared back.
Guess what she said to her friend???


argh.. In public, in my face. someone called me UGLY!!! :(
I think I better stop going out. Later people say they see ghost on the street. :(


  1. I don't think you're ugly at all! Cute and pretty!

  2. Where got ugly? dat person eyes is spoilt la. you pretty wah. prettier than me lor.

  3. hey hey..
    i tink she is just so jealous of u lo..
    dun need to be bothered by wat she say de..
    instead u shld go out more often =)
    u r pretty!! :)

  4. Ugly? You sure she's not talking about herself?
    You're getting prettier and prettier everytime I see the pictures you posted up!

  5. dont sia suey me leh. you spelled my name wrongly.nvm at least youve got the lynn correct.

    how you doing these days? its HOLS for me.. but i screwed up my assessment.

    you should go upfront and stare back at her la.or retort and say' oh really' or some sort.

  6. Thank girls.. I was shocked at first. By the time I "shocked" finish, the girl's far away from me. Then again, I was hoping defector stood up for me, but he nvr did. Makes me even more sad.. :(

  7. i don't think you are ugly... in fact, my first rxn when i first met u was:" Oh my gosh, so cute!" Haha.

    some girls can be very mean and insensitive when they comment about others. just ignore them coz their comments just show their low level of maturity. you wouldn't want to bring yourself down to their level by bickering back.

  8. Who dares to say you ugly? I go beat the person until his/her papa and mama don't recognise him/her anymore. :P

  9. You are pretty lor. And i think you are becoming prettier also. She is just saying it coz you caught her staring at you.

  10. Thanks people, I really need your kinds words. =)

  11. -_____________-" The one who comment that is so childish.

    I dont see you being ugly at all.

    I agreed with the earlier comment by your friend, perhaps she is just being jealous.


  12. Never say yourself ugly...self-confidence will make ppl change their views on you... cheers xiao mei =)