Sunday, November 4, 2007

the OASIS - food pics & Gary's "last day"

I'm not really suppose to reveal much about things at work, but I guess a little info about the friends I've made should be quite harmless right?
Plus a tiny collage of 36 photos, shouldn't be that bad right? :P

So I made 2 friends, Gary kor kor and uncle David.
Gary's here for like 1+ month to help out. October 31 was his last day at our place. As usual, we had a nice "farewell" lunch. Uncle David drove all of us to the OASIS to eat porridge. =)

I know my fringe's damn sucky lah. Just have to barebear with it for another month or so, till it grows out.

One day, we might meet again...

Christina (Xiao Mei)

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