Monday, January 5, 2009

Random pics from my V9 (15 Dec 08 - 5 Jan 09)

I'm not feeling very well (headache again!!!) + lazy to edit photos or write any reviews or type super long blog entries.
These photos below are raw, so please be gentle k..

Christmas lighting near my house. (15/12/08)

Can see my lashes? (18/12/08)

On way out to meet Ber and Daddy Phua. (18/12/08)

Fei Lun Hai Concert Tix (19/12/08)

Us at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. (19/12/08)

Have my fix of fish fish at Harbour Front. (20/12/08)

Steam egg. (20/12/08)

Hubby. (20/12/08)

Fishball-head. (27/12/08)

Hubby snatch my blankie. :( (28/12/08)

New Year. (1/1/09)

Hubby carried my bag for me while waiting for me to go toilet I think..
Cute right? (3/1/09)

What I wore to school on Monday. (5/1/09)

My brothers playing maplestory again!! -.-'' (5/1/09)
Suddenly reminded that I have to bring them to go shopping for CNY clothes again soon! Sianz..

My mummy and I during commercial break. (5/1/09)