Saturday, January 24, 2009

I screw up my hair! + my first eyelash extension.

Done hair rebonding on Monday and I look totally stupid now with super dry hair ends.
Remember long time ago I dyed my hair? The damage from all those colouring haven go away fully.. My hair is like hay now. argh.

Couldn't take a proper photo of me so I drew it on ms paint.
This is how I look like now. :(

So the whole brownish part is like super damage to the point that it's freaking pokey and I feel like chopping the whole thing off! but I can't cause my hair will look super short leh.. :(

I did my first eyelash extension on Tuesday and I don't find that I look very different leh. :(
In fact no one in my family knew I had eyelash extension until Thursday evening or something.
Plus point was the fact that I didn't need to curl my lashes..
Anyway I can't wear specs too often now cause the lashes will touch the lens, so I'm wearing contact lens most of the time now.

Taken in the past week.


  1. hey.. where u did ure extensions at?

  2. nails talk at redhill.. I wouldn't recommand you to go there to do your lashes though. not that good imo.

  3. oh... haha.. okok... how much though?

  4. Promo price at $50 + $5 CNY surcharge. So I paid $55.

    I'm looking for a place that does it properly any place to introduce?