Friday, January 2, 2009

I'm only 0.2%. :(

The past 1 month I only have this little readers/viewers.

I'm only 0.2% of a certain famous blogger.
0.2 percent hor. Not 0.2 of her but 0.2%!!!
Which means she's like 500 times better than me.
I guess there's totally no hope for me. :(


  1. Those are pretty alright stats eh...

  2. Don't say like that lah. I have lesser readers than you leh but I dont let it bother me, and also the number of comments I received.

    We blog for our own sakes and not of others right?

  3. Ya blog for our own.. Maybe it's time I start anew..

  4. 0.2% is not bad.... a quick survey of 'famous' blogs, all written by pretty girls (with pretty photos).

    At least you have a chance, us guys ZERO!

  5. Got lah, got some guys look very cute in dress and wigs too.. :p